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  1. They bought the WC and there's no reason to think they wouldn't try the same thing. I'm sure as well in 2008 that memories of the SLC scandal were still fresh in the minds of the IOC as well. For all the controversy, IMO the biggest factor working against Doha now besides the weather is the fact that Qatar is running the WC, not FIFA. The Budweiser fiasco effectively confirmed FIFA had lost control of its own tournament. The IOC won't want the same thing to happen with the Olympics. Hypothetically, I could easily see a Doha Olympics banning the Israeli team from entering the country a couple weeks before the games and calling it a "visa issue" despite earlier promises they'd be allowed. And there would be absolutely nothing the IOC would be able to do other than express their displeasure and apologize to the Israelis. It's not like they could relocate the Olympics that close to a start date anyway.
  2. While it won't affect the Olympics directly, PSG's Qatari bosses want to buy Stade de France. They offered to buy Parc Des Princes and were told no. Hypothetically, I would assume if this purchase was successful that Stade de France's athletics track's days would be numbered though not until after the Olympics.
  3. London's did unfortunately a couple local football clubs had other ideas. Given the Budapest stadium's location directly next to the Danube, I doubt there's enough space to get it up to 50,000 for an Olympics. Then there's the question of legacy mode. Some renderings I've seen showing the stadium in legacy mode depict wider concourses with green space.
  4. More than a few million. There's no viable legacy for a whitewater course in LA. It would be a drain on the taxpayer probably to the point where it would eventually close and be added to the dreaded white elephant category. Oklahoma is also a lot closer than Tahiti. If the IOC and ICF want it that bad then LA should bill them for the costs. A better solution would be to drop whitewater canoeing along with bobsleigh from the OGs. Both are sports with high cost venues that are likely destined to be white elephants.
  5. I questioned the same thing. Riversport Rapids is more than capable. I`ve been to it in person and I`ve always thought it would be an ideal Olympics venue.
  6. I think after the debacle that was Rio in 2016, the last thing the IOC wants is to return the Olympics to a third world Latin American country. Any Mexico bid would be swept aside by a credible European bid (London, Germany, Spain).
  7. Duncan McKay has nearly done a complete 180 on Doha`s chances of hosting the 2036 SOGs. The Budweiser fiasco was probably enough though. This just after a couple months ago where he wrote questioning if maybe 2036 would finally be Doha`s time. Not only is it not, I'm sure the Budweiser ordeal probably kills the likes of Saudi Arabia or any other conservative Islamic country from hosting. Has the FIFA World Cup already ended hopes of Doha hosting 2036 Olympic Games? (insidethegames.biz)
  8. With all that's transpired with the Vancouver bid, alarm bells should be going off in Lausanne. Despite the so-called New Norm, Agenda 2020, or whatever you want to call it, the fact of the matter is the IOC is going into the homestretch of the 2030 race in the exact same position numerically as they were in the 2022 race. Don't get me wrong, a choice between Salt Lake City or Sapporo is vastly different from that of Beijing and Almaty. Here you have two candidates that can put on a successful Olympics. The problem is Vancouver's bid checked all the boxes in terms of legacy, cost effectiveness using existing venues and infrastructure, the opportunity to refurbish the 2010 venues cementing Vancouver's status as the winter sports capital of Canada, and the unique angle of having the First Nations lead it. Despite all that, the BC government determined that an Olympic bid was not cost effective. With all the IOC has done and talked about, if you cannot convince a city like Vancouver to keep their hat in the ring, then it's clear something is wrong in your messaging. Based on a recent poll (granted it`s only one) the majority of Vancouver citizens support the decision to withdraw the bid. I've said before and I`ll say it again, the IOC has a messaging problem when it comes to communicating the benefits of an Olympics at a grassroots level, and the tepid at best support Vancouver had is evidence of that. Now I will acknowledge the IOC and the bidding environment has an unexpected headwind and that is the likelihood of a global recession in 2023 and one that could last into 2024 or 2025. Trying to convince people to spend taxpayer money on an Olympics when people are struggling to make ends meet due to rising inflation and gas prices is a tall order and it's a minefield the IOC is going to have to navigate. I for one hope Vancouver gives it another shot in 2034 even if SLC gets 2030. The limited number of bidders who seem to want to put forth their hats for a WOGs bid means I could easily see the IOC going to North America in back to back years. One final thought regarding to the effort to revive this thing. I get the frustration especially from the First Nations, but the elephant in the room has always been who's going to pay for this, and everyone knew it was going to be BC. There's a simple but unlikely solution to this dilemma. the BC government just has to tell the COC and the First Nations, fine the bid is back on provided both of you cut the check for the costs of the Olympics plus any and inevitable cost overruns. No money. No bid. 2030 Olympics: BC made right decision | CityNews Vancouver
  9. Stadium will only hold 36,000 for the world championships before it gets downsized to 14,000. While the IOC is open to smaller capacity venues I cannot imagine the IOC and World Athletics accepting 36,000 for their marquee Olympic event. Of note, the stadium was originally going to seat somewhere between 50,000 and 60,000 for the world championships but it was deemed to cost prohibitive to downsize it from that size. Having said that, this is an ideal stadium for a world championships and should leave Hungary with a viable legacy.
  10. No, the BC decision is final. It was made by the cabinet and they have clearly stated this is a binding decision and is not up for discussion so unless someone else is going to pony up cash this bid is dead. First Nations cannot pay for it and neither the COC or Ottawa is going to front all the costs.
  11. It's a dead bid. Doesn't matter how many presentations they make to the IOC. The BC government has said no to funding. No money, no bid, Olympics.
  12. Milan-Cortina is bleeding Euros left and right. In addition to the sliding track, they are having a heck of a time with cost issues on the main ice hockey arena and we have not even seen the costs for the massive speed skating oval renovation. Somewhere the folks in Torino are laughing. Remember when Milan thought they could finance all of this privately, despite the fact that Italy is flat broke?
  13. Yes, it's like the whole spat never happened.
  14. Amnesty International and other human rights groups are pushing back on Infantino 's bizarre ramble. I really think that FIFA had grandiose visions of genuine reform in Qatar and how they would moderate their ways much like the IOC delusionally believed when they first gave the 2008 Olympics to China. And it has been a spectacular failure. The media is right. Qatar is running the show here, not FIFA. I've seen a couple social media posts along with a comment in BBC that said they couldn't understand how FIFA could not get Qatar to relax their alcohol rules they way they did in Brazil. Simply put, Brazil is a western democracy while Qatar is still heavily under the influence of conservative Islamists and what they say goes. As for the IOC, they now have more than enough evidence to quickly dismiss a likely Doha bid for 2036. Sure they can have the standard "dialogue" to make it seem like they are entertaining the idea, but then can quickly deep six them later. While I know it wouldn't happen, I'd like to see UEFA, CONMEBOL, and some or perhaps all of CONCACAF vote to break from FIFA and form their own international football federation. FIFA left with just Asia and Africa couldn't survive.
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