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  1. United States 2026/2030

    IF the USOC bids it would not be logical to pick any state other than New York or Utah due to construction costs. The IOC wants to minimize costs as much as possible to show European cities that they can host the games without significant financial waste. But New York would be logistically difficult due to the remoteness and lack of infrastructure around Lake Placid. Or, to put it another way, there is little to no chance that Denver or Buffalo will want the Olympics, that the USOC would pick Denver or Buffalo over Salt Lake City, or that the IOC would want an expensive Colorado bid instead of a cheap Utah bid. The chances of all three happening seem negligible.
  2. United States 2026/2030

    Even if some other city and state wanted to spend $5 billion on the winter Olympics I don't believe the suddenly cost conscious IOC would let them. Even if Reno came forward offering to build everything with private money that is not the kind of bid the Olympics need right now. As for the IOC's rules, those will instantly go out the window if SLC is the only bidder. There is no practical reason that a winter games in Utah would be hurt by a World Cup in the rest of the country many months later.
  3. United States 2026/2030

    Why? They are not even considering Salt Lake City as a World Cup host city, and nothing new should have to be built for either event.
  4. Anchorage is not viable. Alaska is just not developed enough. Not enough hotel rooms, people to service the games and volunteer, sports venues, etc. I would also question the transportation, but my personal experiences may be clouding my judgement. I was on Chichagof Island for two months last year and during that time we had at least a dozen days when Discovery channel executives couldn't fly in on a seaplane because of bad weather.
  5. Why? Because America >>>>>> France? Why is it that you highlight any issue with the non-USA bids, yet somehow never post any criticism of LA's potential pitfalls, such as whether California High Speed Rail will be able to service the 2028 games? In any case the criticism in Paris is not that the Olympic plan will not be financed or non-viable, but rather a fight between commuters and tourists/Olympic fans.
  6. I would love to see Joshua trees planted in Los Angeles, but I am not sure how well they would do there. They are not native to that part of California, but if humans had not killed off the giant ground sloths they would probably be established in LA by now.
  7. United States 2026/2030

    Welcome to the forum! Unfortunately the minimum seating capacity needed for both figure skating and ice hockey arenas is 12,000. If the new arena were just a bit larger it would work, though. I had never considered that Denver could use a ski area other than Vail. Winter Park does actually have enough vertical drop for the mens alpine skiing in the Olympics.
  8. United States 2026/2030

    It is not a question of can vs cannot but of will vs will not. Colorado could host the Winter Olympics. But assuming a 50/50 private/public partnership do they really want to spend $4 billion in public money to host the Olympics? Especially in a state that does not want more development and where many people despise the New Yorkers who make pilgrimages to Aspen and buy hobby ranches outside Denver. I think you are being deliberately obtuse for the fun of arguing, especially in light of the fact that you have previously said that the IOC would never even consider a future bid from Denver.
  9. United States 2026/2030

    Domestic American opinions do not matter because the rest of the country does not contribute any money to building the venues. The state of Colorado is equivalent in population to Ireland but has a weaker economy. It is smaller and much weaker economically than Norway. And it would have to pay for a Sochi or Pyeongchang level construction binge. That is why it is so much harder to create new venues for the Olympics in the USA despite its vast size and population. The USA itself does not actually build any stadiums or arenas for the Olympics. It falls entirely on local governments and private benefactors.
  10. United States 2026/2030

    The refrigeration equipment is the expensive part and requires a concrete supporting structure. Yes, and the Chinese will build two Olympic villages and a high speed train connecting them.
  11. United States 2026/2030

    The Olympics have only been spread out in the sense of having separate ice and snow events, and for that you need separate villages at each site. Vancouver's games had two clusters, but each was tightly packed. The events in Vancouver were all in the greater downtown area. You can compare it to traveling from Greenwich Village to Harlem: they are both in Manhattan, just at different ends of it. Using Colorado Springs and Steamboat Springs would require separate athletes villages in those places and would be an enormous PITA for the organizers, fans, IOC, NOC officials, etc. It would only be possible to build a temporary structure in a location cold enough for a natural track. Vail is too warm for a natural track.
  12. Catalonia

    If the will of the people is unconstitutional, then the government should simply ignore it. Attempting to suppress the will of the people with violence legitimizes the desire of Catalan nationalists for political independence. (As opposed to social and cultural independence.) I despise nationalism. But if the Spanish government continues with this then even I will admit that they have lost Catalonia.
  13. The problem is that demand for tickets for the Olympics is very, very high. Tickets for the day of the 100m finals in London went for roughly $1,200 apiece. And with roughly 30,000 seats going to the IOC, athletes, athletes families, the media, corporate sponsors, etc there would be very few seats left for the public in a 40,000 seat Olympic stadium. I think that London's original plan (25,000 permanent seats and 55,000 temporary seats) is the best compromise.
  14. United States 2026/2030

    It is still over four hours each way flying. (30 minutes to Denver airport, 90 minutes waiting for your flight, 80 minutes flying, and 50 minutes driving to Park City.) And that's if there's a flight at the exact moment you want one. It is a pain going between Vancouver and Whistler. Enough to make my friends at UBC prefer Mt Seymour when I lived there. But a two hour drive each way is still doable in a day trip. Four and a quarter hours each way flying is not.
  15. United States 2026/2030

    Logistics. It is an eight hour drive from Denver to Park City. Is it reasonable to ask people to drive sixteen hours in one day to make a day trip from Denver out to Utah?