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  1. No doubt it would be a wonderful sight to see huge legions of yellow-clad Brazilian women's soccer fans at the Maracana Stadium in Rio De Janeiro in the end. This announcement shows how far Latin American women's soccer has come and continue to make up for lost time, especially since Brazil's military government outlawed women's soccer when the men kept on playing. Imagine if that didn't happen and allowed Estado Novo run its course. Would've invested in women's sports earlier. Brazil perhaps would've been world power even earlier and built a depth of talent by now. Still, it's got a quite a ways to go, but we're seeing the fruits of this. Speaking of the great Marta, we all remember that emotional and impassioned post-elimination speech in 2019 urging young Brazilian girls playing soccer to step up and fight for their rightful place in Brazilian soccer and invest deeply into it as it becomes familiar. We are seeing signs of this now in Brazil with this awarding of the 2027 WWC while being the queens of Latin American women's soccer. Maybe this would encourage more of a nationalization and deepening of the Brazilian women's game beyond Sao Paulo State and Rio De Janiero State.
  2. Warner Bros. Discovery Suomi announces its first analysts and experts for the Finnish broadcast in the Paris 2024 coverage. Actually two of them are returnees from the previous Tokyo 2021 broadcast. Finnish swimming star Jani Sievinen and former basketball player Shawn Huff return to produce expert analysis in swimming and basketball, respectively, on Eurosport Finland, TV5, HBO Max, Kutonen and the Eurosport 1 and 2 pay channels with their exclusive coverage on both. Fellow swimmer Hanna-Maria Seppala won't return with them this time from Tokyo. Oona Talppanen, normally from WBD's hockey broadcasting realm, joins them as the swimming studio host. More personnel will be announced later on: https://press-warnerbrosdiscovery-fi.translate.goog/post/jani-sievinen-oona-tolppanen-ja-shawn-huff-warner-bros-discovery?_x_tr_sl=fi&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en&_x_tr_pto=sc Ceska Televize presents its Paris 2024 advertising press kit devoted in 9 pages to the price listings, sales rules and rates, sponsorship, ad times and lengths, and online/social media offers for its upcoming Paris 2024 Summer Olympics programming. Too bad these PDFs aren't translatable. Anyway, what we do know as far as CT's coverage is there will be 310 hours on CT1 and CT Sport with some web coverage to Czechs. CT Sport will transmit, starting July 27-August 11, both ceremonies along with handling the bulk of the coverage daily all 24 hours under three 8-hour segments 8-16:00, 16-24:00, and 24-8:00. CT1 comes in with its 5-hour primetime segment at 18-23:00 and its own off prime timeframe 23-18:00: https://img.ceskatelevize.cz/boss/document/849.pdf?v=4 This is TVP Polska's version of its Paris 2024 comprehensive advertising guide. That these Games will be shown on TVP1, TVP2, TVP Sport, tvpsport.pl and its mobile app, and TVP VOD. Bulk of the TV hours will come from TVP Sport instead of TVP1 and TVP2 on an average of nearly 24 hours a day out of 350 hours. Shows how the TVP channels far outdrew Eurosport1 with key events, particularly when Poland is involved, in viewership among the most watched Tokyo 2020 events with the Poland-France men's volleyball match being tops on the list. TVP is preparing a number of dedicated programs, which are an excellent tool for expanding the reach of the campaign in a multiscreen environment. The offer includes, among others: formats: "Events of the Day", "Olympic Studio", "Olympic Evening", or "Paris After Hours". It likes to promote its top Polish Olympic stars and get to see them in volleyball, tennis, swimming, and track and field: https://s.tvp.pl/repository/attachment/6/5/8/65857647378e470ab63542edc02e2402.pdf https://brtvp.pl/77127160/igrzyska-olimpijskie-paryz-2024 Following just came up from Belgium's VRT website on its 2024 summer of sports plans with its first info on the Flemish/Dutch side regarding the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics Adding that come late June, VRT will announce its general and "rich offering" for the Olympic and Paralympic Games through Sporza. During this time and more later on, there will be some Olympic-related programming with Well Played! hosted by Siska Schoeters and Restricted Flemish as every weekday on VRT1 four sporting duos compete against each other in their four different sports. VRT MAX has former cyclist Bert De Backer and Sporza face Bavo Mortier take on a series of crash courses with Belgian top players on Bert and Bavo Go To The Olympics. On VRT CANVAS, the documentary series Horsemen gallops through the international arena of equestrian sports every Monday. The global focal point of this age-old sport sets in Belgium: https://www.vrt.be/nl/over-de-vrt/nieuws/2024/05/16/de-ongeziene-sportzomer-van-2024-beleef-de-belangrijkste-sporte/ VRT's Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic promos emphasizes the "unbelievable" strength, power, determination, and focus that we will see in Paris with footage of the Belgian Cats women's basketball team, gymnast Nina Derwael, heptathlete Nafi Thiam, and the Belgian men's field hockey team. Second one is more all-encompassing exclusive sports summer including the UEFA Euro 2024, men's and women's Tour De Frances, and World Cycling Championships: https://www.facebook.com/vrt.be/videos/de-olympische-en-paralympische-spelen-worden-ongezien-tel-je-mee-af-deze-zomer-e/321292584137017/ https://www.facebook.com/100063579223257/videos/3795441550737703?