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  1. Faster

    Calgary 2026

    Rumor is the IOC has discretely told both the COC and the SOC that they will provide up to 1.4 billion in funding. Up from the 0.95ish that was originally reported. The IOC is desperate to get these games into Canada or Sweden.
  2. Faster

    Calgary 2026

    Unfortunately the Richmond Oval will never be an oval again. It cannot meet ISU requirements now because of the same geological concerns that meant VANOC and Richmond had to spend an extra couple of million to stabilize the foundations between 2005 and 2008 when it opened. As for ski jumping. As far as I've read the plan is to use Whistler for ski jumping and nordic combined and use Canmore for cross country and biathlon. Similar plan is in place for the other FIS events with Nakiska being used for snowboarding and freestyle skiing and alpine being at Lake Louis. As far as I know the IOC and FIS have already said this plan would be acceptable. I also believe that Edmonton is seriously being considered for one of the ice hockey venues.
  3. Faster

    Russia 2018 GBids Sweep Draw

    I’m uruguay and Argentina? **** that is some combination.
  4. Faster

    FIFA World Cup 2026

    I think it is much more likely seeing a European model be more like what has happened previously with Rugby World Cups. Germany with Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Antwerp and Brussels or France with Antwerp, Brussels, Zurich and Geneva as examples.
  5. Faster

    FIFA World Cup 2026

    There was some interesting votes. Venezuela voting for NA as did Russia. But out of the big European countries only Germany voted for NA. Italy France Netherlands voted Morocco and Spain didn’t vote.
  6. Faster

    FIFA World Cup 2026

    I certainly hope you are right, because FIFA needs a stable host without issues in 2026. Plus World Cup games an hour away. I am a lot more hopeful than I was a couple of days ago considering what has shifted in CONCACAF. But we never anticipated Russia/Qatar. I remember the night before a lot of people thinking it would be Spain/Portugal and USA. So....
  7. Faster

    FIFA World Cup 2026

    Surprising, because most indications a week ago were Morocco. Something must have changed to have turned the Americans into one block while the fragmentation of Africa and Asia stayed intake.
  8. Faster

    FIFA World Cup 2026

    Montagliani looks to have gotten CONCACAF into voting as a block. So with the Americas voting as one continuous block, that is almost 50 votes.
  9. Faster

    FIFA World Cup 2026

    Morocco by a mile. All of Africa and Asia are voting for Morocco and even some CONCACAF countries are voting Morocco. It is going to be probably 140-70ish for Morocco.
  10. Faster

    Russia 2018

    Nope, never is.
  11. Faster

    Russia 2018 GamesBids Sweep

    Did I ever get Italy? And let's be reasonable. If I get England............
  12. Faster

    Russia 2018 GamesBids Sweep

    Why not. I'll probably get stuck with Mexico again. And just because, I'm voluntelling Rob, Arwebb, CAF, Puppy, and Krow. So there is 11.
  13. If the Swiss, Swedes, Austrians or Norwegians get to the finish line, the IOC would be stupid to not give them the games. To finally get one of them to the day of voting and hand the Games back to Canada or Italy would be worse than giving the World Cup to Qatar.
  14. Faster

    Lillehammer 2026/2030

    It depends on if Korea is serious about being a sliding country or just invested in the sport for the home Olympics. Canada wasn't a sliding country in 1988 and look at Canada now. Lots of people would have said looking at Calgary that it would be a white elephant and in 4 years time there will be three tracks in Asia relatively close together. Enough to make it worth the World Cup trip, just like having Lake Placid, Park City, Calgary and Vancouver make it worth the trip now.
  15. Faster

    Calgary 2026 and Salt Lake 2030?

    The USOC and organizational groups within Salt Lake for one.