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  1. Normally wouldn’t bother you with such trivia, but it was a GamesBids dream. Was at an IOC session (don’t know where, it was all in a big hotel auditorium). And all the GamesBids members were there for some reason. And we were sweet talking some nice, but dim, female IOC communications officer, who was giving us access to everything behind the scenes. Baron was fighting to get a picture of himself in the IOC president’s chair, then we all wanted ours there as well. The IOC president was still Rogge, but some evil Rogge who went everywhere on a horse (he said he’d taken up equestrian since he retired - though, like I said, he was still prez). And he was giving us a personal interview from the back of his horse. Then, in the middle of the meeting, the IOC member from Saudi Arabia made some bombshell suggestion or proposal, and everyone was outraged and tried to silence him. One of the German GamesBids members - either Olympian or Stefan - was muttering about how corrupt he was. And Krow made some comment about Los Angeles, but it wasn’t clear if it was because the session was in LA, or LA was a candidate. Then I woke up. As one does. Which is why I still,l remember it.
  2. I was hunting around any couldn't find a thread dedicated to Japan 2019 yet, so figured might as well start one. Anyway, I was just wondering ... does anybody remember or know if Japan was/is still proposing some matches in Hong Kong or China in 2019? I remember they were proposing that in their 2011 bid (and with Singapore even, I seem to remember), but can't remember if they stuck with that for the 2019 bid.
  3. CAF's Bond thread made me think of generally how the Olympics have featured on the silver screen. I actually think it's surprising that there haven't been that many movies at all that have taken the Olympics as a major theme or setting. The big exception, of course, is Chariots of Fire, which has almost become a cliche of Olympism now. Good movie, though. Another one I can think of one from the 1960s called "The Games", which starred Ryan O'Neill and followed four athletes _ Ryan, a British runner, a Czech runner played by Charles Aznavour and an aboriginal Australian runner, as they prepared for the Rome Games. Of course, there's also the documentaries like Leni Riefenstahl's "Olympia" and the Bud Greenspan movies, but I'm thinking more about major Hollywood fiction features. And of course, there's plenty of Olympians who have made the transition to the big screen _ Johnny Weismuller, Sonja Heine, etc.
  4. Olympics at the Movies

    Now these are the Olympic movies I WANT to see....
  5. Olympics at the Movies

    Thanks for the tip. I was looking back at the beginning of this thread earlier today and saw you mention it and it piqued my interest. I must try and hunt it down. I’ll let you know if i succeed.
  6. Olympics at the Movies

    I don’t know Why some frown on the practice, but I love thread necromancy - there’s a lot of old gems that lay around the archives that deserve an airing now or then, or deserve to be kept up to date. Anyway, a comment on a Calgary thread reminded me of this. And I have in just the past few months watched a couple of recent, generally well-regarded, films that fit the theme. So here goes getting this zombie animated again: ”Unbroken” Angelina Jolie’s directing debut. Pretty good (though gruelling at times), but a big feature at the beginning was a sequence set in the Berlin 36 games. Quite well done - the stadium in the opening ceremony segment looked well done. But it’s also seemed a littl lifeless to me ands didn’t give me a “feel” for those games. ”I, Tonya” I started a thread about this soon after I saw it (and really loved the movie). Anyway, as noted, we got Albertvilkle AND Lillehammer in it. I thought these sequences were pretty well done, if not exact replications in use of “looks” etc. Still, bloody enjoyable fil;m. I recommend it. and ”Foxcatcher” Saw this just last week - basically the story of billionaire John Dupont’s spiral into Olympic wrestling coaching and then into madness. It was well made - a very “worthy” movie - but oh so ponderous and a bit of a torment to sit through. Anyway, worthy for inclusion here o its recreation of wrestling at the Seoul 88 gams - and very well done it was too. It really did I look like how I remembered Seoul was kitted out. A lot of not very enjoyable stuff to endure, though, just to get to that.
  7. Calgary 2026

    I’m waiting for some bright spark to do an Eric the Eel movie so we can see Hollywood do Sydney. It’s either that,or “I, Marion”.
  8. And it's now totally official. LA has announced it's pulling out of 2024, and changed their Facebook presence to 2028: https://www.facebook.com/pg/la2028/videos/?ref=page_internal
  9. Tokyo 2020 Ceremonies

    Well, Tokyo 1964 already acknowledged it by having the final torchbearer being born on the day the bomb was dropped. Whether that precludes another mention, who knows? But it’s certainly something that could be up for some role.
  10. Potential 2026 and 2028 bids

    What’s the status of Torino’s bobsled track? I thought they shut it?
  11. Tokyo 2020 Mascots

