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  1. .....yes, well.......ok then, it's settled........they don't know what their position is and cannot take a side until consulting with the USOPC to decide what message they can reveal about what they believe in. Not mad at them........perfectly expected.
  2. ......id agree with that. The USOC and IOC don't really have any discretion when it comes to self preservation
  3. ...it translates to "mulling" a boycott because when asked before they said they were not considering it.........not they say a decision has not been made........that is a change in posture. p.s. i think ted cruz is actually pretty pro-texas
  4. ...I don't think Athletes, volunteers or sports journalist are essential to anything.
  5. hard to choose but i voted for E this round........bit of a sucker for monochromatic logo and rings. good luck to all!
  6. Congratulation @Jon Will Chambers......fantastic looking logo, and all the cool stuff was awesome to see. I loved the "delegation entry point"! so cool looking
  7. Here's a little composition study playing around with logo D and landmarks that inspired the logo design.....could be a poster or maybe the start of a flexible graphic language for a bid book?
  8. ...ok here's one for Milan-Cortina! I think i will have a Brisbane too.........
  9. Hi Olympian1010.....you should be able to just right click on the image in Imgur and select "copy image"....them right click and paste in the body of your message here. Maybe you already tried that, but it should work. good luck!
  10. Los Angeles...the unorthodox achievement.
  11. Buenos Aires...the unsung hero.
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