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  1. Whistler is quite a distance away from Vancouver, but of course it was the same distance in 2010. So I don't understand why Vancouver's bid would need to be any more regional than it was in 2010. The new venues built for the 2010 games were converted into community facilities after the winter games. But they ought to be able to reconvert them for competition use. If that isn't viable because of local politics then the bid ought to be scrapped. If they are planning to use venues in the provincial capital of Victoria, then they ought to simply forgo hosting. The journey between Vancouver an
  2. I would say that the new rule is that there is no rule. That's what I object to, anyway. The IOC has moved from one form of bad governance (a near-kleptocratic oligarchy where decisions are based on how they personally benefit the voters) to another bad form of governance (a dictatorship in which decisions are based on the personal will of an executive).
  3. I was responding to a post that said . . . The other potential host cities are not behind Brisbane in venues or tourism infrastructure. They are behind Brisbane in not being fast tracked by the Australian vice president of the IOC. That is why they are complaining about not being given the chance to put forward a bid. I certainly hope that the IOC reduces the burden on host cities moving forward. The question is how those host cities are selected.
  4. I am not arguing that Brisbane is incapable of hosting. I am arguing that the IOC has lowered the bar to enable Brisbane to host. It has done this by: allowing venues and tourism infrastructure to be spread out over Queensland instead of requiring a single host city (which you yourself note in your post above by counting hotel capacity and venues outside of Brisbane) reducing the requirements of venues from past games (such as not requiring 60,000 seats for the main athletics stadium) giving them the games without bidding, in which case the bid from Brisbane would indeed be
  5. I don't hate anything about Brisbane's plan. For me this is not an emotional issue . . . Many of those venues are not able to meet the technical requirements of the Olympics. The larger issue, though, is that Brisbane does not meet the requirements for tourism infrastructure. Brisbane only has about a third of the required number of hotel rooms for the Summer Olympics, for example. Brisbane would not have been chosen in a competitive bid process based on technical merits. It may very well be successful in establishing a new format for host cities with a much smaller burden of inte
  6. Brisbane has not won because it has "done better". Many of Brisbane's facilities do not meet the minimum requirements for the Olympics. It won because Coates and Bach have steered the Olympics to Brisbane while bypassing the normal procedure. That may prove to be a wise decision, of course. But it's the exact opposite of Brisbane somehow putting together a more deserving bid.
  7. It's really disappointing that Qatar insists on hosting events they are so poorly suited for. They would be solid hosts for the Cricket World Cup; the tournament can easily be scheduled for February and most of the people living in Qatar are from India, Bangladesh and Nepal and enjoy cricket. Yet they have no interest in cricket's world cup. Meanwhile, there is no chance they would be able to host the Olympics in 40+ C heat during July. Every sport in the world would have to change their schedule to accommodate a summer Olympics held in the winter so Qatar could host. Then again I th
  8. The problem is that community pools and Olympic aquatics centres are designed very differently. London did a pretty good job of designing theirs to minimize the long-term problems of Olympic facilities and make it viable as a community swimming complex, but this came at a very high initial price of roughly 540 million Australian dollars. You could build a couple hundred community pools for that amount of money. The needs of an Olympic aquatics centre (very high ceilings with lights and cameras for television, camera platforms, seating for thousands of fans, VIP areas, et al) are a better
  9. I really do not think this is the proper way to sell British Columbians on the idea of hosting. The existing Westshore Velodrome is good enough to help develop Olympic-level athletes at the grassroots level. The existing aquatics center is a great community rec center and does not need to be replaced. And if Saanich Inslet is not good enough for rowing, then it can be cut as it is only an optional sport. It cost 17 million pounds to construct the rowing lake for London 2012; that is not a viable expense for British Columbia in a world struggling to recover from a pandemic and with the lo
  10. Well, the military equipment and training we gave the Mujahideen/proto-Taliban helped. Of course, that bit us in the ass later on . . . The irony is that the more the West presses China on human rights, the more the CCP sees minority rights as a threat to its revived Han empire and thus feels an increased need to suppress minorities.
  11. 1) You are entitled to your opinion. 2) Your opinion is wrong. They clearly do not "want people to boycott" their Olympics, and have threatened retaliation against any country that boycotts.
  12. If they do it likely won't be through a pointless gesture like boycotting the Olympics . . .
  13. So because of Covid-19, they think it would be a good idea to take the Olympics from one of the countries that has handled the virus very well, and give it one of the worst-managed states in the developed country that has done the worst job of restricting the spread of the virus. Next up . . . Barrow, Alaska to host the World Beach Games and Honolulu to host the winter Olympics.
