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  1. Not quite sure I follow this? Brisbane hasn't been given the games, they're just going ahead with a bid. No different to Hamburg in 2024, Baku and Doha in 2016 and 2020, Havana and Leipzig in 2012... Sure they don't have the name recognition of the other cities, i'll be the first to admit that but currently nobody else has thrown their hands up. Should Shanghai or Rome or Berlin come into the mix then the IOC can dismiss Brisbane/South East Queensland but for now, beggars can't be choosers.
  2. Haven't been on here much but I have been following Brisbane's progress and I have to say i'm still a bit stunned. People keep me asking me what I think of Brisbane 2032 and the whole time i've said, it's not going to happen, it's good to put us on the map with a bid but we won't win. Now Palaszczuk is in Lausanne, apparently an announcement is expected to be made by the end of the year now the bid team said. I think I heard Bach say this is the most prepared they've seen any bid in history this far out. There's just no discussion of any potential opponent, nobody has really been given a chance cause clearly Queensland/Brisbane want to lock things up nice and early. I mean 13 years is a huge amount of time to plan a games, 85% of the venues are existing or already in motion. The big flaw is a lack of a big stadium but there's a few options on that one. A few different places where one could be built, I recall Victoria Park being floated as an idea, QEII could be knocked down and rebuilt, Coates said the Gabba isn't off the table (not sure about that one). As said, with 13 years to go, the options are there. I still feel like 2032 isn't going to be awarded to Brisbane but Brisbane will be the Australian bid. People here really need to stop mentioning Melbourne. That's just not happening.
  3. You REALLY think Coates is the one and only reason Melbourne isn't in the picture? Come on. And besides, why are you still arguing it then if you know that Melbourne isn't happening. Brisbane's on the cards and that's it. And yeah I did argue that Brisbane wasn't going to win, when I thought the IOC was still holding actual votes for it's Summer Olympic host cities. Then 2024 and 2028 were gifted without a voting process and given how much focus they've given to this South East Queensland bid and nothing for anyone else than perhaps not. If this goes to a bid and Berlin and Shanghai throw their hat into the rings then probably not but currently nothing is happening.
  4. You argued over and over that the IOC would bend the rules for the date change which is still yet to happen. You argued that Brisbane wouldn't happen and that Melbourne would which also, is still yet to happen. Where exactly is Melbourne in this bid race? Cause pretty much every second thread here has been about Brisbane updates. Melbourne's not in the picture. You need tor realize that.
  5. The NBC revenue is one of the most important incomes for the Olympics. The fact they haven't renewed for the games after 2032 is worrisome for any city that proposes hosting outside the proposed date window. If it looks like they'll be held outside their preferred window then that deteriorates the value for NBC and gives less income to the IOC. Why mess with that formula? Melbourne can go ahead with bidding outside the window but I doubt the IOC would be interested, especially when there's a city/region from the exact same country that is interested in bidding, within the right time frame and has the support of the head of the Australian Olympic Committee. Melbourne's out of the equation, not sure why people are still hung up on it. Just because FYI pathetically argues that Brisbane has the same international recognition as Leipzig (seriously?) or a population the same size at Kansas City doesn't matter. Seems this is the only serious bid on the table at the moment and the IOC are taking it seriously. Bach has invited the Premier of Queensland to come to the IOC headquarters at the end of the year.
  6. 2 years on and you're still out here whinging about Melbourne being discarded. You call me naive because years ago I told you the IOC wouldn't bend the rules on the date issue for Melbourne and that they set the benchmark for that with Doha even if it was a smokescreen. You said Brisbane was stupid and that Melbourne would be the bid and the IOC would change the rules for September/October. We argued it over and over and yet here we are, the IOC Vice President and actual President praising the Brisbane bid, Melbourne not even in the picture. The timing rules not being changed. It's been 2 years, you need to get over it. Seems you're the naive one after all.
  7. So do those people who were telling me that a Brisbane/South East Queensland would never happen and that it’d be Melbourne bidding for 2032 still want to stand by that? People kept going on and on about how the IOC would concede the weather time frame to allow Melbourne to bid and kept ignoring the Brisbane bid. Well it’s looking more and more real now. I still dont think Brisbane/SEQ will win but it’s looking like they are in the running. Apparently other names in the ring currently are Jakarta, Buenos Aires, India and Germany.
