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  1. The 2008 cauldron will be kept alight during the Games with the Olympic Channel broadcasting a feed with the Olympic Cauldron burning.
  2. David Atkins and Ignatius Jones did the Vancouver Ceremonies
  3. Even the commentators Joh Griggs and Basil Zempilas on 7 panned the Ceremony that it didn't include the athletes being part of the main event.
  4. Hope Brisbane don't go near the directors of Gold Coast 2018.
  5. Best Cauldron Design - London 2012 Best Placard and Costume Combo for a Parade of Nations - Beijing 2008 Best Cauldron Lighting - Barcelona 1992 Best Execution of a Parade of Nations - Athens 2004 Best Performance of a National Anthem - Sydney 2000 Outstanding Solo Performance by a Young Artist - Nikki Webster
  6. Opening Ceremony of Stadium Australia in 1999. First ever event at the home of the 2000 Olympics was the Socceroos vs FIFA All Stars.
  7. There can only be one mascot - Matilda the kangaroo
  8. Looks promising according to the screen grabs from Seven this morning
  9. "Ode to Joy" was played post-Cold War in 90s Olympics Ceremony ending with that live choral performance at Nagano in 1998 and again at Salt Lake City in 2002 after the September 11 attacks.
  10. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Beijing_(November_2016)_-_668.jpg
  11. The cauldron which was used at the 2008 Summer Olympics is permanently on display outside the Bird's Nest Stadium since 2010 when it was removed 2.5 years after the Summer Games. Will Beijing re-light the 2008 Cauldron or use two cauldrons with a ceremonial one inside the stadium and the 2008 cauldron permanetly burning during the Olympics & Paralympics?
  12. Best: Sydney, Athens, London, Barcelona, SLC Worst: Torino (just a domino of fireworks), Vancouver (fourth arm missing)
  13. Mikiko's plan heavily used videos and projections which is the new normal for Ceremonies in its original concept.
  14. Sydney's Closing Ceremony went for just under 3.5 hours (If include the lawnmower man scene and fireworks display at the end) which was the same length as London's.
  15. Beijing 2008's Closing Ceremony ended at 9:57PM CST and lasted just under 2hrs.
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