    I'm certainly not disappointed with them. I quite liked C, but A was a very close second, and I'm sure glad they came through. In fact, they'll probably work better in the materials now leading up to the games. Jeez, my mascot sig is getting crowded now - who can I drop? Maybe the YOG ones (I'm looking at you Nanjing Pebble)? ... speaking of which, have I missed something? Have we seen a Buenos Aires 2018 mascot yet? ... Actually, just did a search: F*ck me dead!!! Please tell me that, whatever it is, isn't the mascot!!!!
  12. I’m with you on this. And for all the talk of high-tech, I didn’t really see it - a lot of precision walking and dancing around the floor projections (which, yes, look nice but are really getting overdone and just got lost in the midst of all the ones the Koreans were also spamming) ad a bunch of LED screens. Big deal! And a lot of focus on Xi, which was kinda creepy on the same day he was proclaimed Leader for Life. And he wasn’t even jolly or got into the spirit like Abe at Tokyo’s handover. No, it all left me a bit cold.
  13. Okay, finally watched it now. Hmmmm. What can I say? Well, floor projections can look pretty cool and all. And there were some particularly good ones in this show. But it all starts to blur and get a bit same-ish. I want to see something new and different. Bring back the bombast and big props. That is all.
  14. Pyeongchang 2018: Your verdict

    Well, I'd already done a potted version of my verdict elsewhere here earlier today, but tradition is tradition, so thanks Olympian for giving the opportunity to expand on that. I really hadn't been focusing on the Olympics much in the lead-up to the games either, so it was really a pleasant, almost surprising, diversion to find myself immersed in the Olympic spirit again. It felt like coming back to the family home for a nice visit again (and, BTW, nice to see some of the old GamesBids clan return to the board for the occasion). And it was even like a more relaxed return to the games, as I wasn't observing quite as microscopically as I have most of the recent games since I joined GamesBids. As I gave to the OC, I also would rate the Games overall as a good and solid A. To repeat what I'd posted earlier: They’ve been pretty good, well organised, lacking in major scandals, engendered a bit of positive and hopeful news out of the Korean Peninsula after a year of anything but, been more focussed on the events rather than extraneous issues and at the end more positive in spirit than many. There weren't as grandiose or spectacular as Sochi, and in this day and age that's a good thing. They were modest, when the Koreans really had no constraints on going more lavish if they'd wanted. As to crowds or snow - well, I'll just reiterate what I've also argued elsewhere - it's not like past WOG hosts never had either of those issues, or that PyeongChang set a new low bar in either of them either. From a Team OZ perspective... I miss our run of Gold Medal Winter Games from 2002-2010. But we equalled our haul from 2014, so not too bad, I guess. In all, like any Olympics, sorry to see them close so quickly. Really looking forward to Tokyo now. And while Beijing 2022 is one of the few host choices I've really despised over the years, PyeongChang now has me cautiously looking forward to them with optimism as well. Cross fingers China can learn from Korea and resist the urge to go overboard with one-up manship. For me at least, still got two more Games coming up in a great time zone for my viewing. Oh, and Olympian. Yes, it’s natural to ponder what might have been. I think it’s a fair bet to say that many in the IOC are kicking themselves that they didn’t go to PyeongChang four years earlier or left it till four years later. But from the perspective of 2007, Russia then seemed like a solid, even logical choice. And by the 2022 vote they’d dug themselves in a hole. In hindsight, it may well have turned out differently if they’d known what was ahead - and I would probably be in Munich now attending my first winter games.
  15. Tulsa, you’ve been determined to hate these games for the past seven years. You decided before they started that they were already the worst games you could imagine. It’s a pity that your hatred and sour grapes could not allow you to just sit back, relax, and enjoy a pretty decent games. Your loss.
  16. Those empty seats

    PyeongChang is not the first, now will it be the last, to use artificial snow. If anything, it’s been less of a problem here than many others.
  17. Support Annecy 2018

    You can find exactly the same pictures and stories from past games Tulsa. You’re just embarrassing yourself with your bullish!t.
  18. Qatar 2022

  19. Potential 2026 and 2028 bids

    It’s not ideal, but as you say, it seems to be an inevitable process that at some stage we’ll get a winter games where we’re gonna get such a split and spectators are gonna have to divide complete days between mountain and ice events rather than take in both in a single day. Stockholm-Are would still be more manageable logistically and more marketable than Stockholm-Zermatt.
  20. Potential 2026 and 2028 bids

