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  1. Well, they’d save money on the free condom allocation...
  2. The entire Olympic Village would end up in a Jakarta jail by the end of the games if this went ahead: https://www.sbs.com.au/news/anger-as-indonesia-moves-to-criminalise-sex-outside-marriage
  3. Sir Rols

    2022 Mascots

    OMG, they morphed Kenny! You bastards!
  4. An early start to this topic. I'm sure Durban sandshark will kep us all informed as well: Tokyo's Games win ups ante for $200m rights package deal - See more at: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/media/broadcast/tokyos-games-win-ups-ante-for-200m-rights-package-deal/story-fna045gd-1226719618449#sthash.j5m99xAk.dpuf
  5. And it's now totally official. LA has announced it's pulling out of 2024, and changed their Facebook presence to 2028: https://www.facebook.com/pg/la2028/videos/?ref=page_internal
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    You’re lucky i didn’t post Norman Gunston’s cover
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    Dammit! And then i had to YouTube it...
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    Sigh, i must be showing my age when all that’s going through my head is “I’m Liza with a zee, not Lisa with an ess, coz Lisa with an ess goes snozz”
  9. I was hunting around any couldn't find a thread dedicated to Japan 2019 yet, so figured might as well start one. Anyway, I was just wondering ... does anybody remember or know if Japan was/is still proposing some matches in Hong Kong or China in 2019? I remember they were proposing that in their 2011 bid (and with Singapore even, I seem to remember), but can't remember if they stuck with that for the 2019 bid.
  10. Sir Rols

    Rugby World Cup Japan 2019

    Love those tickets!
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    @krow, i don’t know much about warn winches, but does anyone know where i can get my hands on an ielts certificate or quality fake passport?
  12. Sir Rols

    BidWeek: No Winter Games In Sweden. Ever?

    I’ve been too pissed off to comment till now, but, yes, quite right Puppy. Gunilla Lindberg was right on the money with her comment: “Is the IOC ready for the New Norm or is it just talk?”
  13. Stockholm. Comfortably
  14. Sir Rols

    Preliminaries vs Finals

    Hmmmmm. Well, it depends what experience you’re after. And how many tickets you are planning to get or events you want to attend. if you’re really into a particular sport, you may well want to follow the events right through from preliminaries to finals. if you’re not a passionate follower of any particular sport, and plan on going to a range of events, then, yes, certainly try to get some finals tickets - you will want to see some medal events and the ceremonies for the excitement and experience. But don’t put your nose up at some preliminaries as well - not only are they gonna be cheaper and easier to get into, but they also give you the Olympic experience, can let you experience some of the more unusual or lower profile sports (which, at an Olympics, can be great fun and might even make you a convert to that sport).and let you experience different venues. And the crowds and atmosphere can be really fun at some of these less high profile events. So, i’d advocate trying for a mix of prelims and finals. Also, personally, i’d Also suggest, again unless you are into a particular sport, trying to spread your tickets across as many sports as possible and avoid going to the same sport twice. But that’s just me - after attending three games, i’ve Come to the conclusion I like to get a breadth of experiences from them.
  15. Sir Rols

    2030 Commonwealth Games

    Darwin NT News
  16. Sir Rols

    Tokyo 2020 Torch

    I don’t mind it at all. More of a “classic” torch look than most these days.
  17. Sir Rols

    Design for Munich 1972

    LOL, full mailbox. Cleared it out now...
  18. Sir Rols

    Design for Munich 1972

    Nice find, M.
  19. Sir Rols

    Tokyo 2020 Look of the Games

    Hmmmm. Quite a dark pallette. Even the pink’s a darker, “dirtier” pink. Certainly going to be a bit different from the brighter hues of the past several games.
  20. Seeing as we've had a few threads for the numerous aviation buffs here, I wondered if we had any rail buffs here, and if they had a favourite fast train system. I don't call myself a big train fan, but I do like train travel (especially in Europe _ Aussie trains are sh!t), and have travelled on a number of the high speed services _ TGV (France), ICE (Germany), X2000 Sweden, Shinkansen (Japan) and favour the German ICE system by far _ very nicely kitted out inside, very smooth ride. TGV _ France ICE _ Germany X2000 _ Sweden Shinkansen _ Japan
  21. Sir Rols

    Future Olympic Hosts

    C‘mon M., we just expect too much Indians and Westerners have different standards of hygiene And there were only a few cases of dogs running into the road events and athlete’s village... Beyond all that, are you having a good time? India sure is confronting. But just try Dacca...
  22. CAF's Bond thread made me think of generally how the Olympics have featured on the silver screen. I actually think it's surprising that there haven't been that many movies at all that have taken the Olympics as a major theme or setting. The big exception, of course, is Chariots of Fire, which has almost become a cliche of Olympism now. Good movie, though. Another one I can think of one from the 1960s called "The Games", which starred Ryan O'Neill and followed four athletes _ Ryan, a British runner, a Czech runner played by Charles Aznavour and an aboriginal Australian runner, as they prepared for the Rome Games. Of course, there's also the documentaries like Leni Riefenstahl's "Olympia" and the Bud Greenspan movies, but I'm thinking more about major Hollywood fiction features. And of course, there's plenty of Olympians who have made the transition to the big screen _ Johnny Weismuller, Sonja Heine, etc.
  23. Well, while we're on the cricket theme.... Howzat @paul! Congratulations. I must say, I was gunning for your Mumbai from the start and glad it won. I was reconciled to seeing it go, though, in that penultimate round. It looked like it was gonna be the one to drop out, and I'd even begun the final poll on the assumption it would be your Mexico City versus JDC's Mumbai., Then, with just about five minutes to go, I get a frantic PM from Yoshi telling me it's all tied up with all three in a dead heat. LOL! That was unprecedented and one I'd never come up against before. It's those sort of things that make the comps fun and unpredictable. Anyway, really deserved win Paul... as always. You truly are the Don Bradman of the comps (you should google him up). As for the rest... While it was a bit sad some of the old contenders didn't front up this year, it was great to see a new contender, @JDCLauron, step up to the crease - and then score a win in his maiden over! Well done JDC! Thanks for joining and hope you see you back again for another tilt at the Ashes between you and Paul (or, indeed, any other contender). And thanks @Glacib for always being keen and joining in - I'll be gunning for you to win one yourself soon. And @Scotguy - I was so pleased to see you return for the comp, and I gotta say, I think your Mumbai was the best you've done so far. I sure was barracking for it to advance as far as it could make it. And finally, a big thanks to the irrepressible @yoshi! It's really only through his sheer optimism and determination to keep the tradition going that the comp still survives - and not only survives, continues successfully every year. I gotta admit, he's proved me wrong - I've tended to be pessimistic about the chances for the comp when he has come to me asking for my opinion on whether to go for it or not. Thanks for persisting and having faith, mate. And well done. And so, the next is the 13th eh? Hmmmmm. Gotta admit, I'd have a few ideas for that one. You might wanna watch over your shoulder I don't make a comeback for it! Just kidding Yoshi, It's all yours if you wanna stay at it, though I'll certainly be there to feed you a few suggestions.