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  1. Johnson is not a lame duck. His strategy is clear - prepare the ground for a general election this autumn in which he will claim that a vote for him is a vote to uphold democracy (i.e. the 2016 referendum result) and to deliver the kind of Brexit he now appears to want. No-one can be certain what the outcome of that election will be. But it is clear that, barring either immoral or unlawful actions, going to the country is the only way he can get it through.
  2. It should look and sound as good as it does given the money that's reported to have been spent on it. Maybe it's just me but I really can't get very excited about the idea of another English World Cup bid at this stage. Partly that's because of the 2018 process and a lack of trust in FIFA that I think you'll find still exists for many English football fans. But it's also because of a feeling that actually we could offer a better package with a British bid.
  3. I'm not one of the 17.4 million who voted Leave, but I feel a deep sense of anger tonight after the latest attempt to end the Brexit deadlock ended in failure. Whatever side of the divide I and my fellow citizens were on almost three years ago, none of us voted for this shambles. Perhaps, therefore, it was appropriate that the latest chapter in the saga should be written on April Fools' Day.
  4. Have we all lost the will to live with this yet?
  5. There is little any of us can say that can offer any form of comfort to those who have been affected by this hideous atrocity. What shocked me most when I heard the news this morning, though, was that such an outrage had occurred in perhaps the last country on Earth that you would expect something like this to happen in.
  6. And given that May's plan B looks remarkably similar to her plan A, we're not really much further forward.
  7. The numbers make it as clear as it could be. Theresa May hasn't just been beaten tonight. She, and her deal, have been annihilated. The idea of having talks across parties in the light of this vote is all very well, but it is too little, too late. Mrs May should have been reaching out to other parties from the moment she lost her Parliamentary majority, at the very least. The fact that she hasn't, and even now is trying to save her deal, is part of the reason why we are now in the mess that we are. So what happens now? Assuming that tomorrow's motion of no confidence is defeated, as I expect it to be, it may be that a majority can be found for some alternative form of Brexit, though it is difficult to see exactly what that might be at the moment. I have felt for some time that the only way to resolve this is put the issue back to the people in another referendum. After all, we were asked to begin this process so there is no logic to the argument that we should not be asked to finish it. However, I do not believe that such a poll could be carried out with just a single question. To me, voters should be asked to approve or reject whatever form of Brexit comes forward from Parliament. If it is approved, then the issue is settled. If it is not, then we have to have the choice of our current membership or leaving with no deal. I don't think there is any guarantee that Remain would win such a poll, but it appears to me to be the best way to settle things right now.
  8. And so we near the point where the critical question - deal or no deal - must be answered. There may not be 22 identical sealed boxes in this game, but it feels as though the banker has all the aces and, whatever options are on the table for us as a nation, none of them come without risks. Rarely can the outlook for our nation have looked as depressing as this in peacetime.
  9. Not a moment too soon in the case of the latter. He should never have been appointed. I may be in a small minority on this one, but I actually feel sorry for Theresa May and I think the link posted above is well wide of the mark because it overlooks the domestic political reality. Ever since the general election of June last year, May has been in office, but not in power. But while she faces the impossible task of coming to a position that will keep her party happy, none of those agitating against her, particularly on the Brexiteer side, have so far had the intellect to come up with an alternative strategy or the courage to try to topple her, because they know that risks a general election and the potential for them to lose. That position is the natural progression from a referendum campaign that was based on, at the very best, a complete lack of clarity to the British electorate of what their post-Brexit position would look like. At no stage in the past two and a half years since the campaign began has there been any coherent attempt by the Brexit side to explain what it is that they want. So when the government eventually tries to find a way out of the mess, May finds herself being carped at both by the Brexiteers who won't take responsibility for the mess we're in and a European hierarchy that still doesn't appear to understand they need to work with us too. So what should happen now? Personally, I support the idea of a referendum on a final deal if, and it's a very big if at the moment, we get to that point. However, my preference would be to go much further than that and suspend the entire Article 50 process, if indeed that is possible, to enable our nation to decide what it wants from Brexit, probably through another general election. A depressing thought perhaps, but I don't see a better alternative.
  10. Beaten by a better side tonight. No disgrace in that. Wish Croatia well in the final, but France have to be clear favourites.
  11. I feel your pain. This tournament has played havoc with my study schedules this summer.
  12. One might be tempted to say that if we were special, the EU might have done more to try to keep us in.
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