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  1. Africa Olympics

    First, we need to wait first the result of the safe bids of Tokyo-Paris-LA and then we may consider new frontiers again. Even for 2032 they may reach another safe option before and then going to africa.
  2. Between this and SLC rumors, somewhere in Sweden, Pillan is having a heart attack after reading these news.
  3. And then Oslo/Lillehammer enters as the back up plan for 2030 (As they promised previously, they only accept if there's a double award for 2030). Well, that's not surprising considering the circunstances.
  4. Paris 2024 Ceremonies

    From the new video of presentation, I thought they would use more celebrities in the references, but from the acting category only appeared Jean Dujardin, with Teddy Riner and Neymar. It would be interesting if by 7 years also.Dujardin takes part of.the ceremony (After all, his new partner is an Olympic medallist :P)
  5. Paris 2024 Ceremonies

    Speaking of French trademarks, with "The Girl on Ipanema" and "Imagine" played before...
  6. Just for consideration, these are (Snaps of) the last olympic opening ceremonies in France And I guess the references of Asterix will be there, even they made a film related to Olympics LMFAO!!
  7. LA 2028 Ceremonies

    I forgot this one - "Another day in the Sun" (Related to LA Motto)
  8. LA 2028 Ceremonies

    I know it's 11 years ago, but I guess certain hommage of LA based films will be made around. Prepare for La La Land sequence "City of Stars".
  9. Where does the IOC go from here?

    Don't be surprised if there're again two safe bids (Between Innsbruck, Sion and Calgary), the IOC will do the same as Paris-LA.
  10. Doha

    There's still a big elephant in the room - 2022 World Cup scandal. Unless the competition is completely dire, they will avoid Doha as a plague.
  11. The IOC must negotiate everything to keep Sion happy at this stage.
  12. Paris 2024

    There was a certain response on twitter, but I guess tey are waiting for September, especially when Macron's new reforms will start to be votes. The celebration can beas his wild card,
  13. Paris 2024

    OMG, reading Tulsa's old posts is actually funny (Like this one) in retrospective. I wonder where is he/she now ?
  14. Where does the IOC go from here?

    When the other options for 2026 Winter Olympics are Erzurum while dealing with the neo Sultan Erdogan, Almaty with the 75 years old "president" Nazarbayev and a complete unknown Ushuaia bid in an unexpected Argentina, you see there aren't a lot of choices. I wouldn't be surprised if Bach helps to the Scandinavian NOC for reviving Oslo or Stockholm bids while securing Innsbruck in a double deal. Also, late post but normally for hosting events - It's normally accepted for returning as host in normal circunstances after waiting for, at least, 40 years as the average pass of three different generations between both events. Not a rule per se but an appreciation for international events (Unless you're Castillian :D)