    I don’t think it needs to be that drastic, We’ve already seen acceptance of a more split games in the selection of hosts like Vancouver-Whistler or Beijing-wherever it is they have their mountains. Whether you think they’re sincere or not, the IOC has already said through Agenda 2020 that they’ll accept more spread-out regional games (and even bi-national hostings) and I do think they were sincere, for example, when they were suggesting to Korea that the Nagano bobsled facilities could have been used for PyeongChang. I don’t think it’s out of the realms of possibility that the IOC coul in future choose a Seattle-anchored Washington state bid, or even a NYC-anchored NY State winter bid (Madison Square Garden on ice, anyone?). That said, of course a more centralised and compact bid plan is always probably going to be viewed as more attractive - when it’s on the table. But it’s always going to be up to what they have to choose from. I don’t think it’s too wild a suggestion to guess that Stockholm-Are may well have easily emerged as the 2022 host had it stayed in the race against Beijing and Almaty. It’s probably a good sign that he IOC are more proactively working with potential hosts before the official bids are declared. Don’t doubt for a momen that they know they have to be a bit more flexible and accommodating.
  21. Okay @Tulsa, are you almost over your two week, sour grapes tantrum? It’s been quite childish at times but, hey, if that’s what floats your boat, and it has added to the board activity, so I guess it’s been worthwhile in your mind, even if I doubt it’s changed even one person’s opinions. To address your original proposition - no, these have not been the worst WOGs in history, you’ll be disappointed to hear (if not accept). In all, they’ve been pretty good, well organised, lacking in major scandals, engendered a bit of positive and hopeful news out of the Korean Peninsula after a year of anything but, been more focussed on the events rather than extraneous issues and at the end more positive in spirit than many. Was it one of he best ever? Well, that’s always going to be a subjective call. Myself, I’d rate them as modesty successful but no Lillehammer (I guess I’ve just preculuded my post in the “verdict on the games” thread). Others may/will have differing opinions. Anyway, you’ve been hung up on this notion that certain countries, notably Korea and China, just aren’t fit to host a winter games and should never be given that honour. What utter arrogant bullish!t! The games belong to the world, and anyone with the means and sheer physical and geographic capability are entitled to host. They do not belong to a select group of “approved” countries. The WOGs themselves are already constrained to a smaller pool of possible hosts because of geographical and climatic requirements. But to follow your logic, that pool should be made even smaller to suit your offensively patronising cultural prerequisites. Yes, traditional winter sports countries in North America and Europe will always make good winter games hosts - and they will continue to do so for the lion’s share of WOGs in the future. But it’s important, even essential, that the less traditional locals - the Koreas and Chinas - also get their chance at times too. They need to be able to have the chance to embrace the Olympic spirit, to be exposed to the winter sports, to be given the chance to show off their societies and landscapes and hopefully be inspired to get more enthused by winter sports. And the WOGs can indeed achieve this - Japan really wasn’t a traditional winter sports country before its first WOGs, but now I see in recent posts of yours that it’s been promoted to your personal “WOG-worthy” club. It’s similar to the summer games - i would be easy to jut spread them around a small selection of advanced and venue-rich cities and nations (*cough, cough, Paris and LA) and never venture away from them ever. And, yes, there’s a legitimate debate to be had over the merits and social responsibility of less-developed and affluent cities and countries, like Rio or somewhere in Africa, hosting such an expensive extravaganza, but at the end of the day it is important and essential that they are allowed or even encouraged to share the spirit of the Olympics by hosting when their circumstances responsibly permit them. To specifically address some of your recurrent “points” of the past fortnight. Let’s take audience crowds. Okay, yeah, there were empty seats at times and not everything was packed to capacity or bursting. But that happens at EVERY games, even the most successful ones, and in winter games, even in your beloved and winter sports successful approved Western European host cities. There’s a lot of reasons why his is so - sponsor seats not being taken up, prices, travel costs etc. But there also were large contingents of enthused and respectful locals at many events, particularly those that they hold dear or had good chances in (and that’s natural, and again to be expected of any hosts). There were also decent numbers and contingents of spectators from around the world coming in to cheer their teams. And as was mentioned in other threads as well, while large crowds certainly can lift a good games to something truly special, at the end of the day it’s not the priority issue to decide on the success of a games or not. Particularly when for the overwhelming bulk of the world’s population, the games are experienced through television. The Koreans embrace of the games was average, but certainly not dire and certainly not games-wrecking. And onto climate. You’ve been railing against fake snow an barren landscape. What I saw on screen was constant mention of extreme cold and good snow cover of the venues amidst attractive wintry landscapes around. The biggest problem was a bit of wind in the first week disrupting some events. All games, and particularly the winter games, are hostage to the weather. PyeongChang wasn’t the first to use, or even the most drastically in need of using, artificial snow. Some of your beloved approved tradional hosts have had far more problems with their snow cover. In all, PyeongChang had far less snow and weather issues than many previous winter hosts. When the campaign to choose the 2018 host was in full swing I was firmly, for personal and emotional reasons, hoping for Munich. But that was not to be - que sera sera. I’m glad now, and think it was good an important, that they chose PyeongChang. For all the reasons mentioned above, I think it was essential that the IOC spread the winter games beyond the NA-Europe winter sports insider’s club. Maybe, to make a tidier list of host cities, it could have been four years earlier or four years later, bu it definitely had to happen. And Korea certainly didn’t drop the ball (or puck or whatever). Anyway, I guess for you it’s back to four years grumbling bitterly under your rock. Have fun. See you in Beijing 2022, I guess, for Round 2 of your dummy spit.
  22. I’m sure @Tulsa will give you a like for that one!