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  1. ...here's some descriptions of my entries. MEXICO CITY 2032 - Primarily it's just a happy welcoming sun but the logo was also inspired by the iconic history and beautiful ancient culture of Mexico City. The logo is a nod to the Aztec god Huitzilopochtli, the deity of sun, war, and the patron of the city of Tenochtitlan (now Mexico City). In this context war is seen as a reference to competition and the sun is a universal symbol of life, vibrancy, strength, and summer. In his hand Huitzilopochtli wields Xiuhcoatl the spirit of the fire deity Xiuhtecuhtli in the form of a mythological serpent...an interestingly similar image to the iconic modern day Olympic flame and torch. Xiuhcoatl the fire serpent was a fun and fitting inspiration for my banners. - click image for full size view MUMBAI 2032 - A peacock feather inspired the logo. The Peacock is the national bird of India and has many references throughout Indian mythology and is a symbol of beauty, bravery, power, love and benevolence. The composition also references a lotus flower and 7 chakras. Color plays an important roll in India and has deep significance, transcending purely decorative values. GREEN In Maharashtra represents life and happiness, BLUE represents bravery, determination, and the ability to deal with difficult situations…all important principles in Olympism. click image for full size view
  2. paul

    Milano-Cortina 2026 - Website

    ...that's exactly what I keep thinking.
  3. ....oh gosh this is a long comp! I have some inspiration and look stuff to post if I make it to the next round.
  4. Stockholm-Åre 2026 bid chief Richard Brisius has a very difficult job, with low approval from citizens and lack of govt guarantees I guess the committee feels they know what is best for everyone. Is there a risk taking sides with the IOC and forcing a bid with so much opposition?
  5. Congratulation to LDC and a beautiful winning logo! Thanks to the member who took time to vote....especially those who supported my design! Also thank you yoshi (and rols) for an awesome job with the comp........i never planned to learn so much about Kazakhstan!
  6. .....I have been listening to a lot of the music recently form Vancouver....HERE is a song that I was listening to while designing my Almaty logo (there is a logo contest going on in another thread)..........not sure if anyone is nerdy enough to relate to that but it's a fantastic song with several different really good arrangements.
  7. here's is the inspiration behind entry D...an attempt to combining some of Almaty’s most iconic elements in a unique and dynamic winter composition. The Apple Tree is a central but subtle figure. Wild apple forests that grow in the near mountains are the origin of all apples which was confirmed by the first complete sequencing of its genome. -An Apple Tree in winter is formed by the negative space of the logo, this central branching element creates a framework for the other components, a subtle but prominent reference to Almaty’s proud apple provenance. -The chevron pattern has multiple references: 1) Wheat, agriculture and prosperity. (Kazakhstan is one of the world’s top grain producers) 2) A modern tower or city…Almaty is Kazakhstan’s larges metropolis and the cultural hub of the country. 3) Nature and The Environment: The sky and majestic nearby Trans-Ili Alatau mountains are reflected in a gradient winter color scheme. -Simplicity + Tradition / the streamline logo is intentionally modern to contrast with a look-of-games that would explore the regions rich design history of textile patterns and intense colors. I have a couple little drawing to post of the look etc in a bit.... ...good luck to all!
  8. .....I'm trying to come up with something fast.....I don't know much about the cities but I started researching. The more I read it seems like Almaty probably should be hosting 2022....I mean it's the perfect compact games with little to build......but OH NO the IOC decided to have China build everything from scratch.....which will be fun to watch but talk about hypocrisy!
  9. paul

    Paris 2024

    ...I mean the yellow vests are coming in handy at the moment. Otherwise I would say seat-belts good, yellow vests optional...I like the triangle.
  10. paul

    Paris 2024

    .....I can't believe it's a law that you have to carry a yellow vest in your car in France....this is a great symbol of the lack of freedom and government overreach the french are experiencing. RIP Europe.