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  1. I tink they'll light it the same time: one torchbearer in the stadium and one outside. And the latter one the people in de stadium can see on a screen. Idea?
  2. In which sections of the stadium do the dignitaries sit? And where the press and broadcasters?
  3. I also need to go twice from the Oval to the Coliseum. @ Jawnbc thanks for your advice.
  4. So it's easy to have a wireless internet connection in Vancouver?
  5. You forget the difference between Summer and Winter opening ceremonies. In summer it's first a welcome show when the Olympic rings appear and after that the dignitaries will come in to the stadium and the national anthem will be played (15 mins). Than the artistic show (1 hour). After that the athletes parade (2 hours). And than the protocol part with speeches, Olympic anthem and oaths and peace part of the ceremony (20-30 mins). Lighting of the flame will be some 10-15 minutes including fireworks. For Winter Games the order of ceremony has been changed in Salt Lake City 2002. It's like this: - Welcome show, entrance of dignitaries, national anthem and another short show (20 mins) - Athletes parade (50 mins) - Artistis show (30 mins- 1 hour) - Protocol part with speeches, raising Olympic flag etc. (20-30 mins) - Lighting of the Olympic flame (10 mins) - A final song (Pavarotti in 2006 and Lee Ann Rimes in 2002) (5 mins)
  6. Great to see the pictures. Can't believe yet Friday I'm also in one of the lines.
  7. The songs? The I believe songs or other Vancouver 2010 songs?
  8. Temperature is okay... but only rain:S
  9. In the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games around 2,700 athletes will compete coming from 82 NOCs. In Torino there were 2,500 athletes from 80 NOC's according to the IOC.
  10. Lillehammer 1994 are still the most beautiful Winter Games ever. If Vancouver 2010 will be the best (we know that afterwards) this Olympiad is the best... because the Beijing Olympics were the best Games of the Olympiad (Summer Games) ever.
  11. I saw a video made inside the Oval. Vancouver 2010 is also in the ice, but on the other side and it's smaller.
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