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  1. Roughly 1 year ago there was talk that New Delhi was planning to build a new athletics stadium for the 2010 commonwealth games. However, there's been no further mention of that since, so they probably won't be building it. India says it wants to bid for the 2020 olympics with New Delhi. If this is the case, then they should not build a new stadium for the 2010 CG's, but instead offer a brand-new athletics stadium to the IOC, as part of their 2020 summer bid.
  2. I don't blame them. After hosting the 2010 World Cup it would be a step down for the country to host a commonwealth games. Cape Town should bid for the 2020 summer olympics.
  3. That's looking at it from a very positive perspective. The danger is that South Africa can't be ruled out that easily, if they bid for the olympics in 2016/20 are they don't win, then they could once again be interested in the CG's. In terms of South Africa being intersted in other events, don't forget the Rugby world cup in 2015, they might be in with a chance for that, if Japan (no longer interested after the 2011 saga) and England (concentrating on a 2018 WC bid) are not interested. The second danger is that New Zealand, rather than being distracted from bidding for the CG's again/ con
  4. I feel sorry for Adelaide, because in theory Melbourne has pinched 2 events from the city. Firstly, the F1 Grand prix was moved, and then melbourne was picked as Australia's 2006 CG candidate. Of course, with Wellington dropping out Adeliade would have hosted the 2006 CGs, as it would have been the only bid.
  5. Sadly, Adelaide faces huge obstacles in getting the CG. They've wanted them for a long time, but their chances don't look too good for the near future. Firstly, there's the domestic competition, Perth and Canberra, both having more world status than Adelaide. Australia putting forward it's capital city, or no.4 city (perth) would stand better chance of bringing games back to the country. Secondly, even if Adelaide is the Australian candidate in 2022 etc, the international competition will be too strong- -Wellington/ Auckland/ Christchurch (NZ not having hosted since 1990) - Glasgow
  6. If the USA is going to bid for 2018 then it's ironic that an American gambling company is offering to pay for the new Birmingham city stadium, and sports complex. The new Bham stadium will give Engand another venue to host the 2018 world cup, therefore boosting the English bid. Could be a bit of an own goal........
  7. Well the latest on this is that the muslim councillors are supporting the plans for the casino and stadium: COUNCILLORS BACK BLUES STADIUM BID Labour's Muslim Councillors in Birmingham met with representatives of Birmingham City Football Club last week to discuss the proposals for a new state-of-the-art multi-sports stadium and sporting village in inner city Birmingham. A wide-ranging discussion was held, covering, amongst other things, issues of local access to the sporting facilities and jobs for the local community, as well as measures to prevent the local community falling victim to gam
  8. In think it would be good to have the FINA world smimming championships in the UK, in Birmingham. Manchester is hosting the 2007 short course, so if that goes along smoothly should boost Bham's chances. The chances of Birmingham winning a bid to host the IAAF world championships are quite slim, in all reality after London pulled out from hosting 2005, and anyway Europe has hosted too many world championships. So a Birmingham bid would not succeed against a bid from somewhere like Sydney, Rio De Janiero, Kuala Lumpar, Cape Town etc- new frontiers. Also European capitals like Rome, Lisbon, M
  9. If the stadium gets built, i think the answer is yes, it probably would host olympic football match(es). At present, Villa Park in Birmingham is down to host olympic football. But Villa park only has a capacity of 43,000. Whereas this new stadium will seat 55,000, also visually it is far more attractive looking compared to Villa Park.
  10. This complex would allow Birmingham to bid for: 1) IAAF World athletics championships 2) FINA World swimming championships 3) Commonwealth games 4) Host FIFA world cup matches (if the football world cup is held in England in 2018/22).
  11. Super sports stadium unveiled Birmingham City Football Club has released plans for a major new sports and entertainment complex that they claim would draw tens of thousands of tourists to the city every year. Birmingham City's bid is in response to Government plans for one so-called 'Super Casino', which could have up to 1250 slot machines. The club have presented their plans for a £217 million project to Birmingham City Council. Blues bosses along with American company Las Vegas Sands want to incorporate the casino into a 59 acre sports and entertainment complex at Wheels Park in Saltley
  12. More pictures of the planned "City of Birmingham stadium." New developments: 1) The site could house an adjacent "super casino." 2) An American gambling company has agreed to pay for the stadium, should the adjacent casino be approved. "The Las Vegas Sands Group, one of America's biggest gambling companies, has agreed to underwrite the whole cost of the venture. But the success of the project does depend on permission being given to incorporate a super-casino in the multi-purpose complex." 3) The site would house an Olympic size swimming pool. more details to follow
  13. It already is the most famous stadium in the world, Also, structures/ monuments don't have to exist/ be complete for them to be famous icons. New York's most famous landmark is the twin towers of the world trade center- even though they no longer exist. Well, I could think of others: the Astrodome, Yankee Stadium, the LA Memorial Coliseum, Montreal's (Unfinished) Doughnut (of 1976), Estadio Azteca of Mexico City, the Maracana Stadium in Rio, a few others. I think these are equally famous. I think Wembley is only famous among you Brits. I certainly don't hold it up there among my top
  14. I think its also a sign of where stadiums are going in general. The old idea of the big publically owned multi purpose stadium seems to be dieing and instead were getting mutiple stadiums designed and owned by individual clubs or sports federations. I think it's great and refreshing how in the UK, each sport has it's own special stadium, in the majority of cities (not just London). Manchester for example has 2 football stadiums for individual peremier league teams, not to mention separate cricket and rugby grounds. I'm not in favour of the situation in cities like Paris and Melbourne, w
  15. It already is the most famous stadium in the world, even though it's still under construction. Wembley is lot about brand name as well- that's why when Birmingham put forward a counter bid for the national stadium, they too said they'd call it Wembley. Also, structures/ monuments don't have to exist/ be complete for them to be famous icons. New York's most famous landmark is the twin towers of the world trade center- even though they no longer exist.
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