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  1. Durban Sandshark

    Tokyo 2020 Media Updates

    Are you ready for NBC Olympic primetime anchor Mike Tirico's announcement at the NBCU UpFront this morning at NYC's Radio City Music Hall awaiting with Tokyo 2020? An unprecedented “7,000 hours, over 17 days, reaching 205 million people” in the US...(Brace for a much bigger Olympics spiel next May). Roughly 245 more hours overall than what NBCU offered for Rio 2016 because of new events added. Only right the Peacock recruited 13 famed female American Olympians, including gold medalists Lindsey Vonn, Allyson Felix, and Kerri Strug, who all took the Radio City Music Hall stage to the only standing ovation of the presentation. Driving the female empowerment vibe home, Vonn reminded the Radio City audience that over the past 15 years, American women have won half of all Olympic medals and, I'll add now, well outnumber the men on the US Olympic Team in recent Summer Olympics. That, the feel-good message it brings at today's presentation, and with the #MeToo movement at least on a symbolic level. All at 10:25 am CT. Doesn't mention the breakdown among the networks--we know NBC, NBCSN, MSNBC, CNBC, USA, the Olympic Basketball and Soccer Channels, Golf Channel, Bravo, and TELEMUNDO/NBC Universo will get involved. That of course will come with everything along with it. Fun to speculate which network will get what sports and how many hours each, although it's very early. Safe to assume, going by what Rio 2016 and London 2012 offered by the NBC family of networks, many of these sports will head to where they previously were. Question is, how about the incoming sports on the Tokyo 2020 program like baseball, softball, surfing, skateboarding, karate, and mountain climbing? Where do you think they'll be slated for? Do you think Oxygen will participate? Any chance for new one? How about a new Olympic baseball/softball channel? Will we eventually see the actual creation of Telemundo Deportes? What kind of role will its upcoming NBCU streaming service play in this? Hopefully that will give us Americans a chance to catch up with full replays of past NBC Olympics coverage, for one thing, with the Tokyo 2020 coverage: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/nbcuniversal-upfront-snl-cast-tina-fey-seth-meyers-more-hit-radio-city-1210064 https://deadline.com/2019/05/nbc-upfront-2019-2020-presentation-live-blog-1202613553/
  2. Durban Sandshark

    Tokyo 2020 Media Updates

    Telemundo once again confirms it'll supply the US Spanish language TV coverage of the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics. Details TBD in the next year. The article just mentions it at the end. Since we're talking also about women's soccer here, Telemundo is also airing this edition of the FIFA Women's World Cup in France starting June 7: https://www.broadcastingcable.com/news/telemundo-shares-upfront-strategy
  3. Durban Sandshark

