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  1. No Budapest thread yet? Seems like they're going to bid. What's the buzz on this one?
  2. More official news about ISU proposals to add synchro and a mass start speed skating event to the 2018 games: http://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/breaking/chi-synchro-figure-skating-mass-start-speed-race-proposed-for-2018-olympics-20140929-story.html
  3. The ISU is strongly rumored to be applying to add synchronized skating to the 2018 games. Unclear yet, but some are speculating that if this happened they would drop or alter the team event. https://elinapaasonen.squarespace.com/blog/
  4. I guess I'm the only one who follows the Junior Grand Prix on this forum. I'll spare everyone. But I really like Polina Edmunds's new long program, debuted at a club competition last month:
  5. Likely one of the biggest challenges would be the strain on the sports federations and officials. (Would there always be enough officials to service synchronous worldwide events?)
  6. Big bit of news in US Pairs again... Felicia Zhang and Nate Bartholomay have split. Felicia is retiring and going to school full time. Nate is strongly rumored to be partnering with Gretchen Donlan, but nothing official yet. Let's see what else.... Other than that, the Grand Prix has been shaking itself out a bit with retirements/splits.
  7. Stratos Safioleas is live-tweeting the press conference right now. Some interesting insights: https://twitter.com/stratosathens
  8. Thanks for the recap of the US Championship logos, really enlightening. Sad to say, they're mostly pretty boring... So a bunch of programs are starting to leak out one way or another (Japanese ice show season, US summer competitions, etc.). I thought at least two of those are pretty notable: Javier Fernandez's short program - he is using lyrics. I am shocked by how much I am enjoying this program. I am not a Javi fan, honestly if anything up to now I was an anti-fan. But this is good! really suited to his style. He doesn't have all the jump combos in yet, this is from an exhibition in Japan
  9. Based on everything we had heard about Dallas, that is incorrect. Little to nothing had been mentioned about Cowboys Stadium. Rather, the talk was that the Olympic Park would be centered around a renovation/rebuilding of Fair Park. I'm sure it's possible a few events would have been outside Fair Park, but all indications were that it was a unique opportunity for a centralized Olympic Park. Of course, we never got a bid plan, and Dallas wasn't selected to advance, so we may never know the reality of what was proposed.
  10. Someone mentioned the possibility of recycling elements from one stadium into another. I can't speak to designing a stadium that can be deconstructed and recycled into something else, but when Austin built our new performing arts center, the Long Center, a few years ago, they recycled 65% of the original material from the old Palmer Auditorium. The new building is 95% recycled materials. More here: http://thelongcenter.org/about/sustainability/
  11. huh. I notice a pattern here. LOL It doesn't look like anyone posted about the events selected as part of the inaugural ISU Challenger Series. That was released in an ISU Communication dated June 25: http://static.isu.org/media/153457/1876-decision-of-the-council-after-2014-congress.pdf The Challenger series connects together 11 Senior International B events. The ISU will provide some prize money for the events and will also award World Standings points for these events at a greater level than that of other Senior Bs not part of the Challenger series. Should be a really great opportunity for
  12. Is there any schedule for a vote on this? Seems like it would need to occur soon. We're about to get the shortlist!
  13. Here is an interesting interview with Denis Ten where he discusses the development of figure skating in Kazakhstan: http://skateguard1.blogspot.ca/2014/06/interview-with-denis-ten.html
  14. Pretty sure the Reeds are still competing for Japan, although they train in the US. Are you confusing Jeremy Ten with Denis Ten? Denis is from Kazakhstan; Jeremy is from Canada. Although, I thought Jeremy was slated to retire. Ashley Wagner is definitely not retiring. She had sort of signaled she might early in the season, post-Worlds, she's been very explicit that she would continue. She has visited Shae-Lynn Bourne for choreography. She's definitely continuing. Jeremy Abbott is still on the fence and has distanced himself from his earlier explicit statements that he would retire. He said
  15. I honestly can't believe anyone would bring up the Redskins as an asset. To me, that team seems more of an embarrassment, something DC would need to account for on the world stage were they going up to bid. Ugh. What a racist team name - a huge liability.
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