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  1. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/olympics/37140834 How can you disqualify someone with no evidence? These athletes work for 4 years only to get kicked out by an official who thinks he may have seen an infringement but can't prove it. Brazil now make the final. This has tainted the end of these otherwise very successful games for GB.
  2. Look after yourself, Martin. I would have the same problems with the heat.
  3. Manchester and London to host Olympic celebrations. Great choice! I will be there in Manchester. These games have been extraordinary for GB. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-37136717
  4. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/olympics/36970388
  5. It's 4am here and I just yelled like a lunatic when DaSilva went over. That's what the games are about. Best moment of the games. Congratulations Brazil!
  6. What a vile, unpleasant place this forum has become. Have some of you heard yourselves? You do realise that most of what some of you are displaying here amounts to not much more than bullying, abuse and intimidation? You come here for fun? Grow the hell up!!! It is quite obvious that many of you are enjoying the current situation with Tony. Tony could try the patience of a saint - granted - but I think after a while you have to just ignore those that you conflict with. I came here originally to learn and share thoughts with likeminded people on a common interest. I am sure many of you did the
  7. I loved, and will always love, the London opening ceremony. There were segments i liked more than others. The going out segment was pretty bad but the industrial revolution segment blew me away. I also loved the London bombings tribute. The closing was less of a success for me but still very entertaining. I tend to prefer the structure of an opening ceremony. Closing ceremonies seems a little chaotic in comparison. Manchester did an amazing job considering their budgets. Glasgow seemed like they didnt even bother in comparison. The opening was Ok but the closing was a big mess. Awful.
  8. Manchester did not have a huge budget but still managed a show that wowed. I just found the Glasgow closing to be artistically poor. I am all for reducing the ridiculous amounts spent on some opening ceremonies. However, they do have a purpose...and that purpose is to entertain. I wasn't entertained.
  9. Pretty much a perfect games in terms of hospitality,crowds,venues and good organisation. The only thing that I can fault were the 2 ceremonies. The opening was below average,but the closing was dire. Full marks for the gay kiss though.
  10. Who said anything about wanting it bigger and more flashy than before? However, this was a closing ceremony of a major sporting event and I would have expected a little more effort into presenting a show. I didn't like the opening ceremony but at least I could appreciate the effort and human spirit of what was presented.
  11. This is absolutely the worst closing ceremony I have ever seen. No effort made whatsoever apart from hiring Kylie. Switching off now, to watch some paint dry.
  12. Kylie love, stick to the dancey stuff. Your voice is far too nasal for the slow songs.
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