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  1. China National Games Shaanxi 2021 Closing Ceremony National Games 2021 New Taipei City Opening Ceremony PRC 11th Traditional Ethnic Minorities Games Zhengzhou 2019 Opening Ceremony
  2. Official Livestream for PON XX Papua 2021 Opening Ceremony
  3. Tonight we'll have the Opening Ceremony for Expo 2020 Dubai Livestream should start in a few hours after this post here
  4. This is recently uploaded, Opening for SEA Games 1993 Singapore
  5. Not sure if this counts but I believe ITTF separates their world tour organizing to this thing called WTT https://www.insidethegames.biz/articles/1094512/ittf-world-table-tennis-explanation Also I'm curious here, could FIFA lighten up their role in the Olympics? I always wanted FIFA to focus on Futsal and Beach Soccer for the Olympics to help lighten the already stressing calendar, since it works pretty well in YOG or European Games, it might have a shot in Olympics if IOC can be convinced
  6. China National Games Shanxi 2021 Opening
  7. Simple way to extinguish but powerful enough for plenty of people out there
  8. Whoa they got Miraitowa there too? Did IOC lighten up their property rules?
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