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  1. Canada in Korea

    Figured short track would be a given. Canada needs a much better performance from that team this time around.
  2. Canada in Korea

    Bored, so I thought I'd update this. Predictions are that Canada will win 31 medals, but only 5 gold (one of those is men's hockey so take that with a grain of salt). Canada is maxed out in freestyle skiing. Stupid FIS qualification system. Utter nonsense. Final roaster is set for the curling trials. On the men's side I'd be happiest with McEwen or Jacobs, but think that any one of McEwen, Jacobs, Gushue or Koe are good enough to win. Women's side, it has to be Homan or Jones. No other rink can compete with the depth of the women's field.
  3. Tickets

    No I said Munich. The city that finished second in the voting.
  4. Tickets

    And to think that these Games could have been held in Munich.
  5. It has been a pretty disappointing that so far there are very few new teams. I know there will be in Africa with Algeria and Cameroon eliminated and Ghana all but. But still right now we are looking at Saudi Arabia (ick), Egypt and Iceland as not in the last World Cup qualifiers.
  6. Catalonia

    There are mechanisms in Canada and the United Kingdom for peaceful separations. Spain is hell-bent on the idea of one indivisible 'nation'. Honestly the idea of another new nation in Western Europe that wasn't named Flanders or Wallonia was unthinkable a year ago. The appetite for an independent Catalonia was never there to a tipping point. Now you have a situation were the central government is creating an us-vs-them situation, pushing Catalans to pick sides. The majority of Catalans in that situation will pick their own side and not the side of the unreasonable Spanish state. If Madrid had accepted a referendum a year or two ago, allowed it to happen and it failed there would not be this issue now. because a year or two ago the referendum would have failed. Now, Catalonia and Spain are edging towards an ugly armed conflict.
  7. Calgary 2026

    If the IOC can guarantee at least a billion dollars for Calgary to help finance the Games and Calgary can get the Flames arena down, this is a no-brainer. Calgary won't have any issues with ticket sales, there won't be the deficient venue legacy and there is already a playbook for the organizers to follow to get the country behind the Games. And I already thought the Liberals had signaled their support?
  8. Shanghai 2032

    You heard it here first, China's second city that will be swallowed by the ocean by the end of the century will be your 2032 host. Since it seems that having a Disneyland is now a requirement to host.
  9. Hookers, blow and boob jobs. This is LA after all.
  10. Today's IOC session

    There are people pushing for it. I would say, when is the last time a person made the leap from a Mayor's office to the White House, but the Orange Clown of Stupidity. Now the task for the IOC is to get a Western country over the finish line for a winter games. I am sure the preference would be for it to be Austria/Switzerland/Norway/Germany over Canada but they might have to take what they can get. Maybe the COC should get together with their Norwegian/Swiss/Austrian counterparts and devise a double award for 2026 and 2030.
  11. McDonald's bails out of TOP programme

    No one can answer the question; is this McDonald's not wanting to be associated with the Olympics any longer or is this McDonald's not being able to afford the sponsorship any longer because of the current business struggles they have been having?
  12. I do wonder what could have happened with a longer campaign like the one Canada had a few years ago. Another 2 weeks of good Labour campaigning could have done a lot of interesting things. Honestly I do not think this election result is the doom and gloom that people are making it. I actually think that the weakened position of May and the destruction of UKIP will lead to a non-Brexit Brexit. It will also likely lead to another election in 18ish months. But c'est la vie. I think there is a lot of positives out of this election: - emboldened labour - high youth engagement - took the piss right out of Scottish independence - weakened the hard Brexit position
  13. Oh hell, this is too good. Though it really does show how biased the electoral map is towards the Conservatives in the UK. Only about 2% separates Cons from Lab and there is a dramatic difference in seats. The only way the Cons govern with some stability is with the support of DUP. Lord help y'all. Btw why does Northern Ireland have to be so difficult. Can't they vote for regular parties?
  14. Spoken like people that have never played the game. Mixed curling is a lot different to men's and women's. Just like men's and women's are different. More power to the men's game, more finesse to the women's. Similar to almost every other team sport. Biggest issue was that mixed curling was added to give smaller curling nations the chance to compete in the Olympics. Once it became an Olympic sport the bigger curling nations started to take it seriously. Only Finland qualified for mixed without qualifying another team and they are Olympic medalists in men's. Hungary a world champion in mixed didn't even come close to qualifying.
  15. Canada in Korea

    Canada qualified in mixed curling today. That is going to be some interesting qualification. I am pretty sure the Canadian curling association is going to discourage someone from qualifying in both. But you will have a lot of disappointed curlers come December looking at the mixed qualification in January as their Olympic chance.