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  1. Le Pen Has No Problem For The Paris 2024 Olympics.
  2. They're Probably Would Be The First Bidder of The 2026 Olympic Winter Games On April 11th.
  3. I Don't, It Might Be For 2028 With Ethier Brisbane or Toronto.
  4. So We Are 5 Years Away For The XXIX Olympic Winter Games, So We Are Reday For 2022 To Experience Joyful Rendezvous Upon Pure Ice & Snow We Look Forward For The Winter Games In 2022.
  5. I Won't Bleame Rio's Either They Been Having Before The Games.
  6. So We're The Only Ones Left For The 2024 Olympic Bid.
  7. I'm Ready For This To Support Paris 2024 Olympic And Paralympic Games.
  8. Still no emblem launch yet, they will as soon as possible.
  9. So This Is The Last Deadline For The Bid?
  10. I didn't expect that logo I was hoping for the trophy shaped logo.
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