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  1. The Tokyo Tatsumi International Swimming Center only seats 3,600 people. That's why they had to build something new. It's easy to say that they should use smaller venues. But there's a 100% chance that the same media people criticizing them for building large venues would also criticize them if they used a smaller venue and there were no seats for the media, athletes, athletes family, volunteers and fans from the host country.
  2. Sour beets would be more appropriate for Russia, which are "kvas".
  3. Adelaide would be a great host city. Australia has a huge advantage because a cricket stadium like the Adelaide Oval can be easily converted into an athletics stadium. Meanwhile ice hockey rinks and Canadian football stadiums are not as useful. A Canadian city like Hamilton will need more time to prepare a games than a comparable Australian city, and the CGF are being a bit foolish in pressuring Hamilton to move its bid forward four years. They are not ready and they know it.
  4. I think the heads of these sporting federations simply do not understand the problems facing host cities. Bidding is a tiny fraction of the total cost. Saving $5 CAD million on bidding is not much compared to a total budget of $1 CAD billion that will almost certainly have cost overruns, although creative accounting will undoubtedly be used to make sure politicians don't look bad and executives get their bonus pay. Reducing the minimum venue sizes should be job #1 for the CGF. It is simply indefensible that many sports like athletics and cycling have higher required capacities for the Com
  5. I would say it was the other way around. The only countries interested in hosting this event are dictatorships who want to make themselves look good.
  6. South African social segregation also affected black athletes and fans. Similarly Russia has been punished for state-sponsored doping, and not its anti-gay legislation or sending weapons and "little green men" into Ukraine. The problem with punishing countries for human rights violations and political malfeasance is that every country violates human rights to some degree or other. Capital punishment is legal in the USA and the country has its own problems with mass imprisonment and racism. So should the USOC be banned from the Olympics? Should Japan be banned from the Olympics for its ref
  7. Japan spent roughly $9.6 billion on the Olympics by the end of 2019. Unfortunately I can't find data since then. But with expected total expenses of about $25-30 billion they should still be able to save a large sum of money by canceling the games - far more than the IOC's contributions. It is of course the fear of -as you put it- "having spend billions on the Olympics with nothing to show for it" that is motivating Japanese politicians to continue with the games, costs be damned. But if they are not able to host the games safely with fans, it will simply be throwing yet more money away.
  8. Cutting the cost of providing security, hospitality to athletes and officials, transporting people, et al absolutely would save them money. Of course it would also deny them access to the revenue from broadcasting funds, and in the unlikely chance that fans were able to attend then to ticket sales as well. The question is whether the television revenue would exceed the costs. In 2012 the security costs were $720 million, and the IOC's total contribution was $910 million. So the money the IOC kicked in barely covered the security costs alone. Japan's share of the broadcasting revenue is no
  9. The Japanese are losing interest in hosting the games anyway. For example: https://www.nippon.com/en/japan-data/h00780/ https://nypost.com/2020/07/20/japanese-people-want-no-part-of-2021-olympics-poll/ I doubt that the Japanese people would mind saving a huge sum of money during a prolonged economic contraction by cancelling the games. It's the politicians like Abe and Yuriko Koike who need to save face and keep the Olympics alive. There would presumably be little appetite for a pointless insult to China over something that the majority of Japanese want given the current reality
  10. This is what happens when a committee makes design decisions. I do too, but organizations start with high concept ideas for the design (like diversity), then the designer has to create something based on those ideas, then finally a group of people in a committee all pull the design in different directions and make the designer make those changes. And you end up with something that looks worse than what a designer would have come up with on their own.
  11. This. Kazakhstan gets less press than China, but it is a dictatorship and has the same low support for human rights as China. The IOC's choice between Almaty and Beijing was a small economy with snow and a big economy far from the mountains. There was no choice between human rights and authoritarianism.
  12. Technically it is a strike, not a boycott, as the players have (temporarily) withdrawn their labor rather than ostracizing the league employing them. The NBA and the players union have fairly warm relations and have cooperated well during the ongoing protests.
  13. Perhaps, but that would not accomplish anything either. It's not as if Russia reversed its anti-gay legislation after Obama declined to attend the Sochi games.
  14. Macron got nearly double the vote of LePen in 2017. It is unlikely that France will elect a far right leader sympathetic to Trump. And even being a far right leader is no guarantee of support. Viktor Orban of Hungary has threatened to turn his country to China for support if the European Union does not give him more financial support.
  15. I really, really doubt it. Because Trump is despised by the rest of the democratic world, any politician who gives Trump what he wants will be seen negatively by their own electorate. Europe has thus far been lukewarm in its views of Trump's economic proposals to weaken China, and an Olympic boycott will be even less well received.
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