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  1. I am not against the Chinese people, but they are going to get the same treatment from Beijing 2008, if it wins 2022. In other words, rob the poor and vulnerable to feed the corrupt CCP rich and officials. 2008 was a vanity project just for a select few of CCP cronies. Like I said before, I would not be surprised that some Chinese that were volunteers for Beijing 2008 was either in "house arrest", silenced, or even worse. Never mind that a few venues for Beijing 2008 is now abandoned and left to rot. And, to top everything about Beijing 2008, to have the world see that "Hitler salute" by brainwashed children during the Chinese national anthem sequence reminds me too much of Berlin 1936. Since I am currently living in Calgary, I would love to have the city host the Winter Olympics again. Like the decision to give the 2020 Summer Olympics to Tokyo, Calgary for 2026 could potentially be a stable choice for the IOC and to counteract any possible negative outlooks from 2022. However, the one issue I have about a possible Calgary bid will be the Olympic village for the athletes. Otherwise, with a few upgrades on some venues, the idea would work. Well, I wouldn't be surprised, if Salt Lake City would try to come up with a bid, too.
  2. Well, this situation could result of the USA hosting both 2024 Summer and 2026 Winter, like the way that the 1980 Winter and 1984 Summer bids were made. Besides, it is American greenbacks that the IOC wants badly, to save their skins. In other words, like 1980 Winter and 1984 Summer, the IOC needs a "bailout" again from American taxpayers. I think the majority of Americans are not going to like that at all.
  3. I think that Almaty has got these Winter Olympics in the bag now. I do not like the idea of Beijing hosting another Games, due to that the 2008 one was just a "prize" for the Chinese Communist Party. How many white elephants are there, from those 2008 Games? The Olympic Games are not the BIE's World's Fair. According to BIE rules, once a World's Fair is done, the area must not leave any trace of what transpired there. In other words, almost everything that was built for the Fair must be destroyed. That, to me, is a big waste of time, energy, space, and money for any city. The IOC better not follow the BIE's ways.
  4. Well, the door to host the 2024 edition is now wide open. A North American city could be a favorable next destination for it, while there will always have an European nation wanting it, too.
  5. With this news, Japan is now in third place, by itself, in terms of how many Olympic Games it has hosted in the past, with four in total. Only France and the USA hosted more Olympic Games than Japan, with five and eight of them respectively.
  6. Congratulations to Tokyo and Japan. I guess that the IOC wanted to have a "safe" location to host an Olympic Games, against the backdrop of all those Olympic Games being hosted for first-timers.
  7. What are warning points? I have only just saw that now in my profile.
  8. The Chinese may have this achievement, but I bet there are some misgivings about the whole idea. See how these "American Chinese spies" (aka New Tang Dynasty) uncovered the other side of this story:
  9. Meanwhile, China opens the world's longest high-speed train line between Beijing and Guangzhou. Link: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-china-20842836
  10. And Dubai wants to host an Olympic Games in its future? Didn't it withdrew from the 2014 Asian Games, too?
  11. I wonder, if these three new episode movies would be based on the Timothy Zahn novels: Heir to the Empire, Dark Force Rising, and The Last Command?
  12. I have to agree. A massive 22-year run of Olympic Winter Games successes is a major accomplishment for Canada so far. It could get interesting, if Canada can outperform the 14-gold medal run at Vancouver 2010 with another world-breaking record of gold medals to be won at Sochi 2014.
  13. Well, if this is the case, then Germany is definitely overdue to having an Olympic Games. Remember, the IOC does have a long memory.
  14. By the way, does anyone know what is going on at the Wikipedia entry about Sochi 2014? Someone keeps on claiming (without concrete evidence) that the motto of those upcoming Games has changed. However, the "new motto" seems more like a satire of a James Bond movie (and a bit of a subtle threat) than an actual motto. Yet, this person continues to change it to its "present" form, not the "Gateway to the Future" motto.
  15. If London can do 2012, then why not New York City? Besides, when Baron de Coubertin was alive, he wanted NYC to host an Olympic Games. If the USOC says yes to 2024 and nominates it and Toronto does the same in Canada, what a contest that would be for me to witness.
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