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  1. How do Americans feel about a Beijing Winter Olympics boycott? - The Washington Post I avoid posting every article I see on this subject. But, I thought this was worth a read by everyone here.
  2. Hey,

    I was wondering if you had any coverage from Seoul 1988 (specifically NBC's weekend and weekday morning coverage, plus the full primetime shows from days 3, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14 and 15), plus the primetime coverage of days 2 and 3 from Barcelona. If so, I'd be interested in trading for your copies of them. I can send you my list of coverage, as well. Thanks!


  3. The BOA exists to prepare and send British athletes to the Olympic Games. Period.
  4. The Games are not going to be moved, but nonetheless, Does Senator Scott and RedWhiteBlue24 propose that the US taxpayer pay for a Winter Games shifted to Canada, Europe, or elsewhere? Otherwise, Prime Minister Trudeau will justifiably ignore him as well he should with a member of the out-of-power US political party. And I love his 1950s-60s Red-baiting, refusing to refer to the country as the People's Republic of China or just China. Is he going to start calling Taiwan Democracy China?
  5. Australia's Olympic team uniform provider ASICS Please explain how this is the IOC's official supplier.
  6. And the British Olympic Association will tell the UK Government what they can do with their boycott. Plus, Great Britain has a perfect record of Olympic attendance. 56 Summer and Winter Olympic Games held, 56 times Great Britain has sent a team.
  7. As for Budapest, for the last three days the Hungarian capital has been hosting the European Wrestling Olympic Qualification Tournament. 288 wrestlers across 35 European countries are competing. If any sport is going to risk the spread of Covid-19, its hard to think of one more likely to do so than wrestling. Have we heard yet of any positives coming out of this tournament? Definitely.
  8. I wish a thoughtful reporter would remind Blinken or Psaki or any other Administration official who keeps saying they haven't decided on a boycott that the USOPC has announced on March 11 that USA athletes are attending the Beijing Olympic Winter Games and Paralympic Games and then a follow-up along the lines of "so are you prepared to force US athletes not to attend by any or all means necessary?" (revoke passports, etc. as was something that was suggested that the Carter Administration would do in 1980 if the USOC would not fall into line).
  9. Right Ulu, If I remember correctly, it is the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee alone, based on selections made by the applicable federation or governing body, that enters US athletes in the Olympic Games and its the USOPC alone that would officially withdraw an athlete.
  10. Where are you, RedWhiteandBlue? Opinion | U.S. sanctions for the Uyghur genocide are hurting China. But they aren’t enough. - The Washington Post
  11. Agree, And although there are many other reasons they want Tokyo 2020 to take place, a cancellation at the end of say April just increases by three months the length of time they are going to hear nothing except Beijing 2022.
  12. Lawmakers want to strip 2022 Olympics from ChinaHouse members introduced legislation on Monday that would require the State Department to brief athletes on the human-rights situation. - National Journal I actually found this a very fair and balanced article.
  13. https://www.washingtonpost.com/us-policy/2021/03/10/president-bidens-second-big-bill-may-be-china-package-pushed-by-top-senate-democrat/ Didn't see the word Olympic in here anywhere.
  14. Same reason for posting this. https://sports.yahoo.com/2022-winter-olympics-without-usa-100038315.html
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