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  1. This is so beautiful in such a hard time for us... Really great
  2. Tragas seu coração, sua presença de irmão, nós precisamos de você nesse refrão
  3. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/othersports/article-3750828/Forgot-scare-stories-Rio-sport-triumphed-14-days-brought-festival-magic-emotion.html#ixzz4I3siREP0
  4. I dont now what that meant to you, but for us this cultural part was really special, deep in our culture... really beautiful
  5. Athlets are happy, despite of the rain. Everybody in the stadium now.
  6. Congrats to the USOC. Great statement. It's sad that many here preffered to even imply that the swimmers should be "rescued" as if they were angels being kept held by savages.
  7. and there were some here even saying that the US should come and rescue the troublemakers.. so innocent...
  8. I'm not talking about history stupid arrogant idiot. You are all the time talking about "Brazilians" are like that or this and when I reply I have tô consider you individually? You are really lazy tô understand it. Zzzzz
  9. You should study a bit more, stupid... You don't force cultural behaviour or exploit others just by arriving with ships. Idiot.
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