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  1. You should go **** yourself. You just want tô justify your prejudice in any opportunity u can. Go tô hell.
  2. "they should cheer like we do (not totally true tough), they should organize it like we do, they should breath like we do, they should do what we do" because we impose behaviours through imperialism through centuries...
  3. Oh yeah they present different versions for the same case and it is an international incident. Are you going to bomb us? Will it be atomic or not? It was just revelead here in our local News that they have argued with security Men in a gas station because they have simply destroyer the bathroom and wanted to leave without paying.
  4. Oh Paul, Brazilian hater, Sorry that after all it was a lie...
  5. Of course he celebrates, he's been doing this for weeks now... he's obsessed with it. Pity.
  6. It's pretty clear Who voted no here for "do you want Rio games to be a success?"... In another thread he wrote he hates Brazil.
  7. First of all, the law is imposed by the IOC. Secondly, the law does not prohibit people having political signs inside the stadiuns. Thirdly, it can not go against our constitution... and, at last, there's a legal decision authorizing it.
  8. Chicago Tribune I'm generally not one to rip the media — that would be like A-Rod slamming narcissists — but did we ever blow it in the run-up to the Rio Games. This headline in the Telegraph, a British publication, reflects what I mean: "Why Rio Olympics is on course to be most crime-ridden games." The amazing part is that the story ran Thursday, before thousands of athletes managed to march during the opening ceremony without getting mugged. Stories like that set the narrative. They scared off Olympics fans from coming, leading to empty seats in the venues.
  9. http://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/international/ct-navigating-rio-olympics-crime-safety-spt-0809-20160808-story.html
  10. We are far from being one of the most polluted places in the world. Brasil has Done a lot in terms of preserving enviroments like the Amazon. We are reference in the international discussions About enviromental issues. Please try to read a bit more. Problems concerning the water in the Guanabara Bay in Rio can not represent the whole country. Don't forget we are a devoloping country still dealing with many issues. We should go back to the cycle of explotation of our natural resources to understand that.
  11. Please go live your life. The problem here is you judging a nation (and even worse, people here) based on your personnal traumas, as you said before. Go live your life.
  12. No one cares if you go there instead of watching our cerimony Friday!
  13. You should be ashamed to be like this... If you wanna call me hot head, go on... But you think it is acceptable to call all of us that? You should visit a shrink to talk About this hate you have... I am starting to think you might have been broken hearted by a Brazilian.
  14. It takes 2 hours if you go from 7 to 9 am or from 5 pm to 7 pm... when people go to work and come back.
  15. MY GOD!! Let the games begin, for God's sake!!!
  16. It's not only it's winter time... because we don't have WINTER here. Today I'm here, in Rio, looking at the Guanabara Bay from my work and it's 30o C, sunny. So please, this is not the main reason... the main reason behind all the Zika discussion was a huge alarm for a problem that we've been dealing with for a long time. Yes, our authorities, specially the ones in charge of Rio (and now Brazil) are far from being compromised with the well being of people here, but you guys often write here as if the entire people or the country as a whole is guilty of this or that. Two months after the outbre
  17. Off topic (but not that much): https://beyondthemap.withgoogle.com/en-us/ Google site with Rio's stories and tours through the sites and favelas. Really interesting.
  18. Do we get points if back in the country we are rooting for there's racial conflict, shooting, terrorist attack, Presidency candidates offending minorities, xenophobia, immigration issues? Do we get a plus if it attacks/bombs other countries people are rooting for? Do we get a plus +++ if it offends international law? If yes, I am in!!
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