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  1. Roger87


    And again the Independence parties gained steam but still messy inside the regional government. Meanwhile Rajoy is still showing his own incompetence as a leader.
  2. Roger87

    Russia 2018

    And again Mexico will face Germany and Brazil for one way or another. Russia has the easiest group. If they can't pass...
  3. Roger87

    Beijing 2022 Ceremonies

    If they don't want Yimou, what about Feng Xiaogang?
  4. Roger87

    Paris 2024 Ceremonies

    Currently i'm rediscovering some options for the mastermind of the Ceremonies: Xavier Dolan - Well, he's from Quebec but he's currently working in France. His films usually brings full scheme of cinematique images and rythms with music and some of his ads and music videos have been acclaimed for that. Marjane Satrapi - Just her work in her graphic novels. Luc Besson - Not the greatest option in narrative, but coming with the line of Zhang Yimou-Danny Boyle-Fernando Meirelles in visual style and he can offer spectacle. Robin Campillo - Albeit he made small dramas (btw, watch BPM), he offered talent in visual style
  5. Roger87

    Stockholm/Åre 2026

    So the Swedish Olympic Committee hasn't given up. Let's see if this time the government approval is there this time. Maybe Pillan will have a full vindication this time lol.
  6. Roger87


    I know the times are weird, but that Winter bid is questionable.
  7. Roger87

    Paris 2024

    Anyway, merry Christmas all!! If any case, this is a pathological case for actually winning, trying to be discussed as a sore loser.
  8. Roger87

    Africa Olympics

    First, we need to wait first the result of the safe bids of Tokyo-Paris-LA and then we may consider new frontiers again. Even for 2032 they may reach another safe option before and then going to africa.
  9. Between this and SLC rumors, somewhere in Sweden, Pillan is having a heart attack after reading these news.
  10. And then Oslo/Lillehammer enters as the back up plan for 2030 (As they promised previously, they only accept if there's a double award for 2030). Well, that's not surprising considering the circunstances.
  11. Roger87

    Paris 2024 Ceremonies

    From the new video of presentation, I thought they would use more celebrities in the references, but from the acting category only appeared Jean Dujardin, with Teddy Riner and Neymar. It would be interesting if by 7 years also.Dujardin takes part of.the ceremony (After all, his new partner is an Olympic medallist :P)
  12. Roger87

    Paris 2024 Ceremonies

    Speaking of French trademarks, with "The Girl on Ipanema" and "Imagine" played before...
  13. Just for consideration, these are (Snaps of) the last olympic opening ceremonies in France And I guess the references of Asterix will be there, even they made a film related to Olympics LMFAO!!
  14. Roger87

    LA 2028 Ceremonies

    I forgot this one - "Another day in the Sun" (Related to LA Motto)
  15. Roger87

    LA 2028 Ceremonies

    I know it's 11 years ago, but I guess certain hommage of LA based films will be made around. Prepare for La La Land sequence "City of Stars".