    ESPN 30 for 30

    HBO premieres Friday night a very important and devastating 90-minute documentary from filmmaker Erin Leigh Carr, daughter of the late New York Times media journalist (and certainly not to be confused with the retired Houston Texans QB) David Carr, on the deeply disturbing USA Gymnastics sex abuse scandal centering on the disgraced Dr. Larry Nasser as it also keeps its eye on the money and attain medals in a dehumanizing system and culture that get embraced where coaches act like this for medals and accolades prioritizing over the young gymnasts' safety. And how he was enabled to continue on with around 300+ of them over the years. At the end it doesn't matter if the likes of Bela and Marta Karolyi specifically knew about the sexual abuse incidents or the warnings--Nasser perhaps duped and manipulated them. But they had to have known about this with his multiple police interrogations while they were known to be abusive to their gymnasts themselves. You'll see Olympians Aly Raisman and Jordyn Wieber but they, based on the press reviews on the documentary, appear only from their court statement footage; the bigger and more notable names in the gymnastics and of those in power involved with and revolve around them. This is more from a different angle: on the comparatively anonymous young women Larissa Boyce, Trinea Gonczar, Isabel Hutchins, Jessica Ann Smith, Morgan McCaul, Taylor Livingston, Rachel Dellhollander, and the only coach willing to speak on-camera in Aimee Boorman who so memorably confronted Nassar during his January 2018 sentencing hearing in Lansing, Michigan. Carr supports all their stories and their access being told when they're ready but is intrigued in the under-reported portions. They too tell how Nasser played upon that culture abused and savagely betrayed their trust and boundaries under the guise of medical care. Not to mention this same culture disinclined to disregard the needs, concerns, and boundaries of women's own bodies when, here, they're expected to tough things out, never complain, and suffer in silence that's a by-product of one portion in Anglo-American culture. Even with the crumbling institutional structure and fallout from the USA Gymnastics scandal, coaches are still scared in speaking up for fear of losing their jobs, status, and access. The gymnasts too were afraid of speaking out and not being listened to under this culture of fear until later. Rather, Carr, saying this scandal "makes my blood boil", sets it all up in more of a forensic and investigative manner. You know, I flat out don't blame the father at all for wanting to charge and viciously assault at "this demon" in court: You may assume ESPN may touch on this themselves since this is a major development. But usually for things like this, it wants to wait for some years when enough time passes. Regardless, this saga will NEVER end in whatever form for those who were forced to endure that even with Nasser permanently behind bars for there is a legacy to it. https://www.houstonchronicle.com/olympics/article/HBO-presents-another-view-of-the-USA-Gymnastics-13808621.php https://www.bustle.com/p/will-larry-nassar-get-out-of-prison-at-the-heart-of-gold-examines-the-devastating-usa-gymnastics-case-17135629 https://www.theatlantic.com/entertainment/archive/2019/05/new-film-exposes-how-larry-nassar-was-able-abuse/588571/
  4. Durban Sandshark

    Tokyo 2020 Media Updates

    Denying that they, the Tokyo 2020 organizers, didn't act on the wishes of NBC's massive clout with the broadcasting seems silly not just to everybody here but elsewhere. Should expect widespread criticisms going their way over this. Find it interesting even the women's soccer gold medal final is set during the US primetime too (11am Tokyo time). And this is because the American women are expected to be there and likely win (should've done that in Rio 2016, won't discuss that here except I'm still angry at them). Considering the weather there when the temperature starts rising, I can understand that. But nighttime seems more preferable. Nine events in track-and-field athletics including men’s and women’s long jump and 400m hurdles, and basketball for both women and men because we know both USA teams will be there. Just hope the situation doesn't turn adverse or even tragic on the athletes' side: https://www.peoplesworld.org/article/u-s-tv-broadcasters-dominate-tokyo-2020-olympics-schedule/ A very strong sign that Sony Pictures Networks will showcase archery in its upcoming Tokyo 2020 broadcast along with preceding major archery events across the Indian subcontinent: https://worldarchery.org/news/167152/sony-pictures-networks-acquires-exclusive-archery-broadcast-rights-indian-sub-continent Would you like some 5G along your upcoming 8KTV with that? Nice to see but...Be quite a while for that to happen with North America and Europe and the Pacific as it would in East Asia. Doubt those 5G 8KTV will hit here in time for Tokyo 2020 unless they're fast tracked with 5G being installed. Nor will the broadcasters be ready save for limited usage: https://venturebeat.com/2019/05/01/huawei-reportedly-plans-first-5g-8k-tv-to-one-up-samsung-and-apple/
  5. Durban Sandshark

    Ceremonies on UTube, Part 3

    Seven News Melbourne's full post-Opening Ceremony news bulletin that aired right after it with a review and reaction across Sydney of what went down at Stadium Australia in Homebush and the torch relay's final day being in Sydney minus the commercial breaks. At 16: 35, a preview of what to watch for on the official first day of competition that included Jelena Dokic's dad restriction on seeing her for his abuse on his daughter, women's triathlon, swimming with the Australia-USA rivalry, Team USA men's basketball team, and Grant Hackett and his fam:
  6. Durban Sandshark

