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  1. Just because Sidney Crosby scored a sudden death goal, how did that make your life better?
  2. With me and the Olympics, its always been athletics first, then everything else. But I'm not honed in on anything or anyone in particular beyond that. I do want to follow/watch as much softball and baseball as I can, both for the US-Japan rivalry and the Israeli baseball team. But of course there are many storylines across many sports to follow, keeping up with all of them is an almost impossible task. As to specific events being postponed or cancellled, I had not given that any thought till now, but of course you are right. Until now, I had only really thought about the whole Games being cancelled, not anythng specific. As for TV listings, my NBCSN listings have non-stop Olympics starting at 7AM Eastern on Monday July 19. Even though the first event is not until 8PM on Tuesday July 20.
  3. I'm making a sort of in between post here. I still think the Games will take place. But until the actual start of competition, just 14 days from now on Day -2, evening of July 20 in the Eastern US, I can't bring myself to make my plans around the fact the Games will take place. For example, my time off from work is approved, and there is no chance I would be needed to work those 2 weeks. But I can just as easily tell my boss, oh, forget abut me taking the 2 weeks off, I'll be working on July 26.
  4. Same, and then hopefully Dodger Stadium in 2028.
  5. How was it dawn in London? The ceremony began at about 8pm local time if IIRC. And that's when Tokyo's will start 8pm local GMT +9
  6. Agree. Although TV money is the biggest motive for the IOC, I have to think that they did not want an extra 2 or 3 months of 2022 protests if Tokyo 2020NE had been cancelled.
  7. Campaigners call for NBC to cancel plans to broadcast Beijing 2022 (insidethegames.biz) "Campaigners said they were denied entry to the building (NBC HQ) and asked to leave the premises."
  8. Japan will be the main competition for gold. I expect (hope for?) a Japan - USA final. Japan's team will have the best players from the Japanese leagues, and from what I understand, winning this gold medal is as important as any there is for the Japanese public (at least those who still support having the Games). It would be a nice story though if Israel could get in there for a medal. I'm also looking forward to the softball competition, I expect a Japan - USA final there as well. And softball will be the opening event of the Games, with the first games taking place 2 days before the Opening Ceremonies.
  9. Mr. Tahtakkran of NBC gave a good putting-down to Scott.
  10. I don't see Samaranch in that negative a light, any more so than any other IOC president. He did after all open the Games up to professionals and helped to get rid of all the amateur restrictions on athletes. But he turned a blind eye to corruption, especially the Salt Lake bidding scandal. His appearance before the U.S. Congress in 1999 did not go swimmingly, as I recall. It was quite embarrassing, and he hid behind it by speaking in Spanish. . As I often say, a very flawed man, who only saw what he wanted to see. Hard to see any net positive from his reign, and his reputation only worsens over time. We all know what he was, no need to rehash it here.
  11. I prefer referring to them as anarchists.
  12. It is very sad, but now one poll (albeit from a conservative, pro-government newspaper) shows 50% support for the Games happening this summer, up from 39% a month ago. (The Olympics poll is right after the poll showing Suga's unpopularity.) Suga’s approval rating sinks to record low - The Japan News (the-japan-news.com)
  13. The IOC, the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee, and the Japanese Government have made it quite clear that further postponement of the Games is not an option. So I'm not sure where you are hearing or reading that it is. The choice is the Games will either open on July 23 they are cancelled.
  14. Most recent precedent for that is 1976, in the week before the Games started, the Republic of China was banned by the Canadian Government from competing under that name, and no ROC athlete would be admitted to Canada if they held an ROC passport. IOC protested and threatened to cancel the Games and for a short time, USOC threatened a last-minute boycott if Canada didn't relent (as they had guaranteed any IOC member in good standing could compete). Well, in the end IOC capitulates, USOC backs off and Canada gets its way, although they did agree to allow ROC flag and anthem, just not the name. So, ROC pouts, sticks its tongue out and withdraws from 1976 Games, and nobody cares. And no one cared in 1980 when ROC continues its petulant stance. By then it was more the case that IOC wants PRC in and they of course said we won't join until ROC is out.
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