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  1. It's been a fantastic games for the New Zealand Paralympic Team. The team has exceeded their goal of 18 medals. I was interviewed a few days ago by Fairfax Media regarding whether or not Paralympians get enough recognition for their performance. You can read the article here: http://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/84149177/are-new-zealands-paralympians-getting-due-recognition-for-their-athleticism
  2. Great start from the Kiwi Teeam. I really enjoy watching the Paralympics. The back stories of some of the athletes are just amazing. So inspirational actually!
  3. I would love the World Cup to go to Ireland or Italy. South Africa will probably be a favourite to win though.
  4. It's ok everyone is entitled to their opinion. I certainly am forming my own opinions on my topic which is backed up with evidence and facts. I was interviewed by the media during the games and it was published online by Fairfax Media and I certainly read a lot of comments by the public following its publishing (about 159 commented on the article). My opinions aren't swayed by one opinion or one comment.
  5. This is certainly an interesting debate. The broadcasting of Rio has also received a lot of attention in New Zealand as well as Prime Television which is free to air in New Zealand didn't really provide much live coverage at all. Sky Television had plenty of live coverage, but it was user pays. The debate has become political in New Zealand as some political parties are arguing that coverage of the Olympic's and other major sporting events that New Zealanders are interested in like All Blacks test matches should be live and free to air. I am looking to find coverage of NBC Prime time so
  6. Did anyone download or record NBC's Rio Prime Time Coverage? I am trying to get a copy of the coverage. I have plenty of coverage from BBC and Sky New Zealand that I am happy to trade for this. PM me or message below. Thanks
  7. Excellent post. Thanks very much for sharing your views and opinions!
  8. It is working for me. I have downloaded the app and also watched a bit on my computer this morning before work. Havent seen enough yet to form an opinion, but the concept is excellent!
  9. For those who might have missed it I was interviewed on Stuff about my PhD topic which is about New Zealand and the Olympic Movement and National Identity. http://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/olympics/83204255/Rio-Olympics-2016-Why-the-Olympics-epitomise-our-national-identity
  10. The end of the games is always sad for me - there is such a build up to any Olympic Games and then it is over in a flash. For me its back to the PhD and writing about the Olympics - so for me the Olympics never stop I even got interviewed for a local news website about my thesis. http://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/olympics/83204255/Rio-Olympics-2016-Why-the-Olympics-epitomise-our-national-identity
  11. For me I was most happy with New Zealand's performance - our most ever medals at an Olympic Games - 18 for us was a fantastic achievement. I loved seeing Fiji win their first ever Olympic medal - a gold in the sevens. It was so coon to see how Fiji reacted to their win. Its what the Olympics are all about. I enjoyed seeing Brazil win the mens volleyball and football. They will take huge satisfaction winning those team events! Team GB had an amazing games, backing up from four years ago was huge! Being placed second on the table was huge! Negatives: Australia were poo
  12. We were only 2 gold short of 2012 - we won 6 in London and 4 in Rio! The 18 medals is a fantastic achievement. Just remember 16 years ago in Sydney when we won just four medals - seems a distant memory now.
  13. 18 medals for New Zealand - the most we have ever won beating the 13 won in Seoul and London!
  14. A fantastic BRONZE medal for Nick Willis - a great career from the champ - 18 medals is an amazing achievement from New Zealand. We should be very proud of what our small country has done! Just brilliant.
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