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  1. sad but i would hate to see Calgary have to farm out ski jumping or any event to Vancouver..........id wait till the city could truly figure out how to host a 'Calgary' games. they deserve nothing less for the trouble. end it p.s. Mary Moran is a totally lackluster appointment to ceo.....as if they can afford a layered buzzkill approach
  2. i cant believe there are so many advocating that e gaming has a place in the olympics. is the shortsighted ioc that desperate to fund their seasonal fruits and cakes?
  3. ....well obviously Paris has all those same problems x 10....i mean it is in the midst of continental and cultural disintegration and economic decline..........they will likely do as most say and run a huge loss which will make profitable LA smell like orange blossoms. (though lately it just smells like pot everywhere)
  4. .....the city politics, management, infrastructure, finances, illegal invasion, and TAXES are a bloated disaster to be honest.....but the weather is amazing....you just need lots of $ to really avoid the problematic bits.
  5. Welcome To The Sydney 2036 Olympic Games Let The Games Begin
  6. paul

    FIFA World Cup 2026

    uuuuhk pr is such a disaster (aka s-hole).....they have run everything into the ground for decades and then beg to be admitted statehood so the us will pay for all their problems. total disaster. stay away. vote Morocco.
  7. paul

    FIFA World Cup 2026

    The US is going to be busy, it would be better held in a country with truer passion for soccer. We need less global clubs involved in US business....there is too much money involved and too much risk of corruption. Canada and Mexico didn't need the US in their plan did they? I think it would be better to see one country bid. A Mexico WC would be so cool to watch.
  8. 2024 Paris : Light the Dream on Fire 2026 Erzurum : Who knew? 2028 Los Angeles : Nuestro estadio cuesta más que todas tus Olimpiadas ... y aún obtuvimos ganancias ...viva The Angels.* *English version: Our stadium costs more than your entire Olympics ... and we still made a profit ... live Los Angeles.
  9. paul

    New Comp??????

    ....how about "re-imagine your least favorite past Olympic logo".
  10. paul

    Rio-2016 News

    Wonder what happened to the "Seeds of Hope" that the athletes carried in at the opening ceremony?
  11. paul

    Rio-2016 News

    Pele Expected to Testify in Rio 2016 Investigation (ATR) Pelé will testify in the vote-buying legal process that revolves around Rio de Janeiro’s election as host of the 2016 Olympic Games. The former footballer will testify as a witness for the defense of Carlos Arthur Nuzman, the former president of the Brazilian Olympic Committee and the Rio 2016 Organizing Committee. Pele was an emblematic and busy figure for the candidacy of Rio that managed to become an Olympic host. The ex player made several trips through Africa during the race before the Brazilian city´s election in Copenhagen in 2009. According to the newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo, Carlos Emanuel Miranda, former adviser of the then governor of Rio de Janeiro, Sérgio Cabral, admits that four votes were illegally bought in the IOC in exchange for the election of the Brazilian city as the organizer of the Olympic Games 2016. The newspaper cites Miranda's confession before the Brazilian judicial authorities as part of a cooperation agreement between both parties and approved by the Brazilian Supreme Court. According to Folha, Miranda said that the information conveyed to him by Cabral himself occurred in prison in early 2017. Soares Filho, a personal friend of Cabral’s and also known as "King Arthur," is accused of transferring $1.5 million to Papa Massata Diack, Lamine Diack’s son. This delivery was apparently made three days before the election of Rio. A second transfer of $500,000 ended up in an account of Diack´s son in Russia. Father and son have defended their innocence. The Brazilian Prosecutor's Office already had indications that this money was to be distributed by Diack among other other IOC voters.