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  1. Well that's disappointing; I was having so much fun watching GCL and Tony argue. Wait, let me pull out the finger quotes: "argue".
  2. And true to Dallas, her boobs and her blonde would be fake.
  3. The seagull flies in, craps all over everything, then flies away. Don't be a seagull.

    1. Rob2012


      I didn't realise you were Eric Cantona

    2. amorincognito


      LOL. Thank you very much.

    3. yoshi


      As someone living on the Sussex coast now, I know what seagulls are like :P

  4. I'll be more impressed when his thoughts are expressed in actual, coherent sentences.
  5. What is all this obsession with joints? Get a vaporizer, the high is so much cleaner. One venue/cluster in another place does not a joint bid make. It was irresponsible for Salzburg 2010/2014 NOT to propose Schönau for sliding events, and given the ecological situation in Zakopane it looks to be the same reasoning for Kraków 2022 to use Jasná. All bids come under the name of one city and one NOC, even if support is given from another location that happens to be within another NOC territory -- again as has been stated before BOTH of these conditions are met according to the Olympic Charter so stop saying it's unacceptable according to the IOC or their rules. Salzburg did not lose because they proposed Schönau, they lost because for their own reasons Vancouver and Sochi won -- and Kraków, if they lose, it won't be because they proposed Jasná: it will be because another city provided a more compelling option.
  6. Did you know: you could be on these forums and NOT be a die-hard supporter of a particular bid city? It's like Death Match up in here!

  7. But I wanted an(other) ABBA reunion!

  8. Suddenly craving tacos.

  9. lobster thermidor aux crevettes with mornay sauce garnished with a truffle pâté, brandy, and a fried egg on top and spam

  10. I'm having a problem changing / removing the AIM screen name on my profile; I have been able to change it for the other messengers but not that one. Thanks !
  11. Visitors to Rio are going to go to the port area and downtown regardless of whether there are sports venues there.... of course, there is also the planned live site at Quinta da Boa Vista. It's just like people visiting Copacabana when they go to Rio, and even there, the venues are temporary and are located there mainly for the iconic value of Pão de Açúcar and Corcovado. Developing the port is great for Rio even without moving more competitions over there, because it will still provide better amenities for visitors.
  12. The established timeline is the constant for a lot of variables in the overall YOG bid process. One can justify the inclusion of five very well prepared cities on the shortlist, because they can easily organise the YOG in two years, not necessarily because they can throw the most money at it. But how long are the cities going to have to prepare, once we get the first rounds out of the way? Is there any possibility for a Debrecen (for example) in the future? Is the YOG Winter event going to include a full downhill event, which requires an 800-metre drop, or will countries that don't quite make the cut be able to host as well?
  13. ....so they all get drunk and high and fight and end up piled on top of each other.
  14. will this connect with the planned Lyon - Turin transalpine link?
  15. thank you for asking, andrew, as i was just about to ask. i got a bit angry already and only after the fact figured i could appeal to some help.
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