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  1. Imagine if they had an actual policy re: Russia that wasn't merely their silly neutral athletes and flag ban stuff reheated. Then they would be putting more pressure on Russia than they are on Germany, rather than the other way around as is currently the case. Imagine!
  2. On InsideTheGames... https://www.the-inquisitor-magazine.com/the-case-of-insidethegames-beware-of-russian-propaganda/
  3. Missed this one because I was watching the latest match of our unbeaten league season
  4. Surprisingly good showing, albeit with an entirely predictable ending. Well played England, and congrats South Africa on another final.
  5. SoFI shouldn't have bid if it couldn't accommodate the right sized pitch. The new stadium in Las Vegas looks more accommodating for soccer, but they didn't seem interested in hosting.
  6. I'll take England getting further than France and Ireland as small consolation for 2015. It's not like this is the first world cup it's been pointed out that doing the draw three years in advance is stupid.
  7. Why are they bothering? Steer well clear of this rigged process.
  8. It'll be at the Bernabau I would think. Can't see Spain wanting to put the final in Barcelona ahead of Madrid.
  9. Lol, as if there weren't already enough red flags for Australia after yesterday's announcement. Steer. Well. Clear.
  10. Are they cooking up a weird melange of a World Cup for 2030 to clear the path the Saudi cash?
  11. "All 5 host nations will go through qualifying with two 'safety net' spots held back for those that fail to get there (the best 2 if 3 fail to qualify)"
  12. The UK and Republic of Ireland will now bid unopposed for Euro 2028 after Turkey withdrew to focus on a joint bid with Italy for Euro 2032. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/67003581?at_link_type=web_link&at_ptr_name=twitter&at_campaign_type=owned&at_campaign=Social_Flow&at_link_id=7695A06E-6297-11EE-9F6F-8C7AAD7C7D13&at_bbc_team=editorial&at_format=link&at_link_origin=BBCBreaking&at_medium=social
  13. The biggest boo ever. Nobody will have heard a boo like it. So big...so big.
  14. lol @ the attempt to build in jeopardy before the game. New Zealand could go out tonight if they don't beat Italy! Yeah, right.
  15. I hope they piped the Benny Hill theme into the stadium at the end of that steeplechase.
  16. Trying to think of a group stage game in any sport, not just rugby, that was as intense as that SA v IRE encounter. Blimey. Anyway, nice easy win for England which there is zero point getting carried away about, but it was nice to see us play well for once. Some of those things are not like the others.
  17. Whereas we look terrible, yet are somehow winning. An awful, close game until the ball bounces off of Marler's bonce and assists a try. Then we were good for 15 minutes and ran out comfortable winners. Bizarre.
  18. Not sure it's contradicting anything he's saying tbh. Beyond the slightly misleading headline ITG have chosen, Carroll actually seems to be saying that no, the IOC doesn't deem it necessary, but it would be a good thing and it still fits comfortably within the IOC's new hosting formula because it'll have strong legacy use. On this broad point, I think there's a bit of a misunderstanding about the New Norm stuff (which some of the LA28 clique in particular insisted on misunderstanding). The IOC isn't saying "don't build", it's saying "don't build unnecessarily". Or, more to the point, "don't build if you're left with a white elephant". In theory, this was also their line before the New Norm, but it was hit and miss how much they pushed cities in that direction. I know AustraliaFan's posting style can be annoying, but he's not the only one who's put forward a decent case that the Gabba could do with being rebuilt and that the Olympics is a perfect opportunity for that. From the other side of the world, I have to say it looks like a solid case to me. It'd be good, if you disagree, to put the opposite case forward.
  19. Honestly, getting a bit spammy now dude. I've defended you on here before when you've posted architectural images, potential designs etc for the new Gabba and a couple of people have bizarrely accused you of cheerleading too much. Honestly, back in the day, every build up to every Games had several people posting that kind of thing and..being honest, I kind of miss that.* But responding to criticism of your city, some of its hosting decisions, to scrutiny, to questions people have etc. with long posts about a ceremony 23 years gone. C'mon....don't do that. * Part of that's because of how quiet the forums are now compared to how they were, part of it is selecting and encouraging hosts to be frugal (which is fair enough). But part of it is people too cool for school jumping on posters who show any enthusiasm which is a shame.
  20. What are the Greens like in Australia? I know Green parties are broadly "Green" but there are different shades. In Germany they're a fair way to the right of our Green Party, in America they're mostly loons as far as I can work out, over here they're decent enough but have a strong NIMBY element about them which I see as counterproductive (especially when it comes to high speed rail). I guess what I'm asking is, are your Greens generally obstructive when it comes to any infrastructure projects. In what context should we see their opposition to Games developments?
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