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  1. Balich shows will do the ceremonies (they did Qatar 2022, Lima 2019 among other shows)
  2. The Canadian government has made it clear it would only support 2 major multi sports events every 10 years, so in theory its possible. In the same year? Hard to answer that, but the feds supported both Vancouver and Hamilton.
  3. The 2015 Pan Am Venue is still operational, about 90 minutes away from Hamilton.
  4. Canada/Jamaica/Gibraltar is one. With netball in Jamaica and Gibraltar hosting shooting.
  5. That was when there was more than 2 bids...
  6. A lot can change till next year. If Sapporo is still in, I would reckon a double award would be in order. Also Calgary could in theory come back (wasn't there some noise about this a few weeks back?)
  7. Darn shame. I wonder if the IOC will consider a double award now?
  8. India might have a chance, unlike Saudi Arabia, they have hosted 2 relatively successful FIFA events in the last few years. KSA is also near Qatar, and that would not work in favor of rotation
  9. Have heard rumours behind the scenes work is being done for a future Toronto bid, with a stadium being targeted for Downsview Park
  10. Seriously you need to STOP with your stupid comments. Its annyoing AF
  11. Is it too late for another bid to throw thier name? Almaty should have bid...
  12. For sure. Its embarrassing even suggesting small minnow countries help host the games. What a joke of leadership.
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