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  1. Saudi Games 2022 Opening Ceremony https://youtu.be/7e9c7WRUTmk
  2. Opening Gala for 3rd GCC Games Kuwait 2022
  3. SEA GAMES 31 Opening Ceremony are starting as of this post, this stream is the fullest tho, it even has the preshow
  4. Idk about the West but the general sentiment here prefers them to play like the initial plan, because for them this is Western exceptionalism at play like if Russia got banned for this then shouldn't the Arabs and Iran got banned too over their govs infighting in Syria or Yemen? Shouldn't Israel be banned for their actions on Palestinians? That's the mood here, don't get me wrong, Russian invasion on Ukraine is BAD but pretending as if that's the only invasion happening atm, that's what makes these swift bans looking suspicious from Asian POV
  5. At least it sounds more Chinese to me, is this original music btw? Felt like a massive contrast compared to Oly's European classics
  6. I knew it, freaking tone deaf bastards, why??? Just seriously why???
  7. The more I look at it, the weirder this thing looks for me, to think that they'll just stop here and call this a "cauldron" instead of using this as a transporter into an actual cauldron is just plain ridiculous
  8. I guess the IOC really do pushes them on Olympic ceremonies for whatever dumb reason they have, their audacity to think of this a thing they can brag on social medias is just so out of touch
  9. If Chengdu and Hangzhou can do what Beijing can't, that'll be peak ironic since supposedly this is the the most hyped event among all big games China hosting this year, it'll be huge lmao moment for me if Chengdu/Hangzhou can be more impressive than Beijing
  10. If modern China means just using western classicals and goddamn imagine instead of at least an east-west fusion, that's very ironic after all what I heard from the media calling this the games of Chinese superiority
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