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  1. You just did. And that IS rude. There is no need to force a conversation.
  2. Ah yes, stage two after “Release the Timeline/Press Releases!”. Start the “keep spamming the same response” stage.
  3. Jeezus! Not pedantic much? Okay, yeah, maybe the odd Nolympics person has wandrered onto the site at times. I didn’t think you’d identify with them - I just assumed you’d also describe yourself as having a passion for the games. Apologise for getting that wrong.
  4. No. We can accept change. No-one’s saying go back to the old system. It had flaws. But so does the “new norm”. We post because we have a passion for the Olympics and many of us believe the “new norm” has major flaws - in transparency, in it’s design to be “flexible” to the whims of the top IOC leadership. I believe those flaws make it even more potentially corruptable than the previous procedures. I’m happy to see discussion and participate in pointing out those flaws and hopefully feed a wider discussion outside this board that ultimately gets such flaws addressed. To me, that’s far more honest and important than a knee-jerk defensive position that “new norm” is perfect so stop discussing it lest it taint Brisbane’s 2032 win.
  5. It’s self-evident it was. You just can’t accept that because it doesn’t fit your narrative of “perfect” Brisbane. And, no, I won’t stop. Just as I’m sure you won’t stop with your spamming of “new norm” cheerleading PR releases and Twitter links.
  6. Oh stop being so patronising. Many of us here are very well-versed on the “new norm” and have great knowledge of how the bidding process worked in the past and works now. You’re not the only holder of the “True Word” - indeed you’ve been picked up on errors about he new norm yourself. The only tired old conspiracy theory is your reaction to any comment that doesn’t paint the selection process of Brisbane, or of Brisbane itself, as “perfect”.
  7. Again, here you go again. Your perennial answer to any uncomfortable opinions: “Release the timeline!”
  8. What utter tripe! So, selecting the 2032 host ELEVEN years in advance, before even the 2030 games to come before it, with no great urgency to do so, with at least two other hopeful bidders crying foul at the haste, and the opaque process being almost universally condemned by respected Olympics journalists and writers, was not fast-tracking????? Just about anyone with any serious knowledge of Olympic hosting decisions would know it was fast-tracked. You just don’t want to accept it because it ruins your PR spin of 2032 being sunshine, rainbows and lollipops and the greatest decision ever made in the history of the Olympics mankind.
  9. Actually, it will be even more crowded. Look at that pic and the UK and German teams look more like the usual Equatorial Guinea teams in terms of size.
  10. I was gonna call bullish!t and say Budapest already had this year’s FINA WC. Then I saw the parenthesised 25m modifier. Talk about B Finals. Do we even have 25m competition pools? Or do we have to go to ClarkRubber to get a blow up one?
  11. Pffft! We all know they “could” be ready tomorrow if Bach’s or Coates’ NOCs had a bid in that needed to be fast-tracked….
  12. Vangelis, composer of Chariots of Fire and Blade Runner soundtracks, dies aged 79 … and just for Oly2028
  13. … that doesn’t care for rugby … and while the MCG might be a spectacular cricket and AFL venue, it’s not so much for rugby
  14. Would be an utter farce. An unsuitable pitch in a city that normally wouldn’t give two sniffs at Rugby. Would be nothing but Melburnian showboating and an insult to Australia’s rugby strongholds.
  15. Eye roll That’d be right - Victoria finally discovering an interest in “thugby” when there’s some serious international exposure involved
  16. Seriously, the big shock is the men’s tournament now going three consecutive editions - France, Oz and the US - without touching the Home Nations. After being used to having to hosting every second edition (I laugh at some of the commentary here that Oz is the “first” three-time host), what’s the odds that all stops are going to be pulled out to bring it “home” in 2035.
  17. It’s official: Australia confirmed as host of Rugby World Cup 2027 and 2029
  18. Good for city centre triathlon…
  19. Considering the primary focus of this forum is to discuss Olympic bids, debating Brisbane’s influence on future bids is more than valid. Of course it’s going to be discussed here. Cheer-squadding’s also fine, but that can’t be used as an excuse to forbid critique.
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