    Past Olympics Media Coverage

    It's well-known that Americans living right at the Canadian-US border have the luxury, unlike the rest of us here in America, of catching the LIVE Canadian coverage presentation of the Olympic Games unlike seeing them live in Buffalo, Seattle, and Detroit, where you can get the CBC and CTV channels. Mostly on the CBC in comparison to what NBC proper offers in this era. But in this case, I'm presenting the link from a 1992 Buffalo News article alerting Americans that they can watch the Summer Olympics on TV almost entirely for FREE and LIVE from Canada without the aid of the infamous Olympic Triplecast coming from CFTO TV-9 Toronto! Was a different era no doubt just before the Internet came along and even Canadian broadcasters weren't ready to embrace that yet at the time. More makes the long-searching info on CTV Barcelona makes it more fleshed out. Works still needs to be done, though. Not sure what TSN was doing back then if it did these Olympics. Coverage was 176.5 hours and mostly LIVE as opposed to (and 15 hours more than) NBC's 161 that was all but 5-8 hours of that live with at least 4 hours of daily live coverage on weekday afternoons. Thanks to this piece, I can fill in some more details. Established that Rod Black, THE man in Canadian TV sportscasting back in the 1990s, anchored the primetime segment from 6 or 6:30-9pm Canada/USA CT. Tracy Wilson, who earlier that year help covered the figure skating in Albertville on CBS, co-hosted the CTV Opening Ceremony presentation with CTV National News anchor Lloyd Robertson that went on tape delayed in primetime 6-9 pm like in the NBC version, one of the few events that did. She also shared the afternoon segment duties with longtime reporter Dan Matheson. Its daily live afternoon coverage usually came around 12-4pm during the daytime segment that usually went roughly 10am-5pm (weekdays it'll go up to 4pm). Longtime Canada men's basketball coach Jack Donohue covered basketball in Barcelona like the Dream Team games--happen to have a copy of Jack McCallum's Dream Team right beside me now while sporting a Canada Basketball Nike longsleeve T-shirt as I'm writing this. Surely, at least the first Dream Team game against Angola, the semis, and the gold medal final were shown on CTV given the huge demand for them. Lorissa Lowing did gymnastics as analyst. Hardcore followers of Olympic broadcasting like many of us here will know Byron MacDonald was at the pool with Mark Faulds, particularly when Calgary native Mark Tewksbury won a surprise gold Ron Reusch covered baseball in its Olympic debut. Don't know what CFTO sports anchor Suneel Joshi and John David "JD" Roberts, then at Canada AM, did there. Time slots (all times CT, live across Canada so no delaying for time zones like here in the US with the East and West--Mountain and Pacific)--still need help in the fuller coverage and what sports were in each slot: July 25, 1992--12-1pm (preview?), 6-9pm (Opening Ceremony), 11pm-1:30am (OC H/L) July 26, August 2--10am-5pm, 6-9pm, 11pm-1:30am July 27, August 1, 3, 8--10am-5pm, 6:30-9pm, 11pm-1:30am July 28-31, August 4-7--10am-4pm, 6:30-9pm, 11pm-1:30am August 9--10am-5pm, 6-9pm (Closing Ceremony, surely that was shown up in Canada in full unlike what NBC did) https://buffalonews.com/1992/07/23/wnyers-can-watch-it-live-for-free-on-ctv/ https://archive.macleans.ca/article/1992/7/27/live-from-barcelona#!&pid=40
  7. Durban Sandshark

