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the before and after is amazing, that climate really does a number on concreate. now everything looks new, my favorites are Sao Paulo and Belo Horizonte. Brazilia was once a favotie but all this tim

I finally saw the Brazil vs. Chile highlight's, great stadium for a game of football and a great equalizer by Chile, what a goal!

I bet most media sites base their entire article(s) on the *forever reliable* Google image searches Researcher: Oh look! There's a picture of a beautifully finished stadium field Article Writer: B


The facade is ready. Tomorrow will be the first match. Here's Some pictures of the stadium now complete.
Brasilia today:
Despite small works in surroundings of the stadiums, Brazil is ready for the Confederations Cup. For the first time a host country delivery six stadiums for the test event one year before the World Cup, three completely new and one that was practically rebuilt. It's a good answer for those pessimists.
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I wonder if we'll get to see Arena Pernambuco light up like Allianz for the Conf. Cup (?)

Yes, in CC in the Arena Pernambuco will have led lighting. In the last match the lighting was provisional









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BEL |.................Ready!|
FOR |.................Ready!|
SAL |.................Ready!|
RIO |.................Ready!|
REC |.................Ready!|
BRA |.................Ready!|
SAO |...............76%.....|
POR |..............70%%.....|
CUI |..............70%......|
NAT |.............66%.......|
CUR |.............64%.......|
MAN |.............63%.......|
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Adding my opinion to the stadiums concluded so far. I think the designs are looking good and some are quite impressive and innovative , but the inside of the stadiums are not looking first class to me? (?) it's lacking that high tech impression and sophisticatication. They look ok , but not as good as the European main stadiums and South Africa's 3 main ones . Nothing bothers me the most like the cheap looking seats .

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Frankly, I as a German notice absolutely no difference between the interiors of our football/soccer stadia and Brazil's new World Cup stadia. And I've seen quite a few of our stadia in person, so I guess I'm able to compare it.

Which seats do you mean exactly with "cheap looking"? In my view, those are absolutely standard seats used in football/soccer stadia around the world - nothing fancy, just a folding plastic seat. I think that London's Olympic Stadium has exactly the same kind of seats.

I for my part find it great that Brazil now has such marvellous modern stadia - it was about time, because beforehand, most of their stadia looked really dated. Now Brazil finally has the stadia such a top-class football country deserves. And Maracana almost looks like a completely newly-built stadium now (OK, apart from the facade - but hey, Athens' still very elegant Olympic Stadium has the same problem). They've really done a great job refurbishing the old lady.

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Olympian like I said the Stadiums look ok and I think they look pretty/interesting on their design. I've been looking at the numbers spent to build them, and i think there could have been much more delivered.

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But yea, only half of them are ready I'm more excited for the remaining ones. The previous posts were referring to the concluded stadiums.

I like Pernambuco, Mineirao , castelao. I'm not loving Brasilia that much like everyone is, then Salvador and maracana for last.

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Big rumours the Brazil v England game is off on Sunday due to safety concerns about the Maracana.

Could just be silly Twitter rumours, but seems to be gathering pace.

UPDATE: Not a rumour, BBC running with it now.

Brazil-England friendly in doubt over Maracana safety concerns

England's friendly with Brazil in Rio de Janeiro on Sunday has been suspended over safety issues at the recently renovated Maracana stadium.

A court order on Thursday ruled that the game will not go ahead, but that decision could still be overturned.

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The Maracana is ready, but there are still works on the sidewalks around the stadium. The judge claims that the remains of the works and the lack of appraisal reports of authorities offer risk to the game. But the government appealed. They claim that they have the security appraisal reports and that the works ends tomorrow. There is a consensus here that the judge overreached. I'm 99% sure that the match will be played.

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In the end, they could still go to Havelange Stadium. Oh, wait... ;)

No, I sincerely hope the match can be staged nevertheless - even if the German media already make a big fuss about the judge's verdict ("Shock for football fans in England and Brazil..."):


(The headline reads: "Construction defects at Maracana Stadium: Judge cancels match between England and Brazil")

Olympian like I said the Stadiums look ok and I think they look pretty/interesting on their design. I've been looking at the numbers spent to build them, and i think there could have been much more delivered.

In which regard? I still don't see a difference between their interior and the interior of the European stadia.

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