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  1. And by the way, he called Xi the "President of the Republic of China" only at the beginning of his speech. When he came to the end and asked Xi to open the Games, he properly addressed him as "President of the People's Republic of China".
  2. Even if I took the time on Saturday to re-watch the opening ceremony, I must say that it was forgettable to me just like actually both Olympic ceremonies and (apart from the occasional great sports moment) the entire Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Highly generic, no real human warmth, passing by without leaving any impact on oneself. I think it is only fitting for the times we live in - where problems (also those created by or in cooperation with China - thinking about Xi's request for Putin postponing the attack on Ukraine until after the Olympics) in the world are so prominent and depressing that one can't simply enjoy a global sports event anymore, especially not if it is staged by such a repressive and self-serving regime. I feel really sorry for the Paralympic athletes that they (who are dependent on getting their well-deserved public attention at least every four years during the Paralympics) have to compete in the shadow of such a horrific and unnecessary war. I think the focus of large parts of the world lies elsewhere right now.
  3. Well, that was really a short opening ceremony. Not much more to say here, as I watched only the last 30 minutes of it.
  4. I just thought: "Poor guy, why does no one help him with that torch?" Somehow the Chinese love to bring disabled athletes into really tough situations during their Paralympic cauldron lightings. I remember the athlete who had to pull himself up to the cauldron for the 2008 Paralympics while Li Ning was pulled up there automatically for the Olympic opening ceremony.
  5. Fair point, of course now is a time full of symbolic actions because the world has not a lot of other options, as the NATO has ruled out military action. And I understand that the Russian and Belarusian athletes find this treatment unfair, but frankly, I want them to blame their respective presidents for it - they have to go and it was their decision to start this ugly and uncalled-for war. And I think that is an additional sentiment behind those bans currently put into place against Russian and Belarusian representatives or institutions.
  6. I just joined in due to work appointments, but I read that Parsons gave a strong statement for peace? Well, that is a lot from someone who almost accepted Russian and Belarusian athletes at these Games despite all that has happened in their name in Ukraine.
  7. Thanks for the heads-up! I didn't expect Salt Lake City to be in such a strong position, bearing in mind that the LA Games will take place only two years earlier. But I guess that geopolitics play no big role in the IOC anymore, after three Asian Olympic Games in a row. Back to Munich: I'm really curious how well the spread out concept of Milan and Cortina 2026 will play out. If the IOC is okay with it also in hindsight, this would of course open the door real wide for future (especially) winter bids like Munich who can't provide a compact venue concept. And if Milan/Cortina's sledding events have to take place in another country, this might open the door even more.
  8. Even under the current rules, we would have seen far more relaxed Games with more spectators this month in Munich than we did in "zero Covid" Beijing during the past two weeks or in "Oops, we started our vaccinations too late" Tokyo last summer. Sorry if I ask a stupid question (I didn't really follow the race for 2030 so far), but doesn't stand Vancouver a good chance for 2030 so that neither Sapporo nor Salt Lake should be needed?
  9. Those are good reasons for Oberstdorf, @munichfan. I think it is unavoidable to have a spread-out Games plan if you want to stage sustainable and (relatively) eco-friendly Games. Concentrating the skiing, sledding and speed skating events in only a few locations in or near the mountains might lead to a logistical nightmare for the respective small towns and thus to increased public opposition there. I think it is a charming idea to let several locations do what they do best and have plenty of experience in: Oberstdorf for the nordic events, Garmisch-Partenkirchen for the alpine events, Ruhpolding for biathlon, Königsee for bobsleigh, luge and skeleton and Inzell for speed skating. Sort of a "best of German winter sports host tradition", albeit without the East German venues. And there is still the option to leave Inzell out of the bid and construct at least a temporary speed skating rink in Munich. If that leads to increased travel times for journalists, officials and the possibly relatively few spectators who want to do a lot of "event hopping" during the Games, so be it. Regarding the media, ARD's and ZDF's approach to do most of the live reporting for Beijing from Germany showed that it is not necessary to have large numbers of journalists at each specific venue anyway. And if Thomas Bach's successor as IOC president has to travel farther distances just in order to photo-bomb unassuming athletes in their moment of glory, I will suffer that consequence gladly.
