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Vancouver "look Of The Games" Pics

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Maybe it's printed on the Oval's Ice???

Maybe (probably) but I always love having banner with the host city.... it always been "my favorite look of the games" but the rest is beyond awesome really love the look inside the oval. really proud!







I havent seen a vancouver massive like one of those yet...maybe it's because Vancouver look of the games is so great, my favorite so far... but Beijing police is the best followed by sydney. Vancouver kind of lame but growing on me :) i always found Vancouver nicer with a capital v... instead of vancouver

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Luv it but where doesnt it say Vancouver... look like Vanoc is scared to say vancouver... in all other games the name of the host city was always in evidence... in most of vancouver look of the games... "it's kind of shy" who agree?

It does say "Vancouver 2010", just not as often as previous host cities. And frankly, I find it better...the Look of the Games does more on its own.

The speed skaters in the picture are blocking "Vancouver 2010".

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I’m actually surprised by the branding inside the Oval, mainly all the white. I thought for example that the branding along the perimeter of the track would be solid colored like say a lot of the banners hanging outside, making it easier for the rings and “Vancouver 2010” to be overlaid on top. I also figured it’s look best on camera for television.

But they chose to go with pockets that really of incorporate lots of different hues of both green and blue with lots of visible pattern and texture. So the rings and Vancouver “2010” are on the adjacent white parts.

Also, they decided to do put “Vancouver” OVER “2010” and not “Vancouver 2010” in one line like all previous hosts.

… Yes, only an Olympic branding whore like myself would be able to write sentences on this specific matter.

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Should add that the Look of the Games inside venues could still be a work in process.

Beijing for example changed and added things here and there after the Games for a number of reasons, the highest of which being telegenics. Take a look at the first day of Swimming – the Beijing 2008 logo is not seen on the touich thingy that swimmers hit to mark their time. A few days later, the logo was added.

The Look of the Games is a serious deals. Cities and the IOC hire consultants to optimize how the venues are decorated.

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The wording is not frequent or large but it is . When the emblem was unveiled even the Ilanaaq haters had to agree that the typography of the emblem and future released signage was memorable and versatile.

Wow i guess I'm way out of line because I didnt found the signage memorable or versatile neither as obvious and prominent. Glad to see some like it from the start unlike me who learn to accept it in the same way many peoples are learning to love ilanaaq. Thanks to fill me in about it. :)

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Giant cranberry jigsaw barged to the Middle Arm

Alan Campbell, Richmond News

Published: Friday, February 05, 2010

Seventy people are involved in the complex project, clocking up an exhausting 9,000 hours of engineering brainpower.

Every scenario - dream or nightmare - has been studied since June and the finalized plan has been pieced together with the help of the latest Tsunami warning underwater technology.

But what it's all come down to this week for the massive floating cranberry-filled depiction of the Canadian Olympic Committee's logo is being dragged 100 yards from McDonald Beach's parking lot into the north arm of the Fraser River.

View Larger Image

Patty Cole, production coordinator, overlooking the cranberry logo.

Chung Chow/Richmond News

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Font:****The first piece of the giant jigsaw was "launched" Tuesday morning, en route to being barged down to its eventual temporary home on the middle arm of the river, smack bang outside the Richmond Olympic Oval.

Despite the myriad of things that can still go awry with the installation, the man behind it all, Dallas-based designer Stephen Stefanou, said he isn't feeling the pressure.

"I'm not nervous at all, nothing will go wrong," said Stefanou, who's also worked on design projects with cranberry firm Ocean Spray at the Rockefeller Center and the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas.

"Every possibility has been taken into consideration."

Such is the scale of the project, it has to be transported down the river to the oval in sections throughout this week, before being welded together on site.

At the weekend, the job of filling the floating structure with 13 million locally grown cranberries will begin. The cranberries will be held in place by nets inside the structure of the logo.

Dan Keefer, a lifelong Richmond cranberry farmer, said he'll be a proud man knowing some of his cranberries will be involved in one of the Games' most spectacular sights.

"All the Richmond growers were asked to go along to city hall last year and four of five or us agreed to get involved in the project and help out," Keefer said.

"It makes me very proud to be a Richmond cranberry grower and very proud to be part of the Olympics."

Keefer said the project is an opportunity to introduce to visitors to the city what "great things the cranberry can do for the body."

"It's a way of telling the world what we're all about," Keefer said of the cranberry Olympic logo.

"Cranberries are indigenous to North America and the Chinese market, for one, is a place that I don't think we're even involved in.

"If they were to realize the health benefits of the cranberry, who knows what might happen?"

Keeping a close eye on the team piecing sections of the fibre-glass logo together in the parking lot, Stefanou explained how he got involved in the project.

"I have a long-standing relationship with Ocean Spray after doing smaller projects with the cranberry at the Rockefeller Center and the Bellagio (hotel and casino in Las Vegas.)

"And when the City of Richmond completed the oval, they invited Ocean Spray and myself into the fold to participate in bringing a celebration of the crop to the Games.

"The idea has always been to use cranberries as the centre of the artwork. But it was all about the science in terms of getting it into the river.

There's a lot of engineering involved and this project has brought me and the team many challenges."

Stefanou said he's worked on taller projects, but this is the biggest by far.

"We've been on this for eight months now, that was when the City of Richmond invited us to come along and check out the site," he said.

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Font:****"And the security around the oval is going to be tight, so that presents another challenge, along with the tide, the currents and the weather."

To prevent the logo from simply floating away, it will be anchored, with the tide in mind, to eelgrass on the riverbed.

"Every day there will be people out there, making sure everything is in place," he added.


© Richmond News 2010

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Livecity Yaletown (jan.28)



looks like they are laying down a temporary floor on the north lawn of the VAG. which is great because that area was always muddy


photo by nance428 on flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/sleepyhead428/sets/72157623331469046/

more testing at robson square


photo by nance428 on flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/sleepyhead428/sets/72157623331469046/


photo by nance428 on flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/sleepyhead428/sets/72157623331469046/


photo by nance428 on flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/sleepyhead428/sets/72157623331469046/photo

four host pavilion


photo by susan gittins on flickr.com http://www.flickr.com/photos/susangittins/

alberta house


photo by susan gittins on flickr.com http://www.flickr.com/photos/susangittins/

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cop cars, at the ready:




'That' flag:



Home Depot on Cambie getting in the spirit:


same with many a motorist I've seen in the past week:


Two patrol boats sharing a moment together:



These security floating things look like giant hot dogs sitting in water:


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