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  1. Nacre

    Calgary 2026

    This really should be easy for all parties. The Flames need a new arena and it is worth *some* public money to Calgary to keep them there. Likewise with the Stampeders and their stadium. The IOC and sponsors can kick in enough money to bring the ski jumping hills back into operational status. New dorms for the University of Calgary should suffice for the athletes village. It is also worth some public investment to Alberta and Calgary to promote the local ski industry. Hopefully the city, provincial government, Flames and Stampeders owners, et al find a way to make reasonable compromises. It's not just the main stadium. Almost none of the marquee venues from the Pan-American Games are Olympic-capable. Personally I think that's great news for Ontario, as it does need grassroots-friendly sporting venues and it does not need a bunch of Olympic-sized albatrosses. But hosting the big show would require Toronto to build a second velodrome, most likely two more aquatics centers, etc in addition to the main stadium. If I were an Ontario taxpayer I would not be pleased with that idea.
  2. Nacre

    Russia To Consider 2032 Olympic Games Bid

    Petrovsky Stadium is a really nice athletics stadium. (StadiumDB) It's a shame it's surrounded by water or they could go with the original London plan of a 55,000 temporary seat tier built over a 25,000 seat permanent stadium. I really think that is the most economical way of handling the main stadium. But Petersburg would likely have to build a white elephant instead.
  3. Another $500 million means nothing to voters who think their countries will have to pay $10 billion to host the Olympics. What the IOC needs to do is change the hosting requirements. Let countries use outdoor velodromes, aquatics centers and speed skating rinks. Reduce the required seating capacities. Let the organizing committee use a satellite city for a major team sport like ice hockey or basketball. And most especially reduce the security requirements. When hosts are spending > $1 billion on security costs there is no chance of breaking even financially.
  4. Nacre

    United States 2026/2030

    By that logic why not accept a Dubai and Lebanon joint winter Olympics bid?
  5. Nacre

    North America Elected To Host 2026 FIFA World Cup

    Miami to Mexico City is a three day drive, and roughly a week by train. (Miami-DC-El Paso-Mexico City) It takes at least three days to take Amtrak across the US and three to four days to drive across the USA if you are driving 10-14 hours per day. It is extraordinarily unlikely that a world cup fan will choose to use any form of transit other than aircraft for anything other than short trips like Boston-New York.
  6. Nacre

    North America Elected To Host 2026 FIFA World Cup

    My point is that the distances involved in a North American world cup are only marginally shorter than an Australasian world cup. It's not like substituting New York or Chicago for Miami would make that flight any shorter.
  7. Yes. Even in Japan people fly instead of taking the train if the journey will be longer than about 3 hours by rail. This is incidentally one of the major problems with trying to implement high speed rail in places like the USA and Australia.
  8. Nacre

    Budapest 2032?

    I think the sports facilities are a lesser concern than the fact that they simply don't have the tourist infrastructure needed. Budapest's airport has only 11 million annual passengers; that is comparable to Stuttgart or Salt Lake City. Athens handles 20 million annual passengers, and they would never have been given the games if Athens did not happen to be in the home country of the ancient Olympics. My home town of Seattle has 47 million annual passengers, and London's second largest airport has 43 million annual passengers. Their bid book claimed to offer over 100,000 hotel rooms, but this involved using buildings that are not actually hotels (like nursing homes) and many of the sites were located far outside the Budapest metro area. Their actual tourism data paints a different picture: there were only 10.6 million overnight visits to the Budapest area in 2016, and 25 million for the whole of Hungary. Seattle's core county alone, by comparison, had 38 million overnight visits: 50% more than the entire country of Hungary. And I am 100% certain that Seattle is not big enough for the summer Olympics. Hungary is a landlocked country that cannot add cruise ships as temporary hotels like Athens, Vancouver and Sochi did.
  9. Nacre

    North America Elected To Host 2026 FIFA World Cup

    Miami-Mexico City is also several hours of flying over the ocean, and only very marginally shorter than Sydney-Auckland. http://www.gcmap.com/mapui?P=SYD-AKL,+MIA-MEX It is crazy that Americans are criticizing the idea of traveling across Australasia, Africa or Europe while ignoring the similarly massive distances that will have to be traveled in the pan-North America world cup.
  10. The issue is not spending money, at least if you believe in Keynesian economics. Europe's economic issues today are largely due to austerity rather than profligacy. The issue is what the money is spent on. If you have 100 million euros to spend, why spend it on an aquatics center rather than transit, education or healthcare? I know I have mentioned it before, but Barcelona spent a huge amount of money on the 1992 games. In Barcelona's case the lion's share of the money went to restoring public beaches, transit improvements, new cruise ship docks, new hotels for tourists, etc. And those things built for the Olympics were a wise investment for the city. Meanwhile most of the sports venues likes the athletics stadium, aquatics center, etc already existed and merely had to be renovated. Barcelona built some new venues, but most of the focus was on urban and tourist infrastructure. Since 1996 we have seen a return to the era previous to LA 1984 where cities like Montreal spent lavishly on Olympic parks and sporting venues. Additionally there is the added problem of a massive increase in security. But it is a mistake to think that the Olympics have no benefit to cities, or that they inevitably are a waste of money.
  11. Nacre

    FIFA World Cup 2026

    The travel seems like a nightmare to me, but that's probably because I hate flying and I've had to do too much traveling in northern states in winter. (My last trip to Boston from Seattle took 52 hours with delays and layovers. That will be the last time I ever volunteer for a project at Harvard.) With charter jets and summer weather it should be easier, but I still don't envy the foreign fans that will follow their teams from Los Angeles to Miami to Chicago.
  12. Nacre

    FIFA World Cup 2026

    Morocco would be a stable world cup in the same way that South Africa was a stable world cup. I don't particularly like the country (I have relatives who live there who have had problems with the authorities and had lots of health issues from eating contaminated food,) but it is not problematic in the way that Russia and Qatar are problematic.
  13. Nacre

    FIFA World Cup 2026

    Morocco is not particularly well liked by sub-Saharan African countries due to their handling of events like the Ebola outbreak. I will still be surprised if the United bid wins, however, due to the triad of time zone differences, the logistics issues with a continental bid and finally the USA's issues with Trumpism and Islamophobia.
  14. Nacre

    Russia 2018

    Wow. Robbie Williams is a real surprise for an event in Russia. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MdYGQ7B0Vew
  15. Nacre

    FIFA World Cup 2026

    Good. I don't want the (dis)united bid to win, but I can live with it if we win fairly. If North America wins through skullduggery there will be an outcry when fans and national teams encounter the inevitable logistical problems.