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  1. Should the IOC and TOCOG determine that TOKYO 2020 will proceed as planned there will likely be unprecedented changes to venues, security, travel protocols, medical preparedness, etc.. A more informational “look of games” may be necessary to identify TOKYO 2020. A comprehensive plan may include a main logo that is more connected to these games parameters. I would like to submit a logo design to TOCOG for consideration. This design was originally created for Harbin, China in a past GB logo contest and was rejected by the GB community and thus it is available now. I can be available (remotely) to discuss terms of use with TOCOG. In the unfortunate event that Tokyo 2020 is indeed cancelled I leave open the option to transfer discussions to BOCWOG for use at Beijing 2022.
  2. TOKYO (AP) — Japan will close schools nationwide to help control the spread of the new virus, the government announced Thursday.
  3. Wow this is getting crazy. What happens if the games are cancelled? Assuming (hopefully) the virus gets in control does Tokyo squeeze in a 2021 or 22 Summer games, do they go after LA....or what?
  4. ...congratulations @Sir Rols...that's pretty awesome, I love your lotus logo! All the logos were cool even in a slow year..congrats to all who shared their creative ideas....it's always so amazing to see how each person approaches the brief! I wish everyone visiting would vote but even when it was a busy board sometimes few voters participated, people are just not into ticking that box I guess. Thank you @yoshi for making a cool comp....you made it so fun and I'm happy I got to join in....... CONGRATULATIONS ROLS!!!!!!!!
  5. ....olympic surfing sounds really cool but i probably agree with that.......going to tahiti sounds absolutely insane.....a new sport and lets hold it at the farthest point from the host city just cuz ummmm cuz ya know it won't be a pretentious IOC surf federation holiday in Tahiti cash burn at all.
  6. ....candidate soon will propose man made surf venue similar to the white water stuff that is standard now. All it takes is $$$ if you don't have a beach. Kelly Slater has been working on the stuff for a while....I'm sure other have too. The Surf Ranch
  7. ...can't get a vote to save my life on G! To me NOLA is ALL about music..that + movement + color seemed like a good device to open up a ton of possibilities for a New Orleans Olympic Games logo and visual identity. Music is also such an important part of the Olympic experience.....seemed like a perfect and powerful match.
  8. @Anthony....not really.....and i thought this darmstadt star was going to go nowhere....thanks for voting!
  9. Thank You everyone who took part and voted! Thank you @yoshi and @Sir Rols for keeping the comp alive.
  10. ok cool.......that will be my only winter entry but I have a New Orleans logo that I'll post later tonight after the game if that's OK? @JDCLauron the last couple months were full tilt...i didn't think i could get it together but glad to have made it in!
  11. ...i can help with that! VERY sorry to hear about your mac......hope it come back.
  12. Here's one for Cairo. I see many opportunity to isolate the copy and incorporated the graphic element:
  13. Here is my logo for DARMSTADT 2030....thank you joshi!
  14. Round 1: Chicago: 18 / Tokyo: 22 / Rio de Janeiro: 26 / Madrid: 28 Round 2: Tokyo: 20 / Rio de Janeiro: 46 / Madrid: 29 Round 3: Rio de Janeiro: 66 / Madrid: 32 ...if we take away 9 vote from Rio in the first round and don't even give then to any other city here is the result: Round 1: Chicago: 18 / Tokyo: 22 / Rio de Janeiro: 17 / Madrid: 28
  15. la olympics will probably be ok...depending on climate change and social injustice of course.
  16. .......the cherry blossom thing is such a GOOD IDEA but dang it they missed unforgettable.........to me that should be the minimum standard for Olympic design..........it is such and awesome opportunity in the design world.
  17. ...i just expect more from Japanese designers.
  18. .....oh no....this is not elegant or powerful. The last cool torch was London.
  19. ...thanks! I was partial to Mexico City too but a few voter from previous round didn't show up. I was happy to see you voting!
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