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  1. But could you imagine if Tokyo had won 2016 and Rio had won 2020?
  2. I think the biggest issue is not within Japan, other then the severe aversion to risk, but within the IOC. Bach outright said they didn't want to take anything away that would make this just another sporting event. In reality the athletes should have been segregated by sport and isolated from each other into 30 plus separate bubbles. But would reduce the event to 30 separate championships instead of the Olympic Games.
  3. Lord how this place has withered on the vine. Tokyo and the IOC had the NBA bubble, the two NHL bubbles and the Champions league bubble to learn from. Yet because they refused to sacrifice the parade of nations and the athletes village they have f-cking cocked this **** right up. Like Lord Jesus, what in the goddamn hell were these nitwits thinking. Its not f-cking hard. All Judoka your bubble is here, all fencers - here. All gymnasts over there. Instead he have the countries together and MIXING for f-cksakes. Like really, you have Johnson committing another Holodomor agains the youth of the UK for the good of the old farts and now this **** WHAT THE F-CK PS Puppy I hope you're well.
  4. The political situation in China has radically deteriorated since 2008. Leading up to 2008 China was lead by someone hand-picked by Deng Xaiopeng in his efforts to mordernize and reform the CPC of the excesses of the Mao era. There is not going to be a transition of power in 2022/2023 like there has been since the end of the Deng era. Xi is dictator for life and every prominent old guard member is either behind him, or sidelined. That has lead to the excesses we have seen from what is happening in Hong Kong, to the Uighurs, to Pacific coast nations of the Americas shitting themselves over the size and scope of Chinese fishing fleets coming their way. The world is going to have to unify against a much more aggressive and belligerent China under Mr Pooh. I remember wanting to go to Beijing in 2008 and almost pulled the trigger to do it, now there is not a hope in hell I will set foot in that country. China is fucking scary, and the potential for fullscale war is something that you would have thought unimaginable 12 years ago is now a serious possibility. With China having a lot of advantageous. India would face war on two or three fronts, how can anyone protect Taiwan, Vietnam and the Philippines? Let a lone the potential danger posed to Japan and Korea. People thought economic integration would limit wars 80 years ago, it didn't and it won't now. Beijing 2022 could be just as easily, and some could say more likely, cancelled because of war as because of this pandemic.
  5. Rumor is the IOC has discretely told both the COC and the SOC that they will provide up to 1.4 billion in funding. Up from the 0.95ish that was originally reported. The IOC is desperate to get these games into Canada or Sweden.
  6. Unfortunately the Richmond Oval will never be an oval again. It cannot meet ISU requirements now because of the same geological concerns that meant VANOC and Richmond had to spend an extra couple of million to stabilize the foundations between 2005 and 2008 when it opened. As for ski jumping. As far as I've read the plan is to use Whistler for ski jumping and nordic combined and use Canmore for cross country and biathlon. Similar plan is in place for the other FIS events with Nakiska being used for snowboarding and freestyle skiing and alpine being at Lake Louis. As far as I know the IOC and FIS have already said this plan would be acceptable. I also believe that Edmonton is seriously being considered for one of the ice hockey venues.
  7. I’m uruguay and Argentina? **** that is some combination.
  8. I think it is much more likely seeing a European model be more like what has happened previously with Rugby World Cups. Germany with Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Antwerp and Brussels or France with Antwerp, Brussels, Zurich and Geneva as examples.
  9. There was some interesting votes. Venezuela voting for NA as did Russia. But out of the big European countries only Germany voted for NA. Italy France Netherlands voted Morocco and Spain didn’t vote.
  10. I certainly hope you are right, because FIFA needs a stable host without issues in 2026. Plus World Cup games an hour away. I am a lot more hopeful than I was a couple of days ago considering what has shifted in CONCACAF. But we never anticipated Russia/Qatar. I remember the night before a lot of people thinking it would be Spain/Portugal and USA. So....
  11. Surprising, because most indications a week ago were Morocco. Something must have changed to have turned the Americans into one block while the fragmentation of Africa and Asia stayed intake.
  12. Montagliani looks to have gotten CONCACAF into voting as a block. So with the Americas voting as one continuous block, that is almost 50 votes.
  13. Morocco by a mile. All of Africa and Asia are voting for Morocco and even some CONCACAF countries are voting Morocco. It is going to be probably 140-70ish for Morocco.
  14. Did I ever get Italy? And let's be reasonable. If I get England............
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