    Tokyo 2020 Media Updates

    Cologne, Germany-based documentary label Autentic had a slate of Tokyo 2020-themed documentary projects hoping to be sold by its sales division for the MIFED convention at Cannes, France. Two involve skateboarding now on the Olympic program and another focusing on security and AI technology at the Olympic Games: http://realscreen.com/2019/04/03/the-miptv-2019-shoppers-guide-part-three/ Tokyo will use 4 areas (Hibiya Park, Ueno Park in Tokyo, Tokyo Metropolitan University Minami-Osawa Campus for the Olympics and Chofu Station Plaza for the Paralympics) and several other locations have been selected in the Tohoku and Kumamoto regions in Kotadai Park in Miyagi and Kumamoto-jo Hall in Kumamoto that were devastated by the 2011 and 2016 earthquakes as multiple viewing areas for both the Olympics and Paralympics: https://www.insidethegames.biz/articles/1077903/tokyo-2020-releases-plans-for-public-viewing-sites-during-olympics-and-paralympics Great news for NBC with the Tokyo 2020 schedule just now up, and it's getting the swimming, track, and beach volleyball finals will all live air on American primetime despite being 16 hours across the Pacific with its way. By contrast, gymnastics, soccer and other sports will stick to traditional afternoon and evening start times that's more beneficial to European TV. Plus, there's going to be a couple of Super Saturdays and a Golden Sunday like one of the former on August 8 with 30 medal events back-to-back in men's gold medal basketball (tip-off at 11:30 a.m. at Saitama Super Arena Tokyo time), soccer, and baseball games before the Closing Ceremony the next Sunday. Another thing the NBC family of networks when covering Tokyo 2020 would like to drum up interest on. Even with NBC forking out the largest amount of cash, the Tokyo 2020 organisers only consulted with the OBS in imagining the audiences in each sport and then factoring other aspects in devising the schedule: https://www.latimes.com/sports/la-sp-tokyo-olympics-schedule-prime-time-20190416-story.html https://www.japantimes.co.jp/sports/2019/04/16/olympics/super-saturdays-highlight-schedule-tokyo-olympics/#.XL-3fDBKjct Olympic Channel: now also available on the Roku platform and app: https://www.sportsvideo.org/2019/04/04/olympic-channel-finds-another-home-on-the-roku-channel/
  8. Durban Sandshark

    Your Favo(u)rite Olympic Tv Commercials

    Network Ten Australia and Virgin Video promoted this 1988 Australian Seoul Olympics video entitled Hand in Hand (after the theme song) after the conclusion of these Games that Australians would order by phone through mail order that was under A$30 before shipping and handling. They can relive all the top Aussie Olympic moments like Duncan Armstrong, the Hockeyroos, and Debbie Flintoff-King plus the disappointments on the Aussie team with everything else general culled from Ten's massive coverage that had more TV hours than even NBC for being on nearly 24 hours a day. Actually have a copy of this bought from Ebay years ago but still don't have a VCR that can convert with PAL and SECAM along with playing NTSC. This was of course before the financial collapse of what was to come for Ten soon afterwards from its last Summer Olympics presentation here... The recently retired Lizzie Yarnold, one of Britain's most successful Winter Olympians, explains why she swears off tuna during her early days in transitioning to skeleton in a world of more experienced skeleton racers around her who were lighter and smaller than her in this Toyota Team GB commercial from last year. Filmed just before successfully defending her gold in skeleton
  9. Durban Sandshark

    Your Favo(u)rite Olympic Tv Commercials

    AMENDMENT: Choi set the OR BEFORE the final in the semis that was previously set from Great Britain's Ellie Christie.
  10. Durban Sandshark

