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  1. They'll probably package half-day old stuff for traditional prime-time filler like they usually have. Their online stuff has been on a positive trend of getting better and more and more usable, although I think their Rio stuff was pretty unreliable. I used to swipe my parents Time Warner log-in to watch some stuff even though they're in Ohio and I'm in LA, I've never subscribed to cable, it's simply overpriced and a waste of money for what you actually get, but since Vue came around I'll turn it on, every so often for certain things like college sports or olympics. I'm almost never home during
  2. I suppose it's possible. We could have working self-driving cars and stuff by then so it might not be that bad, but in today's LA, the traffic would be a literal nightmare. The other thing is using dorms for housing, USC's students comes back like the third week of August, people move back in 2 weeks to start school the 21st, I don't know about the UC system, they might be on quarters, but that's still a pretty quick turnaround from the games to students. I have no doubts they'll be able to do it, I just think it will be pretty interesting.
  3. This is true. NBC lost most of their other sports rights so they poured a ton of money and attention into The Olympics. With ABC/ESPN (NBA,) FOX, and CBS (NFL,) anyone else would have put the Olympic sports behind their main sports rights programming. Sure NBC is money grubbing and they make their money from affiliate's rights fees, retrans fees, and advertising, so it would be nice if they viewed broadcasting the Olympics as a public service, but they do offer a product for money, which is kind of the American way lol.
  4. Mehh, I think we'll need to see what happens in the years between 2020 and 2022 before we even contemplate whether or not the Olympic movement is "saved," traffic will be terrible, but at least the costs will be manageable, and the venues aren't that big of a worry. I love my city, and I like the Olympics, I hope 2028 meets or beats 1984's experience!
  5. Haven't paid enough attention lately is this awarding two at once a stunt? Eleven years in advance seems like quite a bit of time to plan and prepare.
  6. The challenges facing the IOC are only going to compound. I would rather see them disgraced than play into their stupid politics and games, a 2024 failure, and a 2028 capitulation by the USOC is only playing into their game. I'd rather wait until they are desperate then hold a US hosted games on our terms.
  7. I think if LA 2024 can't pass their anti-american bias, we should be more sparing. Sit out 2028 try for 32, 36, or maybe even wait for 40. I think LA has best the city layout for this type of thing. I would hope that any bid would be acceptable by the residents of the city, so looking for more spread out cities, where it wouldn't cause that much disturbance to most people, Houston, Phoenix, Minneapolis is pretty spread out I think. Chicago somewhere in the middle, though SF is really compact and I think it would cause a huge disruption to people, same with NY although I think NY is so big alre
  8. People just like to bitch. In real life most Americans only really care about US Athletes. Maybe they wanna see a couple heartfelt stories about people that overcame some kind of adversity to get there but that can wear thin with a lot of people quickly. I think they can get away with a few Canadian or British athletes that have gotten pretty popular in the mainstream, or people they want to dramatize like le Clos. I think my only real criticism is their lock-in with cable companies, but what should we really expect when Comcast owns them, they're not going to do anything that doesn't help or
  9. Most medals for the US since 1984, that's pretty cool. Sports Illustrated's guess was surprisingly accurate!
  10. I don't think so. He's a moron, it's a good thing he's hot and can swim like a fish. He'd probably have gotten himself into tons of trouble if he didn't have the USA Swimming and the USOC telling him where he needed to go and what he needed to do.
  11. The Lochte thing is strange, good thing he's back home already. Passport confiscation sounds pretty draconian if all they want to do is question him, then again it could have been an actual police office that took his cash.
  12. Just to add a dose of positivity to this thread. Gold Zone is amazing, and should be made one of those pop-up channels on cable/satellite lineups.
  13. Is it this one? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=khZhpsJ1wLo
  14. Mehh it is what it is, NBC pays a lot of money if you look at the numbers IOC's revenue for 2013-16 was $1.375 billion a year ($5.5 billion total,) NBC's portion was $775 million for 2014, and $1.23 billion for 2016, so over $2 billion that's quite a sum and enables them to ask for and receive a lot of things. But ratings are down, could be because the Olympics, at least the summer edition, is past it's peak in US audience mind share, or could be unique reasons to these particular games like dates, location, Russia doping, IOC corruption and bad public relations, we'll have to see what happens
  15. Possibly, in my opinion it's a combination of a few things. The Olympic games just aren't as important to most as they have been in the past, add in NBC's insistence on putting everything in prime-time and requiring cable during a period when people are watching less TV, moving to on-demand and streaming. Second the Olympic organizations have really bad PR, the IOC is an elitist corrupt cabal, Russia was able to get away with state sponsored doping and the IOC did nothing about it. The weather is nice, summer is winding down, school starts in like 2 weeks, all adds up to NBC paying huge sums a
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