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  1. July-August 2021 is a sure bet now for the Olympics then we have Beijing in 2022 6 months later.
  2. Nice find! Better than the GC 2018 Closing Ceremony which was a train wreck!
  3. QSAC could be upgraded to serve as the main stadium for ceremonies as well as athletics and football finals
  4. The Paralympic mascot fits well due to that the Winter Olympics are taking place during Lunar New Year festivities.
  5. 7's Sydney 2000 promos aired as early as 1999 were memorable.
  6. The 2008 Closing Ceremony is up on the Olympic Channel
  7. Tokyo should put on a fantastic Opening Ceremony on 24 July 2020
  8. The full Beijing 2008 Opening Ceremony uploaded by Olympic Channel to celebrate 11 years since that Opening Ceremony
  9. Some rare finds. The much-criticised Gold Coast 2018 Closing Ceremony is no where to be seen.
  10. Milan-Cortina was an interesting bid with the Ceremonies held in different venues. Cortina hosted the 1956 Winter Olympics and Milan has never hosted and Olympics yet
  11. 2032 could go to Asia/Oceania. Got a feeling Brisbane has it in the bag. Brisbane 2032 was given the green light yesterday.
  12. Can't find the Gold Coast Ceremonies at all. Sadly the Closing was criticised by many Aussies on Twitter by host broadcaster 7 for not showing the athletes.
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