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  1. Potential 2026 and 2028 bids

    Yes, that's essentially the issue. Seattle has small ski areas in our National Parks instead of a huge resort town like Whistler. The sports facilities are achievable for us but the hotels, roads, etc are not. If you can scrape up the money for the Chihuly Museum and Teatro Zinzanni you should see them, but they are both expensive. If you are on a budget Pioneer Square and Seattle Center usually have free public concerts and art. Boeing's Museum of Flight is also free and pretty great. If you have access to a car and have the time you should see the rainforest and the volcanic eruption at Mount St Helens.
  2. Potential 2026 and 2028 bids

    Unfortunately it will be very difficult for visitors to get to Are, and there are not enough hotel rooms or local people there. A seven to eight hour bus trip each way is not reasonable for a day trip for the Olympic fans, media and athletes. Nor are the 1,417 residents of Are enough to adequately staff the alpine portion of the Winter Olympics. It would be better for everyone if Sweden were able to host with an established resort that has adequate tourism infrastructure. Even if that resort is in the Alps. Of course, but that simply shows how this is an inevitable process anyway.
  3. Potential 2026 and 2028 bids

    There simply are not too many locations that have all of the required physical features for the winter games. That results in either an extremely restricted pool of host cities or a massive building spree in new hosting regions like Pyeongchang or Sochi. My home state of Washington is technically capable of hosting the winter games. We have a ski resort with the required vertical drop, the snowiest ski resort in the world that's also home to the oldest existing snowboarding tournament in the world, a biathlon center, and a currently run-down ski hill that hosted many national championships from the 50's to 70's. Unfortunately they are all in different locations and are far from our big city. Stockholm, Krakow/Slovakia, Milan, Denver, upstate New York, etc all have that problem. I think they need to formally break up the snow and ice sports. Let Stockholm host the ice events and Switzerland host the snow events and the Winter Olympics instantly become more manageable for the host cities.
  4. Those empty seats

    Vancouver is 2.5 million. Plus 350,000 in Victoria. Seattle is 3.5 million, but few people traveled from Washington to BC for the Olympics. It is a three hour drive or four hour train trip from Seattle to Vancouver even without a long line at the border or delays from the numerous and slow freight trains carrying oil, coal and lumber. There are empty seats at nearly all Olympics. London used fairly extreme methods to force the usage of all seats, and most organizers will not do that. Even in France or Germany there would have been many empty seats reserved for the "Olympic family," media and corporate sponsors.
  5. Pyeongchang's Budget

    60% occupancy rate at Sochi's hotels is actually pretty solid. IIRC that is roughly the breakeven point for most chain hotels.
  6. Obviously it is far too early to start talking about the style of the games. But I personally hope Los Angeles chooses to show what it does best: how American culture melds with the rest of the world. For example Disney use European culture with its films, while Europeans in turn use American music styles. They could follow the development of the Beatles from African music to American plantation music to American rock and roll and then finally to British rock, for example. Conversely it would be cool if they could introduce some international customs for the games celebration. A Eurosong style music contest for the US states would be amazing. Even Idaho has some good singers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yq4KA0mUnC8
  7. There is no "they." USC is paying for the renovations to benefit their American football team. The LA2028 organizing committee will handle the ceremonies but is not renovating the stadium. That is why the stadium is not optimized for the Olympics.
  8. This complaint is made at every Olympics. And it's the Olympic family themselves that are to blame. Beyond that most snow events are pretty bad for live spectators. I live a half hour drive from the ski area with the world's oldest snowboarding tournament and I would say that 1% of the fun comes from watching the snowboarders pass by and 99% of the fun comes from the camaraderie, barbecued seafood and craft beers.
  9. I don't live in Calgary, but I know a few Flames fans and they are really angry that the city's mayor is willing to let their NHL ice hockey team leave by refusing to fund a new arena while at the same time spending just as much money on the Olympics. Their argument is that if the city has money to spend on sport it should be spent on a new arena that will be used for forty years rather than the Olympics for two weeks. Imagine if Madrid knew it could host the Olympics, but only if it lost Real Madrid: which would the Madrilenos choose? I have no idea if this is representative of the general public in Calgary, though.
  10. Paris 2024

    The World's Fair is also really easy to screw up badly. Paris has lost enormous sums of l'argent in the past on expositions. There is a lot more freedom in designing an expo than the Olympics, which is good news for cities with cunning and wise politicians, but awful news for the majority of cities which have politicians who don't know much about either economics or urban planning. I will say, though, that Seattle's two Expos both made a profit and created the two best districts in the city. Barcelona also couldn't have hosted the Olympics without the public infrastructure from its two Expos. Vancouver probably couldn't host the winter games without the infrastructure from its Expo either. With good legacy planning an Expo can be better for a city than the Olympic Games.
  11. Building a stadium without obstructed views is not that difficult and is one of the first objectives for architects working on modern stadiums that do not include marble. All they had to do was to build up rather than putting a big box right in the middle of the seating on one side of the stadium.
  12. It really isn't: many of the seats on either side of the new luxury boxes will now have obstructed views even for American football. This plan is 100% aimed at increasing premium ticketing, with 0% consideration given to either the plebians in general admission seating or the stadium's Olympic conversion.
  13. Calgary 2026

    Just from talking briefly from Flames fans in Vancouver, my perception is that Calgarians are both surprisingly well informed about the Olympics and opposed to a bid. Is this fairly accurate SkiFreak, or incorrect?
  14. Donald Trump

    Unfortunately a lot of American nationalists support him precisely because he is so deliberately antagonistic. I have to admit that I find it hilarious that he is simultaneously supported by radical Zionists and radical anti-Semites.