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  1. Almost one year without vising this website and today after the WC I thought about the Olympics and remembered game bids... I come here just to read athensfans is still spouting the same BS he hid in the past. Pathetic. I still remember when he said WC stadiums would be empty because brazilians had no money to buy the tickets. Actually he was quoting a moronic lawyer from an obscure newspaper. Same crap. Now, the funny part is that this dude worried about how Brazil spends its' money is the same dude that have a sig and username praising the Athens game, the 2nd worse in modern history, trailing only Atlanta 96. But the irony is that Greece still suffering the economic consequences of those Games, because they were a small country that would not be viable hosters. Athens 2004 cost ~7% of Greece's annual GDP at the time. Rio 2016 wont even reach the 1% mark, lol. btw, back in 1999, years prior to the games, 18% of greeks households had not running water. Around 9% of all households (and 25% of low-income households) lacked direct access to a bath or shower (Eurostat, 1998). Talk about hipocrisy... PS: Millions of american have not access to running water right now. Anyways, this has nothing to do with the Olympics. It would be a valid discussion prior for the citizens pior to the bid campaign now that discussion doesn't have a place. Bringing things like this to a thread called "Rio-2016 news" just show either ignorance or downright trolling. Too bad gamesbids lacks moderation to keep this trolling controlled. Since there are no moderators this pathetic dude can still explicit his personal frustrations on this forum on daily basis.
  2. He's crack and cocaine user or a crack user? I know the Active Ingredient is the same, but snorting cocaine is not as bad as smoking Crack. So... If he's only addicted to cocaine I can see him turning things around but crack is too much. I don't know anyone that recovered from crack addiction. And I know a lot of cases. Unfortunately it's a huge problem in Brazil. Oh, I just google'd the news about him a bit before posting. Something sounds fishy. I doubt he was a crack addict. He seems normal or maybe it was a long time ago. Seriously. You cannot hide a Crack addiction. Simply impossible. Unless even fucking crack is better in Canada. If that's the case I'm moving to Canada ASAP.
  3. Hey Scotties, what's up? Does anyone know where that thread about Scott's independence went? This forum really confuses me, I can't find it. I just realized one more thing that makes me love Scotland and I want to post there.
  4. Canadians or others? I immensely doubt the Americans top swimmers will participate in the pan ams. they never do. Athletics, then, it's even worse. Not even some Caribbean nations send their best athletes. Hopefully I'm wrong.
  5. Your argument, as I understood, is: USA vs. England drew good ratings not because of real football followers but because it was an game involving US and A. So you expanded by asking the ratings from Algéria vs. Slovenia to compare with the US and A game so you could prove your point. So firstly I let you know I doubt such game was broadcast in the US, therefore we can't know the real ratings, and secondly I tried to explain to you that even tho, most likely, a Slovenia match would have shitty ratings in the US it still wouldn't make your point valid because it would also have shitty ratings in every corner of Planet Earth. Even in Brazil, and we all know Brazilians love football. In conclusion: that isn't a good argument at all. Anyways, I believe you are underrating real Football growth in the US. IIRC it's the most practiced sport in schools in the US and with the growing concern over safety of the practitioners of other "violent" sports that are popular in the US, real football will only grow. Thx sawker mons. We love ya.
  6. Come on, Mr.Quaker. Don't act so condescend with me. I know NFL is huge in the US and A. They wouldn't lose much, I meant, because the niche group that loves 'soccer' usually don't like 'football'. I mean: girls, latinos, europeans descendants... Do you have numbers showing the overlap in the fanbases is bigger than I thought? FIFA would need to avoid having USA games on a Sunday, tho.
  7. It had better rantings the NBA too, but since you're canadian I thought you'd value Stanley Cup more so my point would be better understood. Now about Slovenia - Algeria. Did they broadcast that game to the US? That wouldn't have great ratings in no part of the globe outside of Slovenia/Slovakia (are they rivals? SImilar name, so I'll assume they were once connected but a trivial problem the brother countries separed and now they hate eachother with passion ) and Algeria. Such a game would be on premium cable in most part of the world.
  8. Hahaha. Ok! That sounded more Argentinian to me. We are good again.
  9. How many millions of people are you discounting? Do you realize that you're discounting an US population that would bigger than the majority of the countries in the World? How about the womans? They are more than 50% of the country, aren't they? Millions of girls love the real football in the US. Btw, the ENgland vs. USA game on the last World Cup drew much better rantings than the Stanley Cup finals average.
