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  1. Yankee Stadium was replaced with (New) Yankee Stadium in 2009 . . .
  2. Back to Japan . . . The original plan was for 50,850 security personnel during the games. I thought that one saving grace of having no spectators would be a reduction in that number. Yet somehow they have actually increased the number of security staff to 59,000! https://www.asahi.com/articles/ASP7J5KK4P7GUTIL00H.html?ref=tw_asahi (link in Japanese) The escalating security costs are going to make it impossible for future hosts to avoid heavy financial losses even without risks such as Covid.
  3. The Canadian government invests in Vancouver which increase Canada's GDP, which in turn creates more tax revenue for the government, which can be spent across Canada including in Toronto on stuff like the 2015 Pan American Games. Are you opposed to all federally-funded projects in Canada? higher wages in a community = higher cost of living in that community I really wish that wasn't true, but it is. A growing economy in both Vancouver and London's east end inevitably means higher prices to live in those places.
  4. By improving Canada's overall economic performance, which is why governments fund transportation even without the Olympics. Vancouver's economic success benefits all of Canada. It's hard to point the Olympics as having a causal role in this, but Vancouver was the best performing area of Canada in the years after their games. The east end of London also saw significant economic growth and gentrification after 2012, although that also unfortunately inevitably raised housing prices.
  5. My point was actually the opposite. The IOC probably would have given Sapporo a future winter games already if the Japanese wanted them enough to promise to support a bid. They did not before, and Sapporo certainly will not be in "continuous dialogue" about hosting a winter games after the economic disaster the "2020" Olympics have become. In fairness I think a future winter games is much safer and more sensible for Canada than the summer games have been for Japan. Calgary is building a new arena for the NHL anyway, McMahon stadium needs to be renovated whether Calgary hosts the Olympics or not, the ski jumps already exist and either need to be demolished or refurbished, the city needs another CTrain line, and so on. There would be much less Olympic-specific expense than has happened in Tokyo. And by tying in a new CTrain line, public housing/village, venue upgrades and so on to another Olympic bid, you and other Canadians would get both a better #4 city and the pleasure of watching team Canada beat the USA in front of a home crowd. Is that worth $100+ in public subsidy per Canadian household? Only Canadians can answer that.
  6. The problem is that the Japanese probably don't want the IOC, not that the IOC doesn't want Japan. Bach might have given them another winter games under the table before this ever started (just like they did for LA and Brisbane).
  7. Many people in Japan are interesting in seeing their athletes compete and the Olympics they are hosting. Most people in Japan are very unhappy about losing $20 billion on the Olympics and wish they could somehow both avoid losing the money and having to host (a thus far small number of) people who are bringing Covid along with them. These two things are not mutually exclusive.
  8. Russia essentially built a new city for that amount of money, though. And (partially due to western sanctions preventing Russians from going to the west) that city has become a booming tourist town. What will the Japanese get in exchange for the $20 billion investment? I don't know if it's been mentioned upthread, but Toyota, Panasonic and other Japanese companies are pulling their Olympic ads on domestic Japanese television. These games have become a toxic brand in Japan, and no one with any sense would want to be associated with the disaster.
  9. I see your point. Long Beach - Los Angeles - Sherman Oaks: 72 km Gold Coast - Brisbane - Sunshine Coast: 184 km In fairness even Tokyo is doing this with track cycling in Izu: 130 km away from Tokyo proper.
  10. It has not fully reformed, but he has at least bought them another 11 years in which to change their way of doing things. I remain dubious that a spread out plan is going to work well. (Having everything in one city makes logistical issues a lot easier.) But they absolutely have to do something to break the sports up into smaller groups. I would prefer four games instead of two, but regional bids like the Gold Coast regional bid for 2032 is the other viable way to achieve it. I think we have to wait until after 2032 before we can judge Bach's tenure.
  11. I think that the biggest problem is that Australia and Britain are something of a crutch for the CGF. Even in relatively prosperous countries like Canada and New Zealand there is little desire for the kind of games that were hosted in Glasgow and the Gold Coast. It was hard to force through drastic reform when there were still some bidders available. But taking large sums of public money away from other areas and diverting them to sporting venues is a really hard sell in places outside of Australia and the UK. Hence the difficulty in getting games in Canada or South Africa across the finish line.
  12. Which is more important to the Japanese government, looking bad in the eyes of the IOC and Olympic fans in the rest of the world, or looking bad in the eyes of their own citizens? The Japanese people are going to be enraged (even moreso than they are already) at having to foot the bill for the Olympics when they cannot even attend the events. The logical course of action for the Japanese politicians and head of state is to take every opportunity to show the people of Japan that it's the IOC and sporting federations that are pushing this forward and not them. Especially since they need to distract the public from the fact that they failed to begin vaccinations quickly.
  13. Unfortunately I think Quaker is right, and a fight will begin to shift blame between Japan and the IOC. If I were the PM or Emperor of Japan, there's no way I would agree to attend the ceremonies and open the games, for example.
  14. I wish the USA would wait a bit before hosting this. The tournament has never before been hosted by a team outside of the top 10. (Japan is ranked #10, while the USA is ranked #16 in the world.) Watching the US national team get its teeth kicked in will not really "grow the game" among Americans.
  15. The problem is that as long as India (the BCCI) does not want cricket in the Olympics there is no chance of it being added. It's comparable to the USA not wanting basketball in the Olympics.
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