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  1. I don’t think they’ll be duplicates. The “official” films aren’t usually about the organisation of the games per se, but rather the athletes and sporting performances - either following a number of individual athletes journeys, or documenting the sporting highlights and achievements at the games. So it’s not likely to as much about Paris, as about the sporting experience - which, after all, is ultimately the raison d’être of the games.
  2. As Baron pointed out, that really the point of these “official” films of the games, but as he also said, this can, and has, been done before in innovative and creative ways (or so I believe, I confess the only such film I’ve actually watched is “Olympia” which I saw once in a film class and it is every bit as boring and tedious as Baron noted). Now THAT will really give the ceremony fans here something to devour!
  3. I don’t think this has been posted yet: Paris 2024 inaugurates Games' Pride House Must say, I like the rainbow version of the logo Of course, that sparked the conservative alt-righters into a huff (and, yes, this is an ITG article, but couldn’t find the equivalent elsewhere) Conservative pressure group petitions against Pride House at Paris 2024 Olympics
  4. I’m not sure about general appeal, especially outside France, but for us here it could be quite interesting seeing the behind the scenes of an Olympics organisation.
  5. They’ve ordered 200,000. The Brazilians, however, say they went through 450,000 at Rio. Maybe they’re counting on the Anti-Sex beds to make a difference.
  6. That sounds like a documentary of what really does go down in the Village
  7. Both Sydney and London inspired TV series - though in a more satirical vein…
  8. I was hoping you’d post some pics of the Cannes Festival stop. I see Estanguet managed to dig out his tuxedo for the red carpet too
  9. I’m under no illusion FIFA have found democracy. It was just a surprise to see an old-style vote and presentations going on. I’m sure Gianni would have stitched up some “agreement” if there was any chance of the vote not going how he wanted. Plus it was the women’s tournament, which he likely still doesn’t care about as much as the men’s marquee. The IOC’s moving that way too. Not publishing transcripts of meetings any more, highly controlled press conferences, marketing more than communications, massaging the books at all costs to get various spendings out of the “Olympic” column. The other Rob (GBMod) has noted it, and The Inquisitor’s described it in detail. I remember saying the IOC needed to improve their messaging back in the days when NOlympics was dominating the bidding discourse. Careful what you wish for! I was thinking more frankness and transparency, not more secrecy, spin and control.
  10. Like so much happening under the “New Norm” we’re operating in the dark with guesswork and supposition. We know India has officially stated they’re working towards the Games, so I think it’s safe to surmise they are in dialogue. Beyond that, we’ve actually NOT had any official word which city they’re bidding with. However, what coverage I do read seems to be all about investments in Ahmedabad sports facilities, usually mentioning the Olympics. I’ve not read of any major projects elsewhere Ike Delhi or Mumbai. It seems beyond likely to me, then, that Ahmedabad is the target. Which has always the potential flaw of the New Norm - it’s concentrated the decision making power. I actually live watched FIFA’s vote on the 2027 Women’s World Cup last week, and it struck me how the IOC and FIFA have basically swapped procedures. FIFA’s was so much like the old IOC votes - 200+ voters, all pushing their buttons to vote after presentations by the bidders, and then tabulated and a card printed out for Infantino to unseal and read - all streamed live*. In the meantime the IOC has moved to Executive Board recommendations, done in secret and then announced via press conference after the fact, which are then presented to the membership merely to ratify. * I don’t know what conclusions to draw about FIFA from that. I assume the 2030 decision wasn’t so transparent. And it’s not like the Saudi’s have to worry about a vote for 2034.
  11. Nice idea, but I think pretty unrealistic. Even if Durban hadn’t pulled out of the commies, 2022 would have been challenging considering how hard South Africa was hit by covid at the time. The level of investment required would be magnitudes greater for the Olympics - investment I’m not sure South Africa would be willing, or would be wise, to make. I’ve always liked the idea, but I think there’s a large degree of wishful thinking in it.
  12. Thing is, these aren’t the days any more where it’s driven by where the IOC members’ wives would like to go shopping. The members are just there to rubber stamp what Bach wants for himself and his close mates - and he’s really bending over backwards to get chummy with the Indians. On their side, Ahmedabad is where they’re focussing all their sports investment and development - it’s their sporting showpiece, and I think it already pretty “New Norm” ready (or not far off). It’s just looking likely that Bach’s and Modi’s wishes are coinciding.
  13. You gotta remember, functionalism was really one of the dominant strands in public architecture in the nineties and noughties, so those Sydney and Athens examples are very much of their times. Personally, unless I’m in the Sistine Chapel, I’m not really paying too much attention to the ceilings - many more times so watching an Olympics where I’ll be more focussed, after the sports action, on the “look” on the banners and cladding and sidings (not as if broadcasters train the cameras up on the ceilings anyway). I’m the first to admit Sydney didn’t make any grand architectural statements or grandiosity. I thought Stadium Australia again was pretty standard stadium design of its times. As a visitor and some times user of the Aquatic Centre, though, I think I think it’s actually a lovely facility. But again, I don’t believe it’s the architecture of the venues that “makes” an Olympics (it’s actually surprising how many venues at any games just use scaffold bleachers). It’s the atmosphere within those venues that make the difference.
