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  1. Roger87

    Winter 2022

    And still famous athletes like Lindsey Vonn supported Cortina as better ski resort and was really critical of Are But hey, maybe these 47 voters were Norwegian/German/USA lovers who were afraid of Sweden.
  2. Roger87

    Winter 2022

    OMG, now this "pathetic argument" is gaining value, isn't it? Also, Rogge was a salesman. That was "diplomatic". He even said Guadalajara, Durban, Doha and Kuala Lumpur were ready for SOG.
  3. At least for now, Spain is safe. Even acting as counterbalance for Italy. Let's see what happens next, but Pedro Sanchez played his cards excellent.
  4. Now, I would say this also helps Brisbane/Gold Coast and a potential Istanbul/Marmara (Or Izmir) bids to spread the games.
  5. I could say, this can happen sooner considering the good WOG bids are scarse. Also Lyon has a feud with Paris for living in the shadows
  6. Rumor has it, Italy is also preparing a Euro UEFA bid. Verona would be part of the host cities (It was part of the 1990 FIFA World Cup plan). "Surprising" ("" for irony) the M5S agrees on these events lol.
  7. And both have bad stylists with messy hair.
  8. Eh, comparing Jakarta, Rio is a field day in the prairie. Also, considering the government is making plans to change the capital to inner Borneo after the news of the city sinking fast.
  9. Also Karin Wanngard (Stockholm mayor between 2014-2018) who actually was the first one who said "Nope, Stockholm is out" even with the SOK begging and showing interest
  10. Roger87

    2030 Olympic Winter Games Bids

    Now, considering how Milan worked perfectly for the second cities. Watch from Europe: Lyon - It's only 1:30 hours from Annecy/Albertville and this is the second metropolitan area of France after Paris (With more of 2 millions). Like Milan, Lyon was always in the shadows of Paris even if the city has its own charm and value. The Parc Olympique Lyonnais can work perfectly for Opening Ceremony, and like Italy did, the closing can be made in St. Etienne or Grenoble. Barcelona/Zaragoza - The Castilian nightmare continues now with La Molina Krakow - Now, after being selected as host for the European Games. Let's see what happens there. Also, Slovakia is closer in border, not like Latvia.
  11. Torino can also solved this. It's only 1.50 hrs. from Milan.
  12. Well, tbh, the Italian political spectrum has been a full mess for the center-right after "Le mani pulite" of 1992, which become the entrance of il Divo Berlusconi and the long marriage of populist-nationalist parties like Fratelli d'Italia and La Lega in the mainstream audience (And still we got another WOG, three European summits and other events). That door was opened way back.
  13. Roger87

    Stockholm/Åre 2026

    I'm still surprised the stubbornness and absurdity still came even when the result was actually positive.
  14. Roger87

    London 2036

    Mentioned: -Madrid -A Russian one (Most likely Saint Petersburg) -Rhein-Rhur Potential: -Istanbul -Budapest