    Your Favo(u)rite Olympic Tv Commercials

    Going back into it after several months away. Following is a series of Canadian Olympic-themed TV commercials that aired during the CBC's Nagano 1998 coverage. We get a couple of Chrysler Canada commercials with the first one dealing with a couple, Doug and Kathy, loading things in their Dodge Caravan minivan in record time; a Japanese girl watches a Japanese banner from the Canadian Olympic Committee becomes animated with all the caligraphy becoming a downhill skiing event to her delight from the Home Depot; from Coca-Cola comes an emphasis on "red is the colour" in the sights, reactions, and sounds of a nondescript hockey game (looks like a Detroit Red Wings game at Joe Louis Arena judging from the architecture minus the licensing issues); UPS profiles "those adorable darling Snowlet mascots" becoming a global sensation in their commercial with distributors coping with high demand to need UPS; a very 1990s Always Coca-Cola commercial saluting and cheering Team Canada in Nagano for its long-running and diverse Always Coca-Cola campaign during that decade; Visa encourages people to exclusively use Visa cards if you wanted to check out the most competitive men's hockey ever at the time using NHL stars and the first women's Olympic hockey in Nagano; and 4 men rushing from accounting rushing bobsled-style late to a meeting in their 1998 Chrysler Neon but still making it on time: More South Korea into the mix with this more recent commercial coming when it hosted last year's Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics. Easy for me to select this given the fact that this contains English subtitles despite being on South Korean TV from the likes of SBS, KBS, and MBC. Here we have short track star Choi Min-Jeong for KT (Korea Telecom) ready to race and her narrating this commercial juxtaposing being an "unsurpassable" front-runner battling for victory on the ice skating for glory with leading the way in gamechanging 5G technology competition in celebrating the world's first Olympic 5G demo usage network as that Olympics' official communications partner. Choi's Olympic campaign was a little mixed: won gold in the 1500m race after getting penalized for interference in the women's 500m final that Italy's Arianna Fontana won despite setting a new Olympic record there she still holds. She also won Gold in the 3000m Relay. But in the 1000m Finals, she collided with another South Korean skater in Shim Suk-Hee and crashed, ultimately finishing 4th:
  11. Durban Sandshark

    Past Olympics Media Coverage

    Another recent posting here on YouTube. Some 93 minutes of Israeli coverage from the Seoul 1988 Olympics from now-defunct Channel 1, at the time the only FTA Israeli TV channel until the early 1990s. Don't think Channel 1 had several hours daily devoted to the coverage at the time--and had a low budget in its rights and production. Overall, it had to be not much around 100 hours at the time. Thus it used the world feed from KBS. Nor do I think there was any Arabic used. Seems as though this was more a daily highlights package in a wraparound format intended to last perhaps 2-3 hours. It uses the Hebrew graphics for one event result (track) and was mostly on during September 23-24, 1988. Since Israel was four years away from winning a medal and had a small contingent in Seoul (19 athletes) that nobody on it there screamed medal contender, the focus was going to be on the popular and anchor Olympics sports for Israelis like basketball (USA vs. China), women's field hockey (Great Britain vs. Netherlands) coming first here, lots of track and field including the controversial but always hot anticipated men's 100m final (from 46:30-55:47) and subsequent medal ceremony with the shortest medal ceremony playing of O Canada I ever heard (1:11:52-1:15:10) and women's heptathlon and men's triple jump and women's 100m heats, and a little gymnastics. Like to know who the anchor is here presenting the highlights on Channel 1 and the sportscasters:
  12. Durban Sandshark

