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  1. they would ruin the Logo if they would go very colorful. I really hope they are able to bring the 20s vibe of the Font and the logo to the look of the games. if they do it right they could create a iconic look and a benchmark for the future
  2. The look of the Games is really underwhelming, i expected a bit more.
  3. i voted Futura the colorfull is awfull, the wannabee 80´s Arcade look will be so done in 2026, the futura logo is more timeless and classic
  4. Love it, and i love the fact that there is just one Logo for both Games. I always wondered why there is a need for different ones. Love the Gold/Black/white Art-Deco look and feel of the whole design. Well done Paris :)
  5. Erzurum is out, i guess the IOC was afraid it could be the only City to go the whole Distance. IOC probably prefer to beg SLC to step in, instead of going to Turkey. Calgary public Poll will be crucial for IOC, since i expect Stockholm and Italy to leave the race before a IOC voting session.
  6. using Schönau and Inzell is insane - yet the only option for graz. But it´s a really weak link in her bid.
  7. is this the official Logo for 2022?
  8. China News 中国新闻网 @Echinanews Beijing released the construction plan for Winter Olympics venues and facilities on Thursday. Pictures show artist rendering of the National Winter Games Training Stadium, the Big Air and the National Sliding Centre.
  9. you never know with this international federation the German Bid could also has some flaws, actually part of the UEFA requirements are against German laws. (like the tax exemption) While someone like Erdogan can fulfill all the wishes of the UEFA.
  10. i guess the IOC realise that YOG is something not many countries/cities are willing to bid for and so they try to sell this "bad product" to Africa and label it as a chance for future big olympics
  11. are you guys really surprised? everyone knew this even before they awarded the Games to PC look at all the events they hosted ahead of the games Like the biathlon worlds in 2009 - but yet the International federations and IOC pushed for this games and just get what they asked for. South Koreans are just into shortTrack, speedskating and figure skating
  12. like i said, Yuna Kim was fighting the tears, maybe because she knew this mechanical thing gonna ruin her big moment. 30 rings for 30 years since Seoul - what a lame and constructed story behind this ugly thing to light the flame a classical way of lighting the flame would have been much better then this ugly mechanical phallus and the lame story behind. and a classical way would have made the whole moment much more emotional, for Yuna Kim and for the viewers on TV.
  13. i agree, i alxo really disliked the big amount of prerecorded videos. and then lighting the flame could have been a really emotional moment IMO, Yuna Kim was fighting her tears and then the moment was destoyed by this flame-phallus. why not lifting her up and lighting the flame in a classical way ?
  14. No one said there will be/should be a double without suitable Bids. But the IOC should be aware that it will be tough to get those Bids from Europe in the near future. European Cities are willing, but the citizens are not. Oslo and Munich 2022, Innsbruck 2026, and most likely Sion 2026 soon too. Sochi ruined a lot for the IOC in Europe, cause whenever and wherever in Europe a City face a Olympic Referendum the Sochi Prize Tags will be on the table and will influence the people. (there are other negative influences too, but Sochi prize tag was for sure the killer for Munich 2022) And the lost public Polls didn´t just destroy the Munich and Oslo bids for 2022, and Innsbruck for 2026, it also ruined another bid from those Countries/Cities in the near future. So the IOC should take a NorthAmerica double if they can get it. About the television rights - thats indeed a good point of view. But IMO the IOC is not in the position to think about that yet. If they can get quality Bids to push SLC back to 2034, great for the Olympics and even better for the IOC TV rights negotiations. But right now i can´t see where those quality Bids should come from.
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