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  1. Remember when so many posters here attacked the Brisbane bid for 2032 saying how bad they were as a host city? Now 2036 has India and Indonesia as it's best bet. Wonder if they'll retract their comments on Brisbane. I'm looking at you FYI.
  2. Almost like I predicted it, Naomi Osaka is the one to light the flame. I forgive the ceremony now.
  3. If Naomi Osaka is involved in this Olympic flame ceremony, i'd be less harsh on the ceremony.
  4. They're playing Queen? Could the organisers not find a single Japanese artist or band who could suit? Give them the chance to shine on the world stage? Instead we get foreign artists? Far out.
  5. Australia's broadcast must be a bit behind others. Just seeing the pianist now, incredible stuff.
  6. I'm not asking for big budget designs and optics, i'm asking for character and theme and history. Until now this has been so lackluster, that pictogram thing was abysmal, would it be hard to acknowledge some of the pop culture that Japan has given the world? The history element has been so sorely lacking too.
  7. Please tell me this pictogram thing isn't going all the way to 50? I'm already cringed out.
  8. Oh god why does he have a ball for a head? I know he's trying to be the pictogram but this is just embarrassing.
  9. Christ, imagine the games being cancelled mid way through and the athletes and us had to listen to Bach ramble on for this long. THis is insufferable.
  10. Come on, Covid aside this has been awful. Where's the pop culture references? We had Shinzo Abe dressed as Mario at the handover in Rio 2016. I haven't seen anything fun or culturally fun so far. I've seen barely anything about Japanese history, I would've loved to see so much more about Tokyo 1964. Instead it's been this bland, stale piece of bread show.
  11. Definitely, we saw the promise at the handover in Rio. I just don't understand why they had to completely ignore their own history. This has just been so bland and boring and not because there's no crowd.
  12. If we manage to get there, I hope the closing ceremony is 100x better than this hunk of crap.
  13. Honestly, agree. I have been so disappointed with Tokyo and Japan. Next to no history acknowledgement in the ceremony, no pop culture. The 3 minute handover at Rio with then Prime MInister Shinzo Abe in the Mario hat was better than this entire ceremony.
  14. Well this has been one hell of a week. Capped off with this opening ceremony.
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