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Stadium progress

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There are similar complaints in the SSC forums, but people is focusing in the chairs (that got most aligned only yesterday).

With the chairs aligned, the stadium is looking much better. I like the colors and the meaning of them.

Here, some more pics



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About booings inside the Brazilian mindset...

(The only way Brazilian had to protest during long time and still a way to protest against things we don't agree)

Check this out:

Brazil got booed by its own supporters


Booings in Brazil have different meanings than in the other countries... Even our "seleção" get booed from times to times....

Not only this, Brazilians supporters started to scream "Olé" to Chile, supporting them against Brazil...

The patience of Brazilians with the poor football the national team is playing is already gone...

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First minutes of the broadcasting of the match Brazil vs. Chile yesterday

Look how amazing Mineirao got!!!


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WTF!!! Globo doing stupid things now?

Try this youtube link with the highlights, nice footage, despite the goals of Chile :P


I cannot watch it, video is not allowed in my region: " o video nao pode ser exibido nessa regiao" :(

Try the link above, it's in HD

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so who won that game?

Brazil 2 - 2 Chile and Chile played far better.

Brazilian team was truly booed by entire stadium in the final minutes and people complained a lot about poor football Brazil is playing lately.

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This saturday Maracanã will held the first test event (not opening match) for the Confed Cup

Ronaldo friends vs. Bebeto friends will play for the workers who built the stadium.

Some pics of the stadium yesterday:






I liked it!

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Yay thanks Bezzi for posting other venues other than Maracana ^_^

When you asked to, I posted pics of all World Cup venues. It's in the previous page...

But Bezzi, as always, posted lots of them and more complete stuff! Thx Bezzi!

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Amazonia, Pantanal, and Baixada has been looking the same forever. the slower constructions

It seems São Paulo stadium will inaugurate just after the Confederations Cup. Also good progress from Natal. The gross structure is almost standing.

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