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  1. Queensland would be a great host in 11 years time. They recently hosted the 2018 Commonwealth Games and the AFL Grand Final last year. 2032 will be 50 years since the 1982 Commonwealth Games which was hosted in Brisbane.
  2. Marie Jose Perec has to be the hot favourite. 2 Gold Medals, Atlanta 1996 in the 200m and 400m.
  3. There was a special on Channel 7 last night showing a replay of the Ceremony interviews of performers from that evening.
  4. Also on the night of the first dress rehearsal, the “swimmers” on the wires during Deep Sea Dreaming failed to go up.
  5. The Sydney 2000 Opening Ceremony started almost a disaster. During one of the rehearsals, the G’Day banner broke
  6. The conductor who was meant to start the whole performance with The Man From Snowy River, loses all communication. “So, he had no cue to go, it goes completely dead,” Mark Beretta admitted to Botica’s Bunch on Monday. “In his words he said, ‘I’m damned if I do and damned if I don’t’, so he put his baton up in the air and started the orchestra, and that was the start of the Opening Ceremony.” Mark Beretta during a documentary about the Sydney 2000 Opening Ceremony to air tomorrow night.
  7. Full Atlanta 1996 Opening Ceremony uploaded Monday
  8. July-August 2021 is a sure bet now for the Olympics then we have Beijing in 2022 6 months later.
  9. Nice find! Better than the GC 2018 Closing Ceremony which was a train wreck!
  10. QSAC could be upgraded to serve as the main stadium for ceremonies as well as athletics and football finals
  11. The Paralympic mascot fits well due to that the Winter Olympics are taking place during Lunar New Year festivities.
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