__so__=permalink Our Dream Olympics--Paris Here We come! is also available in French on Switzerland's Schweizer Fernsehen's sister channels on RTS: https://www.rts.ch/play/tv/jo/video/notre-reve-les-jeux-olympiques-paris-on-y-va-noe-ponti-et-michelle-heimberg?urn=urn:rts:video:14659737 Last Summer Olympic Games that Warner Bros Discovery Denmark showed back in Tokyo, it was a comedic duo in Line Baun Danielsen, Simon Egeskov, Kian Fonoudi that aired on Discovery+ streaming. Neither are here now; I think Danielsen has since retired. This time it's Peter Falktoft, making his eight Summer and Winter combined appearance, and Esben Bjerre, who's making his Olympic debut, as the hosting faces for the Eurosport/HBO Max/WBD Paris 2024 broadcast as the mix expertise and humor that will be unique and culturally relevant to the Danish as we await for what they, TV2, and DR will do in continuing their broadcasting plans getting released. Falktoft was formerly a roving on-site reporter last time. Bjerre is excited for Viktor Axelsen, Rindom, and Skjelmose. Not only that, their Danish plans to draw into to reflect the digital age "with a culturally relevant approach. The coverage must draw a portrait of a city, a people and a country as much as documenting the sporting events themselves". More coverage plans and presenter are forthcoming with likely Kanal 5 joining with Eurosport 1 and Eurosport 2 as WBD shows everything: https://presse-warnerbrosdiscovery-dk.translate.goog/post/i-paris-gar-det-godt-esben-bjerre-og-peter-falktoft-bliver-vaert?_x_tr_sl=da&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en&_x_tr_pto=sc Nippon TV's Paris 2024 TV schedule. Expect to see lots of swimming, judo, gymnastics (men's individual all-around final only from them), BMX biking, track and field/athletics, table tennis, sport climbing, and breaking on July 28, 30-31 and August 6-7, 9-10: https://www.ntv.co.jp/topics/articles/19zv4y3akiyvcg1tdu.html And Nippon TV's Paris 2024 athlete sportscaster is former swimmer and gold medalist Kosuke Hagino. Appointed in January: https://www-ntv-co-jp.translate.goog/paris2024/articles/4172ic5m9b4twnil5l1o.html?_x_tr_sl=ja&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en&_x_tr_pto=sc Fuji TV's Paris 2024 Olympics subsite. Kasumi Ishikawa joins Daijiro Enami, Minami Sakuma, and Takaki Imaminato as Fuji TV's sportscasters: https://www-fujitv-co-jp.translate.goog/sports/paris2024/?_x_tr_sl=ja&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en&_x_tr_pto=sc
  3. Little more on Hong Kong's TV broadcasters' Paris 2024 coverage plans. Following article very much says the same stuff when it was officially announced on Hong Kong's government paying the fee. But "adds that the channels--TVB, Hoy TV, ViuTV, and RTHK--will be asked to broadcast a set number of hours of Olympic events, including games featuring Hong Kong athletes. They will also need to air more events involving the national team." All the HK Paris 2024 Summer Olympics broadcaster rights holders "welcomed the move to better allow Hong Kongers to immerse themselves better with the Olympic atmosphere". Certainly it will it be at least a combined 200 hours among them as it's required as the minimum Summer Olympics TV broadcasting hours with TVB, Hoy TV, and RTHK but very likely even more with at least one or two of them each going at least 200 hours: https://news.rthk.hk/rthk/en/video-gallery.htm?vid=1748058 No announcement has been made with nearby Macau officially yet. But TDM is going to get them with TDM Sport and Canal Macau showing them. NBC's Paris 2024 daytime segment hosts are Rebecca Lowe, Craig Melvin (both of them morning to mid-afternoon), Ahmed Fareed (late afternoon and will co-host with Lowe when Melvin is on assignment), Damon Hack (daily late afternoon coverage for NBC West Coast stations), and Mike Tirico "pulling double duty along with his prime-time hosting duties." NBC also announces that Cara Banks, Laura Britt, Trenni Casey (CNBC/E!), Lindsay Czarniak, Carolyn Manno, and Kathryn Tappen (USA Network) will serve as Olympic hosts on USA Network, CNBC and E!. Already mentioned here but worth reminding: "NBC will feature at least nine hours of daytime Olympic coverage from Paris including live finals coverage of swimming, gymnastics and track & field. The network said programming on NBC will air from 8 am-5 pm USA/Canada/Mexico CT and MT every weekday, with the 11 a.m.