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  1. But there are 482 districts more.
  2. In Kraków public support increasing now. Maybe it won't be over 50% in the day of referendum but probably it will be invalid due to low attendance. And in times of host election public support will be, i think, no bad. Surely not the best but acceptable. Of course it's only my prediction and I'm only almost sure about it. Maybe other members from Poland have another opinion but Kraków is back i think. If i can say something like this, however Kraków wasn't out. Just as Oslo.
  3. But referendum will be invalid because of turnout probably. And show will go on. As longer i think about it, i realise that it's good that chief is changing. Opponents, who last time change arguments from quasi-meritorical to anti-comittee, will be contented for a moment and new frontman can give something fresh. I know that it's a little naive but remember that it's not "get the higher public support contest" but "make the best candidature for WOG". And we have a lot of time to end of this race. Or maybe you think that Kraków won't be shortlisted?
  4. http://krakow2022.org/pl/aktualnosci/oswiadczenie Jagna Marczułajtis-Walczak resigned. She don't feel guilty but she decide to do it for good of application. And still hope for success.
  5. Yes, we know that it is something simple and symmetric. But what it is? We still don't know. And Magdalena Sroka (vic-president of Kraków) is on left. In the center is Jagna Marczułajtis-Walczak (chief of applicant comitee) and on the right Iwona Łotysz from polish NOC. Oh, you edit your post already. And i quoted it with your correction. Hmm. Never mind.
  6. Kraków applicant book will be published on 24th March (next monday).
  7. Hey, but it was known from the beginning that Lviv have no chances and it's long-time shot. If they prepared documents why they should give up? They will see what evaluation comission says about this idea and that's goal of this application. To be honest, conflict between Ukraine and Russia don't change many things in race for 2022. It could have bad impact for future bids from Ukraine, maybe ends olympic dreams for many years, but now application comitee of Lviv do their job.
  8. http://gilarski.info/interpelacje/19-odpowied%C5%BA-na-interpelacj%C4%99-w-sprawie-zio.html
  9. You sure that short-track and figure skating are going to be split? I also read this document and i'm very confused. IOC documents even doesn't specify capacity of short-track skating venue - it simply says that ST and FS share venue. And this hall near to Cracovia Stadium was planned to be only 2500, so it's hard to imagine that there will be short-track and it's hard to imagine that city wants to build there venue for 10 000 spectators. So i think it will be training venue. I don't know: in figure skating training ice-rink close to (practically in) main venue is necessary? In this case it make sense. Changing curling arena into public indoor tennis facility after Olympics is more than great idea.
  10. http://www.olympic.sk/aktuality-sov/vysledky-prieskumu-verejnej-mienky-na-liptove-vyrazne-v-prospech-zjazdoveho-lyzovania-v-jasnej-v-projekte-krakova-na-zoh-2022 In poll 79% residents of Liptovsky Mikulas region where alpine skiing will take place in case of Kraków win, said yes for Winter Olympic Games there.
  11. Ice hockey in Spodek and Oświęcim, opening ceremony in Wisła Stadium - so it's cofirmed? The 2nd capital of Poland - are you sure about dates? My history knowlegde tell me that something is wrong.
  12. But Oświęcim is hometown of second most titled hockey team in polish league history. And there is arena which need renovation. I know that's very very symbolic place but there are some pragmatic reasons.
  13. Now it's rather unlikely. But on the other hand, there are still no confirmed concepts for ice hockey venues. So maybe we will back to retractable roofs on Wisła and Cracovia stadiums. Or one (i hope only one) venue outside Kraków, in Katowice, Oświęciem, or Nowy Targ.
  14. From 1991? Rather 1989 when he became secretary general of Kazakh Communist Party. He is leader of Kazakhstan from Soviet times. And i think it's not Asian Games or African Cup of Nations which was hosted by Equatorial Guinea but Olympic Games so someone will care about this. Until Kazakhstan became a real superpower. It's not going to happen soon.
  15. Ałmaty's real problems will come when people start to analyzing political situation in this country. If Erodgan was bad, how about Nanarbajew...
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