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  1. cslopes54

    Hot Bods of Rio

    It looks like he's doing it on purpose, since he recorded it and trying to prove else? He's also such a show off. Sorry no love for him
  2. cslopes54

    Hot Bods of Rio

    I just saw Arthur's video. He's getting off to a girl on cam and for sometime he's "buddy" is just there ... ?
  3. cslopes54

    Hot Bods of Rio

    i like big men. Not into twinks at all. I forgot to mention RUBGBY omg, legs ass ass ass ass. the Oceanian's are so hot
  4. I think the transmission will be shitt. Does the height of the stadium bother anyone else? Looks so short and too much going on with the metal structures =\
  5. cslopes54

    Rio-2016 News

    I wonder if there'll be Poke Stops =]
  6. cslopes54

    Rio 2016 Olympic Cauldron

    Have we seen it lit? NO. They aint stupid. Every cauldron lighting is a surpise
  7. cslopes54

    2016 Copa America Cup

    Are we expecting an Opening Ceremony?
  8. cslopes54

    PyeongChang 2018 Mascot

    Why does the Tiger have a Penis on its forhead....
  9. cslopes54

    Rio 2016: Transport and Mobility

    If anyone would be taking a cab or Uber, i'd suggest Cab/taxi. Didn't have major issues just a little too pricey but that is just how it is and it felt very safe; they're everywhere. In most cities here in the US everybody prefers Uber but i found them to be a little too sketchy in Rio. On top of that, there is major confrontation between them, like the taxi driver who tried to run over this older lady whose was taking an Uber at Galeao Intl. There is also the option "Frescao" which is a very good bus with AC which will take you to the main neighborhoods in the city and in and out of the airport. It only costs 16,00 Reais vs 60,00-100,00 in a cab trip (in may i paid $86,00 from Copa to Barra); these are sighted everywhere in the city, blue bus not like the common ones. Just hop in. Here's the link: http://frescao.com.br/
  10. cslopes54

    Qatar 2022

    They'll remain quiet. Lots of speculation on workers deaths. "The real fatality rate is over 1,000 per year, meaning that 7,000 workers will die by 2022. Qatar hospital emergency departments are receiving 2,800 patients per day - 20% more from 2013 to 2014." As of now, Qatar claims no death on its WC Projects. I call it BS the stadiums are now summed up to cost $10bn
  11. cslopes54

    Qatar 2022

    AI-Rayan stadium received an award for design, here is the video. It is from FB: https://www.facebook.com/roadto2022/videos/10153687618252712/ More venues under construction here: http://dohanews.co/a-look-at-five-of-qatars-under-construction-world-cup-stadiums/
  12. cslopes54

    Rio 2016: Transport and Mobility

    lol because pics are better right =] I do wish them best of luck.
  13. cslopes54

    Rio 2016: Transport and Mobility

    BS on that airport makeover. Unless it was in much worse conditions before. As soon as I landed in Rio on April 20th there was an intense smell in the aircraft coming from outisde. In the airport, there are very very few restaurants and those I mean Dominos and a McDonalds. Not much signs inside either, I found myself following the mob and random people trying to chat at the arrival gate. I am brazilian and I felt super uncomfortable, it has been 17 years since I was last in the country but an Alpha city hosting this gigantic world event I expected at least a good airport. I'm not even going to start on the drive from the airport. I don't understand why they won't clean the areas... 4 out of 10