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  1. Looks like Hamilton 2030 will have many venues spread out in its plans. Have head aquatics would be held at a new venue in the KW metro area (about 50 mins away from Hamilton). Originally diving was supposed to be in Toronto and a new venue was to be built for swimming at McMaster. Hamilton 2030 is also considering international proposals to co-host the games.
  2. Yes, but they said no funding unless 5 matches
  3. not officially, but Edmonton demanded 5 matches, with three cities there is no chance they get that.
  4. Behind the scenes there is a group wanting Toronto to consider a Winter Olympics bid, with an Oval at Exhibition place, the sliding track in Lake Placid and alpine speed events also at Whiteface.
  5. If Winnipeg bids, its likely theirs to lose after three straight games in South America.
  6. I wonder why the IOC would tell Madrid to not waste their time with 2036, unless they had a bid so far advanced that there would be no point. Germany perhaps? They were bidding for 2032 and could have pivoted to 2036. But would the IOC want a 100 year anniversary hanging over these games? probably not? The only other bid I could see the IOC preferring over Madrid is the mooted Toronto/Montreal bid from last year, but surely that bid is not well developed...
  7. Surprising, Calgary is the other bid for 2026/2030, and are looking at 2026.
  8. World Cup is being held in the summer too. The CWG would be completely overshadowed
  9. Plus Hamilton's bid has one venue in Toronto (for diving). I doubt its Toronto
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