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  1. not really... they are also using the audience and the cubes, besides the actors... looks really creative so far.
  2. Mr. Rolls would you care to explain the banner on your signature, the naked girl, etc....? thanks
  3. Really??? Because you say you've had some unpleasant situations with rich stupid Brazilians you think you can judge an entire population? Of course Rio is one of many, but at the same time it is unique. People tend to love it here when they come. Of course you May be critical... our mayor and our governor deserve it, but it is really prejudicial to confess you have been saying so many awful things based on a experience or two you might have had. Shame.
  4. Just a remark: Lula was not arrested.
  5. Well..the ones that will have the pleasure to come will find out the truth. We can discuss about the bay waters, despite of everything Danny has been saying here over and over about how it depends on what part of the bay we are talking about... but Ive never seen anyone complaining about the open waters beaches.
  6. Mr. Baron... ten years trying to make Rio and Brazil look like s... It is pathetic to say locals are immune to the costal waters... if it was true every and each tourist would get sick in Copacabana. Every weekend there are thousands of People bathing there and other costal beaches.
  7. Hello guys, 1. I recommend Zona Sul and Pão de Açucar. They are expensive, but there you can find everything you want with a great quality. 2. In Rio... it's hard to say in Brazil since it varies a lot. breakfast: coffee + milk or just coffee orange juice or a shake with milk and fruits like banana, avocado, papaya, strawberry or others a kind of a roll (that we call pão frances) with butter cheese ham fruits some people have cereals lunch: most people generally have rice and beans + a meat + salad. Pasta is also very common. Also what we call churrasco (barbecue). nowadays tho
  8. LOL yeah, he gotta be local... he knows so much about our reality, that he can't deny that he actually lives in Mangueira, Rio de Janeiro.
  9. Why do you ALWAYS doubt what we, that live HERE, say? NOBODY calls the stadium like this. It's Engenhão. And FYI, there's a project to be voted in our local assembly to change its "oficial", but never used, name. Also, FYI, he wasn't accused of anything when the stadium was built. About the theme of only rich cities being the ones able to throw the party, it was exactly because of the social programs and the potencial of changing the city for good that made Rio's bid the winner. Local people supported the plans, even elected a mayor that used them in his election program. Projects are alread
  10. I was cheering for Argentina! I also love Argentina and its culture. I think our countries have much more to achieve together than fighting. Ok, one made fun of each other regarding our recent losses in football. Let's move on. Period.
  11. Danny I have to agree that this level of rivalry is highly connected to media interests. We don't see anything like this when argentineans come to Florianopolis and Rio or when the thousands of Brazilians go visit Buenos Aires... we've always behaved as brothers, not as enemies. Let's leave this to football.
  12. Hey guys, let's stop it. Both sides have their own problems, records, titles and everything else. Our countries are together in many other instances besides football, and, WC finished, we should stick to this. We have strong ties, there's no sense in keeping this discussion, specially if you start talking about other stuff than football.
  13. He is obsessive... saying bad stuff all the time, but he is the grown up here. Let's not bother.
  14. OMG man, you really hate Brasil. It must be something personal... maybe a Brazilian girl dumped you? If they were cheating that much, they would be playing right now, isn't it?
  15. I'm supporting Argentina. I would love if the Cup stayed here, in South America. Dar um jeito!!! IVETE!!!! ))))
  16. Many agree, in fact, this was one of the best WC (many are even saying it was the best). IF the prep. were a disaster as you point out, how could the event be a success? magic?
  17. Yes, there are tons of improvements to be done, still. But in these last years a lot was done to improve people under the line of poverty lives, from improving the quality of lives in the favelas, from constructing new buildings to improving transport systems, to improving income levels. It's really a nice thing to know many in the world are concerned with the quality of life in the favelas, despite their own problems back home and despite of the role their own countries play in developing countries, but I can say I'm really glad we can do both thing... improve people's quality of life and thr
  18. If the preparations were a disaster, the WC would also be a disaster no? I really don't care in what position you put Brazil 2014 in your own ranks, but saying the preparations were a disaster it's really annoying. Can't you understand you were posting thousands and thousands of exaggerated news all these months? You are hopeless. What was chaotic? I've missed this part...
  19. I am really happy to read this. For me, realising that my country was really able to organize such an event in a very high level was much more important than winning the 6th title (of course it would be wonderful if we could have both lol). Just one remark... "There's the white elephant problem waiting in the wings at least for Manaus' World Cup stadium, while municipalities all around Brazil are waiting for money for their schools and hospitals". Yes, of course they could have more money. Despite of that, the amount of money spent on education and health has grown a lot in the last years.
  20. Despite our Peruvian and Venezuelan friends here, I'll support a South American team till the end. Go Arg!
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