-5 p.m. CT window live across the country. On weekends, NBC programming expands, beginning as early as 4 a.m. CT, with extended hours live across the country": https://www.nytimes.com/athletic/5492967/2024/05/15/nbc-olympics-daytime-hosts-rebecca-lowe-mike-tirico/ https://www.nbcsports.com/pressbox/press-releases/mike-tirico-rebecca-lowe-craig-melvin-ahmed-fareed-and-damon-hack-to-host-nbc-daytime-coverage-of-the-olympic-games-paris-2024 https://www.nbcsports.com/pressbox/press-releases/cara-banks-laura-britt-trenni-casey-lindsay-czarniak-carolyn-manno-kathryn-tappen-to-host-usa-network-cnbc-and-e-coverage-of-olympic-games-paris-2024 In related pieces, in addition to NBC News' Steve Kornacki, Will Geist, Sam Brock, Ann Thompson, and Gadi Schwarz all veterans to NBC Olympic programming with 3-4 of them under their belt the latter four all returning as on-site reporters, the NBC reporter roster will also include Kira K. Dixon from NBC Sports/GOLF Channel making her Olympics debut and Naoko Funayama of Boston's WCVB-TV in her third. Telemundo welcomes Al Rojo Vivo anchor Jessica Carrillo as a cohost for the Games of the XXXIII Olympiad in Paris this summer alongside Emmy award-winning sports anchor Miguel Gurwitz. Both will be involved with Telemundo's Spanish-language Paris 2024 Olympic programming in not only starting with the Paris 2024 Olympic pre-OC soccer and later with co-hosting the first ever US Spanish live presentation of the Opening Ceremony. Carrillo and Gurwitz "will immerse the Hispanic audience in the heart of Paris, bringing our viewers up to speed on the latest Olympic news, events, culture, cuisine, entertainment, people, and more". Lastly, Leslie Jones is back into the NBC Summer Olympics fold once again as Team USA chief superfan commentator across all NBCUniversal platforms on location across Paris: https://www.sportsvideo.org/2024/05/10/behind-the-mic-nbcuniversal-announces-additions-to-paris-olympic-games-2024-coverage-team-including-leslie-jones-sam-brock-willie-geist-more/ Gonna be cautious with this one. Mediacorp will broadcast Singapore's coverage of the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics. Says it will have 14 channels involved to provide the programming with Channel 5 and MeWatch acting as the hub. Unsurprisingly, it will prioritize Team SG athletes wherever and whenever competing like in swimming, table tennis, and badminton. Yet we have to see an official announcement on exactly how Mediacorp will tackle it but will soon. Take it with a grain of salt. But its info on some other nations' VPN broadcasting is inaccurate. Made sense three years ago but not now. Just perhaps not getting the latest info. Seven is no longer broadcasting the Olympics in Australia (Nine is). TVNZ is not involved at all with Paris but SKY NZ with SKY Open (formerly PRIME) is currently doing it in New Zealand: https://www.sassymamasg.com/how-to-watch-olympics-singapore/ CBC SPORTS AND RADIO-CANADA PROVIDES LIVE STREAMING AND BROADCAST COVERAGE OF THE 2024 CANADIAN OLYMPIC AND PARALYMPIC SWIMMING TRIALS AT TORONTO PAN AM SPORTS CENTRE XD Motion was utilized to capture the arrival of the 2024 Olympic Flame and start of France's torch relay in Marseille, France on France Television involving two pilots flying the drone over water for more than 15 hours with four directors working in shifts: https://www.svgeurope.org/blog/news-roundup/xd-motion-captures-olympic-flame-relay-for-france-tv/ Just yesterday Warner Bros Discovery struck an agreement with DAZN to offer the former's additional Eurosport Olympic-specific channels on DAZN's streaming platform in Italy with the arrival of the 6 new thematic and dedicated channels active 24/24 for a total of 700 additional hours of live broadcast included in the DAZN subscription to go along with Eurosport 1 HD and Eurosport 2 HD already present there. These 6 Eurosport dedicated channels will present individual disciplines added like golf, tennis and table tennis, gymnastics and diving; soccer, basketball, combat sports such as boxing, judo, taekwondo, and volleyball. Furthermore, on-demand content such as highlights and insights will also be available: https://wbditalia-com.translate.goog/comunicati-stampa/giochi-olimpici-parigi-2024?_x_tr_sl=it&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en&_x_tr_pto=sc&_x_tr_hist=true https://www-digital--news-it.translate.goog/news/dazn/51821/giochi-olimpici-parigi-2024-6-canali-aggiuntivi-warner-bros-discovery-su-dazn?_x_tr_sl=it&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en&_x_tr_pto=sc
