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  1. The level of naivety is something even in our current days. Remember Sochi boycott related to the gay rights and the killings in closing Chechnya? Or how about the criticism over Rio and the police in the favelas for order? China had faced this before and the IOC knew about this. It won't matter in the long term, not when China is one of the superpowers of the world.
  2. Roger87

    Lima 2019

    Toronto handover was boring, but it wasn't terrible. Santiago, on the other hand... Srly, who thought this was a good idea? Especially when Lima closing ceremony was a full spectacle of folklore and tradition (And the closing was a much better show). Good thing it was short. Tokyo showed us how to make a really modern handover without losing traces of national identity or culture. But reggaeton, really? Still considering this is from the same team who made the opening ceremony of Copa America 2015...
  3. Doesn't matter. Boris is currently a lame duck and will have the hot potato exploding on his face.
  4. True. Ironically, for once in years, all the EU members are united in something... Don't making Brexit easy for UK.
  5. Roger87

    Lima 2019

    The MVP of the spectacle hands down
  6. Yep. At least things in Torino came on good shape. And for the distances it can perfectly work. Although mayor Chiara Appendino is currently facing investigations, her image works better and she always have the incompetence of Roma's Virginia Raggi as lifeguard.
  7. Now, this is territory of delusional thinking. Especially when Melbourne can work per September timeline.
  8. Roger87

    Shanghai 2032

    Define "stable country" in Subsaharian African country? Just recently Kenya faced a close political crisis per elections and has faced criticism for the border with Somalia and menace of terrorism.
  9. Roger87

    Paris 2024 Ceremonies

    That's a good prospect
  10. Let's hope the best. There's still time to change the tide.
  11. Well, at least this won't be Mediterranean arrogance anymore Unless Coates has Italian/Castillian roots.
  12. Indeed. Brisbane is growing as a city, but even among some Aussies (Just watch Youtube), Brisbane is akin to St. Louis or Minneapolis. Not only Sydney and Melbourne had everything in consideration, but also both cities are global cities per excellence. Sydney is like Los Angeles as the shiny, modern metropolis while Melbourne is like NY, as the old soul but also the cultural, college Australian capital. Both cities have considerable infrastructure per public transport, venues and locations and their populations are young enough to keep the spirit (And both cities are mostly known for their cultural and social diversity. Melbourne has more reasons to enter in the list for the double Olympic host cities alongside Tokyo and Beijing. Now, if Brisbane can work for that starting now, then it will be great. But these projects must be start with or without the Olympics to make a proper case. When Barcelona was selected, Spain entered in a new age after years of Franco regime and Barcelona, as antagonist of Madrid, it was always the more liberal and pro european spanish city (It was the main center of the Spanish Republic). It came in a full reconstruction. The Olympics gave a new identity to that narrative. Brisbane must show that. If it wasn't for the idea of bringing Pyongyang for the bid, Seoul would have been my main candidate for the 2032-2036 Olympic host. Safe Summer Olympics host. A proper metropolis which can enter on that prior list. Powerful country in sports. Now the Rhine Ruhr bid can offer a new interesting perspective. Sure, the purists would love to see Berlin, but that ship has sailed. And Hamburg/Munich were eliminated for referendums. At least an advantage for Germany is, even as a unified country, for history the country has clear regional identities which can offer different elements (and came strong for federalism). It's not the same Baviera and Berlin. Rhine Ruhr is the center of the prior West Germany economic miracle, a multicultural population divided in cities widely connected, and as main circle of Bundersliga, the sport has roots there. The question is about how the Germans will sell it for population and IOC. Otherwise, maybe Madrid has a chance now
  13. Roger87

    Shanghai 2032

    First wait if Nairobi doesn't end as disaster like Durban