  14. At this point China is strong enough to take Taiwan if it really wants to. But that would likely trigger the surrounding countries (India, Japan, Vietnam, Australia, etc) to create a formal NATO-style alliance against it. Hopefully the world is able to handle a rising China better than it handled a rising Germany a century ago.
  15. Many of the healthcare workers I know have gotten their first dose, and my parents have signed up for vaccination next month. The USA has done a pretty terrible job with Covid so far, but progress is being made quickly. If production of the vaccine is able to continue without supply shortages, most of the at-risk population should be vaccinated in developed countries by summer. It won't be "over" by July, though. The only way to host the Olympics with even a modicum of safety would be to vaccinate all of the athletes, officials and games workers by June. And that means putting very health
  16. The NBA bubble cost more than $600,000 per athlete.
  17. The event itself usually barely breaks even in developed countries. But that's with stadiums and arenas full of fans when people can afford to buy expensive tickets, and companies are flush with cash for advertising. With stadiums one third of capacity with only Japanese fans, they will probably lose even more money by going forward with the games. That the IOC is desperate for the Olympics to go forward so they can get their cut of the broadcasting cash is certainly true. And I wonder if they will sue the Japanese government for damages if Tokyo bails on them.
  18. The problem is that even if they manage to vaccinate 100% of the Japanese population, the athletes and various workers will still spread the virus among themselves and take various viral strains back to their home countries. I just don't see how they can keep temporary venues and facilities dormant for 20 years. Do they rent out the Olympic village and then kick the thousands of residents out for the 2032 games? Do they leave the buildings empty for that long? Or will they sell off the condos and build a second Olympic village for 2032? At this point they should simply cut their
  19. I understand that you want a boycott to happen. And that is your prerogative. But the rest of us doubt it will happen unless there are statements to that effect from groups like the British Olympic Association or the US Olympic Committee. EDIT: And as I write this the US Capitol Building is being stormed by protesters in the American equivalent of the era of the Gracchi Brothers of the Roman Republic. We have much bigger things to worry about as a country than whether we will snub a Chinese-hosted Olympics.
  20. I think the organizers will probably try to show a "new France" just like Britain showed itself as a new multicultural society in the London 2012 ceremonies. As much I am interested in the history of the city from Roman Lutece/Lutetia to the Haussmann renovations of Paris and the belle epoque, I think that the French people and government are more interested in where their country is headed in the future than the long dead past. Bonjour Lilly. Vous'etes Francais?
  21. Affordable housing is issue #1 in Vancouver. Unfortunately even if an Olympic village is initially successful in creating affordable housing (as the Vancouver 2010 village did), it will lead to further gentrification of the area and an increase in rent price. This is what happened in the east end of London after 2012, for example. Vancouver needs to come up with a plan to make the village serve as affordable housing not only in the initial sale of condos, but also in the years to come. (The easiest way is to simply have the city directly own the apartment buildings and rent them at an aff
  22. Hasn't the Spanish project been shelved? https://gamesbids.com/eng/winter-olympic-bids/future-winter-bids/pyrenees-barcelona-2030-olympic-winter-games-bid-on-hold-amid-pandemic/ I went to university in British Columbia and never saw the place as joyous as it was during the winter games, despite everything that went wrong. (Although in fairness I didn't go to many parties in university: after running out of money for food I wasn't in a position to buy beer.) It is one of the few places where there is likely to be goodwill toward an Olympic bid in the aftermath of a ruinous global
  23. The Tokyo Tatsumi International Swimming Center only seats 3,600 people. That's why they had to build something new. It's easy to say that they should use smaller venues. But there's a 100% chance that the same media people criticizing them for building large venues would also criticize them if they used a smaller venue and there were no seats for the media, athletes, athletes family, volunteers and fans from the host country.
  24. Sour beets would be more appropriate for Russia, which are "kvas".
  25. Adelaide would be a great host city. Australia has a huge advantage because a cricket stadium like the Adelaide Oval can be easily converted into an athletics stadium. Meanwhile ice hockey rinks and Canadian football stadiums are not as useful. A Canadian city like Hamilton will need more time to prepare a games than a comparable Australian city, and the CGF are being a bit foolish in pressuring Hamilton to move its bid forward four years. They are not ready and they know it.
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