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  1. She was part of the state government for the region of Delhi and not per se part of the Delhi OC. Not knowing her political affiliations (most of the apparatchiks involved were from the Congress Party) I guess she us relatively safe. Fir now...
  2. Rols, this would have to be up there with the Americas Cup Simulation Game as one of the dumbest ideas in sporting computer game history. Can you imagine the excitement being generated in such stalwarts of the CWGs the Isle of Man, St Kitts and Norfolk Island that finally they can go online and replicate the success of their CWG heroes? And come someone tell us what the core values of the (CWG) brand and Commonwealth are? We all got invaded/settled by the Poms?
  3. Not too sure of the status of Kalmadi on the IOA: Whilst you get the feeling Kaos Kalmadi is klutching at straws there is a kernel of truth in how dimly the IOC views political interference in NOCs (when they aren't in despotic third world countries or petrodollar rich gulf states that is). However I can;t imagine Jacques would be sending off missives pleading for mercy or threats of Olympic boycotts on Kalmadi's behalf. If anything they will obsequiously let the decision go through to the keeper as "this is a domestic Indian concern" then await with bated breath a Delhi 2020 or later bid,
  4. Re the GamesBids forum Twitter account...I assume it's automated to just generate the title of each new topic? Any possibility (like the Inside the Games and ATR Twitter accounts) hash marks can be used (e.g. #Munich2018 or #IOC etc) as part of each new tweet?
  5. Thanks Baron...the Indians well and truly ignored that old Olympic maxim, "you don't sh!t where you eat". I bet in the closeted, behind doors world of the Olympic-World Sports Industrial Complex India's reputation is as low as you can go. And how about the bald faced effrontery and thieving of that prick Kalmadi...getting a hard on in the media for how good the ceremonies were then refusing to front up the money because he said they were substandard. Even Blather wouldn't stoop to that level.
  6. This story is getting some traction downunder: First off you can be sure that right now the IOC are getting a whiff of this story and will be filling it away for future reference in case there is any Delhi 2020 or beyond bid. You don't screw over the sporting associations and the big players in supplying items and services related to the CWGs and Olympics like the Delhi buffoons have done and expect to be given a free pass down the road. Secondly you can be damned sure that right now everyone looking at the 2018 race will want to be getting far better financial guarantees from the two bids
  7. Now that is a classy signature A :)

  8. Hey...hope the poll is as you hoped and that I was okay with poll options and closing date. Did you want to watch the results and then announce the winner?

  9. Baron, I was hanging off using the Machiavellian imprimatur for good old Septic...thanks for the rebound save
  10. Excellent analysis Aluz. And of course all it takes is a simple bit of research on (for example) Prince Ali of Jordan (one of the new members of the ExCo who was selected by the AFC) to demonstrate what the true political situation is in MaFIFA re Blather. As Andrew Jennings discussed in an article I posted here and can be also seen in the following story the boss of world football is actively using his ability to prorogue friendly supporters into the ExCo to either improve his own re-election chances or destroy those of his rivals: João Havelange influenced the votes of non-European ExCo m
  11. I think this blog entry gives a more detailed explanation as to why Blather is playing these games with Qatar 2022 and of course trying to unravel his own ExCo board's decisions: Makes for comforting reading doesn't it to know that world football is being run by such a bunch of selfish bastards.
  12. If looking for a reason why they should sack the lot and start again... These supposed well-informed paragons of football administration can't even honestly communicate between themselves and understand the full ramifications of the Qatar bid, to the point where some ExCo members appear to have deceived themselves if not their colleagues. And those who had any semblance of a grip on reality have been marginalised. One thing is for certain; the IOC would never countenance such an ambivalent and self-destructive process of assessing the merits of a bid to the point that the whole dates, envi
  13. Rafa the problem is the CWG aren't dumb; they are as poor as the IQ of our resident Hamabantota loon. They can't afford to commission a technical report into the bids both financially and perhaps more importantly politically. After all how would it look if they were actually seriously asked to contemplate giving a backward fishing village with bugger all adequate accommodation for athletes and tourists, no sporting facilities, a failed CWG sporting effort that couldn't even win one untainted gold medal in Delhi, failed to send a delegate to the aforementioned games, misses deadlines when it co
  14. January 15th...remember that date...the one that the ICC and SLC set as the second deadline to have the three cricket grounds in your poor country finished and ready for the WC. And yet they still aren't finished are they hmmm? Remember your full of shite statement that the grounds would be ready by the 15th...and they aren't. You are so full of it if they were looking to find a sinkhole of excrement to fertilise the unfinished grounds then all they'd need to do is get a tip truck to park in front of your mealy mouthed orifice and then ask you to give us another Lord Haw Haw-like statement.
  15. I understand and to some extent agree with all this sentiment in favour of the Gold Coast bid being simply too strong an option, and the CGF can't afford to go down the path of another Delhi, nor that it isn't the same as the MaFIFA. However this is all assuming that the delegates to the vote are actually sensitive to such issues. Don't forget at least a third thought that a year after Melbourne this same organisation they could risk going to an utterly unproven candidate. Then during the lead into the Delhi farce there was a significant proportion of anti-Fennell anti-western sentiment expres
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