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  1. Are they trying to make Brisbane look better? I mean pushing a joint bid with a dictatorship that's closed to the outside world and executes both foreigners as well it's own? Gee, Brisbane is starting to look like a world class bid in comparison. All we need now is Joko Widodo to announce Indonesia is interested and then maybe Qatar and their use of slave workers to build air conditioned stadiums.
  2. How smart would the IOC be to choose Doha after everything that went on with FIFA and the exploitation of North Korean workers to build the stadiums...
  3. I mean it's hard to compare the blatant bribery from cities like Nagano and SLC to what's gone on here. I see no cities that have been screwed over that actually had a chance at hosting. I can see the maneuvering of him saying look it's an unstable time, Australia handled Covid well, pick us and secure the games before the uncertainty (like we're seeing with Tokyo) goes on for years. Because countries and cities aren't focussed on a 2032 Olympic bid right now when many are in lockdown. Brisbane though has the luxury of not worrying about it too much and can take the front foot. I mean as you p
  4. Yes cause the IOC is well known for being transparent and handing the hosting to the most deserving city and not at all behind the scenes dealings. I mean i'm surprised at how shocked people are by the IOC wanting to choose a city in the country that handled Covid one of the best. No community transmission of Covid, no deaths this year. Brisbane holds the record for the largest sporting event held since Covid became a pandemic. Now how is the UK doing? USA? Italy? And they aren't even wanting the games. What we're actually left with is Doha and a possible joint bid of South Korea with a dictat
  5. I mean people really going to say this is the most corrupt after Salt Lake City? Nagano? Sydney? All the bribery scandals, free gifts, free trips, free university? Sorry people are mad that the obvious choice is being preferred. I mean hey if you'd rather: Doha - human rights abuses, 50 degree heat, slave labor, bribery scandals Indonesia - executing foreigners India - might want to focus on the whole poverty, lack of proper sewage, South Korea joint bid with a dictatorship Shanghai - cause everyone is itching to go to China right now. Maybe Wuhan can have
  6. Not Doha suddenly being touted by people here as a good alternative after being mocked for the longest time . And then Indonesia? Hopefully Joko Widodo isn't executing any people when the IOC visit. Or hey maybe a joint bid between South Korea and a dictatorship? Or yeah, Shanghai, i'm sure everyone is going to be flocking to go to China after everything that's happened in the last 16 months or so. Maybe Wuhan might host some events too? Gee its a real surprise why the IOC is rushing to pick a city in Australia, the country that handled Covid one of the best in the w
  7. Look at the preparations for the Australian Open tennis. It'll likely go ahead but that was with a hard 2 week quarantine and more. That's around 200-300 people. This is 10,000-20,000 people with their athletes and their coaches, teams, physio etc. You really think this event will happen? Yeah those nation wide leagues like NHL and NBA happened, this is the largest sporting event in the world. Let's not play dumb.
  8. So if not 2022 or 2032, no Olympics for Tokyo then? $33 billion down the drain with no chance of return on investment? Cause I do not see it happening this year at all.
  9. Looks epic, definitely have to post some pics when it arrives. I've been adding quite a bit over recent years. The best being Brisbane 1992, Atlanta 1996 and London 2012. A few others. You?
  10. You make a good point but the only other alternative is to postpone it by 11 years until 2032 which would be even worse. Let's be real, the Olympics aren't happening this year. Tokyo is still in a state of emergency. This virus is getting worse, mutating several times into a more infectious and deadlier virus. Look at the shitshow going on with the Australian Open tennis and that's in Australia where there's no community transmission and with only 200 or so athletes. This would be thousands and thousands of athletes from every inch of the earth in a country where Covid has forced a lockdown. I
  11. Haven't been on here for ages but seems I jumped on just in time to vote in my hometown logo comp! I love A but D just really does it for me. All are fantastic!
  12. After 7+ years of searching I am now finally the owner of a Brisbane 1992 Olympic bid book set. Very happy and it's in perfect condition.
  13. I’d just like to point out that Bob Katter is one of our idiot politicians. He’s from rural Queensland (the state I live in) and he’s a homophobic idiot who is essentially just a shock jock who goes for headlines. He’s not a politician anyone in this country with a brain takes seriously.
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