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  1. Ok, this is incredibly hard for me to do, but I'm officially signing off of this forum until after the ceremony. Sorry you guys won't be getting any more updates from me. Mr. X, care to come with me?
  2. Let's not forget there are two continents named America Olympian2004 North and South
  3. They are using the cauldron at BC Place right now as we speak - for only the first or second time EVER
  4. That's what my worry is - I couldn't have been more embarrassed. Seriously. Celine Dion doesn't embarrass me as much as that did.
  5. Yes, I read it, but you must not have read my post. We (non-Vancouverites, people who don't live and breathe Aboriginal culture) don't know if that's 'too much'. 99% of the crowd that viewed the rehearsal were Vancouverites, who may be able to appreciate the traditional dances & songs more than we (the 'others') can.
  6. Is 'just the right amount' of Aboriginal content for Vancouverites & people from BC 'too much' for people from the rest of the world? THAT's what worries me. I'm not from Vancouver / BC so I don't have the same mindset when it comes to that issue.... so the real audience will be the 2 billion at home.
  7. One of the crew. He said that the media misinterpreted that statement a while back.... I'm not sure if THAT's accurate, but he's 100% sure they aren't coming
  8. Very cool - thanks for the heads up! Do you know if that was his first time practicing yesterday, or has he been involved in the rehearsals over the past few days / weeks?
  9. FYI - there will be no installation of the fabric - it's staying as it is.
  10. I'm getting that it was very aboriginal themed also from different sources, but they said it was well done
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