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  1. Hmmm. The ceremonies fans here may not like it, but I think Paris’ street ceremony idea is intriguing. You can’t compare Olympic ceremonies to a World Cup - totally different scale and duration etc. WC ceremonies have always been underwhelming compared to their Olympic counterparts. Personally I think Oly OCs are getting stale and weighed down by the need to include so many obligatory set pieces. I think they need a bit of innovation and trimming down. The more i think about it, the more I hope Paris tries to break that mold.
  2. What Stefan said, and what I should have mentioned. Host proposed sports still must be approved by the IOC and meet universality criteria. Lacrosse I’d imagine would well meet that criteria if ever it came up.
  3. By the way, just checked and, yes, we ARE going to Tahiti in 2024. The IOC in March 2020 approved and confirmed the Teahupo'o break as the surfing venue for Paris - that’s just 15,700 km from the Champs D’Elysee!
  4. And you call Aussies wimps about cold ! i’d guess the reason you don’t see Canadian surfers in Tokyo is the same you won’t see many Aussie cross country skiers at a winter games - it’s just not part of our sporting psyche. Doesn’t mean there aren’t any Canuck surfers or Aussie cross country skiers. Anyway, it’s a moot point. I’m not totally up to speed on how the IOC’s new sporting program changes work exactly, but I do know there is now discretion by individual hosts in what optional sports they can drop and add to their games. Hence why baseball/softball and karate wont be in Paris while breakdancing will. Now, while I’d imagine LA and Brisbane would certainly retain surfing, if Toronto were to host after that, there’s nothing stopping Toronto with dropping it and breakdancing and replacing it with Lacrosse or log rolling or e-sports or whatever would more please a Canadian audience. Or keep it and hold in at Tofino or Nova Scotia or wherever and no-one would blink an eyelid. Anyway, let’s stop derailing this thread and get back to discussing to what people feel about the new sports, not 100 reasons why you would be personally offended by Toronto ever bidding for an Olympics.
  5. You’re right. Sydney will never host a cross country ski comp. but were not talking about that. Water temp today at Tofino is 14.8 c (58 f). That’s more than acceptable.and people already surf there in Canadian summer. Now, Toronto may or may not at some stage host a summer games. But they’d probably host it more easily than many other places, and the trivial detail of how or where they’d host surfing is not a deal breaker in their ability or chances. And whether or not you think a sport is silly has no bearing on how seriously other people in other nations regard it.
  6. Again, fishing for non-existent problems. We surf here year-round. Winter too. That’s what wetsuits are for. Cold water. No more silly than Beijing hosting equestrian in Hong Kong, Munich putting sailing in Kiel and Moscow’s sailing in Tallin. Or football, which traditionally gets farmed across a country. And that’s just off the top of my head. I’d actually think a hypothetical Chicago hosting would put surfing in California. Would make sense to me. Well, Brisbane’s recent win was based on a plan that was purposefully regional. It does seem the IOC recognises it needs to be open to such bids in the future. There’s few, if any, cities in the world that can do it all alone these days. To me it seems inevitable regionalism will be more common in games in the future.
  7. The surfing beach for these games is around 100 km from Tokyo. Paris is talking about holding its surfing events in Tahiti! Every landlocked host has to solve the issue of where to place sailing - it’s more often a way, way away from the host city than not. The IOC is showing itself to be more than flexible to countenance creative and distant venues for various events. So what’s the prob? There’s no beaches with breaks anywhere in BC or even the east coast? You’re just fishing for issues. and the point - surfing’s a pretty huge sport worldwide. btw - baseball/softball is back on the outer in Paris. I guess LA will probably bring it back, through.
  8. Yeah, I’m definitely enjoying them and rekindling the old Olympic enthusiasm. I really didn’t feel any anticipation for these games until about two days before (when Brisbane’s win started creating a bit of buzz her in Oz and on GamesBids). The opening still had me feeling a bit flat, but now the events are in full swing, yeah, I’m glued. i will say, though, that crowds, and lack thereof, DO make a big difference. I feel a bit more engaged with events that have a bit of a crowd, like the road events and the swimming. Those without are still intriguing to watch, but feel a bit sterile.
  9. Well, got to see some of the new sports in the games now. What’s people’s thoughts? For me, a bit of mixed reaction so far. I’ve watched a fair bit of the skateboarding street event, and was a bit underwhelmed. Not quite as spectacular as I’d expected - looked highly technical and few wow moments. Best thing to me was seeing the two 13-year-old medallist’s in yesterday’s women’s (girls) event. Cute. Maybe the park events will be a bit more spectator-worthy. Surfing? Hmmm. First few days too was a bit tedious to watch. Most of it was watching a few people out in the surf waiting for waves. A bit like watching the tide come in. That said, by theta me it came today to watch some Aussies in the quarter and semi finals, and getting a bit of an idea about the scoring and tactics, it did start to have some excitement. Probably would be even better under bluer skies, in bluer waters against whiter sand. I still like Paris’ idea of having in in Tahiti. I’ll keep my eyes out for the others. Climbing sounds intriguing.
