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  1. Looks like ITG have picked their preferred candidate: Alan Hubbard: It’s now or never if Coe is to become Lord of the Olympic Rings And, yes, if you read it, it is a bit of a glowing endorsement. And, yes, I know Coe does polarise a lot of people here (but who in the IOC or world sports doesn’t?), but I’ve long thought he would make an incredibly well-credentialed IOC prez. Has there ever been anybody better experienced - athlete, politician, OCOG chairman, president of the IAAF. And he has made a number of moves on the right side of history - defying Thatcher’s boycott, tough on Russia etc. My only doubt is whether he’s got the support numbers within the IOC - but as a political operator for decades, you could probably assume he’s been working on that - and that he’s a white (well, he does have some Indian in him I believe) western male. While I can see the gesture value of installing Coventry or Hoevertsz, I think at this stage that’s all they’d bring. Coventry’ s record isn’t great (especially after seeing Krow’s link to her bio) and she seems like a Bach creature. And while Hoevertsz has done co-com duty, I don’t see that she’s had much else in the way of administrative experience (not to mention her softness on Russia). I have strong doubts about them. And as for JAS Jr? Aiyaiyai! I’m sure he ruthlessly wants the job, but how could they even think of going there? The ultimate Oly nepo baby. What great optics.
  2. Not a bad idea @fusilli, but might I nominate…. Tortellini and… well… err… Fusilli!
  3. Playing coy… Coventry will not confirm whether or not will stand for IOC President as backs Bach on Russia stance
  4. On a nicer note Demand for tickets drives Matildas’ World Cup opener to 83,500-capacity Accor Stadium
  5. Saudi Arabia and women’s sports… a natural fit Saudi Arabia to sponsor Women’s World Cup and tighten ties with Fifa
  6. Personally, I’ll be happy if the Gabba stays a modest, unpretentious venue, rather than become a grandiose vanity design a la the Bird’s Nest. That would make the statement that it’s the people rather than the concrete, that makes the games.
  7. Personally, I think Djokovic’s a dick (and his Dad a pan-Slav fascist), but at the end of the day, Serbia are not sanctioned. Don’t know much about Sabalenka either, but she is basically competing under the IOC formula - a supposed “neutral” athlete. And yes, I’m sure how she’s going to be feted back in Belorussia will show just how hollow that is. What’s going to be interesting is how Wimbledon approaches he Russia question this year.
  8. Djokovic’s actually Serbian. It’s his anti-vaxx stance rather than his nationality that’s been getting him booted out of countries and tournaments.
  9. Since Sydney’s Allianz got brought up… LOL! More a Sydney thing. The Allianz upgrade was part of a big stadium package announced by a previous State government that would have also included knocking down and rebuilding the even-younger Olympic stadium and a few other big suburban stadium upgrades like Parramatta Stadium. It didn’t go over as popular and as much a vote winner as they had hoped. After an outcry, the Olympic stadium rebuild was scrapped in favour of some upgrading, and the suburban stadiums were put on an indefinite back burner (Parramatta still happening, and I think Penrith’s getting a new one). Allianz survived because the NRL (Rugby League) and the ARU (Rugby Union) have the financial and political clout in NSW to ensure they get more bells and whistles than the 1988-vintage stadium offered. That’s a bit misleading, including the satellite image. A large portion of the immediate surrounds are two large ground level car parks that could easily be consolidated underground or a single multi-story facility and Driver Ave is more an access road to the stadiums and the car parks than a major thoroughfare. The UTS building is just a small sub-campus, probably sports medicine. The area itself is also just the one corner - the three stadium zone - of a much, much larger parkland belt. The Moore Park parklands, immediately adjacent across Driver Avenue are frequently partly used as overflow cark parking for major events. The Moore Park parkland itself extends across to a golf course, the ES Marks athletics field, then Centennial Park and on to Randwick Racecourse. It’s actually quite a vast green belt. The green belt itself was bordered by a lot of aging industrial-type zones that in recent years have buen redeveloped as large medium-to-high density apartment developments (ie: Meriton-ised) that would have been perfect for, say, an Olympic Village development. This would have been the centrepiece of a 1996 games if Sydney had, (a) won the domestic bid and (b) gone on to win the IOC bid. As a lifelong inner city Sydneysider myself, I’m a little disappointed we didn’t go the same path for 2000 - it would have been a more city-centric games closer to more postcard picturesque Sydney. Homebush was more a political savvy choice to provide a precinct closer to the sprawling western suburbs population bubble. You forgot Rugby Union (though I accept you southerners often forget the difference between Union and League) - it’s the home of the NSW Waratahs and the ARU headquarters are next door. The NRL, as far as I know, still base themselves in Philip Street in the CBD.
