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  1. Well... Unless you believe in the excuse of the General elections, maybe it's time to consider the possibility of these events being DOA
  2. This event died with Queen Elizabeth II. Time to move on
  3. The main issue is, right now we're in Mid May 2024, just 1.5-2 years for the event. Even for the cities with all the infrastructure ready that's a short window of time, why? You need to secure the budget, security, protocols... That took time. And that's not counting even among the best prepared countries there's always one or two non counted events. Even for 2030, it's late now.
  4. How long will we need until accepting no one wants to host the event -at least in the current conditions-? Every day passes and this is deader than ever.
  5. The presidential system of vote in France was created precisely for Charles De Gaulle to avoid the instability created by the Third and Fourth Republics which an atomized Congress was capable to sack a President on first way (Think about Peru right now but ten times). Some of the detractors said this created hyper presidents (Cough Mélenchon cough) but for all the criticisms, that created a sense of political stability and value. Also, true about the "least of the worst" and this still is the main obstacle of Le Pen and her minions. Even when they won the big battle in the Parliamentary elections with 88 deputies, 9 of 10 times the RN candidate went to second round to another, they lost the election. This is why in European and regional elections they over performed for the first sole round. Not saying it's not worrisome, but at least on that aspect this helps a lot and also helps among the other far-right groups (Zemmourists, right wing LR pixies) have some irreconcilable differences (Ex. Economy plans)
  6. So we're reaching in the lowest level of begging?
  7. Not if the Saudi League bubble breaks. We're just two years and now the Saudi League is sinking like the Chinese League with more years of survival.
  8. Yeah, Wauquiez is the hawn right of Les Republicains, although per economics is closer to Zemmour than Le Pen (Her economic programme is more akin to the "development" thought from Brazilian government than full hard neoliberalism. But even then, considering his recent fortunes inside the party, I think he'll need to swallow some pride and accept this if he wants that piece of cake.
  9. Ïnteresting. Maybe this is the final political deal to avoid a confrontation between Wauquiez and Mussier?
  10. Unless they have something really tangible and clear, they are probably wasting time.
  11. The point of doing multievents is precisely to avoid ceremonies and villages. It's sharing events to different events. Precisely what you are proposing LMFAO!
  12. This isn't just the Olympics. We saw that on the FIFA World Cup which they rejected South America and many of the recent Championships. The idea of the Olympics helping of the image of the gamma city must leave. This isn't the early XX century anymore. Also with the recent change of international order, that changes the point of the countries which can actually allow them and others who don't. In realism, this is the hierarchy. The IOC had survived crisis, but also requires adapting the realities of the system and how to work on it. This won't be different. Now, the idea of the "low cost" and "new norm" is just a failed hypocritical manifesto.
  13. We can see that. The French are prickle but like Latins, they have that chauvinist ego. During the Olympics, the national pride will be up even if later they return with their common pessimism like just a week before the opening. That happened similar to last year's Rugby World Cup (And that was a more recent event comparing Olympics).
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