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  1. Roger87

    New NOC Chair To Focus On Indonesia 2032 Olympic Bid

    Waiting till the post: "Indonesia is the latest frontier of the Olympics" "Jakarta can be Olympic host city". LOL
  2. Roger87

    The Milan Cortina Italy thread

    The key success of the next Olympics will be related of how successful are the new host cities. At least in this time, both Olympics may count safe countries and cities which can develop proper projects without ending in white elephants and still they keep a respectable level of support. I think, for now, we may see returning hosts (especially on winter Olympics). Salt Lake City and Sapporo are ready, and then I can see next a French expansive Alpine host with Lyon as the main center (As becoming in the second most populous French metropolitan city. In an idea of Milan-Rome)
  3. Roger87

    Doha Considers Bid To Host 2030 Asian Games

    Maybe one of their high hours.
  4. Oops wrong. I thought it was the Seoul-Pyeongyang combined bid.
  5. If there was just Seoul, I would may give them better odds, but alas...
  6. Hence my "quotation" on Olympics. But at this stage is better than zero.
  7. Now, checking the 2030 WOG thread I remember what I said after the double allocation of Paris-Los Angeles. Had Madrid waited for a couple of cycles, they could have win in a heartbeat the rights for this 2032 SOG. Now, reading more about Brisbane's plans, the Castilian stubbornness and CONE arrogance may cost an easier opportunity. That was on silver plate if patience was their quality. They could wait for the missing installations till the rights were given and now they would have more time to develop. Like Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman": Huge Mistake, Madrid! Big! Huge! Well, I read the new government of Madrid may consider bidding for 2032 or 2036 Games. Let's see if that happens.
  8. Roger87

    2030 Olympic Winter Games Bids

    The Castilians will burn on envy.
  9. I also would like to hear the German bid- The prior bids went kapputt with the referendums but having the macrorregion of Europe and one of the most developed zones per infrastructure may help. Also, having a full multicultural region remarking the new Germany can work.
  10. What a "wonderful" place to host the Olympics...
  11. You can't be serious or you are completely delusional... Jakarta? You mean, one of the most polluted cities around the world, with a huge issue of environemental crisis around being sinked to the ocean. And that's not counting the severe lack of infrastructure in public transport and security (Worse now with the recent political inestability). Rio de Janeiro would be a field day on the country comparing Jakarta. And of top of that, the weather during the summer. I don't know if you've been there (I did), cause you need to verify yourself to drop that pipe dream. Imagine the own Indonesian government had approved the first steps to change the capital to Borneo. And finally, you forgot the 2018 Asian Games were actually split between Jakarta and Palembang (That last city had the Sport complex)
  12. The level of naivety is something even in our current days. Remember Sochi boycott related to the gay rights and the killings in closing Chechnya? Or how about the criticism over Rio and the police in the favelas for order? China had faced this before and the IOC knew about this. It won't matter in the long term, not when China is one of the superpowers of the world.
  13. Roger87

    Lima 2019

    Toronto handover was boring, but it wasn't terrible. Santiago, on the other hand... Srly, who thought this was a good idea? Especially when Lima closing ceremony was a full spectacle of folklore and tradition (And the closing was a much better show). Good thing it was short. Tokyo showed us how to make a really modern handover without losing traces of national identity or culture. But reggaeton, really? Still considering this is from the same team who made the opening ceremony of Copa America 2015...
  14. Doesn't matter. Boris is currently a lame duck and will have the hot potato exploding on his face.
  15. True. Ironically, for once in years, all the EU members are united in something... Don't making Brexit easy for UK.