  4. Just a couple of quickies for now in this thread... TVC in Ecuador shares the official Paris 2024 Summer Olympics coverage with RTS. We don't know exactly what its general coverage plans are with its confirmation. But this promo showcases Ecuador's greatest and golden moments in its Summer Olympic history like walker Jefferson Perez, cyclist Richard Carapaz, and weightlifter Neisi Dahomes Warner Bros. Discovery Sweden announces its own 3800 hours of Paris 2024 coverage for Swedes with their on-location Paris studios near the Eiffel Tower fronted by Karin Frick, Jonas Karlsson, and Jessica Almenäs all guiding Swedish viewers from early morning to late evening. Special emphasis will get placed on track and field/athletics, swimming, and team handball. 11 reporters will be on hand to follow every Swedish athlete as part of a total of 43 people actually in Paris conveying every big event involving the Swedish athletes as part of that may involve three people in every Summer Olympic event. More will follow on this: https://press-warnerbrosdiscovery-se.translate.goog/post/med-3800-timmar-livesport-pa-max-tar-warner-bros-discovery-titta?_x_tr_sl=sv&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en&_x_tr_pto=sc Steve Kornacki likely with his big board and "his deft on-the-fly analysis" will join his NBC News journalists Willie Geist, Sam Brock, Gadi Schwartz, and Anne Thompson in participating in the massive NBC Paris 2024 coverage offering analysis from the USA, and their colleagues on the ground in France: https://variety.com/2024/tv/news/willie-geist-steve-kornacki-nbc-paris-olympics-coverage-1235995802/
  5. Latest and biggest news out of Eurosport right now is addition of 2016 Refugee Olympic Team swimmer Yusra Mardini, an inspiration to many worldwide from Syria and UNHCR Goodwill ambassador, making her debut as a reporter and as an on-site live coverage presenter in Paris and one of her objectives there is detailing and connect with audiences the Refugee Olympic Team-centric stories. Her story was turned into a film with her sister called The Swimmers. And that's not all centering on Eurosport's relationship with the Refugee Olympic Team as that the 36 athletes got named for Paris 2024 competition. It officially renewed and kicked off its Home Crowd campaign for them as they will compete in front of Paris' iconic Olympic venues and supportive cheerful crowds for the first time in 8 years since its Rio De Janeiro debut starting with a powerful short film launched on May 3 with Kimia Alizadeh, Dorian Keletela, and Farida Abaroge training in empty venues. There in Paris and worldwide in building a new community around them in competing. Plus in building these audiences for the Refugee Team... https://www.eurosport.com/olympics/olympic-games-paris-2024/2024/paris-olympic-games-2024-refugee-olympic-team-to-be-backed-by-a-new-home-crowd-this-summer_sto10127645/story.shtml https://presse.wbd-deutschland.de/post/wbd-home-crowd-unterstutzt-gefluchtete-sportler-innen-des-refuge RTP Portugal releases its electronic Paris 2024 commercial advertiser press kit that you can download from this URL below. Major takeaway from this here, aside from the potential sponsorships like Forca Portugal and potential revenue, ad space, and breaks slated on TV and digital throughout RTP's coverage, is RTP plans to air at least 200 hours overall with RTP1 having both ceremonies at 19-22:15 Portugal time, the men's and women's soccer gold medal finals (17-19 and 16-18, respectively), and a daily 30-minute nighttime review show at 23 running from 7/26-8/11--all live. RTP2 will carry the bulk of the RTP Paris 2024 live TV coverage from July 27-August 11 with 13 hours of coverage from 8-21h with RTP Play carrying all those from those two channels and more: https://publicidade.rtp.pt/portfolio-item/jogos-olimpicos-paris-2024/ Multiple Olympic Japanese table tennis medalist Kasumi Ishikawa has been appointed by Fuji TV as a special Paris 2024 sportscaster from a special studio and on-site competition venues. Ishikawa has already covered multiple sports since her retirement this past May including the Summer Olympic sports swimming, badminton, skateboarding, and even breaking. She even took part on April 7 airing of Sport! there to assess her thoughts on the upcoming Olympics: https://mezamashi-media.translate.goog/article/15222191?_x_tr_sl=ja&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en&_x_tr_pto=sc&_x_tr_hist=true Following is NHK's Paris 2024 TV schedule for its mainstream channel, known as NHK-G. Does include both the opening and closing ceremonies with numerous swimming, track and field, gymnastics, skateboarding, table tennis, sport climbing, judo, and wrestling events--the traditionally appealing and successful Olympic sports for Japanese audiences. Should be noted though as you see this and go along, that it's not complete and will get filled with other sports, especially after when Japanese athletes continue to qualify leading up to the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics. Also, that NHK's other channels like ETV and BS will get added. Those, and NHK's commercial partners are carrying several of these sports themselves. So keep looking to it: https://www.nhk.jp/g/sports/blog/xpaqzt_u8w/ With one year left until the Paris 2024 Games, the theme for this year's event is "Believe In The Power of Dreams." The conductor will be Nobuaki Nakata, and the performance was by THE ORCHESTRA JAPAN. The navigator was Olympian and actor Takahiro Fujimoto (swimming/competitive swimmer, participated in the Seoul 1988 Olympics and Barcelona 1992 Olympics) for the 12th consecutive year: https://www.joc.or.jp/news/016045.html#:~:text=パリ2024大会まであと,連続で務めました。 