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  1. This does give us a reason to build a new stadium that can be used as the centre piece for a 2028 Olympics as the article stated. I imagine those groups who previously tried to secure an NFL team a couple years ago would go at it again if stadium plans begin. It's all speculation now.
  2. I'm shocked that a joint 3-way bid is actually going to happen. I'm having conflicting feelings on this. On one side, I'm thinking I would rather be greedy and bid solo with a chance to host it by ourselves. But on the other hand, I have a feeling that FIFA would award this 3-way bid which atleast would give Canada a hosting gig and possibly a brand new stadium. Logistics may be challenging. I'd love to see their plan on that.
  3. I hope the investments in Swimming and Athletics increase after the performance at these games. This is where the bulk of the medals are. Penny Oleksiak and Andre de Grasse will be gold medal favourites come time for Tokyo 2020. And the great thing is they're so young and have lots of years ahead of them. Hopefully the male swimmers will fully develop and medal the next games.
  4. I think Canada gets 2 medals tomorrow and we beat our highest medal total from 1996.
  5. Why haven't the Japanese been dq'd as well? They clearly stepped on the line.
  6. Just estimating how many more medals we should probably win and I'm thinking we tie the record medal count of 22 the country achieved in Atlanta
  7. What do you guys think of De Grasse's chances for a medal in the 200m now? He's definitely a darkhorse
  8. I'm so happy DeGrasse medaled in the 100m. God its been so long since Canada won a medal in this event.
  9. A new Canadian Olympic star is born. I never expected Canada to do so well in the pool. All these medals are bonus as no one predicted us to medal in the pool. Canada should surpass its medal total from London, or dare I say surpass Atlanta 1996 (22 medals). Faster, your probably the best person to ask this. How many legitimate medal chances are left?
  10. I find it unrealistic the feds financially back both a Calgary 2026 Olympics and Canada 2026 World Cup. We're going to have to pick one to bid for. I can't wait to see how this unfolds.
  11. How serious is a Toronto Winter Olympics? It really does seem like an odd ball move and an uphill battle. Let's just wait for 2028.
  12. It would have been exciting to see Toronto enter the race but no one can fault John Tory for saying No at this time considering the tight time constraints. Had city council continued the study in 2014 instead of voting it down it would have been a different story now. Considering the city went through all this the past couple months, we can safely assume Toronto will be back for 2028.
  13. Let's see how Los Angeles pans out. I still don't think they'll win but you never know. If LA comes back for 2028 they'll probably be considered the front runners as its due to come back to North America and they bid for 2024. Toronto will be a not too far second
  14. A source to the Toronto Star is saying the answer will be a no.
  15. Don Peat ‏@reporterdonpeat 17m17 minutes ago John Tory announcement on Sunday? "Mayor Tory will make an announcement at Toronto City Hall's 50th anniversary celebration" #TOpoli Let's see if this is true. Coming for a SunMedia reporter
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