  8. Has anyone added any new bid books to their collection in the last year or two? I got a fantastic London 2012 set a couple months back.
  9. Not sure if anyone is still around on this forum but just saw this pop up on eBay, I already have a set but thought someone here might be of interest! It's the Toronto 2008 Bid Book Set. It looks like it's missing the top part of the steel briefcase but still looks decent.
  10. Stopped taking the post seriously when you said "idk if I would take him with any sort of credibility". Him of course being the Vice President of the actual International Olympic Committee. Clearly the Vice President of the IOC would have an inkling, just a little bit of knowledge about what his fellow members would prefer and he clearly doesn't think they are going to bend the rules again just to allow Melbourne to host. And I don't have to believe that Brisbane would win if they bid, I think it would be a good way to gain some exposure and can be used as a platform for further bids and to develop sporting facilities anyway like Madrid did with their bidding. Just because I (a random on the internet) don't think they'll win doesn't matter.
  11. Well it sure seems like the Australian Olympic Committee are far more interested in Brisbane than Melbourne for 2032. I mean, John Coates is the Vice President of the IOC and he's behind Brisbane and not Melbourne. Interesting that.. I think the man who's one of the most senior in the International Olympic Committee might know what the IOC would do in a bidding race. Clearly, he's not foreseeing the time window being changed for Melbourne, otherwise perhaps he would already be lobbying and talking down the importance of a July/August games in support of Melbourne. Instead, he knows how crucial and important the NBC's television revenue is for the IOC and knows the rules won't be bent. When did I say here that you or anyone insulted Brisbane by suggesting they're a bad candidate? I don't even believe I said that Brisbane would be a good candidate. Of course Melbourne is better and far more prepared. I just don't believe the IOC will bend the rules for them and I think people here are being incredibly naive. AOC and John Coates have thrown their full support behind Brisbane who have already/completely finished the feasability study. How are the IOC even going to bend the rules when Melbourne isn't even being put forward as the Australian bid? I'm not saying Brisbane will win. I'm not saying they will even be shortlisted if the bidding race is as competitive as some posters here say it will be. What i'm saying is that it looks like Brisbane will be the Australian candidate, should they proceed.
  12. Really confused. The IOC has got an abundance of bids for 2032 but then they need to go and change a rule just for Melbourne? Which one is it?
  13. Well your post literally discussed direct quotes from my previous post so it was clearly directed, at least somewhat at me. And it's not just NBC's preferred timeslot... remember, the IOC used it as a reason to throw away Doha's 2016 bid? It's part of the criteria, stop pretending like the IOC will simply overlook this for Melbourne, it's incredibly naive. And please, Boston and Budapest are pretty known around the world. Of course they're nowhere near in the same regard as London, Rome, Tokyo or NYC but neither is Melbourne. Was Boston the original choice by the USOC before they dropped out? Yes? Thought so. The other cities may have been for the Winter Olympics but they feed into the narrative that almost nobody wants the games. Oh and, I never said Brisbane is winning, or coming runner up but it's in a far better position than Melbourne. John Coates knows it, the AOC know it, the IOC won't bend the rules for Melbourne no matter how hard you try. As for the Brisbane bid, I already outlined what needs to be done, it's quite a bit but a lot of the venues are existing. The way you're posting is as if they're building everything from scratch. A lot of the GC2018 venues are already there. The main build is the main stadium which judging by the plan is set to be a temporary one. Brisbane already has Suncorp Stadium, the Chandler venues which includes a new velodrome, QSAC which can be renovated and all the GC 2018 venues including Carrara stadium. Also, I did some looking and I can't find anything recent on Madrid looking into a 2032 bid which is strange considering cities like Shanghai and Brisbane are already developing feasibility studies. India? Are you serious? Nobody wants to touch that with a 10 foot pole after the disaster of the 2010 Commonwealth Games. Oh and you mentioned Seoul? Are you referring to the planned joint bid with North Korea? Come on. So we're looking at: Shanghai Moscow/St Petersburg Dusseldorf Brisbane Somewhere in India Possibly London? Seoul co-hosting with a nation that is run by a dictator Again, never said Brisbane was winning or even getting a swag of votes but you're acting like it'll be flat out rejected or that the IOC will somehow bend the rules for Melbourne? You're painting a sweet picture of how there's so many cities interested in 2032 so why would the IOC bother to change the rules and heavily impact the NBC and American viewership just for Melbourne to bid? Silly.
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