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2007 Cricket World Cup

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I should be the last person to make a topic like this because I have practically no clue on how this sport is played. Of course, it is so because I don't get cricket matches on TV, from where I am, apart from seeing highlights of it from my satellite BBC World News program. I guess I am going to get schooled by our GamesBids cricket fans here on how it is played properly.

Getting back to the topic at hand, the 2007 ICC Cricket World Cup is just one month away from starting in the West Indies area of the world. You are probably saying, "Where in the world is the West Indies?" It is located in the general Caribbean area. Various island nations and one SOUTH AMERICAN nation within this general area will get to host cricket matches in their respective stadia. Most of all, the event's duration is 7 weeks.

First, let me put here the link to the official website of the ICC Cricket World Cup.

Link: Official Website Of The 2007 ICC Cricket World Cup

(Note: I do not understand why, at this time, I am having trouble downloading it in my computer. I think there some error problems with the website. Maybe you guys have better luck than I am here, but I hope it will be fixed before the event begins.)

Second, here are the FOUR Groups of four national teams each that will battle it out for the title of "World Cup Champion" in the sport.

Group A: -> Australia, South Africa, Scotland and the Netherlands.

Group B: -> Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh and Bermuda.

Group C: -> New Zealand, England, Kenya and Canada.

Group D: -> Pakistan, Zimbabwe, Ireland and the host team of the WEST INDIES.

Third, the venue locales for the 2007 Cricket World Cup.


- At Greenfield: Trelawny Multi-Purpose Stadium -> cap. 25,000; for warm-ups and the OPENING CEREMONY.

- At Kingston: Sabina Park -> cap. 21,000; for the opening match, group stage and a sem-final match.

2. Kingstown, St. Vincent, ST. VINCENT AND THE GRENADINES:

- Arnos Vale Stadium -> cap. 12,000; for warm-ups only.

3. Basseterre, Saint Kitts, SAINT KITTS AND NEVIS:

- Warner Park Stadium -> cap. 10,000; for Group Stage matches.

4. Port of Spain, Trinidad, TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO:

- Queen's Park Oval -> cap. 17,000; for Group Stage matches.

5. Gros Islet, SAINT LUCIA:

- Beausejour Cricket Ground -> cap. 12,000 to a temporary one of 20,000; for Group Stage and a semi-final matches.

6. Georgetown, GUYANA (SOUTH AMERICA):

- Guyana National Stadium -> cap. 16,000; for Super 8 matches.

7. Saint John's, Antigua, ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA:

- Sir Vivian Richards Cricket Ground -> cap. 10,000 to a temporary one of 20,000; for Super 8 matches.

8. Saint George, GRENADA:

- Grenada National Stadium -> cap. 17,000; for Super 8 matches.

9. Bridgetown, BARBADOS:

- 3Ws Oval -> cap. 3,000 - 4,000; for warm-ups only.

- Kensington Oval -> cap. 28,000; for Super 8 matches and THE FINAL MATCH!

For the record, these nations won the World Cup these many times in ICC history:

1. Australia -> 3 times

2. The West Indies -> 2 times

3. India -> 1 time

4. Pakistan -> 1 time

5. Sri Lanka -> 1 time

Well, I hope that this Wikipedia is right to support what I typed here.

Link: Wikipedia's 2007 Cricket World Cup Page

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Promises to be a very interesting tournament. Despite appearing to stumble to finals defeat against England in the CB Series, Australia will be strong favourites. But the West Indies have done very well in one-day tournaments recently and we seem to be finding a bit of form at the right time, with our best player in Kevin Pietersen to come back in. You could make cases now for eight sides to have a shout of winning the thing.

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i personally think that Australia will be firm favourites, followed by the West Indies and even England have improved and stand an outside chance at winning. New Zealand have a lot of problems as our top player Nathan Astle is retired and Kyle Mills has got a knee injury and wont be a t the world cup. New Zealand now have three one dayers against australia starting this week in wellington (ill be attending the game). This will be valuable to new zealand as Jacob Oram and Scott Styris return from injury. I dont think New Zealand will win but should make the quarter finals

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Here's hoping Canada can beat Kenya again.

That is what surprises me. I didn't know that Canada even qualified for this World Cup. Like, I don't even know where the national team is based in. :huh:

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You can't have a better run-up to a tournament, at least-confidence wise, tha a series win, and the Tri-Series win will certainly have given England that. Congrats, guys.

Especially with big players to come back. Even so, I hold the view that if we make the semi-finals, we'll have done very well.

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With the event less than a month away, the various Caribbean airlines seems to be scrambling to deal with the possible onslaught of tourists, athletes and officials that will come to the Caribbean islands for the 2007 Cricket World Cup.

Link: BBC: Caribbean Airlines Hit Turbulence

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Could the Australian team "get into trouble" by these national teams in the World Cup?

Link: BBC: Four Threats To Aussies - Hussey

i think with the way australia has been playing and their injury worries there are 3 or 4 teams who can win the cup including SOuth Africa, New Zealand, and Sri Lanka.

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I would go further than that. As I've said before, I think this World Cup is wide open and there are eight teams who have the potential to win it.

The key to it is momentum - having it as you enter the tournament and building and maintaining it as the tournament progresses. At the moment, the momentum is with the likes of South Africa, New Zealand and even England after strong recent results. However, a couple of big wins for any of the top eight teams will give them that momentum and belief.

Also, don't count out the West Indies. They've got home advantage and they do seem to have a knack of doing well in recent one-day tournaments.

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Yesterday, the BBC "Sport Today" program had a brief description about Canada's and Bermuda's chances on how well these "minnow teams" will do against the traditional powerhouses of the sport. I have to agree that Bermuda may have the better chance of doing well in their group than Canada will be in their group play. But, as you guys have mentioned before, stranger things have happened in the World Cup.

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Especially after the controversy surrounding Shoaib Akhtar and Mohammed Asif's nandrolone tests and their escape from bans. Coincidentally, they have pulled out of the tournament with injury.

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Whoa. Talk about needing the "whole Indian special armed forces" just to protect Indian cricket players here. I guess they really have "no confidence" in the security measures in the Caribbean area for the World Cup whatsoever.

Link: BBC: Commandos To Protect Indian Team

This turn of events could set the wrong precedent in other international sporting events in the future just because some athletes are "insecure" about their own safety in certain parts of the world. Sure, security seems to be the issue nowadays lately, but how much is too much in this case?


*Coming to an international competition near you.

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Well, it all starts next week from today, with the opening ceremony in Jamaica.

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Cricket is one sport that I really cannot watch. However, I put £1 on Bermuda winning at 10,000-1. That should keep me at least slightly interested for at least a short while.

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