For Colombia, RCN doesn't offer a lot in its general details for its upcoming Paris 2024 presentation. Caracol Television plans for a wide range of sports televised. Senal Colombia, for its part in the Colombian TV coverage, "gives priority to sports that have the participation of Colombian athletes in the different disciplines". Claro Sports, transmitted across 17 Spanish-speaking Latin America nation, goes for very much everything of course with a YouTube alliance: https://www.larepublica.co/internet-economy/por-medio-de-que-canales-y-medios-se-podran-ver-los-juegos-olimpicos-de-paris-2024-3827790 Tokyo 2020 men's high jump co-gold medalist Gianmarco Tamberi becomes a Warner Bros. Discovery/ Eurosport Paris 2024 ambassador. Also states in this article that Italian biathlete icon Dorothea Wierer joins Eurosport's Paris 2024 Olympic correspondent team: uhttps://www.eurosport.it/olimpiadi/olimpiadi-parigi-2024/2024/parigi-2024-gianmarco-tamberi-e-lolympic-ambassador-di-warner-bros.-discovery_sto10117455/story.shtml TVR Romania offers multiple Paris 2024 Olympic-centric TV preview series since April 22 like #Heroes (portraits on the Romanian athletes who already qualified for Paris), #Sperante (focusing on the young future Romanian Olympic hopefuls in judo, fencing, swimming, gymnastics or athletics aiming for Los Angeles and Brisbane while reconciling sports with school in their daily schedules), "#Invingătorii" (#Victors), alternatively with the one dedicated to "Hopes" (starting from Monday, April 29, at 11:55 p.m., on TVR 1, meeting again with the legends of Romanian sports who have won, over time, medals at the Olympic Games. Maricica Puică, Marius Urzică, Camelia Potec, Laura Badea, Ana Maria Brânza, Marian Drăgulescu or Mihai Covaliu will recall the most emotional moments from the Olympic Games and how they experienced the trials that brought them a place on the podium). All on TVR 1 and also later on TVR SPORT. Just started airing on TVR is "#Vis la Paris", in which athletes qualified for the Paris 2024 Olympics and their coaches will participate. The first edition will be hosted by Irina Păcurariu and Costin Deşliu, and the following ones by former fencing champ Ana Maria Brânza and Costin Deşliu: https://www.news.ro/cultura-media/tvr-difuzeaza-o-serie-de-programe-dedicate-jocurilor-olimpice-de-la-paris-2024-1922400422062024041821567089 https://www.paginademedia.ro/stiri-media/tvr-programe-dedicate-jocurilor-olimpice-21567963#google_vignette France 2 and France 3 and France Info decamps to Marseille to provide a combined more than 20 hours on May 8 for the official start of the Games with the welcoming of the Olympic Flame's arrival at Marseille's Belem Old Port and the start of France's relay. A streaming channel France Televisions provides will be devoted to the Torch Relay! https://www.francetvpro.fr/contenu-de-presse/66213904 https://www.leparisien.fr/jo-paris-2024/flamme-olympique-a-marseille-une-journee-de-fete-en-guise-de-repetition-generale-pour-france-televisions-06-05-2024-Z3M3OJD4H5H2VDAE75B2QXEGDA.php
  6. An important development and moment in Canadian Olympic broadcasting occurred, obviously, with Montreal 1976 when the CBC hosted the broadcasting--and changed how Canadians consumed their Olympic coverage ever since and got more comprehensive--with naturally increased attention from the national media, sponsors, and Canadians alike. Despite overshadowed by ABC, then the American Olympic TV network, from south of the border and its $25 million budget, the CBC operated under a C$2 million budget but had more personnel (245 people that also included CTV workers) than the host Canadian team and aired more TV hours than ABC did--169 hours from 8am-10pm Canada/USA/Mexico CT daily and almost all live than ABC's 76.5 (only breaking for newscasts like The National), that was more than twice the latter. Compared to just a measley 14 hours from the CBC's Munich coverage in 1972. Everything was packaged and tape-delayed from Rome to Munich from the CBC in those days Lloyd Robertson and Ted Reynolds, who previously only called swimming finals and diving prior to Montreal, co-hosted the Opening Ceremony. And it was also with Montreal that CBC Sports began its practice of talking live with athletes immediately after events, and built a studio for the interviews. CBC broadcasters were given information kits on the athletes, prepared by Jack Sullivan, the former sports editor of The Canadian Press. Never even lost money! And yes, even those living directly across the US border also turned to the CBC to watch in those days: https://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/cbc-air-apparent-to-big-abc/article25442357/
  7. Plenty of French rappers are known to use their home departments when repping their areas--93 (Saint-Denis) is what Supreme NTM uses, 92, also in the Paris area, is what Booba uses, just to give a few examples. It's also like we American and Canadians use for our own area telephone codes. The numbering also apply to their suburban banlieues, like their hoods, that are located on the outskirts of the cities. Think the cult action/martial arts film Banlieue 13, or B-13.
