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  1. Currently not really because canada come's fourth with both ranking (by medal ranking rank 3th but since france have two gold... make it fourth) But I'M surprise because the IOC take the "gold ranking" and I always hate it because it gave almost no value to silver/bronze..... I prefer number of medals..... So vanoc will probably have to change it again to "by gold medal" later on in the games... unless IOC officials change the rule for Vancouver 2010, hopefully.
  2. I really agree with you're post at 100% nuy yhr men's mogul medal wasnt unexpected... Bilodeau was the world reiging champion and he won silver at many events this season... It was a battle between him and beggsmith for a long time. Maybe it's because I'm from Québec but here this medal was "expected" if bilodeau was able to give a great race at the olympics. Also do not forget the amazing 5th position yesterday in mogul from dufour-lapointe... she is 18 years old.... Own the podium was start only a few years ago and I believe the biggest impact have yet to come....
  3. Every peoples I talk to (except forum online) in Québec really loves the experiences. I also know a couple from France who told me they are still speechless about what they saw. I also have to say that most peoples saw beijing.. and they loves the way vancouver ceremony was none. Pure ceremony, pure canada. I gave an A- Vancouver would of get an A+ if they had one climax point at the end... had the feeling the ceremonie wasnt really complete and if Gaetan boucher would of been part of the ceremony. I think it was the biggest mistake vanoc ever done. Jacques Villeneuve out, gaetan boucher should of been there. Last thing why peoples are so upset with the cauldron if they didnt tell me I wouldnt of know... Every picture of the cauldron inside the stadium are stunning. Have you watch the interview with david atkin? I have lot more respect for him now !
  4. Cannot believe you start a topic like this with no real substance. I call it baching others just for the pleasure to feel better with your self.... because he isnt "attractive" he's shoudlt be treat the same way as others? I also cannot believe a few because actually look to support this treat. I hope the moderator will remove your stupid treat.
  5. well peoples paid 500$ to be there... they arent representative of canadian population. i'm sure that the peoples to could of lift the stage were at home lack of fund to be there.
  6. Many peoples were saying how the winter olympics as gone too big... and losing the spirit... In that sense the olympic ceremony was really emotional, central on value, i felt a return too the old ways to make a ceremonies. A simple, beautiful ceremonies. A few things I`m kind of sad.... I think the flag holder jacques villeneuve should have been replaced by gaetan boucher. First of all gaetan was the most decorated canadian athlete from 1984 to 2002, and because he was the inspiration of so many canadians currently olympians. When journalist talk to him about the situation he answer in the best way. Hope vanoc will try to found a way to recognize him before the closing ceremonie. Second of all: the ceremonie had "no real end"... and I think this is what was missing... gretzky left for a long (too long journey) to lit the outside flame. The ceremonie miss that climax end... when the music, the flame, the fireworks and the open stadium give a picture of 1000 works.. Went he left I taught the show was still on... until i realize the ceremonie was done, we were just saying something extra. But I am really satisfied... was intelligent... and most of all really went well with the death of that olympian. The ceremony was really focus on emotions not about the "wow factor" and for that i think this simple ceremony was grabing this sad emotion. I dont think beijing will of been able to deal with that kind of situation because those ceremonie was at a different level. I think Vancouver was the best winter ceremonie overall but turin add an overall best segment.
  7. I think i understand where the confusion start.... the luge event might be out of the games I'm sure they wont... but I hear the luge will have to decide if they stay or cancelled the event at this olympic games.....
  8. I just start watching the pre olympic show in rds/v and the view of vancouver are splendid for such a bad day (weather I mean) I'M not worried anymore...... vancouver will impress the world. vancouver is shining right now..... on V stunning views
  9. This is why you called it an accident.... everything can happen.... i know a person that broke is tooth completely by eating an hod dog... What I'm trying to say is, yes investigation have to be done... but in the other ends that doesnt mean they is a reason for his death... If feel terrible, for him, for his family, for john furlong, for the fact the games start today.... how can you party when the games start with a so tragic note? But maybe his death will be kind of an inspiration to others. The message of john furlong at the press release was really touching. he was almost crying... even rogges was out of word. I hope he will be remembered.
  10. But why do i see it properly on my page? when I look to this page... it seems fine i am really confuse I post picture on this page before no problem... and now seems I do something wrong.... How do you found the link that end with jpg..... the link i found the jpg isnt at the end... I only start having trouble once they chg the website two weeks ago... I hate changes!
  11. Richmond olympic oval UBC Thunderbird arena UBC Thunderbird arena Downtown vancouver Richmond olympic oval Richmond olympic oval: most picture turn as bad... hopefully it's only due to getti images low skills
  12. Pacific Coliseum Ski jumping Richmond olympic oval Vancouver sliding centre Cypress mountain
  13. Whistler sliding centre Whistler sliding centre Whistler sliding centre Cypress mountain Cypress mountain Cypress Mountain Cypress Mountain
  14. Do you have a pic of this building wrap/no wrap... just so I know witch one?
  15. I'm wondering....how much of it will remain after the games.... I means particularly the green rings... hopefully they will stay.... and not trown in the garbage like a virus. i hope after the games to come to vancouver and feel this city as been an olympic winter games host.
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