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  1. The IOC must negotiate everything to keep Sion happy at this stage.
  2. Paris 2024

    There was a certain response on twitter, but I guess tey are waiting for September, especially when Macron's new reforms will start to be votes. The celebration can beas his wild card,
  3. Paris 2024

    OMG, reading Tulsa's old posts is actually funny (Like this one) in retrospective. I wonder where is he/she now ?
  4. Where does the IOC go from here?

    When the other options for 2026 Winter Olympics are Erzurum while dealing with the neo Sultan Erdogan, Almaty with the 75 years old "president" Nazarbayev and a complete unknown Ushuaia bid in an unexpected Argentina, you see there aren't a lot of choices. I wouldn't be surprised if Bach helps to the Scandinavian NOC for reviving Oslo or Stockholm bids while securing Innsbruck in a double deal. Also, late post but normally for hosting events - It's normally accepted for returning as host in normal circunstances after waiting for, at least, 40 years as the average pass of three different generations between both events. Not a rule per se but an appreciation for international events (Unless you're Castillian :D)
  5. In that case better Isabelle Huppert, Marion Cotillard or Juliette Binoche. Marceau is close of "has been" even in France.
  6. Paris 2024

    Well, it's finally official - Paris 2024
  7. The silver lining will be the "Abrahamtroll disciple" finally disappearing of the forum for a long time (Ever better as forever)
  8. los angeles 2024

    I mean, even with an excellent deal, Abrahamson can't get rid of being an obnoxious man-child crying. Srly, that man is fucked out.
  9. BTW, since the last week, you know who didn't appear again.
  10. Calgary 2026

    Calgary can be affected for the World Cup, warns study: http://www.insidethegames.biz/articles/1053235/report-warns-calgary-2026-bid-could-be-affected-by-world-cup
  11. The swimming competitions gave some surprises and interesting fights.
  12. Paris 2024

    Just in case, the official video of the medals
  13. Well, the anti-climate moment is final.