  10. Compared to WC? Yes. See the IOC executives crying because the WC would affect their event. You're are from Canada so your insult doesn't surprise me that much. And people say I'm too aggressive here. If I reported all the insults ignorant users threw at me, you'd be all banned. But I don't like to resort to undemocratic solutions. I'll respect your right to lack proper manners, Mr. Intoronto. Chicago was also much stronger than Rio, if you read the technical report you'd know. rolleyes emoticon.gif Technical reports means very little nowadays. WTF is Mayne-Nicholls? I meant the newspaper. The royal press still crying. They absolutely can. Now about the NFL: I don't think fox would lose much in the ratings. Anyways, if the contract says nothing about the date where the WC should take place (and I doubt FIFA would allow this) then they can only cry. What a stupid writer. Is he seriously comparing a fucking kids tournament to the greatest sportive event on the World? lol. U17 tournaments always have empty seats. It's an amateur tournament that only hardcore fans care, and most hardcore fans are only hardcore about their clubs, not NTs. So tickets are usually worth very little or just given for free. btw, I think I just met Captain Obvious: "The FIFA under-17 World Cup will include plenty of future stars – but they aren’t stars yet. Drop a tournament with a bunch of unrecognizable names into pretty much any land, and this is what you are likely to get, a tough sale." OH REALLY????? Oh really? OMG! What the **** is his point? If he knows a kids tournament is a tough sale, then why is he bringing this up as an argument against the Arab WC?
  11. 1 - Nope because I already posted here you people are wrong. Continental rotation ended years ago. and yeh, 2030 = Argeguai. Just like 2022 was going to Qatar no matter what and I wrote this here before. You people simply don't know how FIFA works. 2 - It's funny how the Internet works. Can you prove that Qatar bribed FIFA executives? Nope, right? But yeh, it's a "fact" they bribed FIFA executives. They most likely did, just like other Bidding nations - most likely - did as well.
  12. your NT sucks, that's a fact. 22 years without winning **** = sucking. lol Now I'm sure you're from somewhere else that registered here just to debate with Danny. Yeh dude, I surely meant being disrespectful was an argentinian common trait. I wasn't even defended you argies few posts back. Sure. I didn't meant we were talking about football. An argentinian would know how to properly discuss football without crying. You're an Euro/Yankee that know Messi and that's all. Saying Messi is the best ever already threw me off. Coming from an Argentinian that was really strange since Messi until a couple of years ago was criticized a lot by Argentinians and every argentinian I know don't put Messi ahead of Maradona. The older ones don't even put him over guys like Di Stéfano. So yeh, now that I know you're not Argentinian: bye bye. I wont reply to ya no more. Olympicsfan, my post was to lcog. I even liked your post. That's how we debate football here in the 3rd world.
  13. "I know that (though we deserved to pass them in 2006). It's just that these two users brought up Argentina's title-drought as some kind of argument to prove... something which isn't clear to me." The point is that Argentina's football went downhill after Maradona. Your NT sucks and having been sucking for a long long time. To olympicsfan97, thx. You wanted to debate football, here I'm. It is bloody football, mate. Not chess, simply Football. Now I really doubt you're Argentine since you're crying because of that. ps: Argentina wont get past the Quarter Finals. I'd bet you on that.
  14. "yeah, I know they're friendlies." LOL, if you this why mention? Usually friendlies mean absolutely nothing. Unless is a prep game before a big competition. And messi is already the best ever? lol. He isn't better than Di Stefano, haha. Let alone Pelé.
  15. I also believe Germany will win it all. It's a wonderful NT but Spain is a bad match up to them, but Spain tick-taka is going downhill, keyplayers got older, and they didn't like the weather in Brazil. Unless they are unlucky and have to face Spain in the 1/16 stage. But that'd be good for underdogs like brazil and others. Because Spain ain't winning **** next year.
  16. Btw, here's the official head-to-head stats between Brazil and Argentina: http://www.ceroacero.es/confronto_equipas.php?id_comp=0&op=ver_confronto&equipa_2=816&equipa_1=814 38 to 36 in favor of Brazil, with 25 draws. I bet you pulled of your numbers from ole.com.ar Haha! Considering only FIFA's tournaments: World cups: 2 - 1 in favor of Brazil. QC qualifiers: 3 - 2 in favor of Brazil Confed. Cup: 1 - 0 in favor of Brazil
  17. Now if you are really going to discuss football, then. lol. Poor argentina. 22 years without winning a pro title. In the meantime brazil raped your asses in 3 FINALS, lol. 4-1 in the Confederations Cup - 2005. 3-0 in the Copa América Final - 2004 We even beat you in the 2004 Copa America Final with our C team in 2004, not a rape, tho: And I'm not talking about things that happened 30 years ago. Just in the last 10 years. lol. Now being sincere, you guys ain't winning **** in the next world cup. Your defense sucks big time. Germany would trash you, Spain would toy with you and other not-so-good NTs could play a catenaccio and pull of a win against Argentina. Defense is what wins in the World Cup.
  18. English still crying? Russia was a much better candidate. Get over it. This is for those saying England wouldn't accept to host the 2022. LOL. They would say yes yes yes yes please yes even before blatter could finish his sentence.