  10. In favour of the Gabba, as well as it’s forementioned central location and transport links, it’s also one of those rare major stadiums that’s well suited for the needs of an Olympics - being a cricket oval it can accommodate a (temporary) athletics track without the design compromises and shortcomings of trying to fit it into the more common and favoured rectangular pitch formats. It’s also an iconic site for Brissie, while it’s two other iconic stadiums - Lang Park and Ballymore, are both far more suited for football and Rugby duties. Can’t really begrudge Brisbane scoring a brand-spanking new/refurbished Gabba out of the Olympics - especially if they can write it off against other revenue streams from the games (as tenuous as they usually are) - and 50k is probably well-suited to their needs (though you’d hope the design has flexibility for future seating expansion).
  11. Ukraine boycotting, I think would be a given. As Stefan said, Poland and the Baltics would be the next most likely to do so. As for the rest, who knows when push comes to shove? But one things for certain, there’s going to be some messy sh!t storm debates around the issue over the next year. Not the sort of PR the IOC would like.
  12. Duncan McKay hits the nail on its head Duncan Mackay: IOC must decide whether they want Ukraine or Russia at Paris 2024, but they cannot have both
  13. I have to confess, I do get a bit of schadenfreude watching the debacle Bach ravels himself into - maybe he’ll retire early to foist the mess onto his successor. But it’s so typically Bach to play the fence sitter and still manage to piss off everyone in the process. He provokes the west into publically labelling him Russia’s pet, while his Moscow mates still accuse him of being a NATO puppet. Just let your balls drop Thomas, and you might actually be able to leave the job with some semblance of a legacy. Meanwhile, it’s the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) who are emerging as the rogue mavericks of the Olympic movement. It’s them (and the AFC in football) that are playing kissy-kissy with Vlad now he’s found himself with no friends in Europe bar Lukashenkostan. And that shouldn’t be a surprise. It’s stuffed full of potential mates - China, Iran, the Stans - even Saudi Arabia, the “ally” the West is embarrassed to acknowledge and which only pays lip service to the West because it hates Iran more. And cash counts in the OCA - surely the only continental Olympic council where petro dollars can buy the Winter Asiad for the world’s most pre-eminent hot desert fiefdom. I’m glad Oz and NZ seem to have deleted the OCA off its Tinder contacts.
  14. Some interesting interactive satellite images comparing snow coverage at European resorts this year and last year: Stark contrast: the warming of Europe’s ski resorts – photo essay
  15. Hi @GBModerator, I think you made a lot of people happy by finally creating dedicated sub-forums for upcoming games such as LA and Brisbane. On behalf of all, thank you heaps! just two little glitches (that I’ve noticed so far). The sub-forum you created for Gangwon 2024 is actually titled Gangwon 2020. And the section for ticketing and accommodation in the Brisbane sub-forum is titled Brisbane 2028. Both minor things, but hopefully easy to fix.
  16. Perfectly illustrating that this is an issue where you can’t win, no mater what side of the fences you sit on, Seb Coke’s coping flack now for the new athletics rules, which do leave the door open for trans participation in womens’ events. World Athletics’ transgender regulations see scientific rigour give way to a fudge
  17. Concerning the “Africa Card”… IF she got the job, one of her first tasks would be to officiate the opening of the Dakar YOGs. Could be fitting. Though I expect we’d all soon get tired of Madam Swimming 2004 and 2008.
  18. The important questions, however, are: How far part should the flagpoles be, and should the anthems be sung by choirs?
  19. Okay, firstly, for the record, I’m totally in agreement that removing flags, anthems and all the national aspects of the games would destroy a lot of the Olympics appeal and flavour. It would be a watered-down, “beige” games (like the Universiades). But… That said, to play Devil’s Advocate, eliminating anthems and flags would basically be the solution to all those who decry politics in the games, and want to disassociate the notions of politics and sports. Having national entities and symbols really bakes politics into the very fabric of the games and means the two can’t be divorced. If they were really serious about the event being just for the athletes and bringing the youth of the world together to compete together in friendship, minimising national rivalries would be the first lace to start. Anyway, removing national flags, anthems and teams - and having the athletes compete for themselves rather than country - might work for individual sports, but what about team events? Would we see clubs competing instead? Would we want to see Man U versus Boca Juniors, or LA Dodgers versus Yomiuri Giants, competing for gold medals? Like I said, I don’t like the idea of dispensing with the national trappings, but there is an argument for it. Ah, Gaudeamus Igitur… on of only two songs I know in Latin. We used to give our music teacher hell by deliberately mangling the pronunciations as we sang it in school assembly.
  20. Possibly still way to early to identify any particular favourites for the honour, but time enough to start nominating names to the list. Speculate away! I’m guessing Peter Bol is out of the running now…
  21. Now that Brisbane 2032 has it’s own sub-forum, it’s probably time to start populating it by moving some discussions to dedicated threads. So let’s start with the possible/probable centrepiece of the games - the Gabba. While it’s still expected to be the main games aand ceremonies stadium, and it seemed all sewn up, at the present, it’s status is not totally secure:
  22. I didn’t notice that until you told me. Thanks for the heads up. Done!
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