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    Fingers crossed.
  2. Well done Sochi! Hands down the best Closing Ceremony yet, if not the best.
  3. Nah, the ballet was entirely different... and ballet is totally expected considering this is Russia.
  4. Mr. X is back momentarily after a long absence from here. Overall, it was a spectacular ceremony - nothing we wouldn't expect from Russia and the most expensive Olympic Games ever. But disappointingly it lacked originality, a lot of the concepts or even the narrative were glaringly 'borrowed' from Vancouver. I don't think we've ever seen Ceremonies that practically use the same concepts. 1. The cultural segment that followed the Parade of Nations began with ice breaking, revealing the ocean and a whale formed by props and performers. Vancouver also began its cultural segment in the same way: ice breaking leading to projected orca whales. This was my biggest beef with Sochi's Opening. 2. Sochi's projected cannon with the smoke effects for firing. Vancouver had that for the orca whale spouts. 3. Vancouver had ceiling suspended constellations. Sochi used the same type of lights to represent winter sport icons just before the lighting of the cauldron. 4. Inline skaters skating in opposing circles concluded Vancouver's cultural segment. Sochi did the same thing towards the end of its Ceremony. Granted, Beijing 2008's Closing Ceremony also had inline skaters but they were doing something completely different. 5. Both Vancouver and Sochi had their malfunctions.
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    Your verdict on the London 2012 Games

    It's the summer equivalent of Vancouver, plain and simple. The world press, include the British, praised how great Vancouver was after the 2010 Games ended, and many went as far as saying it was the best Winter Games ever. LOCOG was also at Vancouver, praised the Games and sought to mimic the same festive and nation-loving mood that was found throughout the streets of Vancouver.
  6. That was an AMAZING Closing Ceremony, much better than the London Opening even. It had the mood and rhythm that was beyond perfection for a Closing Ceremony, and the Closings also usually feel like afterthoughts but this certainly didn't! I also have to emphasize the absolutely brilliant flow of the Closing Ceremony, especially compared to the Opening Ceremony. I also loved how they moved the speeches/cauldron extinguishing/official handover protocol to the end, it flows better for the Closing Ceremony and keeps you watching....whereas in the past, with the big concert segments held only after the handover/speeches/cauldron extinguishing is done, the concerts felt like they were loosely added onto the show program. London's felt otherwise. It was, the best Closing Ceremony ever! I didn't have any issue with the drawn-out musical elements of the show, I thought it was all brilliant. CLOSING CEREMONY RANKINGS: 1) London 2) Beijing 3) Salt Lake 4) Athens 5) Sydney 6) Vancouver 7) Torino
  7. mr.x