  19. Am I supposed to believe what UK media says about FIFA? lol. I'm sure blatter himself is this garbage newspaper's source. lol. Anyways, as you can see in the post above yours: it's IOC members crying for FIFA to not mess with the WOG. That's what I said. WOG is a minor event compared to the FIFA WC. I acknowledged it would create problems for FIFA but it's the WOG's best interest to not have the WC as a competitor.
  20. I find it funny that you all are so sure Qatar brought the World Cup via bribery. No ifs and buts about it. It was just bribery. But if the US had won, like they did in the past, then it'd be fair and square? lol. Oh the superior 1st worlders, can never lose a BID. I know, I know. And I'm not saying there wasn't corruption involved with Qatar's BID, I'm saying that the suspicions about Qatar would also apply to any winner. Including the almighty/ethical countries of England and the US of A if they won 2018/22 respectively. For example: English football, ruled by their Ethical FA, is inundated with dirty money from every ****-hole of the world and they do nothing about it. But no, no... Impossible! Such ethical fellas didn't even tried to bribe FIFA executives... Hahaha. They didn't even spent much on their campaign, right? OMG. I'm not sure you guys are this naive or simply hypocrites. Or a combination of both.
  21. As you could see in my post, I was not criticizing USA/organizers. Even if the LOC wanted games at 13pm on desert-like conditions only FIFA can be blamed for that. Nonetheless, it created amazingly boring games. The most boring WC I've watched and considering the highlights I watched and the articles I've read, I'm sure it was the most boring WC ever.
  22. You're slow to the action, Mr. Sir Rols. Mr. Danny posted this few pages back. Btw, grammatically speaking can I use 'Mr.' before 'Sir'? Doesn't sound well.
  23. Legal! I'll just point out one thing. I know she did good and bad things, I'm saying she wasn't equally good as bad. When you say she did good and band things you imply she was average. But in reality he's destroying Argentina's economy. Anyways, I hope you're right about my pessimism but I'm afraid you aren't. To Mr. Danny, at least, then, don't be a hypocrite when people go to Rio 2016 to cast criticism to Rio. Your criticism towards do to BsAs/Argentina is way worse than what the gringos to do Rio. You sound very xenophobic in your rants against Argentina. Ask any of the neutrals. Some posted in this own thread. Especially because BsAs is a much better place to live than Rio and if it had the full support of a centralized federal government like Rio does, it could host a great Summer Olympics Edition, just like Rio will do in a couple of years. ps: At least for now that Obama still printing dollars to keep the economy afloat. To foreigners: brazilians and argentina have no rivalry at all outside of football. It's just the biggest Media Conglomerate of brazil built this rivalry and some people brought it.We are friendly countries and the only war both countries participated was in conjunction to destroy Paraguay.
  24. Mr. Danny, I'm not sure you want an advice but I'll give it anyway: your 'e-hatred' (we know you don't really, you love BsAs) towards Argentina was funny until Argies showed up. Now that they showed up and are trying to debate you end up sounding obtuse, xenophobic, etc. You should stop it because we know you're none of that. Anyways, to Mr. LCOG: great replies, my friendo. It'd be easier for you to just pick up flaws in Rio to destroy Danny's emotionally. Hehe. But you kept your composure. Well done. Now, strictly speaking about economy/politics, I agree with Mr. Danny. The cliché reply of "She did good and bad things" from people that are trying to pose as impartial/knowledgeable usually infuriates me. She and her husband are rulling Argentine for more than a decade. It'd be impossible to only do bad things. But if you say that - not sure it was your intention - you let implied that she equally did bad and good things. Which is not the case. She fucked up really bad and wont be her that will have to face the consequences. Her successor will be fucked up. The commodity bubble is awaiting to burst (obama's socialism only delayed it) and it'll hit us all but some more than others. Right now Brazil and Argentina are on the same boat, Brazil, of course, is in a much better situation but if we keep PT on the presidency we will be hit hard by the crisis. Did PT do good and bad things? Yes. But why should I say that? We elected capable people or idiots? Kirchner and Lula were needed early in the last decade but their politics are leading both countries to a economical disaster. BUT, I still have hope for Brazil, Argentina already crossed the line. So many horrible indicators and she's doing nothing to change it. At least Dilma is running away from the pathetic south-american zoocialism a bit. Opening the Ports sector, privatizing airpots, roads and railroads, etc. It's late but the protests of june and the pathetic grow of the economy forced her to change. Is this happening in Argentina or people are simply happy because they are better than they were prior to Mr. Kirchner? Probably the latter. Problem is that they were trully fucked up back then, anyone could improve from that. To finish this, I'll say it's a shame to see BsAs which once was an example for a whole continent now it's just a typical South American metropolity, which is what I assume to be Mr. Danny's real sentiment towards argies. PS: "(because they obviously want to make Cristina look like she's crazy)" And she isn't? lol. Just joking.
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