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  1. Almost one year without vising this website and today after the WC I thought about the Olympics and remembered game bids... I come here just to read athensfans is still spouting the same BS he hid in the past. Pathetic. I still remember when he said WC stadiums would be empty because brazilians had no money to buy the tickets. Actually he was quoting a moronic lawyer from an obscure newspaper. Same crap. Now, the funny part is that this dude worried about how Brazil spends its' money is the same dude that have a sig and username praising the Athens game, the 2nd worse in modern history, trailing only Atlanta 96. But the irony is that Greece still suffering the economic consequences of those Games, because they were a small country that would not be viable hosters. Athens 2004 cost ~7% of Greece's annual GDP at the time. Rio 2016 wont even reach the 1% mark, lol. btw, back in 1999, years prior to the games, 18% of greeks households had not running water. Around 9% of all households (and 25% of low-income households) lacked direct access to a bath or shower (Eurostat, 1998). Talk about hipocrisy... PS: Millions of american have not access to running water right now. Anyways, this has nothing to do with the Olympics. It would be a valid discussion prior for the citizens pior to the bid campaign now that discussion doesn't have a place. Bringing things like this to a thread called "Rio-2016 news" just show either ignorance or downright trolling. Too bad gamesbids lacks moderation to keep this trolling controlled. Since there are no moderators this pathetic dude can still explicit his personal frustrations on this forum on daily basis.
  2. I know you gave the correct information. I was more curious about your intentions. "Is he a perfectionist or was he throwing jabs at the colorados?" That was my thought process at the time. Because only recently it was officially accepted that the Guaíba is not a River, just a big Lake, even scientists proved it was a lake since the 80's.
  3. Let's be fair, Mr. Danny. We should not say "the international press". As far as I know we only heard of one RETARDED "journalist" spouting this bullshit. Not even the idiotic journalists from the Queen's land would say such absurd thing. Anyways, I'll post more facts to help Mr. Athensfan change his stance. At first he chose to believe in an ignorant person instead of us, just because he wrote in a newspaper (like if it meant anything in today's world). WC 2010: After FIFA's 1st stage of ticket sells - 1.8M requests; 70% of the requests came from foreigners, 30% from locals. WC 2014: After FIFA's 1st stage of ticket sells, 6.2M requests ; 29% were foreigners, 71% from locals. Still, 50% more foreigners applied to get tickets to Brazil 2014 than in SA 2010. Remembering: Only 6.6M tickets are available. FIFA could've sold 90% of tickets in this 1st stage. But obviously they wont, they want to Make more money and give tickets to corporations and tourism agencies all over the world.
  4. I wouldn't be that sure about it, Mr. Pallette. But hopefully your positivism wont be proved wrong. Btw, is Mr. Bezzi a Gremista? Haha. Beira-Lago is what Gremistas call the beira-rio. That little tidbit of information sounded suspicious to me. Was that a jab towards the colorados, Mr. Bezzi? Oh, and Natal's stadium is looking really awesome.
  5. Official mascots? All the time. Now, on the crowd plenty of people go to matches with fantasy costumes. Not sure about FIFA's World Cup, tho. To be sure he can try to get an license with the Police in order to wear a mask. Or he simply can go to the stadium without the head part of the costume, give it to someone else, and then dress up inside the stadium. Unless his costume intentionally promotes a product I don't see why he couldn't wear it. But we never know with FIFA.
  6. Sorry but Oceania don't have pro football there. It'd be quite pathetic to see another tahiti in the CC, let alone the world cup. They should merge them with Asia and that's it.
  7. lol, LDOG I believe most argentinians choose to apply for cat3 tickets and those are the most disputed tickets. Just like Brazilians did. Richer countries should get a better success rate because the most pricey tickets have less demand. Also, FIFA warned that you gotta keep your CC limit available. We don't know how many argentinians won the lottery but the CC wasn't valid / had the limit expired. OTOH FIFA delayed the announcement because they were forced by a law to have an external auditory on the whole process. Didn't saw Mr. Bezzi's post.
  8. He's crack and cocaine user or a crack user? I know the Active Ingredient is the same, but snorting cocaine is not as bad as smoking Crack. So... If he's only addicted to cocaine I can see him turning things around but crack is too much. I don't know anyone that recovered from crack addiction. And I know a lot of cases. Unfortunately it's a huge problem in Brazil. Oh, I just google'd the news about him a bit before posting. Something sounds fishy. I doubt he was a crack addict. He seems normal or maybe it was a long time ago. Seriously. You cannot hide a Crack addiction. Simply impossible. Unless even fucking crack is better in Canada. If that's the case I'm moving to Canada ASAP.
  9. I agree with what Mr. Danny said. I enjoyed that episode very much. I didn't laugh, tho. But only because I don't find Simpsons as funny as it was in the past. Btw, the almighty Sport Club Corinthians Paulista, the people's joy, will be on a episode of Simpsons, a site revealed this some time ago.
  10. Costa should do whatever he wants, if its according to the law. Saying he's a traitor sounds funny. He's simply a hypocrite. A grown-man acting as a spoiled brat and running away because he wasn't called to play for the Greatest NT ever. The biggest, IMHO, isFIFA bending the rules to help an european team. Also his management taking advantage Brazil had no qualifiers to play, so we had much less official games. (Mexico just got denied the naturalization of an Argentinian player) Diego Costa played 2 games for Brazil some months ago. If he felt spanish he should have declined the call. He didn't. Quite the contrary, every interview he gave he said his dream came true, said how he was proud to represent Brazil, etc. Then we come to a third part of the problem. Spain. Quite embarrassing for them to call someone to represent Spain when months ago he happily played for Brazil.
  11. Platini is a moron. (Some would say he's not a moron, just corrupt /populist politician, but I'm not sure about that ) He's a bigger moron than Blatter, if you think blatter is bad, it's because you don't know platini. He already hurt the Champions League a bit, and he plans on more. For the good of football, someone need to stop this maniac from getting more power.
  12. I think you missed my point, Intoronto. I mean any NT that after 10 games only got 2 wins SHOULDN'T STILL BE IN THE BATTLE FOR A WC SPOT. Simple as that. If after 10 games and only 2 wins you still have a (great) chance to qualify that means there are too many spots for your confederation. CONCACAF got too many guaranteed spots, same as europe. It's a joke that a single continent gets 13 spots. Asia is too big and too important to have so few spots. To be even more fair:Take a guaranteed spot from UEFA, one guaranteed from Concacaf, and the unguaranteed spot from Conmebol. Merge Oceania with Asia, now that Australia left oceania anyways, Give 1 spot to Africa, 1 to ASIA and make Africa/Asia battle for the unguaranteed spot. That would be the best scenario, IMHO. Also, there's no way FIFA would inflate the WC even more.
  13. It's not right when a team like mexico that only had 2 wins in 10 games still have a chance to qualify. (and they will, btw). Concacaf got too many spots. Take one spot from CONCACAF, one from UEFA and give them respectively to asia and africa and we are good to go.
  14. just checked the news: it was just some styrofoam panels in the underground area of the stadium that combusted. Luckily it was not a big deal. Uff!
  15. A fire interrupted the works at Cuiaba Stadium today. It was controlled by firemans but not sure how this will afect Cuiabá's preparation for the WC.
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