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  1. What is the general mood over there, are people mostly angry about the games happening? Or are they “indifferent” about the whole thing? interestingly, media around here in Canada and the US have ignored Japan’s covid stride ands instead focused all energy on games and medal performance. The media here would have you have your believe that the covid situation is over in Japan.
  2. Haha, are you serious. You guys don’t get winter, not in a long shot! Tell me the next time you receive a foot of snow or temperatures are at -20C and then we’ll talk about “winter”. Apples to oranges, sailing in Kiel isn’t nearly the distance as it would be from Toronto to Vancouver Island. In the cases you mentioned does sound reasonable, the anchor city relatively speaking isn’t “that” far away. That’s the IOC for you, they don’t like baseball, but yet have that silly handball that no one on this side of the world plays.
  3. Well, it would seem awkward if it’s a so called Toronto games and the surfing is in Tofino, my god the water must be cold there. And forget about that Tahiti example, it’s a bad example for games trying to shrink its footprint. Although unlikely to happen, let’s float the idea that for example Chicago were to get the Olympics, it would seem incredibly silly for a game to be called Chicago whatever and have the surfing in Florida. I think it’s very important that the Olympics remain as being associated with cities moreso than countries as it fits closer to what the Olympic ideals are. I’m not saying all events must be in Toronto proper, but within reasonable proximity, the literal opposite side of the world for Tahiti is silly.
  4. Ah, skateboarding, seen as a crime and nuisance in most cities and now is an Olympic sport. Surfing, what exactly is the point of that? I do know one thing, the fact that a surfing event is in the Olympics means that a Toronto bid is basically impossible now. There’s a lot of cities I would assume would have this issue as well. Sport climbing is to be head to head, almost like “The Wall” from good old American Gladiators I thought. Karate fits in with all the other combat sports, I remember witnessing it myself during the Toronto Pan Am games. Baseball/softball is of course back and you can’t forget that one. Just wish the IOC presentation showed us pitches in MPH as it’s what we are used to even in Canada.
  5. Just stop, all venues would be restricted to those access lanyard holders. Which only those “connected” to the Olympics will have. You can’t simply buy a ticket for an event and go.
  6. And it makes sense. Rio did host a Pan Am in 2007 and held the Summer Games of course in 2016. Assuming Toronto fails in 2024 and tries again in 2028 (loss that would have happened due to the Paris Centennial) it could be said that in the eyes of the IOC that a Toronto bid should hold more weight. There has never been one there before. Considering that this happened before the quagmire that was Rio 2016 probably would have created indifference or opposition to a bid. But this is all speculation. Speaking about Montreal 1976 and the boondoggle that was still angers people after all these years, Montreal was a disaster.
  7. As for what I mean with metric, my license may show my height in cm but I have no clue what it is, I always say I’m 5’ 9” (5 foot 9). And measure myself in pounds. Go look at any Canadian floor plan for a house, it’s in imperial measurements. It’s also a place where they may speak of the temperature outside in Celsius, but you’d have to look hard to find a Canadian who has their oven in Celsius. If one owns a pool or hot tub, most likely they’ll be talking Fahrenheit. The main message shown by the private sector throughout COVID was to stay 6 feet away. Metric system in all English countries was introduced by force, nothing else. Yes the metric system is great for doing scientific or engineering calculations, for example with how density of water allows for a seamless conversion of mass and volume. But I’m sure most of us aren’t speaking about that in everyday life. A foot is a much easier frame of reference to visualize compared to a metre, and that’s me who was taught in school with metric only measurements. Funny how the school system has now reintroduced the imperial system because of reluctance of society to change.
