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  1. Project: Transolimpica Category: Transport BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) http://www.youtube.com/user/riocidadeolimpica#p/u/1/M-BzBncq1bk Project: Hotels Category: Hotels http://www.youtube.com/user/riocidadeolimpica#p/u/5/95fKRiCjNB8 Project: Transolimpica Category: Transport BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) Project: Hotels Category: Hotels
  2. Arrgh is discusting when some americans politicians believe that they know more about a subject in another country than even the natives...There is no simple definition for terrorism, the american definition for terrorism is not the brazilian one, and despite (some) americans believes, this doesnt mean that the brazilian definition is wrong. Each country definition of terrorism depends on what they are trying to delegitimize or demoralize. Lula or Dilma were terrorist? Well, untill today Fernando Gabeira, a famous politician of the green party in Brazil, is prohibit to enter in the US because he is a "terrorist" for the white house. If Brasil really dont consider Hamas a terrorist group, i agree to this policy, Hamas is a political party, i didnt agree with Hamas actions in the past but this actions were no different than "oficial" actions made by americans, or Israel, or Russia, or even Brasil in some ocasions inside and outisde of theirs territories.
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    Istanbul 2020 - SubForum - Invitation

  4. Will be part of the park of the olympic village.
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oTDkUs05Pk0
  6. Google translator Close to reaching goal of sponsorship, London 2012 sees Rio with broader appeal. British capital wants to achieve £ 700 million (about R$ 1.760 billion), while games in Brazil would have raised about R$ 1.1 billion The London Olympics in 2012 are close to reaching the target of £ 700 million (about R$ 1.760 billion) in sponsorships. Organising Committee Chief Executive Paul Deighton believes the number should be achieved in the coming weeks and that the Games of Rio de Janeiro in 2016, will raise even more significant values. The information is the newspaper "Financial Times". So far, the British have 41 national sponsors (including two for the Paralympic Games) and 11 international partners, whose agreements were negotiated with the International Olympic Committee. While the country suffered from the downturn in recent years, developing economies such as Brazil, have grown. And this prosperity must also be reflected in the event. Until now. US$ 700 million (approximately R$ 1.1 billion) have been collected in only four trade agreements. - We are experiencing economic vitality in terms of opportunity and growth. Another key point is that games are the first in South America, the first in Brazil, and we can offer sponsors the opportunity to associate with the first - said the commercial director of Rio 2016, Maggie Sanchez, told the English periodical. Chief executive of a consulting business, Tim Crow attributes the success of the event in Brazil to the ability of the local committee in the event the contract value and strength of the BRIC group of the country, as well as Russia, India and China. - The Games have become, over the years, a good deal. There is much exchange of information between the committees and sponsors with knowledge of the IOC. If you go to one of the BRIC economies, you get this kind of numbers. When the event return to the smaller economies, we see these numbers go back to what we might call "normal."
  7. This pictures of the stadium is not real, if im not mistaken the expansion for 80k includes temporary seats, and a roof on the North and South seats.
  8. Google translator Works for the 2016 Games are ahead of schedule established by the IOC More than $ 10 billion are invested in interventions that will be the legacy for the state's population The Rio de Janeiro prepares to host the 2016 Games, and the State Government is working to deliver improvements in transport infrastructure integration and mobility within the deadline. The expansion of the subway to Barra da Tijuca, with Line 4, the modernization and construction of corridors metroferroviário expressed are some that are ahead of schedule established by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and will be the legacy for population. In the field, will invest more than $ 10 billion. The construction of Line 4, one of the most important projects for the locals, were approved by members of the Olympic Committee, who visited in April and gave the line the drilling of almost 900 meters in the rock towards the South Zone the next two months will be initiated the massive explosions in the Barra de São Conrado. The interventions of the line 14 kilometers long, which follow at a rapid pace, will be delivered on December 15, 2015. - We are ahead of schedule for the Olympics and also for the World Cup. Line 4 - the intervention more complex and demand more resources and executive - is ahead in thirty days. The goal of the governor, Sergio Cabral is to keep the pace until the end of all the works, said Transportation Secretary Julio Lopes. With the new line, the locals and spectators of the Olympics will take 35 minutes from downtown Rio to the bar to watch the games of most disputes. Line 4 will have six stations, passing through the neighborhoods of São Conrado, Gávea, Leblon and Ipanema. Through this expansion, the subway of Rio 230 000 can carry more passengers per day. The works and purchase of equipment will cost $ 5 billion. In Ipanema, in the south, the stations are Canterbury and General Osório some major improvements in the subway system for the games that benefit the population. Another important work was the link-Pavuna Botafogo. The lines will facilitate the shift to local competitions where some of the 2016 Games will be held, such as Copacabana, Maracana and Diodorus. New trains The restructuring of the subway and rail systems are also among the main actions of the Department of Transportation. To offer more comfort and flexibility to over 600,000 daily users of the subway, the state bought 114 modern cars. The equipment, which total 19 trains, increase the fleet by 63% by 2012 and meet the demands of another major sporting event happening in the city, the 2014 World Cup. The Rio Metro will invest $ 1.15 billion in improvements. - By 2016, the railway system in the metropolitan area, which has 98 stations in 11 municipalities, will be expanded through funds in the amount of $ 2.4 billion. Thirty-four new trains are being manufactured in China. The first composition should arrive in Rio in September. A new bid has also secured the purchase of another 60 cars, with a loan of $ 600 million. 191 trains will be operational by the World Cup - said Lopes. Transit faster The works are also accessibility to the schedule on time. In partnership with the city of Rio de Janeiro, four lanes will be constructed of cast buses, BRT: Avenida Brazil, which will connect downtown Rio to the Baixada Fluminense TransCarioca corridor between the bar, and Peña Madureira; Transoeste, shortening the path Barra da Tijuca to Campo Grande, and TransOlímpica connected Barra, Curicica and Diodorus. Reformation Station Besides the purchase of new vehicles, the State in the upgrading and modernization of subway and train stations. Work on the new station on Line 1, the Uruguayan, are in full swing and should be completed within thirty months. The fourth stop of the subway in Tijuca and the 36th season of the system will be 1.100 meters of Saens Peña and be the first to have central air conditioning. About 20 000 users will model the station daily. Department of Transportation will also invest in sustainability The works of equipment that will support the Olympic Games are not the only government priorities. The entire bus fleet of the state system will be adapted to an eco-friendly by 2016. Sustainability goals are being studied by the Department of Transportation, which created the Rio Sustainable Transportation Program, responsible for testing of green fuels such as biodiesel, and the state of cycling, which encourages transit use as a means of locomotion.
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