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  1. It's certainly not my place to belittle anybody's concerns, but this is our new reality and it will never completely go away. We can't, however, live in a perpetual state of fear and paralysis. This may go well or it may not. If it goes well, it could broaden our horizons and show the world how to better cope with life as it stands. If we don't try, we might as well cancel the Olympics and other multi-sport events for the foreseeable future.
  2. As I've said elsewhere the recent number of new daily cases in Japan is roughly the same as here in Pennsylvania, and we have a tenth of the population of Japan. I would love to have Japan's percentage and it just seems ridiculous that people want to call this off when I see what is going on here and elsewhere in our country.
  3. Could it be better? Certainly. Still better than London or Sochi. Based on the results, it looks as if I didn't need to stuff the ballot box to keep that other option from winning. Though more colorful, something just looked off about it, Then I actually read what it was supposed to be and I found out it was a video game joystick which would allow all of us to play and that just came off as tacky.
  4. Graham is an idiot, IIRC he wanted to boycott PyeongChang because it was too close to North Korea.
  5. The USOPC will never willingly boycott any Games. They were bludgeoned into it in 1980. The US has been the IOC's sugar daddy for a long time, but China is a threat to that so any boycott based on commercial considerations is absolute nonsense.
  6. It's not often that I get excited about the one year to go to the closing ceremony of an Olympic Games. But, a year from today it will all be over, thankfully.
  7. It annoys me that all these statements from these political types focus solely on the Olympics. I haven't read one comment regarding Paralympic participation nor have I heard any comments out of Asia that attending the Asian Games in Hangzhou is tacit acceptance of the actions of the Chinese government.
  8. Was that from the Washington Post or the New York Post? So hard to tell the difference anymore.
  9. All we are seeing here are bold pronouncements by public figures that only serve to inflate their sense of self-importance. Do they know what boycotts really accomplish? Absolutely nothing. Jimmy Carter gave the Soviets one month to get out of Afghanistan They eventually withdrew...two administrations later and not because of anything of our doing. We heard all this noise in 2008 when delusional people actually thought they could get China to improve their human rights record. They didn't and, by some accounts, they have gotten even worse. They, however. really don't care what anybody thinks
  10. Some people are just totally clueless. And then they actually have the nerve to make public statements which make them look totally moronic.
  11. So, in this instance, it was a case of somebody saying something to somebody who put out a story without doing any research and then press agencies around globe spread the story without doing any research. Modern day journalism, you gotta love it.
  12. Based on the report, they seem to want to do it. But then, the report could just be presenting the opinion of one person, and not the feelings of many.
  13. They meaning the Japanese in general. I don't see many of the Tokyo hierarchy still being in the picture in another decade.
  14. They're talking about a Sapporo bid for the winter games, so they might be in bed with the IOC regardless.
  15. Probably the only realistic scenario. The IOC should offer them the opportunity to host in 2032.
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