  8. It could've been too much with those other major events ahead, as you say. Gonna be all about the stadium usage and scheduling between those events seriously overlapping with the MLB, MLS, and the NFL, obviously. If the RWC, with its 24-TEAM expanded field, rejects some stadiums from the candidacy, they'll likely be used for the other big events. Could any stadium really at least three major events including the pro sports leagues and the logistics like transportation?
  9. Given that Mexico was announced that FMF/El Tri has the first game of the 2026 FIFA World Cup at Mexico City's Azteca Stadium, we could safely presume that Mexico will automatically be drawn in Group A like with the past singular World Cup host nations, both men and women, were since 2005-2006. But once I saw the 2026 FIFA World Cup Wikipedia entry, I did not see any references to group; I thought going by who gets the sequential co-host scheduling with Mexico (in Mexico City), Canada (in Toronto), and USA (in Los Angeles) with the latter two playing on the same day that's how the groups for the co-hosts will be assigned. You know, Mexico going to Group A, Canada to Group B, and the USA to Group C. How the specific groups will be assigned to the stadiums when it comes to that? Will it be conducted via FIFA rankings among the three co-hosts I do remember Mexican Football Federation president Decio De Maria saying that, upon winning the 2026 bid, the first game of the 2026 FIFA World Cup should go to Mexico City's Azteca Stadium because, as the stadium hosting the first North American-based World Cups back in 1970 and later in 1986, "you must honor and respect your grandparents". Very good thing that just about everyone is participating here coming in for, although the UEFA qualification process has yet to be drawn and the suspended Russia and Belarus have yet to be confirmed to participate in it. I don't think they will here. Eritrea, although entered at the beginning with the CAF draw, is the only nation that sadly withdrew. Too bad the Red Sea Boys--even though they very likely would be eliminated early--couldn't get in. Maybe costs played a role? Already gone: Mongolia, Laos, Cambodia, Brunei, Sri Lanka, East Timor, Taiwan, Macau, Guam, Pakistan, Maldives, Myanmar, US Virgin Islands, Turks and Caicos Islands, Bhutan, Nepal Hope the upcoming 2026 FIFA World Cup video game will have all the national teams in it from the draw and play every continental qualification stage--can exclude Russia and Belarus if it gets to that.
  11. Agree on the impracticalities on making SoFi Stadium being utilized for swimming considering how so close it would be to the Opening Ceremony unless the semis onward are scheduled or SoFi won't be used for the OC. Makes me wish the Dedeaux Center at USC should be entirely indoors for swimming like with many past Summer Olympics--unless that's the overall plan (forgive me for not following more closely here). Because a) that's been the standard save for Los Angeles 1984, Barcelona 1992, and Athens 2004 and b) despite the scenery it might provide, could it get hot at that time in LA?
  12. Gonna focus on the Spanish portions of the Eurosport Paris 2024 coverage for Spain as opposed to its upcoming continent-wide broadcast standard here. The WBD House will have three points for live connections for Spain, Finland, and Denmark, and the main WBD news channel, CNN. All connecting to media centers in Atlanta and Europe. Specific coverage around the Spanish Olympic Team will be enjoyed for viewers in Spain thanks to the TV studio that will be installed at Casa España in Paris, thanks to a collaboration agreement with the Spanish Olympic Committee (COE). Not unlike what we are seeing planned with Eurosport Deutschland, RAI 2, and Ceske Televize in theirs. Spanish Olympic canoeing medalist Saúl Craviotto is one of the protagonists featured in Eurosport's The Olympians series shown on Eurosport 1 Spain starting at the 100-day mark. Also Eurosport Spain is producing an original 6-part documentary series, each lasting 1 hour, Heading To Paris premiering soon and hosted by Miguel Ángel Méndez. Heading To Paris offers unique access to the daily life of the two-time world walking champion, María Pérez; the teammates on Spain's women's handball team Paula Arcos, Shandy Barbosa and Mireya González; Tokyo 2020 Olympic artistic gymnastics medalist Ray Zapata ; Tokyo 2020 Olympic taekwondo medalist Adriana Cerezo; Tokyo 2020 Olympic tennis medalist Pablo Carreño; swimmer Mireia Belmonte, multiple Olympic medalist and flag bearer of the Tokyo 2020 Spanish Olympic team along with Saúl Craviotto. The canoeist, a Spanish athlete with the most Olympic medals, stars in another installment of the series along with several members of the Spanish Olympic canoeing team that will compete in Paris: Teresa Portela, Marcus Cooper, Paco Cubelos, Tano García, Pablo Martínez, Antía Jacome and María Corbera. Throughout six one-hour episodes, 'Heading To Paris' reveals the successes and failures, the victories and falls, the support and sacrifice experienced by a group of elite Spanish athletes on their way to the Olympic Games in Paris: https://espanol.eurosport.com/juegos-olimpicos/juegos-olimpicos-paris-2024/2024/warner-bros.-discovery-avanza-sus-planes-de-produccion-y-contenidos-a-100-dias-de-paris-2024_sto20002301/story.shtml
  13. Found the full TV Asahi portion of the Japanese Paris 2024 upcoming TV schedule. Will also air a 2-hour Saturday morning Opening Ceremony highlight show (along with what was just mentioned here from TV Asahi), fencing with women's epee and men's sabre individual semis, bronze, and finals, multiple men's and women's swimming semifinals and finals including relays, women's 57kg and men's 73kg judo preliminaries--all in July in the first several days of competition--before returning on August 4 and 8 with gymnastics event finals/badminton singles men's and women's semifinals and finals and ending with men's table tennis team semifinals, respectively. Most of these events will be aired as early as from mid/late afternoon but usually well during the nighttime and early morning Japan time: https://www-tv--asahi-co-jp.translate.goog/paris2024/?_x_tr_sl=ja&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en&_x_tr_pto=sc Did spot the NHK Paris 2024 TV programming schedule. Problem is, it's under a PDF format and can't be translatable...
