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  1. Personally I LOVE Shaun White, even more so since he showed me some love before the parade! But I agree with Baron's point. NBC is forsaking everybody else for a poster child (who only does ONE event) and tends to ignore everybody else. I'm sure even Shaun would agree that he would like to share the spotlight, not be the spotlight. They would have probably done a lot more about Apolo, but he was MIA. So the whole American coverage focused on Shaun and, oh yeah, BTW, there's-the-girl-that-showboated-and-lost-gold-and-is-back-for-REDEMPTION, but look at Shaun White! There are so many other Amer
  2. Hello people! I apologize for not writing sooner, but I was incredibly busy this week (gee I wonder why!). On top of my exam period and the several 13 hour rehearsal shifts and the big day, I spent almost all of Saturday in bed! THE OPENING CEREMONY WAS SO AMAZING AND I GOT TO MEET SOME FANTASTIC PEOPLE! Most of them from afar, but meeting them nonetheless! First the ceremonies themselves: The whole thing was an incredibly emotional experience. I had done work for almost every segment at some point or another, including assembling the prototypes of the giant maple leafs which were kind of d
  3. They can WALK from where they live. These people are mostly home-grown in the Commercial Drive area.
  4. Canadians know their national anthem just fine, it's just when large, general audiences sing it people tend to waver off, start and stop at different times, and it just sounds messy and for the Olympics I think it would come off as rather anti-climactic. It's fine to have a couple lines helped along by an audience, but I prefer the solo singer when it comes to BIG events like this. Something that makes a statement and every word is clearly heard.
  5. I must be the only one to say this, but I don't like when everybody feels compelled to sing along because the overwhelming majority of people don't sing along CORRECTLY. It just sounds garbled and weird! I for one LOVE having a version where every word is going to be loud and clear, and VERY dramatic. Yeah yeah yeah it's a variation, but it's MEMORABLE. It's not like they went out and changed the lyrics or anything
  6. Today BC Place team leaders gave volunteers and contractors a short pep talk on protesters. Pretty much just took 10 seconds to say to ignore them and tell police if they try to do anything to you or if they appear to have any kind of weaponry. They didn't make any official predictions, but so far everybody is cautiously optimistic that things will go smoother than expected.
  7. There are a couple differences between the Monday and Wednesday audiences too. For example, today was primarily volunteers and employees of the organizing committee who are arguably harsher critics. Secondly, the volunteer and staff force is on average older than the public going to participate in and see the games and ceremonies, and once in a while something that is "new" or "artistic" might register as "too much" or "not authentic". I've only heard a handful of people (all elderly people) have that opinion. The rest is overwhelmingly positive. When I was walking home after the rehearsal the
  8. Vancouver's annual Lunar New Year Parade and Festival, of course! It's the first weekend of the games with the big parade on Sunday the 14th. Celebrate Valentine's with the Tiger. Rawr! There are even a couple commemorative lunar new year pins for sale too. Definitely a major attraction for visitors, it's one of the biggest Chinese cultural celebrations outside of China in the world, probably only second to San Francisco but Vancouver's is definitely growing. Everybody has to go at least once in your life or if you're like me, go every year.
  9. I was just going to say that. There is so much pre-show and post-show material, especially from the big broadcasters.
  10. Perhaps that's non-smoking Vancouver's way of embracing the rest of the still strongly smoking-friendly world? All in all I think it's great. When it's revealed and there are some POV's of its height it will probably look really cool. The orange of the side flames contrasting the blue of the centre, and the flame in the middle will make a solid focal point, unlike the Torino flame which had to rely on a negativey-spacey meeting of the series of six flames to be a focus.
  11. The meaning (the one we're guessing) is just fine. You can't really get much of a deep symbolic meaning with a cauldron. Even the four nations and Canada allegory is INCREDIBLY deep for a cauldron design.
  12. Based on that photo I am really digging it so far and it looks like it's not far off of what my head had in mind! I'm even more curious about the lighting at BC place now. I have no idea how that type of design would be incorporated. Maybe it's just me who really really really loves that kind of look, after all I did think Torino's was incredible.
  13. That's just Rogge's way. He doesn't like overbearing superlative statements to be fair.
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