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  1. Not sure where to put this topic but anyways The surfing event as I understand it will make certain geographical bids possible. For instance, it would be impossible as I understand it to hold a surfing event in a landlocked country. Consider a hypothetical Toronto bid, how could a bid be possible? Is it possible to hold the surfing event in British Columbia? It would seem extremely awkward to have a surfing event over 3000 miles away from the host city. The same issue would arise with a Chicago bid. Has there been any discussion about this on the site.
  2. I see that you didn't dare to try to challenge my points. Now imagine this scenario that is probably going to happen.....Toronto bids, and once again fails to win....IOC once again feels sorry for Canada and awards Quebec City the 2026 Winter Games. Once again, Toronto has to be the scapegoat for another Canadian winter olympics.
  3. There are a few things I would like to ask you about the public transit argument. I used to believe that too, and I was a staunch supporter before of Olympics in Toronto, but let's look at a few things: -Athletes, Coaches, Delgates, IOC, WILL NOT use public transit whatsoever. Instead like we just seen during the Pan Am Games, regular traffic lanes will be turned into OLYMPIC LANES, not 50/50 HOV/PAN AM lanes, but full Olympic Lanes to make sure they get exactly where they are going and not have to face the horrors of local traffic -While spectators will have to use public transit, consider
  4. See, so it looks like I was right all along. If Agenda 2020 works, then perhaps Toronto should try a bid, but for now it makes the most sense to let someone else be the guinea pig as I do not want to be paying potentially 20 billion or more as a taxpayer for the Olympics.
  5. Yeah, nice run by DeGrasse.....too bad he couldn't win the medal without sharing the podium though.
  6. Now that the Pan American Games are totally over, with all the HOV lanes being eliminated and everything being restored to the way it was before the games started. I ask all of you who went to events, as I went to events as well, was there any benefit at all to city or region in hosting the Pan American Games.....oh but we got a wonderful aquatic centre. Yeah, just try using it, unless you are a current student of UTSC, forget about using it, it costs an arm and a leg to just set foot in that place for one day. What about the lovely Union-Pearson Express....are you kidding me, $30 bucks to go
  7. The border would definitely need a plan, and it COULD possibly work if they were to allow Olympic delegates and athletes to obtain status that is practically identical to NEXUS status. For those who don't know, NEXUS is a program where citizens of Canada or the US, where they do a criminal background check, and once they deem you to be low risk, allow you to have a NEXUS card which allows you to use NEXUS lanes at port of entries in Canada or the US. The NEXUS Lane at a customs plaza is kind of like an E-Z Pass Lane, sure, it's not as fast as an EZ Pass Lane, but it's a lot quicker than the
  8. Windsor may look nice on the map, but there's one thing all of you are forgetting. Windsor is in a different country than the United States, this isn't a problem if the two countries had something like a schengen agreement, but there is almost no harmonization of rules between Canada and the US. For instance, if I recall, Krakow's bid had some events scheduled in Slovakia I believe. That doesn't create much of an issue within the Schengen zone because going from Poland to Slovakia is essentially like crossing between states in the US. But not so between Canada and the US, so we will need athl
  9. Is there anything wrong with building freeways, I'll tell you one thing it does promote, freedom. You want to board a bus or train and squeeze in with people, meanwhile hearing babies cry and what not. My avatar is a shield for the freeway in Brampton that led to its growth, that is Highway 410. Freeway expansion seems to be discouraged in today's bizarre thought process of thinking, they always like to say induced demand and the "obese man and belt analogy". The problem with this analogy is that it assumes that being a large city is bad in the first place. People in North America WANT to liv
  10. But even if an express tram, or LRT, call it what you will is built from Union (assuming it uses the same station that the 509 Harbourfront Route does) to the Portlands, how exactly does that affect the rapid transit priorities that are needed RIGHT NOW in Toronto? Did you happen to know that Line 1 in our system is busier than any subway service in The Big Apple? I am specifically speaking about the "Downtown Relief Line", which hopefully uses Queen or King as the street it generally runs parallel to. An Olympics in Toronto makes that a priority exactly? As far as I can see, no potential venu
  11. I don't know what exactly will happen in Rio next year, but there is one thing that is a given to happen. "Hino Nacional Brasileiro" WILL be heard a LOT more than "O Canada" in medal ceremonies and that is a fact.
  12. I would like to believe that, but if it comes to building a metro, considering that I've been following the Spadina Subway extension way back when it was approved in 2005....and it's still two years away speaks volumes, with how slow the progress of going through EAs, and construction and what not, as well as dealing with the NIMBYs, If the century old "Downtown Relief Line" (I really do not like that term by the way because it's not specific enough) finally does get approved because of an awarded bid for 2024, do you honestly think that the downtown line will be from late 2017 to when the Oly
  13. So MisterCorporate, are you willing to just throw 20 billion dollars of our tax money away for a three week party? Mind you that's a very conservative estimate on the price of an Olympics. You obviously know where I reside, am I in the "outer outer suburbs" as you describe, because I consider myself as living in the GTA. The municipal borders of Toronto may end at Steeles Avenue at the north, and the Etobicoke Creek at the west, but you and I both know that the city does not magically end at these legislated boundaries. What goes on in Peel and York is for sure important to how the GTA functio
  14. Anger from our friends in Beantown killed their bid. I spoke to a PhD student outside the Markham venue on Sunday about the Olympic bid. She was doing a survey about the ParaPan Am games, we had a fairly long conversation but she agreed with me and knew her stuff in that going for Toronto 2024 would be a total waste. Why is it that governments are willing to pour billions into the five ring circus, but not willing to pour billions to build real rapid transit in Toronto. If you recall the long debates in previous years, we couldn't afford subway lines, we could only afford LRT, blah blah blah.
  15. Ok, intoronto, look at the real world, read those comments from that Toronto Star article you posted, and just tell me how many are in favor of a bid. I read every comment and could not find one supporting the idea. Yet for being the realist, I am somehow seen as being the troll here.
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