  14. Being one of the major European nations with a very influential BBC, you would safely think the BBC would at least release some preliminary broadcast coverage plans at the 100-day mark already; smaller Euro nations broadcasters like in Sweden, Norway, and even Greece already have. I too thought the BBC would have the Paris intro sequence preview but would really and currently work on it by now at its post-production Lots of European nations' rights broadcasters, especially the smaller ones, tend to release their overall Summer Olympics coverage info when its closer to the Euros, I seen to notice over the years. Hope to see this change in the future. The bigger ones from Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Poland, Sweden, Greece, and Britain permit the info publicly released in increments. Speaking of Italy, RAI will have Paris 2024 Summer Olympic radio coverage exclusively on RAI Radio 1, RAI Radio Sport 1, and actually RAIPlay Sound. RAI Radio 1 and RAI Radio Sport 1 will share a simulcast . RAI Radio's Paris 2024 live radio coverage will appear on 10-13:00, 15-18/19:00, and 21-23:30 Monday through Friday and on Saturdays and Sundays 10-12:00 and 14-23:00. All Italy/CET time with breaks for news. RAI Radio 1 will be based over at the Casa Italia and at Paris' IBC for its coverage plus hosted overall by Filippo Corsini. On RAI's TV side with RAI2 acting as RAI's Olympic Channel, it will be almost 24 hours a day including 15 hours of live coverage. RAI2's Paris 2024 Summer Olympics broadcast day begins at 7am with a 90-minute morning program and then the continuous live coverage from 8:45am-11:30 under RAI's Parigi 2024 banner with breaks for TG2 news at 13-13:30 and 20:30-21:15. RAI Sport and RAI Play will somewhere between 5-8 hours daily of live events concurrently but also going such from 8:45am-11:30pm--and coming in to air the events when RAI 2 pauses for TG2 news. RAI Sport/RAI Play's Paris 2024 coverage also involves insight, analysis, films/documentaries, previews, reviews, and highlights. At the end of the live broadcasts, the scene shifts to for its 90-minute review show The Circle of the Rings at the Casa Italia where interviews, guests, hosts, commentators, news, thoughts, summaries, highlights, and other services take place: https://www.sportintv.eu/2024/03/19/olimpiadi-di-parigi-2024-le-prime-informazioni-sugli-orari-della-rai/ In a related story from Italy, this time from Eurosport and Discovery Italia, it was announced at the 100-day mark Italians will produce a multipart preview and interview show Road To Paris centering on Paris 2024 Italian Olympic and Paralympic hopefuls like fencer Tammaso Marini, world taekwondo champion Simone Alessio, European 50m and 100m breaststroke champion Niccolo Martinenghi, Euro boxing champion Abbes Mouhiidine, modern pentathlon champion Eleni Micheli, and Paralympian champion and current 100m world record holder Antonio Fantin. All on eurosport.it Also adds there will another original programming coming in May onwards to the Opening Ceremony showcasing the arrival of breakdancing and its sporting evolution and other new disciplines, young French basketball star Victor Wembanyama from the San Antonio Spurs and Mets92, the Refugee Olympic Team, and French swimmer Leon Marchand, who aims to break Michael Phelps 8 swimming golds in Beijing: https://www-sportintv-eu.translate.goog/2024/04/17/mancano-100-giorni-a-parigi-2024-ogni-istante-solo-su-discovery/?_x_tr_sl=it&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en&_x_tr_pto=sc As part of the Summer Olympic-themed original content Eurosport is producing, there's a new series currently on air on Eurosport 1 Italia every Wednesday, started April 17 and going for 5 straight weeks during prime time, called Hall of Fame Italia recalling the great Olympic feats of some of Italy's greatest Olympians told by the Italian athletes themselves recalling the moments, emotions, and secrets to relive and discover. Like gymnastic rings master Yuri Chechi, diver Tania Cognotto, Roberto Cammarelle, the late Pietro Mennea, the Italian men's basketball team, Italian men's and women's volleyball teams, Igor Cassina, Stefano Baldini, the women's fencing foil team, Antonio Rossi and Daniella Scarpa: https://www-sportintv-eu.translate.goog/2024/04/17/la-serie-olimpica-hall-of-fame-italia-in-onda-da-stasera-su-eurosport-1/?