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  1. I wonder if this gonna boost the demand to cancel the games JOC Accountant Suicide
  2. IMO At this point Turkey more likely to win Winter bid through Erzurum instead of Summer bids elsewhere lol
  3. I have to wonder why tf these Brisbane rivals insists on stealing their thunder rather than mastering their prep for 2036? What's the good on stealing the impossible ffs?
  4. It's just been confirmed.. We'll do in fact have 2 different games in 2 different Birmingham in 2022.. https://theworldgames2021.com/new-dates-twg-birmingham-to-take-place-july-7-17-2022/
  5. WorldSkills Kazan 2019 Opening https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Uj1rUtb2vU
  6. Idk about you but looking at Ukraine right now I can see that if they can find the right stepping stone like YOG or European Games they can be a stronger candidate than some 2032 candidates like India and Indonesia
  7. I'll repost Minsk 2019 ceremonies here.. Opening Closing
  8. Special Olympics IX MENA Games Abu Dhabi 2018 Opening
  9. So Tokyo 2020 will mark the return of Mario and Sonic Olympic game after missing Pyeongchang.. Other than that we'll witness the first full fledged Olympic video game since London!
  10. If you think about it the torch does look better with the flame lit imo..
  11. Color wise, they're going full London lol!
  12. The idea of 5 separate flames sounds interesting but the torch itself looks weird and kinda forced..
  13. EYOF 2019 Sarajevo and East Sarajevo Opening
  14. Keep an eye on them during Copa America Brazil 2019.. I hope they'll prepare themselves seriously for that tournament so that we can see their capabilities against stronger Conmebol nations..
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