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  1. Hoping the best for the German bid. More I read of Brisbane bid, the less I like it (especially when Australia has Melbourne as the better option).
  2. It can be the "Persepolis" creator Marianne (converted from Marjane) Sartrapi
  3. I wonder if Footix can be an obstacle for choosing the rooster again
  4. Under current times, practical choices. Also the USA is the biggest country, the American media still pays the big bucks in TV and streaming rights and the sponsorships. But yep, if I need to go for a potential next future hosts: 2030: Salt Lake City (USA) 2034: Sapporo (Japan) 2038: Lyon/Alps (France)
  5. They choose Beijing. So yep, bribery can be accepted if this is practical.
  6. This. Although the idea to make a resemblance to Marianne is nice though.
  7. Waiting till the post: "Indonesia is the latest frontier of the Olympics" "Jakarta can be Olympic host city". LOL
  8. The key success of the next Olympics will be related of how successful are the new host cities. At least in this time, both Olympics may count safe countries and cities which can develop proper projects without ending in white elephants and still they keep a respectable level of support. I think, for now, we may see returning hosts (especially on winter Olympics). Salt Lake City and Sapporo are ready, and then I can see next a French expansive Alpine host with Lyon as the main center (As becoming in the second most populous French metropolitan city. In an idea of Milan-Rome)
  9. Oops wrong. I thought it was the Seoul-Pyeongyang combined bid.
  10. If there was just Seoul, I would may give them better odds, but alas...
  11. Hence my "quotation" on Olympics. But at this stage is better than zero.
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