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  1. Here's a little composition study playing around with logo D and landmarks that inspired the logo design.....could be a poster or maybe the start of a flexible graphic language for a bid book?
  2. ...ok here's one for Milan-Cortina! I think i will have a Brisbane too.........
  3. Hi Olympian1010.....you should be able to just right click on the image in Imgur and select "copy image"....them right click and paste in the body of your message here. Maybe you already tried that, but it should work. good luck!
  4. Los Angeles...the unorthodox achievement.
  5. Buenos Aires...the unsung hero.
  6. ....definitely if you are an Australian Fan.
  7. I...I...I...just don't know what I'm feeling about this. it's way better than that wig head for Paris but man, it's all over the place. I agree most with the person who mentioned that the 3 bold fonts in the L, 2, and 8, are all so different but heavy. Don't mind the heavy as much as the different. I saw the 8 font used on the website to spell out the names of all the other pending games (and some other stuff too I think). Those names were links to those respective sites instead of using their typical logos as the link.......thought that looked kind cool. I like it but the A is just a rehash o
  8. Russia has no vaccine. Tokyo can be something next year I guess, but it's probably not time to cancel yet..they just don't know yet. It does feel like they are sort of screwed no matter what........cant imagine the disappointment they are dealing with.
  9. Almaty looked like the right choice all along to me.......but I guess international organizations and the IOC have a very difficult time passing up $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. Additionally; it may be a display of privileged and power that we are forced to wedge winter sports at this level into places that it is not a tradition or norm.
  10. ...I don't know what you mean? This was a very good idea (in my mind) but it got little to no traction in that contest.
  11. Should the IOC and TOCOG determine that TOKYO 2020 will proceed as planned there will likely be unprecedented changes to venues, security, travel protocols, medical preparedness, etc.. A more informational “look of games” may be necessary to identify TOKYO 2020. A comprehensive plan may include a main logo that is more connected to these games parameters. I would like to submit a logo design to TOCOG for consideration. This design was originally created for Harbin, China in a past GB logo contest and was rejected by the GB community and thus it is available now. I can be available (
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