_x_tr_sl=it&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en&_x_tr_pto=sc Sports journalist and studio host Carina Olset Hovda will lead TV Norge's and MAX's Paris 2024 evening studio segment up until midnight for Norway in her first time appearing for TV Norge, after previously being at NRK and as a PR consultant in making her comeback to being in front of the camera picking up her old skills. Olset Hovda will share the evening presenting hosting duties with veteran Carsten Skjelbreid. Together, they'll look at the Olympic day from a Norwegian perspective with experts and guests in the studio. Since the games this time are in Europe, the evening broadcasts will also be devoted to following closely all the exercises that take place in the evening until around midnight. Skjelbreid is a fan of Olset Hovda: https://presse-warnerbrosdiscovery-no.translate.goog/post/carina-olset-hovda-blir-programleder-for-warner-bros-discovery?_x_tr_sl=no&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en&_x_tr_pto=sc Poland's main home of Paris 2024 for Warner Bros Discovery Poland will be MAX (absolutely everything will be shown there live and on demand) along with the 2 Eurosport channels in addition with the 8 extra Eurosport Olympic channels, as is frequently the case throughout Europe within Eurosport's reach, devoted to various sports disciplines, like volleyball and men's and women's basketball. Eurosport production director Maciej Słomczyński, presenting the broadcast plan from the Olympic Games in the TVN24 studio in Warsaw: https://eurosport.tvn24.pl/igrzyska-olimpijskie/igrzyska-olimpijskie-paryz-2024/2024/transmisja-na-dziesieciu-kanalach-eurosportu-i-na-platformie-max_sto20002662/story.shtml Czech Television, or Ceska Televize, will have its headquarters, including its studio, located at the just-unveiled Czech House at Paris' La Villette park. Adding to its atmosphere: https://sport.ceskatelevize.cz/clanek/olympijske-hry/pariz-2024/sportovci-i-fanousci-budou-mit-v-parizi-svuj-cesky-dum-usidli-se-v-kabaretu-sauvage/6626723061d8d475340aec5a ERTNEWS in Greece has a daily show called Paris 2024: The Countdown, presented by Tasos Kollintzas at 17:20 Greek time ready to put Greek viewers in the mood for the upcoming Paris 2024 Summer Olympics. Greek viewers have the opportunity to watch reports, interviews and news related to the Olympic Games in Paris. The preparation of Greek athletes, their dreams, their goals are presented through the 24-hour informative television channel of ERT: https://www-ert-gr.translate.goog/athlitika/parisi-2024-i-antistrofi-metrisi-2/?_x_tr_sl=el&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en&_x_tr_pto=sc That TV Azteca/Claro Sports collab actually also involves apparently sharing portions of that content with FOX Sports, Infobae, El Pais, ADN 40, and As being sublicensers. Need to check on that: https://es.digitaltrends.com/deportes/juegos-olimpicos-2024-donde-ver-gratis-online/ After 19 years with Globo and SporTV in the sports journalism realm, Milton Leite announces he's leaving following the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics to spend more time with his family: https://azscore.com/news/football/585877-milton-leite-announces-he-will-leave-globo-after-the-paris-2024-olympics
  15. Turkish National Olympic Committee and Adidas also unveiled their 24-piece Paris 2024 athletes gear collection in red, garnet, graphite, black, white, and pink. Very much the same template used throughout with those using Adidas here, although the hoody and full zip hooded jacket both have the Turkish flag's crescent moon and star prominent on the back. All during and celebrating Turkey's exact 100 years of Olympic participation dating back to Paris in 1924 https://turksporajansi.com/2024/04/20/adidastan-turkiyeye-ozel-koleksiyon/ https://www.fanatik.com.tr/olimpiyatlar/paris-olimpiyatlari-icin-turkiyeye-ozel-koleksiyon-2545278 Back to the Team USA Nike basketball jerseys for a bit. I'm thinking once again for the women's team they will continuously sport the red version to what we see in the men's uniforms...actually, we no longer need to speculate on that red because the women definitely WILL wear red in their Nike versions. Spain, Japan, France, and China are also shown here on the mannequins. However, France and Japan will sport the Jordan jumpman insignia in theirs rather than the Swoosh. On the shorts' waist, the USA will have the stars as opposed to the global basketball logo. Yet to see Canada's Paris 2024 basketball uniforms but, since Canada Basketball is with Nike as its official outfitter, it will have to follow that template shown: https://www.cbssports.com/olympics/news/us-olympic-uniforms-nike-unveils-what-lebron-aja-wilson-shacarri-richardson-will-be-wearing-in-paris/
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