  10. Really strong competition on who can drop the most F-Bombs on TV live coverage at these games. The gauntlet thrown down by the UK’s Adam Peaty after winning the 100m breaststroke: "It’s about who f***ing wants it more... I'm just so f***ing relieved" Now a great return serve by Australia’s Kayleigh McKeown following victory in the 100m backstroke: “F*** yeah! Oh, sh*t!” Awaiting judges rankings on their placings, Okay, who else can challenge?
  11. Captain Cook was hardly celebrated in Sydney’s OC - it was more a brief, humorous blink and you’ll miss it reference. Even in 2000 it would have been problematic to make too much of it, much less now when his statues need police protection come Australia Day. The way Olympic ceremonies are evolving, the opening will be a more solemn affair mainly dedicated to all the set pieces - the rings. anthems, flag railings, parade of nations, speeches, cauldron etc. What cultural elements there will be - well Sydney did the national history and such, so I think it may be more universal. There’s inevitably gonna be some indigenous elements but otherwise I think there’s gonna be more peace, harmony, togetherness, bringing everyone together, look after the environment etc etc. It’ll be the closing we’ll get a bit more laid back, fun, mocking and Aussie stereotypical.
  12. The people want hated it, REALLY REALLY hated it. Changing it was a big cost blowout - the original Hadid plan would have had it being built and up for the Rugby World Cup in 2019. Changing it meant it couldn’t be ready for that - so the final went to Yokohama and the costs couldn’t be defrayed with that event at all.
  13. That wasn’t for cost-cutting. That was just uproar at Hadid’s original design (which I didn’t mind, though I like this one better)
  14. You sure wouldn’t want him in a national government. Could you imagine?: “**** the provinces, I’m just here for Toronto”
  15. Well, having seen a fair bit of the branding now, best I can say is the look is “workmanlike”. It’s doing the job, but hardly particularly attractive or inspired. And I don’t think that’s something that can be chalked up to covid. From right back to the initial logo probs, I don’t think they ever really hit the mark for a good visual identity for the games.
  16. That’s a fair question. In an ideal world infrastructure delivery should always be a high priority for governments. But … politics. We’re usually talking about big ticket expenditures completing against other priorities and interest groups who think their pet projects should be at the head of the queue. Then there’s how to actually raise the funds. The thing a Games can do very well is act as a circuit breaker to overcome many of these political and administrative obstacles, set non postponable deadlines and open the floodgates to getting national support to achieve local needs. i don’t want to do an AustralianFan spam, but this link of his is actually a good example of how that process can work for communities: ABC News Australia - A bunch of mayors wanted better trains, so they won Brisbane the 2032 Olympics - July 25, 2021
  17. I think it’s the other teams and support squads. But, yes, it does help bring some atmosphere.
  18. Bit (far) too early to think of the mascot(s), but I doubt it will be Matilda. That said, i wouldn’t be surprised to see her make a cameo - more likely in the closing ceremony - like Mischa did at Moscow. On the other hand, do remember Matilda was a Commonwealth Games item, so maybe really not relevant to the Olympics. One prediction I’ll make now is the anthem will be sung - at the very least least in parts - in indigenous languages.
  19. So, draft them, eh? Hmmmm. How far down was Nigeria in Rio so I can assign it to Alexjc? And could I give TonyELovesArchitecture Russia? Does Tokyo Russia even count as the same as Rio Russia?
  20. Interesting - that must be why there allowing some crowds in the stands at the finishing line
  21. It’s a difficult call, as just about anything is in the age of covid, for the government to make. The alternative would be how the optics would play out - both domestically and internationally - if ranks of police were shown ushering the crowds back and away. My view is is would be hard to begrudge the population a chance to experience and show some enthusiasm for a games there otherwise mostly barred from. I thought it was good and heartening to see.
  22. Watching the men’s road race now - looking forward to seeing the circuits around Fuji. But already, gotta say, it’s nice to see crowds along the track. Starting to feel like a games.
  23. Well, i fell asleep soon after the parade of nations started last night (sorry parade fans, I’m with Baron on this one. Tedious. Having seen them all since Montreal, I’m just over them in a big way). So just caught up with rest this morning. Anyway, don’t know what to say really. Glad I caught it, but I’ll never watch it again. Weird. Austere. Some nice moments, but nothing wow. I guess it was a delicate balance doing an opening ceremony for the COVID era. Considering that, they probably got the tone right, but it’s always gonna be a bid sad to think of what could have been. That’s fricken COVID for you. It’s almost like a dare to China to even think of going bombastic next year. But it’s China, I doubt they’ll know how NOT to be bombastic. Just a thought on Olympic OCs in general. I know the traditions and formalities are important, but i think they’re starting to get burdened by just how many set pieces they are obligated to include. For a while now, I think it’s been the closing ceremonies that have been shining more. i liked the cauldron.
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