    Tokyo 2020 Media Updates

    Progressively wondered if Doordarshan National Television by itself was ever capable of providing ample coverage with the trend of more commercial TV networks around the world doing this. Not to mention keeping up with the fees and being late with an agreement deals. Seems what they did was limited to begin with in comparison. A new era emerges in South Asian Olympic TV broadcasting coverage with pay-TV network Sony Pictures Network India taking over acquiring the rights for $12 million across the Indian subcontinent in all multiple media platforms all the way to Laussane 2020 Winter Youth Olympic Games with the Olympic Channel and its digital channels included with SonyLIV, except for free-to-air networks in Bangladesh, Bhutan, the Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. Makes we wonder will SPN may take the direction of several languages offered with Hindi and English. Coverage will be comprehensive also featuring highlights and replays of key events to supplement SPN’s coverage. Perhaps DD India can earn the free-to-air coverage and H/Ls unless SPN creates its own in time for Tokyo 2020: https://www.olympic.org/news/sony-pictures-networks-india-and-olympic-channel-to-broadcast-olympic-games-tokyo-2020 https://www.insidesport.co/ioc-spn-confirm-tokyo-2020-olympics-broadcast-deal/ No hammering the Tokyo 2020 Olympic broadcasting deals at the very last minute in Singapore with Dentsu this time. Struck early! Deal goes to 2022. The Games being held in Asia starting with this one post-Pyeongchang certainly has much to do with it. So heavy emphasis on Team Singapore like Joseph Schooling can commence: https://www.straitstimes.com/sport/olympics-mediacorp-secures-broadcast-rights-for-tokyo-2020-olympic-games Nastia Liukin confirms she will help cover Olympics gymnastics again for NBC at Tokyo next year: https://www.nbcdfw.com/news/sports/Olympic-Gold-Medalist-Nastia-Liukin-talks-Barbie-partnership-future-of-USA-Gymnastics-after-scandal-507596351.html
  13. Durban Sandshark

    Tokyo 2020 Media Updates

    SportsMax and Digicel in the Caribbean started broadcasting with the IOC at the 500-day mark yesterday over 700 hours of exclusive year-round Olympic-related content, both in linear and digital programming, under the Olympic Channel banner with original programming and live sporting events as well as additional Olympic-related content that highlights locally relevant stories created by both parties to the 22 Caribbean nations and territories involved in the Sportsmax/Digicel deal. One of the objectives is to engage younger and newer viewers into the Olympic movement: https://www.sportsvideo.org/2019/03/13/the-olympic-channel-sportsmax-team-up-for-linear-digital-programming-in-22-caribbean-territories/ At the same time Tokyo 2020 organizers made public its pictograms inspired by the first ones in Tokyo 1964 back-to-the-future style, Eurosport shows off its manga-inspired TV-ready Tokyo 2020 branding identity logo: https://au.eurosport.com/olympics/tokyo-2020/2020/olympics-2020-eurosports-manga-inspired-brand-identity-for-tokyo-2020-revealed_sto7182497/story.shtml http://www.transformmagazine.net/articles/2019/tokyo-olympics-branding-updated-with-500-days-to-go/ The IOC, says President Thomas Bach, is a fan of the combination of 5G and cloud technology with Alibaba, Intel, and Samsung involved will transform the Olympic Games and benefit fans, spectators, venues, organizers and athletes at the Barcelona Mobile World Congress at the keynote address. Partly because innovative technology like clouds can accomplish more with less resources used. Even says sports, in this case the Olympics, were the original social network in bringing people worldwide together. Upbeat in that Olympic Channel consumers in the mobile realm are 80% 35 and under. We can easily imagine Tokyo 2020 with Japan's technological innovations over the decades will surpass Pyeongchang as "the most watched Olympics ever". Athletes' POV coverage is likely to expand to more events: https://www.svgeurope.org/blog/headlines/thomas-bach-ioc-excited-by-5g-and-taking-obs-into-the-cloud/ Japanese PM Shinzo Abe signs the bill with the go-ahead from the Diet sessions for public broadcaster NHK to provide simultaneous online streaming service coverage set to later this year in time for the Summer Olympics. Thanks to the rapid changes in technology like clouds preventing fears of not protecting the commercial Japanese TV networks. Like to see how the other members of the Japanese Olympic Consortium will develop their portion of Tokyo 2020: https://www.insidethegames.biz/articles/1076476/japan-seek-to-allow-nhk-to-begin-simultaneous-online-streaming-prior-to-tokyo-2020
  14. Durban Sandshark

