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  1. So I'm really curious how the IBC/MPC works... Do companies pay to get different studio plots in the IBC? What do the other broadcasting studios look like? How is the IBC and MPC laid out?
  2. My understanding is Balich was just an advisor on the project. His social media definitely didn't convey any sort of excitement for the opening. I feel like a lot of the team lost all hope on it. Do we know which company was lead producer on it?
  3. Took a nap. Woke up and thought: These games should've been cancelled. The coverage is still COVID COVID COVID. It's better to cancel something this large than do it half-assed. The athletes deserve better, the city deserves better, and the Japanese people deserve better. The conversation should have refocused to awarding them 2032 a long time ago.
  4. Because there is a heavy global influence through the IOC and even the Producers that they consult with. I believe we are in a new chapter of a more globalist illustration of the country during each cycle. I second this. I was just thinking this. IF IT GETS RID OF THE DUMB ALL WHITE FLOORS AND PROPS, THEN I'M HERE FOR IT! I couldn't agree more. The lack of cohesion was a big negative for me this time around. We also saw that in PC and Rio. Overall I think it was the best it could be given the circumstances. There is no doubt that it was grounded in and a reflection of the times. NBC's coverage make it hard to judge because they like to comment on things through a diluted American lens (not to mention the stupid commercial interruptions). They shoulda put the athletes in the stands. They shoulda cut the speeches shorter. I woulda had Matsui light the cauldron. I wish there was a drumming segment. Not a fan of the Imagine segment. It was nice, but overdone in the sports world. I think the lighting, cinematography, pyro were all good. The athlete fashion was great! The choreography in the beginning artistic segments was fantastic as well. I liked the Olympic Rings segement. It reminded me of a mix of Tin Symphony and Pandemonium (on a budget). The stairs coming out of the cauldron and it blossoming was very emotional. The costumes were so-so. I understand the benefits of a straight run for the PON, but I like the traditional lap around the stadium. I'd give it a 6/10.
  5. Surely they could've socially distanced everyone in the stadium stands.
  6. I NEED A STREAM WITHOUT COMMERCIALS also loving the lighting, fashion, choreography, and story so far.
  7. Sydney Athens London are my Top 3. Atlanta and PyeongChang are my Bottom 2.
  8. I hate those stupid white ovals on the fop for every ceremony for the last decade. YAWN!
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