    Your verdict on the London 2012 Games

    "Happy and Glorious Games," as Rogge put it. It was a summer version of Vancouver. Well done London!
  8. CTV began covering the Olympics for Canada beginning with the Vancouver 2010 Games. The amazing coverage theme music and graphics were produced for the Vancouver Games and now re-formatted for London. The amazing Opening Ceremony pre-show would move any Brit to shed a tear, lots of montages on Great Britain's moment....plus, retrospectives on Canadian athletes in London and a look back at Vancouver 2010: http://www.watchseriesus.com/2012/07/2012-london-olympics-ctv-preview-show.html CTV's coverage of the Opening Ceremony: http://www.watchseriesus.com/2012/07/london-2012-olympics-opening-ceremony.html
  9. I don't know why some people erroneously refer to Olympic medals as Olympic "metals." Like it makes me angry for some reason, I would like to throw a shoe at them. /Rant.
  10. I thought the Russians had sent a armada to Canada when their handover began in Vancouver: what's up with a 6-minute version of your national anthem during someone else's show?
  11. Yup....I'm going to miss CTV Bell Media covering the Olympics for Canada.
  12. I'm really not looking forward to CBC taking the reigns of Canadian Olympic coverage....it simply isn't the network we remember with all the cut backs, despite what they say. Moreover, I personally find coverage on CTV to be a bit more exciting and wider in scope - like you guys have said, more channels to flip through for live coverage and repeats. On the topic of rights changes, the Hudson's Bay Company rights with VANOC/COC began in 2006 and end with 2012. That means the rights to dress our athletes will be up in the air after London. I highly doubt HBC will be bidding for the rights, they did it solely for the build-up to Vancouver 2010 as a means of rebuilding the HBC brand. But that was under the old owner, the current owners are much more attuned to making HBC a luxury retailer. I think Roots will be back 2014 onwards.
  13. Well there are cultural differences between Chinese and British cultures and what they expect and appreciate....if Beijing's Opening had humour in their Ceremony, 1.3-billion Chinese people would be face palming to it. Same goes with the Russians.
  14. Anyone in London right now? What are the city streets like? And what are the Live Sites like? There was much talk by LOCOG organizers following Vancouver that they hoped to replicate the atmosphere that was in the streets of the 2010 Host City.
  15. Not looking forward to the Olympics going back to the now-hobo/poverty public broadcaster.
  16. So since the Opening Ceremony, we've seen a lot of these memes of the Queen's bored facial expressions... Some have said it's because.... 1) She was bored by the show, or was disappointed. 2) She regretted being in the 007 video, which was her introduction video. 3) She was tired...I'm sure it's well past her bedtime, despite the best of preparations to prepare her for a late-nighter. The Ceremony went on until 1 am. 4) More likely, in my opinion, maybe it had to do with how Boyle & Coe took 30-MINUTES to introduce the head of state of Great Britain and the Commonwealth? That's a tad disrespectful, although I'm sure she was in a room inside the stadium watching the show from the tele. The head of state was introduced within the first 10-minutes or so in Vancouver, Beijing, Torino, Athens, Salt Lake, Sydney....well, with Beijing and Torino they introduced their heads of state before the Ceremony actually started.
  17. I actually do know quite a few VANOC staff and volunteers that are now working at London!
  18. I think CTV's new "I Believe" theme for Canada's broadcast of the Olympics holds more resonance with Canadians than the old CBC Olympic theme as there's a link to the Vancouver 2010 Games, which Canadians are quite fond of. Either way, CBC is no longer the network it once used to be nor one that I respected.
  19. Not sure why Lord Coe wouldn't want the Olympic Cauldron to become London's mecca for 17-days....unless, he knows they screwed up and is trying to grasp at straws for an excuse.
  20. NBC snobs...it truly is shameful, although I have to say that I really didn't understand nor could appreciate the theatrics of the segment. It reminds me of how they showed half of the Vancouver Closing Ceremony, then spent an hour advertising one of their future shows by showing everyone the pilot, and only after that was done did they show the rest of the Closing Ceremony...while most Olympic viewers probably went WTF when they stopped halfway, thinking that was it for Olympic coverage. Totally tasteless...
  21. CTV's coverage of London 2012 (and Vancouver 2010) have been superb. Sure, there are minor details that aren't perfect but on the scheme of things they have been great. I would not want CBC to cover the Olympics again, simply because I don't believe they have the resources to deliver great coverage. The public broadcaster has been facing steep cups, if they do get the tv rights for future Games I highly doubt it'll be of the same quality we've seen for their coverage of Beijing and prior. I mean, even for Beijing and Torino you could see the network was in a bit of trouble....they couldn't even afford to broadcast the Torino Olympics from Torino! They broadcasted it from Toronto. Not to mention the horrid graphics from Beijing. Furthermore, most of the CBC Sports staff have relocated to CTV/TSN.
  22. Yet if they had also built the Orbit to double as a secondary permanent cauldron, it would be even more of a "tourist attraction!"
  23. Wow, that media seating section in the stadium is huge. If the stadium normally sits 80,000, then what is the current seating capacity with the media stands?
  24. ....not to mention: http://www.scotsman.com/news/uk/london-2012-olympics-designer-kept-in-dark-on-cauldron-test-glitch-1-2439485
  25. Vancouver's secondary permanent outdoor cauldron wasn't an expense of VANOC, rather it was built and donated by the local natural gas company at a cost of $5-million. Maybe LOCOG could have done something creatively or cut back elsewhere...