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  1. Anything in particular about the Olympics he's said/done in the last year that you believe qualifies him? Or is it just the sum of everything?
  2. Ooops, I should have read better. It's only on Peacock's premium tier.
  3. A couple of thoughts on the NBC announcement. 1. Nothing said about the Olympic Channel, and how it might be used. In 2018, they used it for a constant highlight show, IIRC, a reporters' roundtable, and victory ceremonies. But then, I realize yesterday's announcement was to focus on streaming, not broadcast channels. 2. Because it's showing everything on Peacock, it may now be possible for anyone in the world who has a good VPN to watch the US coverage, if you want to.
  4. Opinion | Anyone can boycott the 2022 Beijing Olympics. Everyone should. - The Washington Post
  5. Given that Pairs is the most popular FS discipline in China, they wanted especially that to stay in Chinese prime time, and its also the last event on the figure skating program, rather than the first. If my memory serves me right, the last time Pairs wasn't first was 1972. Since the whole schedule was a compromise, NBC chose to have mens FS live in US prime time, since we have the gold medal favorite, as opposed to womens FS where a US woman will vie for 4th place. Same with dance and pairs, US has a medal contender for dance vs nobody in the top 6 in pairs.
  6. Mens figure skating ice dance final and team figure skating are moved to morning so as to be in US prime time. Women's skating and pairs stay in the evening local time. You are correct, Alpine Skiing will be in US prime time, except second runs of GS and Slalom (Women's being the only thing NBC would even care about) are around 1AM on US East Coast. They will still stream everyting live.
  7. Personally, I have not really cared for any Winter Games medal design since Innsbruck 64 and 76. 1988 was the last sort of traditional medal shape, after that we get crazy glass and bagel medals.
  8. Now the Post headline is Biden says US is "considering" a diplomatic boycott. He was meeting with Trudeau today.
  9. Well, I guess we could have heard about the protesters being arrested in Greece at the Torch Lighting Ceremony, but we didn't. About the only favorable news for this topic in the last few weeks.
  10. 1. Barcelona Barcelona 1992 Olympics music - Fanfarria Promenade (Medal Ceremony music) - YouTube 2. Atlanta 3. Salt Lake City
  11. Beijing 2022: boycott unlikely as NHL players lock in, Meng Wanzhou saga is over and US Olympic Committee makes vaccines mandatory | South China Morning Post (scmp.com)
  12. China Women's Volleyball, Olympic Gold Medalists 1984 and 2016.
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