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2007 Cricket World Cup

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Thank goodness it's over. It seemed like it finished pretty farcically, though.

bloody hopeless ending. Watched the highlights today. What were the umpires thinking by playing those last three overs

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Remember Woolmer?

I like this take from "The Bladder"

Jamaican police end practical joke: Woolmer alive all along!

One of cricket’s most sordid and intriguing mysteries was nothing but an elaborate hoax, Jamaican police have announced.

The crack ‘task force’ – really a group of aspiring comedians called the Kingston Five – said they couldn’t believe how unquestioningly most of the international press accepted reports of their protracted ‘investigation’.

“We started off by saying Woolmer had died in ‘suspicious circumstances’,” deputy police commissioner Mark Shields, aka restaurant comedian Eric ‘Ginga’ Roberts, told a packed press conference yesterday.

“Everyone believed us. Then we went a little further, saying Woolmer was obviously strangled, or poisoned, or both. The world’s media, from CNN to the Northern Territory News, all continued to lap it up.

"Then we said he maybe wasn’t strangled at all.

“Even when we said Woolmer had probably been killed by a giant snake, using a blowpipe fashioned from a hollowed-out stump from Pakistan’s world cup loss to Ireland, we got coverage in certain sections of the British press and in the Sunday Herald Sun.

“Our most audacious move was claiming on Saturday that Woolmer had died a natural death after all, but even we accept that pretty much no one was buying that line.”

Roberts then sprung the madcap comedy group’s biggest surprise, announcing that Woolmer was not dead after all.

The former Pakistan cricket coach then appeared from behind a small curtain, and spent some time laughing and joking with amazed members of the audience.

“Gotcha!” he said.

Roberts said the hoax was to raise awareness of kidney disease, or some ****.

The Bladder

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KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 20 Reuters - The ICC chief executives' committee has recommended that the 2011 cricket World Cup be cut from 16 to 14 teams and given a new format.

The committee, which concluded its two-day meeting today, said if approved by the International Cricket Council Board next month, the new 38-day format would feature two groups of seven with the top four teams from each qualifying for the quarter-finals.

Last year's World Cup in the West Indies lasted 47 days and involved an unwieldy format with four groups of four.

After a round-robin, the top two teams from each group advanced to the Super Eights, which decided the semi-finalists.

Australia beat Sri Lanka in the final.

The 2011 World Cup is being co-hosted by India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

The meeting, chaired by ICC chief executive Malcolm Speed, also sought reassurance from the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) its lucrative Indian Premier League (IPL) would not overshadow Tests and one-day internationals.

``The members were pleased to receive very clear and unconditional commitment from the BCCI that international matches would be given absolute priority over IPL commitments,'' Speed said in a statement.

``There has been plenty of speculation about the impact that IPL will have on the world game. The other ICC members are supportive of the BCCI and will carefully evaluate the first year of the IPL and its wider impact on the game in other parts of the world.''

The committee also unanimously approved a proposal on the greater use of technology in decision making which suggests trialling an 'umpire decision review system' during a Test series.

In addition, the committee will suggest the ICC Board comes down hard on players, officials and board members who break the Code of Conduct with regard to public comments and bad behaviour.

I agree with this _ last year's WC was just too long and complicated!

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