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  1. Curling

    I only have to wait about a week.
  2. Canada in Korea

    Thank you. Really hoping Germany wins in the gold medal game. And hopefully this inspires a new generation of German kids to play hockey so that there is a dozen Leon Draisaitl instead of just one.
  3. Curling

    Sweden was always the favourite. Edin has been lights-out for almost two years now.
  4. Canada in Korea

    Still having trouble comparing the relative performances because of how many more events are being contested now compared to Lillehammer in 1994. 34 events have been added and Canada performs well in the new events. As a percentage of Olympic champions Pyeongchang stands third at 9.80% and third for total medals on offer at 8.82%. Obviously there is a lot more medals to come, but even in a most optimistic 12 golds and 30 medals, it only bumps those percentages up into 2nd place behind the performances in Vancouver. With potentially no hockey or curling gold (traditional) the number of gold won is impressive. But still. The biggest improvement I see is that for the first time Canada is producing athletes that win multiple medals across multiple Olympics outside of short track speed skating. It really started with le May Doan. Also another big criticism of Canadian athletes in the past is that they peak too early. In these Olympics you've had a fair number of athletes (Serwa and Leman in the last day and a half, Bloeman etc.) peak at the Olympics and turn those peaks into gold medals. Something that was missing before when Canada had an army of strong freestyle skiers that never got it done at the Olympics. I mean there have been misses there too, but damn it is nice.
  5. Canada in Korea

    My vote for flagbearer is Kim Boutin.
  6. Canada in Korea

    Just from predicted medals left. Alex Harvey - 50km Classic Men's Curling Men's Hockey (I think a medal is in the bag now with a semi-final against Germany) Kaitlyn Osmond - Ladies Figure Skating Samual Girard - 500m Short Track (would have to get through a very tough quarter-final) (4th place in the fastest 500m in history, also first time since Nagano that a Canadian didn''t medal in that race) 1000m Short Track - all 3 Canadians are potential medalist (Silver medal in one of the most enjoyable races I've seen in awhile) 5000m Relay (got a medal, but they should have won, Hamelin cost Canada the gold) Men's Big Air - lots of predictions of two medals. Vincent d'Haitre - 1000m speed skating (if he's recovered from the ankle injury) Ivanie Blondin - mass start Not Predicted but a good chance at a medal. 4-man bobsleigh Ladies Ski Cross (3 Canadians were the three top qualifiers) (I guess I could have put this in predicted but Simmerling was injuried and not selected, but 2 medals)
  7. Canada in Korea

    I hope I am wrong, but the Americans look to be the better team. Szabados will have to have the game of her life for Canada to win.
  8. GB in Korea

    I have never been a fan of Christie but her attempt in the 1000m was the definition of gutsy. She went for it not being close to 100% and she nearly did it.
  9. Figure Skating

    Even with the malfunction they still only scored like 0.12 off their personal best and that was with a clearly not synchronized swizzle scored as a 4.
  10. Canada in Korea

    The analytics of the game against the USA shows that they won that game by luck. USA is going to win gold.
  11. Canada in Korea

    London wasn't a disaster. Comparable would be Athens. Also should add that Canada valued 5 gold medals above all others. Canada has won one, and the other 4 aren't looking good,.
  12. Canada in Korea

    Predicted Medals Left: USA Today (7G, 3S, 4B) 2-Woman Bobsleigh - Gold Alex Harvery 50km - Bronze Women's Curling - Gold Men's Curling - Gold Kaitlyn Osmond - Bronze Kevin Drury - Ski Cross - Bronze Men's Hockey - Gold Women's Hockey - Gold Big Air - Men's Gold and Silver 500m STSS - Samual Girard - Bronze 5000m Relay - Silver 1000m Women's SSTS Kim Boutin - Silver Ivanie Blondin - Mass Start - Gold GraceSport (5G, 3S, 4B) 2-Woman Bobsleigh - Gold Women's Curling - Gold Men's Curling - Gold Men's Hockey - Gold Big Air - Men's Gold and Bronze 1000m Women's SSTS St. Gelais - Silver Women's Hockey - Silver Ivanie Blondin - Mass Start - Silver 3000m Relay - Bronze 5000m Relay - Bronze SI (5G, 3S 6B) (nothing too different from the others) So all 3 sets of predictions have Canada projected out to between 31 and 33 medals including at least 12 gold.
  13. Figure Skating

    Did y'all see Johnny Weir. Damn that guys weave.....
  14. Curling

    It is weird how teams look amazing one game and trash the next. And none of them can complain that it is the ice because Hans made the ice and its the same ice that has been there for Sochi, Vancouver, Torino, SLC, for every Brier, Scott, World Championship, Players Championship and every major Canadian bonspiel.
  15. Canada in Korea

    Really unfortunate for Olivier Rochon in the Aerials. He was jumping so well and a medal was there for the taking.