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  1. LuigiVercotti

    Kalmadi Sacked

    She was part of the state government for the region of Delhi and not per se part of the Delhi OC. Not knowing her political affiliations (most of the apparatchiks involved were from the Congress Party) I guess she us relatively safe. Fir now...
  2. LuigiVercotti

    U.S. Olympic Bids

    Been there done that...it was called The Goodwill Games. Go look it up on Wikipedia.
  3. LuigiVercotti

    Glasgow 2014

    Rols, this would have to be up there with the Americas Cup Simulation Game as one of the dumbest ideas in sporting computer game history. Can you imagine the excitement being generated in such stalwarts of the CWGs the Isle of Man, St Kitts and Norfolk Island that finally they can go online and replicate the success of their CWG heroes? And come someone tell us what the core values of the (CWG) brand and Commonwealth are? We all got invaded/settled by the Poms?
  4. LuigiVercotti

    Kalmadi Sacked

    Not too sure of the status of Kalmadi on the IOA: Whilst you get the feeling Kaos Kalmadi is klutching at straws there is a kernel of truth in how dimly the IOC views political interference in NOCs (when they aren't in despotic third world countries or petrodollar rich gulf states that is). However I can;t imagine Jacques would be sending off missives pleading for mercy or threats of Olympic boycotts on Kalmadi's behalf. If anything they will obsequiously let the decision go through to the keeper as "this is a domestic Indian concern" then await with bated breath a Delhi 2020 or later bid, which they can absolve from any 2010 CWG issues saying that the Kalmadi regime were the problem. At the end of the day when you mix up domestic political functionaries and power broking with major sports administration this kind of inefficiency and corruption is almost inevitable. It takes a country with a far more developed attitude to the separation of political power and personal enrichment to get such a huge project right. The lessons are there for both the IOC as well as the CGF and MaFIFA to see, and if they ignore it then that's their problem.
  5. LuigiVercotti

    Hambantota 2018

    Three Best Westerns? Farkkkk that's impressive. Grafton may not have as many Hoey-Moeys on the Pacific Hwy or Summerlamd Way, but the Jacaranda Festival brings in more visitors per annum than any beach games could. But you do know Shepparton also has Daryl Twitt Motors...great Ford dealership who'd probably want to sponsor the Shepparton bid.
  6. LuigiVercotti

    Technical Questions

    Re the GamesBids forum Twitter account...I assume it's automated to just generate the title of each new topic? Any possibility (like the Inside the Games and ATR Twitter accounts) hash marks can be used (e.g. #Munich2018 or #IOC etc) as part of each new tweet?
  7. LuigiVercotti

    Hambantota 2018

    Okay Aronious, I think it's time we lobbied for a bid competition for the 2022 CWGs...did you want to take Grafton or Shepparton (I've been to both so happy to go with either)
  8. LuigiVercotti

    Hambantota 2018

    Now now fellas, cut our esteemed colleague some slack. He's currently devouring the history of the 1984 Tehran Olympics as I submit this and may have slightly under-researched his post.
  9. LuigiVercotti

    Delhi 2010 Owes Millions

    Thanks Baron...the Indians well and truly ignored that old Olympic maxim, "you don't sh!t where you eat". I bet in the closeted, behind doors world of the Olympic-World Sports Industrial Complex India's reputation is as low as you can go. And how about the bald faced effrontery and thieving of that prick Kalmadi...getting a hard on in the media for how good the ceremonies were then refusing to front up the money because he said they were substandard. Even Blather wouldn't stoop to that level.
  10. LuigiVercotti

    2020 Olympics short list

    All sounds good in terms of being able to deliver a solid and technically competent bid. The next question will be how will the domestic (i.e Roman/Italian) audience respond to going into at least some more public debt for the Olympics plus how will Rome be able to sell itself to an IOC which has recently shown a predilection for the extravagant and the lavish. By the way who exactly pushed or is behind the Rome bid? Are we talking city politicians, businessmen, CONI, the national government, ordinary people? Any gauge yet on the popularity of the bid in Rome?
  11. This story is getting some traction downunder: First off you can be sure that right now the IOC are getting a whiff of this story and will be filling it away for future reference in case there is any Delhi 2020 or beyond bid. You don't screw over the sporting associations and the big players in supplying items and services related to the CWGs and Olympics like the Delhi buffoons have done and expect to be given a free pass down the road. Secondly you can be damned sure that right now everyone looking at the 2018 race will want to be getting far better financial guarantees from the two bids that all will be sound. And let's face it, how can Hambantota and their Chinese/Korean funded infrastructure plans also spread to take care of the extensive costs with ceremonies, team transport etc etc. It would be logical to assume that if the Indians have reneged or delayed payments to the Australian CWG Association they will have done the same to every other country that sent teams, and each one of those countries will now be asking for more financial rigour in the bid process. Battered as it may be by floods Queensland's and Australia's financial backing of sport and the Commonwealth Games is far more secure than any far less developed countries effort. One thing is for certain; Ric's "I'll never do it again" comment and the two-timing bastardry of Kalmadi shows that all of us here who thought that Delhi was a blot on the Commonwealth Games were 100% right in our assessment.
  12. LuigiVercotti

    2020 Olympics short list

    Hmmm, intriguing to hear that Roma has such a large issue with municipal/regional debt. The question then has to be who steps in to assist with any funding of both the bid and the required infrastructure upgrades. How does the national government sit with public expenditure? Is there much potential for the private sector to pick up the cost? How wealthy is CONI (politically rich but Euro poor?). It certainly sounds less promising for Rome if it has to present itself to the IOC as the austerity bid; political influence at the IOC board can be negated if you don't have the cash (just ask Annecy).
  13. LuigiVercotti

    2020 Olympics short list

    Glad to be of service Aronious How about we start a Facebook campaign with the help of Jeremy's design group and gamesSL's informed posts for a Windhoek 2020 campaign? Get Fatixxx and Scotguy to co-write the bid book and then ask Jim8675309 to work out the infrastructure plans. Finish it off with JimJones as CEO and Arush as village coordinator et voila...les jeux Olympiques d'Afrique avec des Namibia 2020 Oops almost forgot to include Baron as ceremonies coordinator and OTO as NOC assistant for Brazil.
  14. Now that is a classy signature A :)

  15. LuigiVercotti

    2020 Olympics short list

    As fecal weather incidents go the Durban candidacy seems to have an almost gentlemanly atmosphere contrasted with those lingering deluges of bile and loathing that we still see sometimes in the Rio threads. I guess as almost all the mad French fans retreated (quelle surprise) after the 2012 decision even Annecy's bid discussion has been civilized