  14. Macron ‘up’ for bed bonk Voulez vous coucher avec moi? President Macron auditions partners for his “Anti-sex bed” demonstration: Image - NTONN PARIS, May18 2024 (NTONN): Labelling descriptions of the beds in Paris’ Olympic village as anti-sex a “slur on French national honour”, French President Emmanuel Macron has vowed to personally put the issue to rest. Responding to reports that the recycled cardboard beds, manufactured by Japanese company Airweave and already used during the Tokyo 2020 Games, were to deter athletes from jumping under the covers together in the City of Love, the President said: “We’ll see about that!” ”Perhaps we need a petite mort or two to kill this issue,” he said, “I’m up for it.” ”Brigitte (Macron’s wife) told me she’s not keen on a money shot, but I will find someone - perhaps even a ménage a trois - who are up to join me in the village before the games to demonstrate to the world that Paris is still the capital of l’ amour.” He told reporters that Paris was in fact keen to break the Games’ sex record, and would distribute 200,000 condoms during the event. “Half of these - 100,000 - capotes Anglaises are for the French team alone!” he boasted. Told Rio 2016 currently held the record, at 450,000 condoms used, he said he’d be on the phone to Michelin’s rubber subsidiaries immediately. Not The Olympic News Network
  15. Most of us would be lucky to have attended one OC, much less more, to compare them live. But it hasn’t stopped us scrutinising, comparing and ranking opening ceremonies. Ditto for just about anything we rank or poll here… up to and including whole editions of the Games themselves. Many here would likely have enough info, and been keen enough to study them, to make some informed judgements- or at least have a favourite. That said, I wouldn’t have made it a poll as such, more a discussion of Olympic Parks in general and which one’s we’ve liked, or heard negatives about (I remember people here who went to the games in 2008 saying Beijing’s was big, but a bit barren, lifeless and sterile). It’d be interesting to hear the thoughts of people who experienced such parks either at games time or visiting at other times.
  16. I can only speak really for the Summer Games parks, I haven’t really been or payed much attention to the Winter ones. i voted Melbourne, but more for the state it is in now - I don’t think it was as developed or complete in 1956 as it is now. As it exists in 2024, it really is an incredible, amazing and green sports precinct adjacent to the city centre. It’s a spectacular Olympic Park just ready and waiting. Truly a jewel of the city. I also give very honourable mentions to London’s Queen Elizabeth Park and Munich’s Olympiapark, both beautiful parks that have so well blended their landscapes with their sporting assets. If they had Melbourne’s location, they’d both give it a run for their money. And Sydney’s, incorporating Bicentennial Park on its fringes (which was developed in tandem with the sports precinct) has been a great gain for this city in terms of both the venues and the recreation space it’s offered our inhabitants.
  17. That’s a nice conversation or thread starter, but likely too much of a diversion from this thread, which is to discuss the potential candidates and possible winners of the 2036 games. I think it’d make a great thread in General Olympic Discussions if you wanted to start it, or if you’d like me or someone else to do so.
  18. Zip-up sneakers and magnetic fasteners: Australia’s Paralympic Games kit revealed Is it just me? I like this better than our Olympic uniforms.
  19. And the winner is Brazil! Saved you the trouble
  20. That’s not me, that’s BaronPierreIV being Baron. I have confidence, or at least hope, the French will deliver splendidly. Baron just doesn’t like any of the artistic choices so far. That’s his opinion and it’s fair enough. I don’t know @venuedesignlover, so many of your questions seem to be asking for some definite formula for things that are indefineable or subjective. It’s like asking what makes a good song? Or what’s a nice colour? Or you’re seemingly worried about circumstances that may or may not ever happen. There’s no scientific formula, or even right or wrong answers, for much of what you ask or we discuss here.
  21. And I wouldn’t be too sure about that. For al that Qatar was a reviled host in so many quarters in the lead-up and during its World Cup, it ended up being the most watched ever. I really old style broadcasters like NBC know they have to pull out all stops to compete in the media landscape today. Events like the OIlympics are among the few showstoppers they can pull out to hold their own against streaming. I still say it’s the event (and tme scheduling) more than the host.
  22. I’m not sure if sending more “stars” this year is a result of the location, or more that NBC is showing more live coverage this year and having to do more to counter changing viewership patterns in this age of streaming - they have to build up the hype more when their competition is Netflix et al. Plus, they likely want to “blood” a few new faces and personalities ahead of their home town games in 2028, which will be a much bigger deal for them by orders of magnitude. interesting question whether the “quality” of the opening has much affect on viewership of the rest of the games. It certainly would affect overall perceptions here on GamsBids, but we’re not the average audience.
  23. And all that indicates is firstly we have different anticipations and enthusiasms and secondly, that we are a particular, narrow, subset of fans who care about such things (or not - there’s plenty of members who couldn’t care less about the ceremonies or the look). The majority of the world will tune in for the spectacle of an Olympic opening ceremony, and be pleasantly surprised if it goes well and Paris makes a good backdrop impression or underwhelmed if it all goes tits up (we’ll be hurriedly posting out ratings however it goes). And those that follow Olympic sports or cheer on their national team’s chances at gold will tune in whether it’s in front of the Eiffel Tower or in some sports hall in Lille.
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