    Tokyo 2020 Media Updates

    Really interesting there's a tremendous push to broadcast the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics on 8K while 4K has yet to be implemented commonly worldwide in significant markets in critical mass style. Not even in the USA. We already know Japan's NHK is certainly doing this. But so is even Italy's RAI surprisingly enough. You would expect all-powerful and all-influential NBC to at least consider it. Broadcasters holding major sports TV events worldwide already have experimental plans to show them in the 4K format partly with the hope consumers will buy 4KTVs--with even CBS using 8K cameras for Super Bowl 53 and will be the case for these events in that later. Perhaps NBC would use the 8K cameras but downgrade the conversion for broadcast in Tokyo. More than likely by Paris 2024 or Beijing 2022. Not to mention 5G mobile technology being firmly implemented by then to use for broadcasters in major sports events to transform the spectator experience as well: https://awfulannouncing.com/olympics/olympic-broadcasters-are-really-pushing-8k-tv-for-2020-in-tokyo.html https://www.sporttechie.com/broadcasters-targeting-major-2020-sporting-events-with-5g/ Track and field athletes certainly won't be the only Olympic athletes eventually to have their biomechanics 3D-mapped and analyzed in real time by broadcasting experts with the help of Intel and Alibaba through a cloud in how they perform and compete against each other to enhance the OBS coverage. I think track and field in five events like sprinting and high jump was chosen for Tokyo 2020 since it's a prime Olympic event and easier in the technology's beginning to analyze as opposed to other Olympic sports like swimming, judo, and volleyball: https://www.sporttechie.com/intel-alibaba-3d-map-track-field-athlete-tokyo-2020-olympics/ NTT is looking at developing a 3D holographic capture and display service, Kirari! For Arena as an “immersive telepresence” plucking the Olympic action from the venues to deliver it in 3D elsewhere. NTT is also producing a drone-based, 5G-enabled 8K virtual reality innovation to also make viewers feel they're at the venue. Mitsubishi Electric is planning free-floating holograms--no headset required. All about better immersion with the Olympic experience through tech: https://now.northropgrumman.com/let-the-games-begin-2020-olympics-technology/ Sony and Panasonic are both planning to shell out 8KTV technology with NHK in time for Tokyo 2020 with some experimental 8K footage already produced from Rio of course in a modest amount. Surely Japan has some 8KTVs already on the market. Still expensive and precious few but prices will come down there as we get closer and closer to Tokyo 2020 as Sony, according to Nikkei, will sell its first 8KTV sets next year. Japan is always of the mainstream when it comes to technology: https://www.theverge.com/2016/8/26/12656286/8k-tv-broadcasts-2020-olympics-sony-panasonic
  15. Durban Sandshark

    ESPN 30 for 30

    Get ready for some Canadian content actually coming very soon from Canada's TSN, ESPN answer up there. It's not really called 30 For 30 up there for its indigenous material, though it definitely does show those up there on the TSN channels. Yet there will be a 6-part Canadian sports documentary series installment starting February 6 originally started back in 2012 celebrating the 100th Grey Cup and the CFL’s indelible mark on Canadian history, not just in sports. This time, TSN's acclaimed Engraved On A Nation now takes the direction of telling intrinsic tales of how such Canadian people and moments shaping Canadian sports and national identity. Here stateside, the only Canadian 30 For 30 content dealt with have been Wayne Gretzky's blockbuster 1988 trade to the Los Angeles Kings from Edmonton and its impact, 9.79 with Ben Johnson's 100m gold medal (or so we thought at the time) race and the steroid controversy and aftermath back in Seoul 1988, and Into the Wind on Terry Fox's 1980 cross country run attempt raising money for cancer research co-produced by Steve Nash. Engraved On A Nation in its series has two Olympic-themed documentaries in its series. And it kicks off on February 6 profiling sprinter Donovan Bailey in what you call a sequel of sorts to 9.79 and concludes on April 3 with the often-heated and intense Canada-USA women's hockey rivalry trading victories and medals while still being teammates, friends, and even couples off the international rink over the past nearly 30 years while looking at what fuels it in seeking total domination https://www.tsn.ca/engraved