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  1. They could also do something new.. maybe something more modern way like this haha https://www.einrichtungsradar.de/solarleuchte-test/ You could translate it to your language if u want :)
  2. Thank you for sharing this article with us GB Moderator! Sounds very interesting
  3. Is anyone planning to go to the Olympic Winter Games 2022 Beijing? Or do you think its better to wait for making plans in this current time?
  4. hey @KnipserDirk I agree with you. I think you need the people who ensure the specific atmosphere around you. That also pushed me while I was playing football. Now to see every kind of sport without fans is really frustrating. I'm excited how it will develop in the next months. Also thanks for sharing the video, was such fun to watch. Gaby
  5. Hello, are there any news about olympics Tokio 2021? I coudn't find a clear answer in the internet. Thanks in advance!
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