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  1. IOC needs to wait for a better city to bid .What a joke this bid is. Because the IOC vp is Australian.
  2. This is embarrassing. Paris, Tokyo, LA, then Brisbane?? What a let down for the IOC. Should have waited for a better bid.
  3. Surprising, Calgary is the other bid for 2026/2030, and are looking at 2026.
  4. World Cup is being held in the summer too. The CWG would be completely overshadowed
  5. Plus Hamilton's bid has one venue in Toronto (for diving). I doubt its Toronto
  6. This is Hamilton's to lose. Nice to see 2 2015 Pan Am venues proposed to be used.
  7. Heard Sri Lanka has approached the CGF to put out feelers to host the event in Colombo.
  8. Probably better than Toronto 2015 (I have yet too see it). Do you agree?
  9. These were an okay games. The very good part: the look the not so good: ticket sales (half of Toronto), weather, empty seats etc.
  10. I agree with the look. LIma 2019 is miles ahead without a doubt.
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