  10. @fatixxx, I am not creating a fuss just because I point out what the actual focus of the "verdict" thread is. If PikyoK wants to give an overall assessment on the Games, the "verdict" thread is the right place for that. But please don't encourage other users to create double posts in threads that are not really fitting for the topics that those users address in their posts.
  11. The topic you have linked is for a general verdict on the entire Beijing 2022 Games, not, as @PikyoK did, for a verdict only on the closing ceremony. Please avoid double posts, thank you.
  12. Thanks for starting the topic, @munichfan. And thanks for the insights, @StefanMUC! You are of course much better informed than me about the current local issues and where to put the different venues. My years of visiting Munich on a regular basis when I still had my boyfriend there sadly belong to the past. But I will try to give some spritual support for a Munich bid, hoping that it will turn from fantasy to reality. I like your suggestion, Stefan, to make Felix Neureuther the head of the bid. While Katarina Witt probably has better international name recognition, Felix would be a symbol for a new start and also a new generation of Olympians having a say in where the next few editions of the Games go. While Munich and Bavaria have plenty of suitable locations for venues and also many existing ones in place already, I asked myself where to put a new Olympic Village. It is obvious that they can't and wouldn't want to re-use the 1972 Olympic Village for all the obvious reasons, but does Munich still have enough space for building a village somewhat in the middle of the city or would they have to resort to the outskirts of Munich? I think, after witnessing first-hand how rare affordable apartments are in super-expensive Munich, building a new Olympic Village would be a pretty good selling factor for a new Munich bid. But then again, there is the strong public opposition in a city that also didn't want to build a third runway for (pre-COVID) congested Munich Airport... So we will see how that goes. They should do without a referendum this time around, IMO.
  13. If you do, count me in. It might be a good opportunity to get more active in this forum again. And Munich has a special place in my heart, it would be fantastic to see the Games return there, this time under happier circumstances.
  14. Thank you for pointing that out, @JMarkSnow2012. I can view the video as well, so maybe it is not geo-blocked at all. Good to see it in its entirety so quickly after the ceremony. Due to the ARD cutting out of the broadcast prematurely, I didn't know that there was an additional dance number after the "Auld Lang Syne".
  15. Thanks for the information, @munichfan! Well, I think that I don't have to change anything about my verdict about these Games after this closing ceremony: If it hadn't been for the athletes, it would have been an empty shell, like a Potemkin village. Thomas Bach will pat his own back for creating a new market with 300 million new winter sports enthusiasts (LOL) and for being nestled deep in Xi's behind, the IOC will count the money and Xi will continue to suppress his own citizens. So everything's perfect in the bizarre world of Thomas Bach. Just like the bloodless "perfection" of this closing ceremony. But on a positive note, I will miss having the opportunity to have a nice, sarcastic discussion with you all for the next two-and-a-half years until Paris will start its opening ceremony (which will hopefully not be the mess that I am dreading). It was truly comforting to see that many of you are also fed up with the farce presented to us by Fencing 76 and his dubious friends.
  16. Let's hope so. It would be a stupid location indeed. It killed me already to take that long S-Bahn ride to the airport through that area each time.
  17. They will build an arena near the airport? Interesting location, it is pretty far out of Munich. But yes, DOSB has been in a pretty bad state for years now. And Katarina Witt already said in a recent interview that a new German bid could only be feasible without a referendum. And I tend to agree with her. Milan/Cortina didn't have a referendum either, did they? I understand the rationale behind the opposition against the Games, but if we let the opponents have their way we will continue to see Olympic Games in countries where the human rights are spat upon.
  18. Yes, of course ceremonies were usually longer in the pre-Covid era. But I think that they have to plan with the scheduled times they get from the organisers. But I remember that during the 2014 closing, they even cut out of the live broadcast because they had to broadcast a news programme or something like that and then later cut back to a tape-delayed version of the ceremony. So Sochi's schedule seemed to kill them, too
  19. Oh no... I forgot that we still have to deal with that guy for another Olympic bid. But I would not be surprised if Katarina would want to spearhead another winter bid. Didn't the DOSB boss announce a few days ago that Germany wants to bid for the Games again?
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