  8. You think I wanted the Pan Am games? Other than a velodrome in Milton and a few swimming pools, in which the majority now belong to a university campus, what good did the Pan Am Games do? Forget covid for a second but I’ll tell you what it did do, made people avoid the city as much as possible for the length the lane restrictions were in effect. Ask businesses in downtown Toronto if the games were a positive effect for them. More or less the usual patrons if they could avoid toronto stayed away and thus the businesses suffered. But I digress, as for national projects, it’d be nice if they did massive rapid transit expansion and not that pointless light rail. Toronto has the busiest subway line in North America, some say the Lex is busier, but remember that the Lex mostly uses a four track system, we do not. In fact showing anyone who isn’t familiar with Toronto our subway diagram leads to shock. “That’s it?!?! Thought they’d have a much bigger system than that!” Toronto indeed has a transportation crisis not only with road traffic but transit congestion as well, one could arguably say the federal government is indirectly responsible for this but they always dance around it. Instead they build massive freeway projects in New Brunswick, where the AADT is under 3,000 in some places.
  9. Ha ha, in Canada it doesn’t matter what us peasants think, government always knows best. You think we wanted to forcefully switch to metric? (which we haven’t fully still because future governments killed the metric commission) You think the vast majority of people wanted O Canada to change “thy sons” to “of us”. It doesn’t matter what we think, government does what it wants to do. And especially Alberta, I’m pretty well sure the vast majority there oppose a Winter Olympics. After all, 2026 fell through. As for Quebec City, unless rules have changed, tell me where the downhill event will be held.
  10. At the end of the 2015 Pan American Games, it was floated by the mayor to bid for 2024, but after finding out an application fee of over 25 million that the IOC demanded just to study the idea, Toronto and Ontario rightfully didn’t entertain the idea any further looking at the debt of Ontario and as well as how the 2022 Olympic bidding fiasco happened. Since we knew Paris got 2024 no matter what, this would at least have had led to a potential race between Toronto and Los Angeles for 2028 but that is the past.
  11. Again you are deflecting, you know the aptly named “Canada Line” wouldn’t have happened without the Olympics, notice it’s called the Canada Line, as in reminder in who actually built that line? That’s right, taxpayers across Canada. I have absolutely no interest in ever going to Vancouver in my life. So you think gentrification is a good thing, that just makes more property unaffordable, not a good thing my friend. Toronto had a realistic shot to get 2028, but we told the IOC as city and province to go F off.
  12. Which is exactly my point, how does building some transit line in Calgary benefit me in anyway? I know you’re not stupid but you do realize how far Calgary is from me, it’s practically a different country. I highly doubt I will use the C train ever in my daily life here. If for example federal money alone was used to build the entire SAS in New York, I’m sure you wouldn’t be a happy camper. As for seeing Canada beat the USA in some hockey game, who cares, a week after no one will remember the medal table anyways. The media will frame it as Canada beating the “evil” USA and will lead Canadians to further embrace the toxic anti-Americanism. Tell me for example what Vancouver 2010 did to make my life in Toronto better, I’m waiting.
  13. Tell me why the COC should even entertain the idea, tell me as a Torontonian (I don’t technically live in Toronto proper but close enough) as to what benefit my tax money will receive by having the Winter Olympics in Calgary again. I used to think that having Olympics in Toronto would be an excuse to actually build real rapid transit lines but then I realize, why does it require an Olympics to cough up money for something we desperately need anyways?
  14. That tweet you posted, Quaker, was from someone involved with the IOC. I’d like to see some actual raw data about this, if you take that at face value then I have oceanside property to sell you in Colorado. it’s like the Toronto Argonauts, they say they have wonderful ratings but I don’t know a single person who is a fan of them or wears any of their gear, and they’ve always had “socially distanced” crowds anyways.
  15. Think of it like this, if we are to believe for example that 80% in the Tokyo area were opposed to the Olympics, that’s 20% who supported it. 20% in the Tokyo area is more than a mind boggling 15 million when you are speaking of the largest city in the world. (by metro area) The bits I saw like for swimming, I noticed every spectator was wearing one of those access badges worn as lanyards which I recall seeing many of during the Toronto Pan Am Games. Obviously to get one, you need to be connected with the games somehow, as in athlete, coach, media, volunteer, anything. The access badge only guarantees access to the venues that are explicitly on the badge.
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